Sunday, October 22, 2017

Well wishes and love

The Dream God Silas has been paying a visit to his subjects in the dream realm but he has not forgotten any of his loyal and beloved readers. He has been resting but would welcome messages from any and all of you. Please drop a comment below to the Dream Lord Silas. Be it encouragement, well wishes, a funny story, a joke or a memory, i hear he is fond of dreams. Much love to you all.

Love ya Silas, you remain the wind in our sails and the love grows ever more. Say hi to Yogi for me too lol


Cat said...

I will love you for the rest of my life Alan and I know you will have a blast jamming with Jimi and Peter Green I wish I could listen ...I love rats ! forever OXOXOXOXO

Patricia Savenije said...

Thinking back to the first time we met, in Avilion in SL. And all your stages I got to set on fire with the pyro, in the years to follow. Great memories. May the rainbow bridge set you free, brother.

Martina said...

Hi...Alan - Silas, I am not so often on the internet any more...means, not on a daily basis. All I can say is do what feels okay for you, it only counts what does you somehow good.
I'd like to share a joke to make you laugh...alas, I cannot memorize jokes. Or if I do so...and try to tell'em...hehe..nobody will laugh but me. :D
I hope my dots won't bit you. :P
Much love to you! <3
Your Mädchen M.

Anonymous said...

What a long strange trip it has been.

Mylene Renoir said...

We know you will be a good person anywhere you go, Silas. You shine in all our hearts and you always will.

POL Arida said...

If ya smile...ya fuck them. :) Best wishes

SaveMe Oh said...

Have Ithaka always in your mind. Your arrival there is what you are destined for. But don't in the least hurry the journey.

Cat said...

hello Donna and Seraphin I dont know how to reach you otherwise so I do it here I have organized for tomorrow a small gathering with Alans favorit musicians and friends from sl they will play a few songs and maybe say something for him ...pls let me know if it makes sense to send you the stream here so that Alan can listen thank you and light and love for you OxxxO

Laughing Gecko said...

Aloha Alan, I have more memories of you and your family than I could possibly write. Those were golden years at 110 Hosea during the 70's. I think you lived on a steady diet of peanut butter sandwiches and pepsi, only to be broken up by visits to Wendy's. I think we inhaled as much particulates as air and the chess games were endless. I also remember you going through an incredible amount of guitar amps. You would buy one, take it back after a few days and get another, over and over. I also managed to talk you out of your black Gibson L-6S around 1975 and I still have it. Whenever I look at the buckle rash, I laugh and think of you. I remember a weekend in Bond Hill, Cinti., holed up in an apartment with you & Keith A. and we went through a quarter pound between Friday and Monday, just to see if we could and what would it do. Of course we found there's a limit to how much one can inhale before it no longer has any effect and tongues become like leather. But we found out!

I really got to know your entire family from hanging out together. Parties at Valley Vista. Your sisters got so used to me being around they started treating me like a brother, running around in their underwear like it was nothing unusual, and after awhile, me not noticing either. Played chess with your father. Memorable event when I kicked his butt the first game, then, overconfident and not paying attention, he caught me off guard the second game. Rolling up my sleeves for a third game rubber match, he declined to play, much to my chagrin as I fully intended to give him a whooping and he knew it. When I see him in the next realm, he owes me a game. Your Mother was one of the most charming and patient people I've ever met. I can still see her head popping up the stairway of your attic to check on us, only to shake her head saying tsk, tsk. But she was a lovely woman and I was happy to have known all of them.

I remember streaking with you and your brother through Clifton and we saw so many concerts together that they all melded into a blur. A sign of the times, good times.

Mahalo brother for all the memories, I look forward to the time we can share more moments like these in the future. I have no doubt we will see each other again. Until then, much Aloha, your fellow picker, Ray

Anonymous said...

I have loved you for many years. And I will always love you my crazy sweet friend. I have so many memories I cherish.

Much Love, Mystery Lady

HtB said...

Peace, bro. Always fond memories of time with you in RL and at Circe's. Thanks for all your support when we did relay in SL.

Anonymous said...

Alan, I'm a former employee of yours and I wanted to thank you for the many kindnesses you showed me over the years when I worked for you. I wish you well in whatever comes next. ASG

Anonymous said...

You're not going anywhere. You can't.

Anonymous said...

Yvette has tried reading Silas these comments but his strength is in tbe rather low side.
Queen Bee will arrive tonight. She will try relaying all the love that sits out there for Silas.
While his physical strength diminishes please remember that his love for all of you can never be be measured.
Godspeed where you may go as they will be enriched by your presence

Wilson Voight said...

You are seriously going to leave us alone against these fucks? Send hints from below please. We will do our best.

Anonymous said...

Anotber quick memory
As the crew got ready to go to anotbrr night at Crow"s alas I was not old enough yet. Old enough for the pre game which meant that I was the rolling everything.
But Stone Cold Fever was played as tje last song before the crew left me behind each Friday night.
You can be assured I will play it LOUDLY upon your departure for this trip also.

Anonymous said...

Little Fairy Princess awoke to ask why I was crying. I explained to her that it is always okay to cry when you are sad. She told me to tell you that she will always love you.
With at she hugged me and told me that you would be safe gave me kisses for you and went back to sleep.

Apmel said...

I love Silas version of Time Melts Like An Ice-Cream In The Sun. I can't find it on Youtube anymore but whenever I think of Silas I will always hear it in my mind.

Martina said...

The love you give will come back to you thousand times, Alan - Silas! <3

Cadillac Man said...

Time flies by but we'll fly farther. Then, now, forever with love always. Keep dreaming BIG my friend. UH!
Cadillac Man

Susan Cossette said...

Time melts like an ice cream. Love you, my brother. Susan/Julie

Anonymous said...

One of the Best Computer Programmers in the World is now dying of Cancer in my Living Rm. although, his 1st. Love has been his Guitar.
My Dearest friend created a program which saved the Royal Bank of Scotland Billions$$, rewarded by letting him go while out w shoulder surgery.
After losing his job, his home, he traveled the world chasing Greek Goddesses & German Fräulein's, making best of what was left in life.
Scotland born, then onto Australia b4 land in US & being Drafted during Nam b4 later becoming US citizen. He is Multi-National w dual-passports.
We've been yucking it up as long as we could, until the meds quit working, the pain too great.
Silas sleeps now and can no longer use his computer but he sends Thank You’s to All his Dear Friends & Family & Much Love to All as do I.
Much Love & Big Hugs!
Love Always, Yevette

Anonymous said...

Prayers for your peace and comfort.

Anonymous said...

Silas is Multi-Talented, he plays all instruments himself in all his Music and he writes his own Music, Lyrics and all. His Versions of Music are of his Own Creations unless he is doing a cover song, which is rare.
Here is Time Melts like an Ice-Cream w my nephew as The Texas Tornado. :)
Love Always, Yevette

Anonymous said...

I don’t think anything or anyone can wipe my remembrance of your smile from my brain. The best one was at 2500 feet jumping out of an airplane. Big smile of happiness and fear at the same time. What it is!

I remember being the audience for many of your 3rd floor concerts. They were lovely. Such great tunes. I still have some of your CDs in my car! We’ve grown old and apart, but I still see you and all the others in my dreams. We’re always 20 something there too, getting ready for the next concert, or just creating one in the basement of Hosea.

I’ve checked into your blog many times over the years and saw you were still doing what you loved to do - music and writing. the Greece thing was amazing. Dreams turned into reality.

So I know I will still see you in those dreams, at those concerts, and in my remembrances of all the code you taught me to write.

I hope you will say hello to your Mom and Dad and Sister for me. All missed but still present,


Slim Mie said...

I've known you alll the way back from Macjams to SL, You have always been such a mega inspiration and musical pioneer :)

My Biggest Biggest hugs and love xxx


Laughing Gecko said...

Mahalo Yevette for taking such loving care of my friend.

Anonymous said...

Tinkerbell will be flying out today.
She will be staying with Silas for the foreseeable future.

Unknown said...

You did exactly what you wanted to do your whole life. It was perfect my friend. What it is, in the end, is, what it is! The best days of my life was when we were in our 20s.


RacerX said...

Hey Silas

We had some good times back in the golden age of Second life.
Following you on Facebook though was when I really got to
know you, Through your rants you always made good points and
had facts to back them up. love the way your mind works.
You Kept me from living in a bubble and I thank you.

I wish i had more time to listen to music but I'm trying to
watch every TV show and movie ever made for some reason. lol
Anyway I know you made some great tunes I've heard a lot of
the early stuff. When you were making videos back then.
Vampires and great stuff. Your a talented guy.

You played at my 10th rez day that was the best hour ever.
LOL damn griefers.

Jack Anzinger said...

Carefree jamming and riding motorcycles. We had some good times. I cherish the memories.
Peace be upon you.

Anonymous said...

Alan-aka Silas just said "When the Train comes Take it"

Lots of Love.

Cat said...

safe journey Alan the best kindest most caring and loving friend I ever had my guardian clown I love You xxxxxxxx

Cat said...

thank you Donna for beeing such a precious friend to Alan hugs you

Anonymous said...

Alan Loved You too Slimmie & thought a lot of you & he Loved MacJams & Collaborations with all. We had met many in RL & met MacJams creators from MN, sweet people creating wonderful things.
Alan grin from ear to ear when I told him Slimmie, Harold, RacerX, Ronald, LaughingGecko and All, including employee from work left such sweet loving comments on here. Thank You All!
And Cat, You've been so special to him, If he has any regrets, I know it was him not being able to move to Germany. He loves you so much Cat & Thank You so much for your loving comments & the Love you gave too. Big Super Hugs Girl.
Thank You's to All again, with Much Love & Big Hugs to All of You!

Anonymous said...

When I had asked Alan-Silas a couple of weeks ago, what he wanted for his Birthday other than a new body? He told me "He was like Miss Congeniality, that all he wanted for his Birthday (Nov. 1) was World PEACE"

Lots of Love & Peace to All,

JDB said...

From skiing to SYSGENs to the Racy Roll of the Rocket, freeway jamming with some of the nutiest people on the planet,... it's been a gas.

Anonymous said...

I'm Losing My Best Friend..

Anonymous said...

Most fearless person I have ever known.

"Dream Big-It Just Might Happen"

And then there were the words written in his song "It's For You"....
says it all. I will never forget. And I will make you proud for the rest of my life! Love, Judi

Anonymous said...

Silas has always said the he wanted this on his HeadStone "Silas enjoyed playing his guitar Really Fucking LOUD", so I sure hope someone will include those words in his Obituary. :)

Anonymous said...

MysteryLady, no words needed as you know Silas's Heart better than any and always will.

Thank You & Love You for being a good friend to me too.
Love Always,

Anonymous said...

Tinkerbell & Yevette, both told Silas "He Will become Famous now as all Great Artists Do". :)

Cat said...

in Germany Alan would have become a minister for the green party and than chancler and than he would have saved the world and covered her with love music and butterflies ! XXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Im am sure that Silas meant these words for all he loved. He made everyone feel special. But Silas you are the special one.

Much Love

Patricia Savenije said...

And there he went, on his fiery white horse. Thundering towards the clouds, through the clouds, into the Great Beyond. Fare thee well, Alan Fraser. You will be remembered.

Peggy said...

Dearest Alan. Today, the day between your birthday and mine, I want you to know that I have many years of fond memories of you. Your combination of intelligence, humor, and kindness has made it a pleasure and an honor to know you.

Safe travels.

Cat said...

as Silas SL sister said to me yesterday we have an angel a real badass one ! and thats how I feel Love you Alan xxxxx