Saturday, August 8, 2015

Is Megyn Kelly's Ass Fat Enough to Be the New Kardashian

After confirming Santa Claus is white, Megyn Kelly seems to perceive herself as having a role in ensuring the next President is white also.

Just as Bush was The War President, Megyn Kelly is, well, still Megyn Kelly.  It's amusing watching her trying to be a Player and the all-time election season killer was when she asked Donald Trump about fat pigs.  They call that a 'facepalm' in online networks and it's when someone does something so incredibly stupid that you want to hide your face to avoid association with it.  Introducing Megyn Kelly and the fat pigs.

Kelly:  Did you really call women 'fat pigs??'

Trump:  Who gives a shit.  Sit your dumb ass down.  Do you want to talk about world affairs or should we talk about you, honey.

Trump:  By the way, piss off while you think about it.

Donald Trump is loathsome like blowing your nose and missing the Kleenex but his slashing of Megyn Kelly was well-deserved and hilarious.  She had it coming and that's been true for quite some time.  Watching that was like watching NASCAR for me.  Damn, he hit that girl a ton, Bubba!

You can't buy comedy like these people make.

I don't know or care if Megyn Kelly has a fat ass.  However, we can offer an example of a backside which absolutely qualifies as US Prime, Jeanne Tripplehorn in "Waterworld:"

We would show you her performance from "Basic Instinct" but we understand how much breasts traumatize children and we would hate to hurt their psyches in such an insensitive manner.

(She is confirmed as US Prime as she was born in Tulsa, OK.)

Note:  I didn't see much of the Fox News fiasco.  I wanted to see Jon Stewart's last show as he really is worth hearing ... but I didn't see that either.  So I still can't remember when I last watched a TV (shrug).

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