Monday, February 29, 2016

Important Sighting of the Mystery Lady

Things have been suboptimal of late but one thing always shines:  a call from the Mystery Lady.

Contrary to what you may think, old fuckers don't get nostalgic or at least we don't.  The phone call was very funny and sometimes she would say it's Lucy in me when she did something goofy ... as if that's a bad thing.  I saw something yesterday or so ... Don't Be a Kardashian, Be A Lucy!  Hell yes, be a Lucy.  She was such a grand lady and that much funny in one tiny package is a total amazement.

If you put the Mystery Lady working a conveyer belt which pushes candy like it was in that Lucy sketch, you would get all the comedy you could possibly ask.  She knows Lucy.

The Raven loves cosplay and of course it involves costumes but, as far as I can tell, his crew really gets into it and they do use greasepaint.  I hate the stuff because it gets on every damn thing but Raven and his crew are so theatrical and in the coolest way.  Whatever it is, express it.

I told the Mystery Lady she will love this cosplay and, after I told her what it was, she was definitely hooked.  If there's a favorite day of the year for her, it's Halloween.  She is in for cosplay.

No need for a transcript of the call and that wouldn't be cool even if I memorized it.  The vibe was supreme and there's no self-pitying inventory of whatever is busted.  We know stuff is busted and we do the best we can.  Above all she knows this is always a place to land whether it's for a day or forever.  It's an all-out hippie freakshow down here and there are no rules except try not be too bummed about the things which mess things up since there are still many things which don't.

Yevette would love it as well because I'm anti-social like a rock.  I don't give up enough a fraction of enough talk time for her and it would be spectacular for her to talk to someone and especially if it's about something besides Twitter.  She and the Mystery Lady already have some beautiful stuff in common from the Cincinnati show.

Much love, Mystery Lady!  Come on down!

If anyone is seeing this as Silas playing the Casanova, you are seriously not understanding the story.  It's about old fuckers helping each other the best we can and it's in part because we want to do that anyway but we also know no-one else will.  The society isn't structured for people to even understand the problem, much less do anything about it.  There's no particular fault but, whatever the cause, Sanders is the solution and the others keep it sucked-up.  That point is unanimous and that's about the extent of the political discussion because it's not necessary.  All of us learned these things well a long time ago and we didn't adapt for Bernie Sanders, we have been waiting a long time for him.

We talked more about Bernie Sanders' wife, Jane.  She is one stylin' female as she went to Woodstock and she was also President of a major eastern University.  Maybe we should ask The Donald, so, man, did your wife ever run a university?  No, I don't mean Trump University; I mean one which succeeded.

Maestro, rim shot, please (cough).

Sunday, February 28, 2016

All the Debating You Will Ever Need (video)

The final summary of the GOP debate by thirty-three Screaming Frogs and they should have been on the stage.

Anticipate a Brain Drain Because of Hillary Clinton

No intelligent Millennial is going to stay in America if Hillary Clinton is elected because that only yields eight more years of hopeless corruption.  After fifteen years of staggering incompetence in Washington, expecting the next generation to sit still for it makes little sense when there are multiple opportunities elsewhere.

Carry it through as Clinton has been clear she will continue the war of regime change against Assad and, given the utter lack of success thus far, likely that means more commitment of troops and, assuming she massively fucks it up, a draft.

Save yourselves, Millennials.  You deserve more for your lives than yet more corruption from Washington.  It only creates hopelessness and you deserve better.  They have been stealing your future for decades by forcing you into indentured servitude by massive college debt and only a fool will think that will get better with Clinton.

Education, health care, etc, these things are rights and are naturally things which countries do for their people ... all except this one.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Gaylord Texan and Ain't That a Thing

When I first saw this place, I had memories of Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.  The Gaylord Texan is gigantic, even for Texas.  (Foxwoods is the biggest casino in Connecticut and it's on an Indian reservation.  It's huge and you can see the place for miles.)

This was definitely not a Silas kind of place but it's fascinating to see the immense wealth spent for relatively little.  There was a time when I went to expense-check places like this and it's kind of cool to waste tons of someone else's money on them.  You don't have a choice as the company chooses the location so you roll with it or you don't go, baby.

It's kind of like going to Six Flags Over Texas since you can go there to look at the flags and you can ask, "Does this mean anything?"


Lotho mentioned how they had visited the Alamo earlier in their stay and he said all on staff were highly forthcoming about how the Alamo didn't belong to America and it was stolen from Mexico.  That knowledge isn't so common so maybe more people should go to visit.

Note:  there's a different kind of monument for the Pilgrims in Massachusetts and it's a live re-enactment with exceptionally dedicated people on-staff.  I've thought several times this could be an impressive thing for a young 'un to see but forgot to mention it.  I usually haven't been much for doing touristy things but this one gets five stars for immense authenticity.  There's one young 'un I have in mind but, from what I saw, all of them love it there.  If you take a kid with an iPhone back four centuries, you will have that kid's attention for sure.  (Plimoth Plantation)

Events inside the Gaylord Texan were the beauty part since I hadn't seen my brother and his wife for over three years and they have been sorely missed.  I spent quite a bit of time hanging about up in Tennessee and I loved my bro and his wife already but the state came into that as well for all sorts of real and mystical reasons.

In a time of incessant anger from everywhere, this was the clouds opening.  Although it may seem I am angry, I am not.  Various things are disturbing and I have written of them but that's not the same as anger, it's not even close.

The generic anger almost everywhere is extremely oppressive and, I believe, dangerous.  It damn sure drives me into a hole and not for fear of it but rather I'm just fucking sick of it.  When so many people actively seek reasons to be angry, there's some profound head damage about.  People on social networks call it 'debating' but they don't and instead get into pointless arguments which they mask as debates, just the same as the political candidates do it.  Mostly social network people are spectators rather than participants so it's likely they really don't know how to do it.

Note:  discussion with Kannafoot and some others has been substantively different in pursuing particular points of knowledge, etc but I wouldn't have characterized any of that as 'debating.'  In the real world we usually call it conversation between interesting people.  Humans usually find that rewarding ... but then social networks come into it.

Seeing Lotho and Mrs Lotho at the Gaylord Texan wasn't any of that social network rubbish and I've been smiling ever since.  We have vast differences politically, financially, and (sob) he is better-looking but none of that means anything sitting around a table to talk.  I even had a bit more of that steak this morning because nothing goes to waste down here.  (That's for Mrs Lotho because she knows how that goes)

Side-note on some other things:  the Green Screen has not been ordered but the funding has not been blown either.  There was a large-size one-punch which stopped everything, confidence destroyed, all sorts of terrible things.  The same thing happened to Rachmaninoff when he released his first symphony.  Critics hooted and he went into a depression which lasted for years.  He didn't write again until he came out of it.  Now he's acknowledged as being one of the best pianists who ever lived.  (WIKI:  Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninoff)).

Maybe this seems like grandstanding but I know this stuff and other things I don't.  Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 2 is a lifetime favorite and you can hear his arpeggios which go right to the top of the instrument, playing the hell out of the tiniest keys, none of which have a hint of resonance or sustain to them (because the piano strings are so short when you get high up the keyboard).

So here's a little thank you, one of the most beautiful pieces of music I ever heard in my life and Anne Fedorova is an exceptionally comely lass to play it.  The piece is strongly romantic and that comes through clearly regardless of whether you know the period in which it was written.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spectacular Time!

Thank you and it was wonderful!

Whenever I do anything else people are either angry or looking for a reason to be angry and the contrast was fabulous tonight.  Hugely cool vibe.

I don't want to go into any detail because trust for online is minimal and the only way they can make it worse is if they start stealing things again.  No need for that here (or anywhere else, for that matter).

Thanks enormously and I just wanted to get off a quick note to show the appreciation.

Three weeks again!

It's Not Even Good Gossip

Presumably 'good' gossip has sex and scandals but the endless parade of rubbish news on the media doesn't even have that.  The only real news coming from anywhere is regarding stock market reports and sports while everything else is a never-ending column of talking heads with nothing of any substance to offer.

There isn't much of substance although maybe it's worth observing the Republican Party just wails about Donald Trump but it doesn't do anything about that disgrace.  That alone may be sufficient indication of the artificiality of their electoral charade.

Assuming the country even survives this horror, the election will go down as the standout caricature of American democracy.  America can strike any pose it likes after this but even in Zimbabwe they will know of the disgrace here.  There are crowds demonstrating overt racism and chanting because Trump easily figured out the GOP's simplistic approach of catering to the stupids because of their numbers.  Trump took that act away from them and now they have nothing.

The whole process has become so vile and repugnant as to be actively destructive to the music.  Therefore it's gone overboard.

The place has since gone out of business so I guess they did not see that coming. 

Stockyards Bebop on a Warm Texas Evening

We don't care much about the Stockyards but we are greatly interested in unconventional ideas and that will happen tonight.  A whole lot of think power and general goodness will roll in here and that's an outstanding prospect.

(Ed:  think power in the Stockyards?)

Nah, that's just beefs and Texans with lots of lights, noise, etc.

(Ed:  just steers 'n queers?)

Something like that.

The think power comes from somewhere else and there are thinkers already in Texas but they're crushed by George Bush, Ted Cruz, Tom Delay and other such pseudo-human wreckage.

Very few things give hope but this does and really looking forward.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Orangutans Foundation International

Let's skip getting weepy about orangutans and get to where anyone can do anything about them.  The logic leading to this was life is crap ... what brings goodness ... orangutans.

The smallest contribution OFI will accept is $35 which is a wee problem just now but I will remember this because orangutans are the prime symbol for me of creatures which do absolutely nothing to hurt anyone and yet get wasted for it.  Web:  Orangutan Foundation International (rated 92.7 by Charity Navigator)

This is something for King Tut the Orangutan from the Cincinnati Zoo and he was one old guy.  He was locked in one of those horribly-primitive square cells with bars and concrete walls.  He had nothing to do all day but sit there.  I would look at those baleful eyes and there was the universe in them but there was only vacancy around me.  Kid fantasies came of maybe there's a way to break him out of there.

He was such a beautiful creature, apart from being far overweight, and he had the striking face mask the males get.  That made him look infinitely regal and he held that reposed calm of royalty but it's a nightmare to imagine what he what he was really thinking.  Even though he had nothing else, he was safe there and that can be a whole lot for animals which are routinely plundered by poachers, etc.

Maybe this seems basic bleeding heart but there are some areas in which a difference is possible.  Support for orangutans gets a fairly good amount of money and attention so it seems reasonable to believe they might even be saved by the work along with enough ongoing support.

King Tut never did get free but he still has family out there somewhere, hopefully a lot of them.

Robo Didactor and the Lemon Jujubes

Robo Didactor boomed forth, "Listen and know.  Learn.  Memorize."

Then he said, "Do you know black people are 12.7% less likely to be able to obtain marzipan?"

I told him it's hard for anyone to get marzipan but he got enraged and shouted:  "That is not the Robo Didactor way."

He said he also knows pithy sayings from books he never read but I said my preference was to skip them.

"I don't lie because then I don't have to remember anything" - Mark Twain said that.

OK, Robo.  I get it.  That's like so ... so ... didactic, Robo.

(Ed:  do you have an actual point?)

Nope.  Everyone on Facebook has points and they're making points continuously.  You couldn't possibly drive a car through there without flattening all four ties.

"Did you know Donald Trump once ate a spider?"

Uh, no, Robo.  Thanks.

(Ed:  does the music ever creep into this?

It never crept out.  The music lives free where it can be with the spirits of life and it doesn't care if people scoff at the notion because that can't get inside.  Music is always the sanctuary.  Once it starts, the only thing which matters is the next note.  Recording is what chains it down.  Look up Heisenberg or a thousand other reasons recording is impossible.  Just play.

Something which came up this morning was wondering why the spirits are so strong in Tennessee and in a similar way near the sea.  I don't have to explain anything as you know them already and so did the Cherokee.

"Really, Donald Trump ate a spider!"

Thanks again, Robo.  Let's stop the presses on that one, huh?

(Ed:  where are the Lemon Jujubes?)

They got stuck in Vegas again.  Do you want to know what Donald Trump does with jujubes?

Species is Not Sentient

After years of study, the conclusion is the species is not sentient and will never get that way so there is little to no point to staying in contact with it.  The regulars are important to me but the others are greedy, selfish and useless.  Hillary Clinton is busy destroying the only chance the country has got and she does it on a commission for Goldman Sachs; she actually found a way to get more morally bankrupt even than the Republicans.  The GOP is the same way and will destroy anything for a percentage of the profit.

Beautiful things are possible but not in the shadow of online so that sets the direction because we want beautiful things and we have already seen what's in the shadows.

One thing screams:  when people don't understand what you do, trying to explain it to them is pointless.  They won't get it.

(Ed:  you're the misunderstood orphan?)

Nah, people could understand but they choose not to do it.  You can see it from one end of the country to the other and, man, I'm tired of watching them repeating the same things.  Their lack of imagination sucks it out of everything else and no chance that's acceptable.  You can see that phenomenon just about anywhere you look as well.  This country is gutted and isn't that interesting anymore.

My music is not dead.  I am only keeping it where it will be safe.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

About the Size of It

The music isn't dead, it's only offline.

(I love the pic as it's the perfect answer to anything on Facebook)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy Almost Birthday to the Queen Bee

So, you think they get close in NASCAR, do you?  Let's see you get a pencil in-between these two.  If you look at her right foot, you will see it's all the way into it and check out the determination.  If you try to get inside her kart's line on a corner, you will definitely get a battle.

They're likely doing somewhere between sixty and ninety mph but there was no way to know because they did not have speedometers.

Queen Bee does not race anymore but I am sure she has not forgotten although it would likely surprise many of her friends who see her in a highly different style of life.

Cadging a ride in a kart tomorrow isn't likely but anything can happen.  Happy birthday!

Roaming About with the Music

There's not likely to be surprise in hearing the music went down the toilet and it's not important to know why but it's only partly physical.  Likely what will come is finally bailing out from online because there's no move beyond that.

I did a bit of roaming to discover if any potential exists and there were good people but that won't answer anything, it will only make an audience.

Looking forward to seeing you in a few days, Lotho.  It's a huge deal when everything else is mostly disintegrated.  Don't be worrying about sitting you down for a recital as the Galaxy Guitar works fine but there's little reason to play.  More likely what happens is I become a music monk and play only for the purity of the expression but never perform or record anything because those corrupt the play in various subtle ways.

(Ed:  it's impossible to hear perfect music?)

Only if you play it yourself because otherwise the musician won't let you, not to deprive you of anything but rather the bubble would pop.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

"Elves of Cthulhu Go Skydiving" (video) - NSFW

The EoC Go Skydiving isn't particularly critical of anything except young males who get the wise idea to get hammered and go skydiving.  True story.

This one has just as many foul-mouthed demons but there's nothing particularly demonic unless you count being a socialist.

- Video removed -

Little evidence anyone understood the series so I will likely chuck the rest of them

Hillary Clinton and the Death of the Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton is doing the same thing to the Democratic Party which Donald Trump has done to the GOP creating a situation in which no self-respecting Democrat or Republican would vote for either one of them.

Both of them have taken any principles of either party and thrown them them down the toilet.

With those two as players, there's no reason to comment further on the election as any result is a loss with either one of them.  America continues wallowing in mediocrity and the slide into Hell continues.

There's no way a real Democrat will vote for Clinton so that means the election will likely go to the Republicans.  I tell you flat, under absolutely no circumstances will I vote for her.  If I want a criminal, I can just hire the GOP.  That she pretends she is not is the outrage.

Clinton didn't lock anything yesterday as the win wasn't by much of a margin but, to hear CNN tell it, Clinton should start advising the White House staff on which sluts Bill Clinton would likely most prefer.

If America had any pride, it's damn sure gone.

Zoz Quandry Merges Funk and Swing

Zoz Quandry is a Second Life musician working with electronics such as Ableton Live to create a sequencer act which would not have been possible in the times of Opcode Vision or other sequencer legends of the past.

(Visuals by SaveMe Oh)

The kit on the desk is probably a good representation of the hardware Zoz actually uses and I imagine the cigarette is accurate as well.  Everyone has to look like a tough guy because, in SL, all the women are beautiful and all of the men are tough guys.  The tough guy appearance isn't really important to him as he also does part of his set with a unicycle and a keyboard across his legs.  He's an unusual character and we do like unusual.

The thing which struck me yesterday was the combination Zoz made with a modern electro funk and that's not uncommon at all but add in to that samples from swing bands and the combination is exotic.

It's an enormous thing since who listens to electro funk and then thinks, man, this needs Benny Goodman.  Well, Zoz does and it's a fascinating performance.  It's almost orchestral in some ways.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Daytona 500 and the Start of Spring

Whether it's Spring in the rest of the U.S., we don't care.  In Florida, at the Daytona 500, it's Spring and it's official with the race tomorrow.

Look closely as there are three cars in that image (no-one was seriously injured)

It would piss me off when people say they 'love to see the wrecks' and that word refers more to ships than to cars but such is America.  I don't want to see the crash, I want to see when they don't.

The finest part of NASCAR is something which doesn't much occur in other forms of big track racing.  For maybe the last fifty miles or more, the fastest of the pack will sort to the top of the field and they run together, inches from each other, at two hundred+ mph.  I hate it when someone crashes and breaks the rhythm because that dance is everything.

And, yes, I do still want to see Danica Patrick win it.  I haven't been following and don't know her chances but it would be too, too cool if she took it.

Silas Scarborough Plays Amsterdam at Cat's Musik Circus

You have got to be there as you just don't get Psychedelic Glitch-Hope and Guitar Acrobatics in the same show every day!

The location is as much Amsterdam as anything can be without physical bricks.  The build is incredible and Cat's Musik Circus is now in the city center.  Cat said she recognized places in the build from RL visits to Amsterdam and that was highly-impressive.

Friday, February 19, 2016

"I Am Riff Raff" - Elves of Cthulhu (video reading)

Reading of "I Am Riff Raff" by the Elves of Cthulhu but not their fun-filled, profanity-laden performance.  It's not even the Texas accent which, by the way, Texans absolutely loathe.

- Video removed -

The colors are ambient and nothing was done other than cropping the image and using a bit of compression on the audio.

The tech bro will never see this and learn but it would be possible if he did.

A remaining puzzle is whether clicking Optimize for Streaming in Final Cut really does anything.  I know it has an actual effect but whether it's useful is still floating.  If you do Optimize then the upload may be longer whereas the post-upload transcoding is shorter.  Whether that comes to a wash probably won't come for a video over about 200MB.  Most of mine are but this is a shorter one which runs a couple of minutes.

"I Am Riff Raff" Evolves

"I Am Riff Raff" may turn into a tune although not a song, it needs way more strange than a song can deliver and so do I.  There is some thinking of honking horns with the usual instruments but that means bringing the computer into it.  Worse, it brings effects, affectation, and what.

If there's any 'song' for the richie stepping over the homeless guy, it sure as hell won't be conventional.  The richie won't even grant the homeless guy a race, just get him out of here.  Riff raff.

Maybe there's some art in it as riff raff isn't whining, we're flipping him off.  We have seen things you may never see, li'l tech bro.  Whether that's art or just another flying finger amid the millions is yet to be revealed.

There's a slight resemblance between this and 'Je Suis Charlie Hebdo' or whatever that was but the resemblance is irrelevant.  Charlie Hebdo is just another pack of racist losers who try to create problems rather than solve them.

Art isn't tasked with doing anything but some measure of enlightenment would be good coming from any of it or otherwise it's just a tile on a bathroom floor.

No enlightenment comes from revealing li'l tech bro as an insensitive prick because he already knows that but is there enlightenment of any other nature.  It enlightens me to some extent in considering many of the things I have done and which many will never do.  That he thinks I am riff raff is not important; that he thinks anyone is becomes very important.  That vaults him up to being symptomatic in a diseased sociology.

This one needs to go out into a whole different place as I'm quite convinced the world is crazy and that doesn't make me sane but I'm sure less flipped than a good many of these looney bastards.  Any kind of hint of convention in this is wasted and detracts from the idea of homelessness which has no conventions of any kind brought from the ordinary world.

The idea has lit me up because that simple statement is so depraved and yet encapsulates the sum of the uncaring world and this guy just does not give one flying fuck.  That we know the syndrome isn't the point because there are so many manifestations of it.

Maybe I will have the Elves do a reading to discover whether to develop it beyond that.

"I Am Riff Raff"

I am riff raff
I am garbage
I am waste to throw away

I must be humiliated,

And perhaps burn my worthless soul
because I am riff raff

Who calls me over there?

Digital Lancelot,
oh, such a beautiful knight

He has mastered systems analysis
and the payments
on his hot new sports car
possibly even on his hot new girlfriend

He is a genius
He is a god

But he limits his tests
to things he knows he can do
He limits his scope
to things he knows he can see
and one thing he will never observe
is me

but we are aware of him

Digital Lancelot is such a beautiful knight

I have walked the shores of Greece
I have flown the international skies
I have stopped with genetic geniuses
who were legends in their time

I've built systems long in measure
and loved women in my rhymes
but which of that is real
is riff raff,
flim flam,

Take it away

Riff raff may assault his eyes
his sensibilities
his tastes
his feelings
We may trouble his blessed soul
We may wound his sense of direction
but he fears most for his money

From it all, he only discovers
the poverty of his own wealth
and his worst nightmare
an old white rap artist

Even his nightmares are dead

Dr Daniele Ganser and History of False Flag Wars (video)

Dr Daniele Ganser presents a lucid history of deliberate provocations by the U.S. and others which were then masked in duplicity to give an aura of righteousness.  The Gulf of Tonkin Incident is one of the most flaming examples and that one cost fifty-five thousand American lives and I have never seen a number for how many Viet Cong died defending their country.

Typically, people's eyes glaze over at the mention of a false flag but people who permit their eyes to glaze over are the same ones who permit this to continue.  Dr Ganser isn't spouting some mindless conspiracy theory of the ridiculous Alex Jones nature but rather he relates the documented facts to prove his position.  He's an exceptionally bright individual and he states the case clearly.

The video runs for about an hour and a half but you will find important information and some of you may even find knowledge even though the travesty of Tonkin has been known for fifty years ... but denied through much of that time.

The state has frequently denied various actions and dismissed discussion as 'conspiracy theory' so this gives rise to the crop of Alex Jones and imitators who are actively discrediting the actual events of the state by saturating the topic with rubbish about chemtrails and visitors from the future.

(Ed:  does he really talk about visitors of the future?)

No idea.  I've seen him a few times and there was no reason from those to watch anything else from him.  He's just one more way to disgrace a once-proud system and is irrelevant to me beyond that.  He is nevertheless an active threat to acceptance of truth about what happened with Vietnam.  He sure isn't losing any weight from doing that, either.

"Ride the Dragon" - Silas Scarborough (video by Ron Bizzle)

They ask us to yield
They ask to kneel
Get down on your knees
and pledge
we will be obedient

We will not

Obedience only compels me
to do things other people
want me to do
And why would I pledge

to do that

Got to find that dragon and ride

(Video by Ron Bizzle at Cat's Musik Circus opening at Amsterdam)

"Ride the Dragon" has been posted previously but that was without lyrics and the content of them is why the need for the song to be so brutal.  There is no limit to that which is necessary to throw off any force which would coerce your pledge to do anything.  Unless it's something you chose together as free men, it's the state and has no right.

Sometimes Republicans think they loathe and mistrust the state more than liberals but we find this funny.  If you're not willing to stand up to be a free man, it will never happen.

The state presents endless speeches and then it presents a stream of paid stooges to tell you what the speeches meant since, obviously, you would not have understood them without spoon feeding.  However, some will accept spoon feeding and to the detriment of all; they, specifically, are the enemy.

Ride the dragon and be rid of them

Differentiating Yer Republicans

There are two basic kinds of Republicans and the first one is the group of people who don't have much use for liberals but they also don't have much use for killing and only want the government to spend sensibly and generally stay out of the way.  Most of us can get along with these Republicans even if we don't necessarily agree with them.

The other kind of Republican is the soulless sociopath and you can see a parade of them in this current caricature of an election.  As we have seen, there's nothing they will leave out in trying to sell themselves and truth has not one whit to do with it.

The only one with any hint of principle is Kasich but he's also a potato so the Republican team might as well go home this season.  There has been minimal comment on the others lately as they're simply a disgrace and they insult us every time they speak.

The trouble with yer soulless sociopaths is the original kind of Republicans often think I mean them when I say something about, say, wasting a million people for no reason.  Frankly, if that shoe fits then you're welcome to wear it but I've never known anyone who truly thought as they do.

Doc cracked me up the other day, tho, as he said he believes in independent thought.  I was going to ask him when he will try it but I suspect that would not have added much.  He's not really a soulless sociopath either but he seems to get a bang out of appearing as one but something dragged him way off the track.  He's probably still fighting his ol' Dad ... but there's news on that (larfs).

This does not presage a wave of GOP bashing as there isn't much political material of any kind and this lot is so bland and boring there's just nothing much to say.  Bernie Sanders is the only one who exhibits any kind of real thinking and, in today's environment, that's regarded as radical.  Given that context, just what the fuck do they call the thinking of these other yokels.

The Shamelessness of U.S. Government Interference

The current situation is the FBI wants access to the encryption protocol used by Apple in its iPhone and they have never had the right to such information without a court order, at least not before Reagan.  There was also a time when the FBI knew its mission and how it would accomplish it.  This is not that time, however.

The general circumstance is the last attack by loons in California and the approach from the security people in the FBI, NSA, etc has been stupid and predictable in whining to Congress about their needs.  They roll out the same fat-ass state executive stooges to make the pitch but they're like Speak 'n Spell talking dolls and they say the same thing every time you pull the string and they flap their jaws

Tip to the FBI:  If you had accomplished anything since Efrem Zimbalist Jr left your ranks, you might get some respect but you haven't accomplished anything since and that was fifty years ago.

Note:  Zimbalist appeared on "The FBI" in the sixties and wasn't real agent.  The last real one was Elliot Ness.  He may have been the only real one as J. Edgar Hoover disgraced the leadership of the organization for decades.

If not for GOP cheerleaders, FBI incompetence would be revealed for the travesty it has inflicted on America and continues to propagate.

As to GOP cheerleaders, here's CNN:  Anger, praise for Apple for rebuffing FBI over San Bernardino killer's phone.  It's just another pack of proles masquerading as journalists and take a look at that quality writing, huh.  Remember when you last heard of a Pulitzer Prize for Writing.  Yah, me either.

The way the FBI manipulation goes now is they're using relatives of people who were hurt or killed in the attack and now they're sending those up against Apple to break down resistance against revealing encryption.  This kind of girly wheedling by the FBI is pushing them into the same ranker of incompetent wankers representing the GOP.  Their stories change every time the wind blows and they're some of the most useless people on the planet ... but, holy Jesus, they so are righteous about it.

As with anything else they do, the FBI is small change and to get the really vile behavior of the government, you have to go to the White House, specifically for the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and how the U.S. government set up the false flag attack which started the war in 1964 under Johnson.  (WIKI:  Gulf of Tonkin Incident)

Every bit of this is documented and none of it falls into the category of a vague conspiracy theory which is how the GOP was blowing it off in the early days.  After a while they backed off, presumably when they realized they couldn't make themselves appear any more short-sighted and vicious with their ideas.

Fifty-five thousand Americans died as a result of that Gulf of Tonkin Incident and you will probably find Republicans to this day who say Vietnam should have been bombed more.  They don't learn too quickly as you can see above from the FBI.  The same hypocritical swine who sent the kids to Vietnam based on a false flag and the same pigs who called them heroes for getting killed over there.

My only question is how the fuck would a pig like that recognize a hero anyway.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mixed Cool and Weird Plus Music

Cool from the top as Lotho said he would underwrite the green screen and he doesn't like a lot of attention for that but it's a highly cool thing he does.  I might have snoozed and loozed on the one I had spotted since I looked yesterday, even before I heard from Lotho, and the one I had been watching has poofed.

That's not a disaster because it only means waiting until another turns up on eBay.  Even if you learn nothing else from being broke, you will learn patience (larfs).

In some of the Elves of Cthulhu videos, you can see the back wall of the Rockhouse and that's where the green screen goes.  At 10'x13', it should cover the wall and that means I can make the entire wall disappear.  The green screen goes between the PA monitors and the wall so the monitors will still be visible but the wall will disappear behind them, replaced by whatever demented images I think may be suitable.

Most surprising has been a remarkable and unexpected ray of light from far in the East.  There hasn't been much light from anywhere of late so that's a big boost.  Light plus boost turns into music and that went surprisingly well.  This wasn't something to record as it was all for experimenting except for the first part which was "Rockin' in the Free World" which I love to play because it hits hard and has zero introspection.

(Ed:  you rip people for playing Neil Young!)

More specifically, they're ripped for banging chords to cover him and those acts hit the ground when they do "Old Man" as the song is ridiculous when an old man sings it.

Doing the force therapy with this numbness in my arm is mixed because it affects most the small fingers on my right hand and they aren't primary but they're used for subtle things in play.  They're present but they're like ghosts.  It's never been persistent like this so it's highly disturbing.  It's not stopping play but it does make some stuff less 'precise' with less feeling in those fingers.

There was one exceptional move with one of the stompboxes for sound because a relatively simple move made the Rockhouse a whole lot less dangerous.  It's not hype about the danger because anyone who sees it is afraid to walk in here.  For me, moving that one gadget had a huge effect even though it didn't go that far plus there was also stowing a tripod because getting around that in the dark with that ready to shoot was mostly doomed.

So Get Happy ... in Basel

This is the Queen Bee and I don't think I have previously posted a photograph but this is the best I have ever seen of her and I've never seen seen her so happy.  This was in Fasnacht in Basel and I don't know that specific celebration ... but how could anyone when Euros do cool stuff like this all the time.

Cat asked when the picture was taken and, oh, a couple of days ago.  That was an excellent surprise for her to hear it's not something from an old photo album but is highly live.

The Elves of Cthulhu on the RNC Presidential Gun Contest (video)

Includes an up-to-date report on the RNC plan to use chemtrails to spread demonism and the Republican National Committee's new Presidential Gun Contest now that li'l Jeb has his own weapon.  This is a generally equal opportunity slashing of Presidential candidates and if the GOP wanted to do better they should have given up some funnier candidates.

Keep up with what the demons are doing and watch today (NSFW)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It Don't Matter Anyhow

The Cadillac Man and I talked for some while about a great many things last night and my music was one of them.  There's some great irony as he said what's appealing to him is how much my humanity is in it and this comes at the same time I'm advised elsewhere I have no humanity at all.  The latter only means I have done a poor job of communicating it and therefore performance probably isn't such a good idea.

Meanwhile, there has been improvement in my hand.  It's extremely difficult to isolate what causes it but this has got to be ergonomic.

The green screen has not been ordered because, well, I'm sick to fucking death of living like this.

It was touching to hear Cadillac Man mention any humanity as I know what I feel and hope but that doesn't even come close to what people decide for themselves is true in what I do.  Therefore, the question coming from that is what to do about it and continuing in what I have been doing is a poor answer when they don't get it.

The objective has always been to be able to play like the musicians Lotho and not quite so often Cadillac Man and I would be hearing when we were running off to concerts all the time.  That kind of play is largely achieved but, like Pablo Casals said, if I keep practicing then I just might get it.  That type of play is long gone from the popster set but they're long gone from the planet and I'm orbiting out the Oort Cloud somewhere.

Many times people have said my music should be something else and all have one thing in common:  they were dead wrong.

The people who come to the blog are usually compulsive makers and Cadillac Man doesn't feel he's making anything or it's less than this or that but the making is that you do it.  Lotho doesn't think it's creative to make houses but, you know him, he's just not a pre-fab kind of guy.

Y'all don't seem to realize how much that separates you from others because most people don't.  For whatever reason, some people are born to burn and will you try to stop yourself from being curious about things.  Let's take that idea around the track a few times and see how well it runs.

In fact, take a look at Facebook and read down the newsfeed.  You may find this or that but you will find almost no imagination.  Likely ninety percent of the traffic I see on FB is people copying memes back and forth often without a shred of inductive reasoning behind them.

In sixty-five years, that's what I learned:  we really like making stuff.  I don't know if that's what drew us all together but it sure seems that way on this end of the pipe.  Yep, we like making stuff.  That doesn't go anywhere toward what to do with the stuff but it doesn't stop us from making it.

Can you dig it, Face?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Elves of Cthulhu on Tour in Burbank

Some of you are getting it with the Elves of Cthulhu that we're foul-mouthed elves but we really don't do anything that bad.  We don't know why anyone would go to Burbank either but we will do it, we will do it for Cthulhu, the one true snake-headed person after Medusa.

(Ed:  Medusa is the same one Jason killed so that was the snake-head segue?)

Yah, deep isn't it.  Wanna hear about fish?

(Ed:  unless you're serving it on a plate, no)

The latest is the Elves of Cthulhu and Ozzy the Vegetarian Bear - NSFW and they are foul-mouthed little bastards but this is not a sales pitch for demons.  We're in Texas so what self-respecting demon would come here anyway.

The video is sequential but nonlinear (i.e. drop-in / drop-out anywhere) and runs thirty minutes.  The Elves do surprisingly well, probably because they're not as demonic as they seem.  I was surprised to see people liking them and that's maybe a reverse reaction to flaccid superficiality in everything else in the world.  That's sure as hell what motivates the Elves.

Hand numbness is looking more like it's an ergonomic problem rather than some reason to stroke out any time soon.  Typing is tremendously slowed so that means one thing:  make another video.  I'm kind of leaning toward 'Getting Sexy with Martin Shkreli' because, hey, it even rhymes.

The thing I notice about Shkreli is it doesn't seem like his life is all that much fun.  I thought being a millionaire was supposed to be more fun than that.  Dunno if the Elves can make a set out of that play but maybe.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Elves of Cthulhu and Ozzy the Vegetarian Bear (video) - NSFW

The Elves of Cthulhu go on a misguided tour with abounding vigor and tastelessness.  NSFW

The Elves of Cthulhu at first didn't believe the stories about Ozzy the Vegetarian Bear but they had to discover more.  The Elves come from a disconnected dimension of unfiltered reality which is cool until you try to fit it into your garage.

NSFW is not XXX

We're not like the Oklahoma yahoos and we don't care about French Vanilla coffee.  We want a world with blackjack and hookers.

The Ongoing Nimiety of Numb

There is numbness coming frequently and it's lasting for longer periods.  The smallest fingers on my right hand have been difficult to control all morning.

(insert litany for how long it takes to get an appointment at Veterans Administration)

Shot by Hexx yesterday and thank you.  The ability to play comes and goes.  It's a cool stage with all that green and I'm not sure who owns that face but I'm going with Cthulhu because we have such a good time lately.

I will try with recording the Elves of Cthulhu on video as typing just flat out sucks.  But, look at the bright side ... one day only Siri will answer everyone's questions and no-one will have to type anymore.

(Ed:  but you can only ask single-syllable words)

For the modern GOP, that's an advanced degree program.  There are smart conservatives even now but usually they're Jesuits and you sure as hell won't see them in a political contest.

Coming Out of Yesterday Bleeding

"Andromeda Weeps" song still needs a storyboard for the but I'm not satisfied with the foundation of it and will be working on that now.

Meanwhile it nags that something which may have been much worse happened to someone else yesterday so rambling about videos is insensitive piffle in the face of that.  Tough to get a read on that so holding.

In online, if someone hurts you then the rule is to hurt the person back ... but that's why we don't like online.

Out here we have Ozzy the Bear and he's the first pacifist bear ever discovered in Oregon.  They called me up and said, man, you won't believe this; we found a vegetarian bear which puts flowers in its hair and wants to go to San Francisco.

I said of course I don't believe you as any hipster bear would go to Austin and definitely not San Francisco.

They said it's true, it's true.  You have got to meet this bear.  Get this:  it talks.

How could I miss meeting a talking bear and they were right, he does talk.  I got up there and this fucking bear is talking about politics and, unlike Facebook, he knew what he was saying.

So I asked him ... Ozzy, how would it be if you ate Donald Trump.

Ozzy the Bear said he can't do that because it violates his vegetarian principles.

So I sez to Ozzy, how about if you kill him but don't eat him.  Then you're still a vegetarian aren't you.

Ozzy said, "You're from Washington, aren't you?"

And he never said another word to me.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

"Ride the Dragon" - Silas Scarborough at Cat's Musik Circus (video)


Video is by Robert Little

Thank you, Robert.

Comment to Robert on Facebook:

Man, that was brutal.  Loved it!  This must be before SaveMe saved me since I didn't see her visuals so, man, you preserved the moment of my salvation, fo' real.

Note:  this salvation comes in the form of immense psychedelics because sometimes the Great God Mescalito rides that way.

The music was surprisingly coherent to me since I listen to it after the fact and dare myself ... don't piss me off.  It didn't piss me off, tho.  Minor mistakes and string bumps don't particularly concern me but the thread has to be consistent or it's crap.  The consistency surprised me and this must be when SaveMe decided I needed saving.

On the other side of the world it will sound insane that my fingers aren't working right and how can this be true but this random numbness is disturbing and the big fear last night was that would come down on the set.  The thinking is it's most likely to be some orthopedic nuisance but it's scary nevertheless.  Me wing and me dog turn into fookin' ghost ships.

There were many things flying about in the background for the set yesterday and yeah, yeah, I keep talking about the illusion of gravity but maybe I'm immune to it and gravity doesn't work on me and I'm supposed to float about in space.

There was some weightless gravity with Cat earlier and this isn't the kind in which you wear lead weights and jump into a swimming pool.  That's flying in a one dog down situation.  When one dog down, you won't know if you're floating in space or moving at a few lightyears per second unless you see some other dogs.  But then you don't know if they are moving or you are ... or both of you are.

This is a good orbit with Cat and a good thing about orbits is they come back to do the same thing again.  No need to go into whatever did not work yesterday, Amsterdam ripped and I will do another set for Cat as soon as possible.  I don't plan on doing regular sets because it's not good for my music but bringing it out sometimes so Cat can hear it in real time is a special thing.

Things We Love About Snow

You may notice there is almost nothing in this picture and thank you for getting the point.

Right now that guy is pissed off because he breathes through his nose ... and it freezes.  His hand is in his pocket because he forgot his gloves and the other is in danger of frostbite because he has to carry his briefcase.  Snow sometimes comes over the tops of his boots so now his feet are wet and miserable too.

And, I almost forgot, the tree is dead.

Love a groundhog today because, wtf, there's nothing else to do in Pennsylvania.

Silas Scarborough at the Cat's Amsterdam MusikCircus at 14:00 SLT Today (video)

"The End of the World in Fort Worth" has been steadily climbing on YouTube and that's unusual but swell to see.  I haven't made up my mind if I will open the show today with this one or use it as the closer but, either way, it's my big bang tune just now ... and it better be after all the time I worked on it (larfs).

This may not seem it will work for live but the plan is to do a spoken intro up-front to replace the video sci-fi part showing people disappearing off the street and why, oh, why, is this happening.  So, for live there's some patter over the mike to set the scene and then go straight to "The Sanctuary Song" which starts a couple of minutes into the video.

A more advanced prototype of "Andromeda Weeps" will roll out just because it's a gas to play it and I feel weird to love one of my own songs but this one has a whole lot of history.  The only history I carry forward is in the chords and in the memory of my friend, Ophir.  The chords have not changed significantly since I first wrote it but nothing else I'm using for this is older than a few weeks.

The song has to stay precise to the meaning of the first writing thirty years ago when Ophir and I played it together.  He liked the idea as well because the answer is simple:  don't push the button.  It's another way of presenting 'what if they had a war and nobody came' but it's evolved somewhat for the atomic age.  It doesn't get technical in any way in the song, that's not the point.

In my own life, they did have a war and I didn't go.  That decision cost me my life ... and I would do the same thing again.  I make no attempt to 'redeem' myself, what I did was right.  If you doubt it cost my life, even my own family (some) has contempt for me for what I did and the others had no idea what to say.  Still I would do it again and for exactly the same reason:  I'm not going to kill anyone and damn sure not as a stooge for someone else.  Resilience is important and obedience never is.

The on-again / off-again aspect of numbness is persistent and maybe it's ergonomic or maybe I stroke out.  This is America and I do not have medical insurance.  It doesn't work here as it works anywhere else and I could see a doctor ... in about three months.  Thanks to the GOP for cutting the Veterans Administration.  Love ya.

The numbness comes and goes and it's not clear what triggers it.  There's no telling if it will affect the show because it comes suddenly and my right hand becomes close to useless.  wtf??  This doesn't come with the pins and needles which warn of part of you going to sleep.

Note:  I don't look to the Internet for information on medical things because, as you can see from Facebook, the Internet is the perfect place to make any malady worse.  You can get more half-ass science from Facebook than you can get from Wiley Coyote.

The Silas Scarborough show will definitely happen although what will happen isn't entirely clear (larfs).

The 'larfs' are real as this sort of thing does make me smile at the absurdity of life.  I'm following a techno set so I'll be heading to the bottom of the Atlantic faster than the Titanic on an Arctic cruise ... but it's cool.  It's the same in any gig as some will run and some will stay while the worst is if they don't do anything because that shows they're not even listening to it.

(Ed:  people go to gigs in Second Life and don't listen?)

Yah, sometimes that's true and that's one of the big differences at Cat's MusikCircus:  she pulls some really great listeners.  So ... 14:00 SLT (2pm Texas time)

Endless War for Profit, Hillary Clinton and George Bush Style

The level to which Abby Martin is reviled and assailed by Republicans is an equal measure of the corruption and lack of morality in those who promote endless war for their own enrichment (e.g. George Bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, and a large tawdry crop of second-rate others).  Abby Martin doesn't roll over for intimidation by the GOP or surrogates like Hillary Clinton and she has presented an article on Clinton 2016: Endless War Guaranteed (Media Roots).

Martin gives an excellent review of the behavior of Henry Kissinger and the decadence of any acceptance of such a disease into Washington.  He's a cold-blooded murderer and the right wing doesn't even contest he did it but they say it's ok.  The end justifies the means, don't you know.

After Kissinger oversaw the overthrow by the CIA of Salvador Allende in Chile, Pinochet started a reign of terror which went on for years ... and never would have happened if not for Henry Kissinger's illegal interference.  The right claims such behavior is warranted if it saves lives but there's never been any proof of any kind they have saved any lives and it cost two hundred and fifty thousand lives (estimated) after Pinochet took power.  Well done, Henry Kissinger.

The basic logic of an American flag makes it legal to do whatever I like is simple and not interesting. They're bad people with twisted ideas of righteousness and thus offer little.  However, the morality of the GOP is, like their never-ending wars, a never-ending riot.

On the one end of the GOP are the low-rent thugs like Ted Cruz and he says the Constitution is secondary next to the Bible.  Of course, he also says he will defend the Constitution so we conclude this asshole will be promising to deliver Tinkerbell before too much longer.

On the other end of the GOP is the so-called intelligentsia and these ones chuck their Bibles in a millisecond if they perceive any advancement for themselves or the United States.

If from those facts you conclude the GOP doesn't know it's philosophical ass from a hole in the ground, you will have all the analysis you need.  Religion for them is just as much a matter of convenience and their words mean nothing when they throw out the foundation of morality for simple material gains.

There's a vile force dominated by Wall Street money and working through Washington to continue the endless wars for profit and you will hear the money people weeping over the drops in oil profits but you never, ever hear them whining about lack of money in the defense industry.

We haven't heard about a cut to the defense industry in decades and thus we conclude there has not been a real Democrat President in Washington in decades.  Since Jimmy Carter, there has not been a Democrat in Washington and all have served as plastic shills for Wall Street.

Note:  there were some attempts at military base closings during the Clinton administration but Congress thwarted them.

Bernie Sanders believes in Americans who aspire to be more than lackeys of the rich and servants of the banks.  He is being hammered just as hard as Abby Martin but it has nothing to do with principles.  The GOP is only about money and Bernie Sanders works to prevent the GOP from stealing what little remains of American integrity, principle, and honesty.

You can see Republicans writing about their righteous ways and their money but then take a look at what they do with it:  nothing.  They hang about on Facebook talking about money.

Well, that was sure my dream for winning the lottery:  I will go to Facebook and talk about it.  Mama, make my dreams come true.

This is all you wanted out of life?  Seriously?

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Evil and Incompetence of Henry Kissinger

There is no contest from the right wing regarding how Henry Kissinger orchestrated the CIA to topple and kill Salvador Allende, the legally-elected leftist leader of Chile, in 1973.  That was done by inciting local rebels and using them as tools to execute the plan.  At the end of it, Salvador Allende was dead.

That no contest on the matter exists was a stunning revelation to me as there wasn't a hint of repentance.  There wasn't even any idea of, well, we might have done a wee bit better than that.  Pinochet, the GOP favorite, took over and the result was catastrophic to Chile.  If you know anything at all of the history, you know that's not hyperbole.

The Coup D'Etat and Military Rule

The Chilean military, aided by training and financing from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, gained absolute control of the country in less than a week. The new regime waged raids, executions, "disappearances" and the arrest and torture of thousands of Chilean citizens - establishing a climate of fear and intimidation that would remain for years to come.

The victims of the persecution spanned the population: indigenous peoples, the Catholic Church, the rural community with labor unions, former government officials and leftist political parties facing the fiercest repression. More people were killed in the four months following the coup (through December 1973) than in any other year of the dictatorship. According to Amnesty International and the U.N. Human Rights Commission, 250,000 people were detained for political reasons during this period.

Washington Post:  Pinochet's Chile

Henry Kissinger is considered a hero but it's not clear on what basis.  We rather doubt the people of Chile would consider him one and it surprises me anyone would.  I thought previously what happened was a mistake which got out of control but that's not at all the pattern and it's not the reaction of current Republicans.

The Trumpite Republicans probably aren't aware of it but none of them evince any more intelligence than the average houseplant.  The Goldwater Republicans are well aware of the history and what Kissinger did.  It's not clear how comprehensive the lack of repentance may be regarding what he did.

The same applies as well with Hillary Clinton, the absolute queen of the name droppers, when she was flinging about Henry Kissinger's name as if that's some holy recommendation.  That's insulting because it assumes Democrats don't know what he did and it's an abomination for those who do.

Lucia Graves of The Observer reviewed @BernieSanders performance at the Democratic Debate but she didn't write a word about Henry Kissinger so presumably she doesn't know.  The water doesn't run too deep with Trumpite Republicans but it's also not too deep with Observer neo-femmes.

The lack of knowledge in people gives a deeply pessimistic outlook.  If people really are that stupid and ignorant then there really is no chance.

If Hillary Clinton had dropped any more names in the debate, she would have knocked a crater in the floor and the name of Henry Kissinger should not have been part of it.  That reference is a disgrace to the Democratic Party.

The collusion with evil forces runs into really deep and horrible stuff because it even includes NAZIs and the CIA involvement with them post-WWI.  If Democrats permit even the slightest whiff of that stink, the party can never recover from it.  You're clean or you're not and the filth of these assassinations doesn't wash off.

It really stuns me that such behavior in Washington isn't just tolerated but rather it's enthusiastically endorsed.  In other words, it's not a necessary evil toward some positive goal but rather it's standard policy.  If America ever had a moral imperative, it's completely gone.

Visuals from the Soup Nazi

"Andromeda Weeps" needs to roll out in better than the preliminary version which is on YouTube now as some loose jams.  Lyrics have not yet been 'fitted' for the song as writing them is only the first part, making them work is the second.  The 'shape' of the words has to match the phrasing ... unless it's deliberately your purpose to make them contrast.  In this case, I want the lyrics in sync.  There's time since the set isn't until tomorrow.

That one will likely turn up as will "The Sanctuary Song" along with some looper improv as in the "Eleanor in the Clouds" song from a couple of days ago.  Probably the best move is to keep it as pure as possible and don't play anything I would not play anyway.  I never play anything with back tracks unless it's for a show so they get chucked right off the top.

Note:  "Eleanor in the Clouds" is not a 'song' but rather a vibe.  It has no chart and has no chords except those which come from the intersection of notes through play rather than overt purpose.  That sounds kind of lofty or some such but it's an endless intriguing mystery to me.  Compulsion to find process is the destruction of anything ethereal so, for me, it's much better to let it reveal itself.

The biggest problem is still the busted wing as it feels ghostly a lot and that's around my shoulder on the non-broken arm.  At times that will fill out to numbness to the point of being unable to control my hand enough to type.  For the really special times, there will be numbness in my right hoof as well.  This is scary because it sounds like a blowout.  The biopsy stuff is trivial and, even with the escalation to malignant, it seems it will stay that way for some while.  This numbness stuff is scary.

If I get whacked and I'm lolling around dribbling on myself, someone needs to put a bullet in me.  I absolutely do not want to live like that and the thought of it terrifies me.  You've got to croak anyway and that sucks but you don't have to do it dribbling on yourself.  Texas has so much intrusive religion there's no chance of that compassion here.  Do whatever you like with your own soul, Oral Roberts; this one needs to exit the stage.

I don't know if this affects playing tomorrow because I don't know what triggers it.

Hillary Clinton Drags Obama into the Mud

Republicans invoke Jesus as much as Clinton invokes Obama but, either way, it's a dodge from saying anything of any substance.  That performance last night graduated Hillary Clinton from contempt to all-out loathing.

It was a simple play because Clinton is aiming for South Carolina where she looks for support from lots of black people so she can work the same gerrymandered thinking as the GOP.  If I get those South Carolina black people and pull some religious loons from the South, then maybe if talk like a plastic hippie in California, etc, etc.

We have seen what cover girl Presidencies do already and have been watching them ever since the eighties.

(Ed:  Clinton is the only woman in that crowd)

Doesn't make any difference as they're all girls, regardless.  America has accomplished nothing since Ronald Reagan and he started the drain out of the most powerful industrial nation in the world to the point now at which Flint, MI, is poisoned on lead but General Motors doesn't care because Roger Smith abandoned it decades ago and a similar phenomenon is common in American industry.

Note specifically Hillary Clinton was defensive about any changes to tax rates to restore the balance after the slashing from Ronald Reagan and this makes her no different from him.  Give her a red wig and call her a clown too.  Maybe she can work a deal with Nicaragua for jobs.

(Ed:  when Oliver North was making deals with Nicaragua for Reagan, he was trading guns and heroin)

Clinton has plenty of experience selling guns and she was involved in Afghanistan so will you seriously tell me she can't get heroin after bringing that country back up to being the biggest heroin producer in the world.  Remember how she spoke of how she would address that in dealing with America's drug problems?

Yah, me either.

Hillary Clinton isn't a Democrat.  She doesn't even resemble one.

Silas at Amsterdam at 14:00 SLT Saturday

This will be a one-time event and I will get there about fifteen minutes before my set.  If you come for nothing else on the list, don't miss Option Y as they are excellent and play some of the most progressive music in Second Life.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton and a Bowl of Lemon Jell-O #DemDebate

Watching Jello-O can be a nutritive, soothing communion with whatever the hell is in Jell-O ... or ... it can be like watching Hillary Clinton bobbing and weaving rather than answering anything.  She didn't act so much like a fishwife this time but she sure dressed like one.

There was one extra credit question: how is Hillary Clinton different from a bowl of lemon Jell-O? #DemDebate

One thing you know about Jell-O is you can see through it and any direction you look through this Jell-O reads Goldman Sachs.  No matter how much she shook around, it still read the same.

Best Silas Line:  Give Clinton some pom poms and let's see her do the cheerleader dance.  This is nauseating.  #DemDebate #PBSDebate

Runner-up:  Geez, that was so damn cheap from Hillary Clinton on playing Obama like that.  How you doin', Las Vegas.  It's great to back.  #DemDebate

Clinton got scores in the categories of Gratuitous Mentions of Israel and also the Best Imitation of a Republican.

Bernie Sanders says 'Henry Kissinger is no friend of mine' and scores for the Big Line of the Night.  We have bitched about that soulless demon previously.  It's excellent to hear a politician with the honesty to call out Henry Kissinger for what a vicious, opportunistic pig he was.  Remember Salvador Allende.


The Bolshy Biopsy Bonanza

There were three more biopsies on Tuesday and these followed the one about a month or so ago but I still did not get eggroll.  That's probably a Republican mandate:  the VA cannot give away eggrolls anymore.

(Ed:  did they ever?)


This kind of thing bites at my ankles to see if I will fall.  After putting up videos yesterday with some medical dressings on me face, I figured I should say something.  The dressings have since been removed in keeping with what the doctor recommended.

A Silas live set is scheduled for Saturday and this will have no bearing on it.

Here's someone else who thought something should be said:

I do not appreciate a candidate sending her feminist attack dogs to tear into other women and pretend that her lack of votes is about sexism, rather than a well-documented and disappointing political career.

Some of us can think outside of the hive mind, Hillary Clinton is #NOTEntitledTOMyVote.

Tip:  get to know the Millennials because they have sure got you pegged.

Welcome to the Future, Virginia.

Words, Words, Words

COMPOSTER - fake composer

ASSHOLE - for when you are too lazy to say it right: you are worth no more than the filthiest entrails of a camel and dogs will sleep with your women forevermore.

That's really lazy ... you asshole.

CARNIPAL - friend you make at a GOP convention

HOMELY - a word of insult and that should give a more accurate perception of family value than is offered by Fox News

MELLIFLUOUS - a lovely word no-one knows - look it up, it's worth it.  This is not a trick and the meaning is as beautiful as the sound.

HORRIFIC - a word people adopted readily and in large numbers but they still don't know what mellifluous means.

EGGROLL - what I did not get after three biopsies, four counting last month.  Hugh Jackman isn't keeping up.

POP TARTS - webcam girls

And always remember:

I can't have fucking bubbles in the show.  I'm the Prince of Fucking Darkness and I don't have fucking bubbles. 

Ozzy Osbourne.

Give Up Your Guns and Your Cellphones

The state in America believes it has a right to control any aspect of your life but that belief is not represented anywhere in the Constitution and comes solely from executive boardrooms.  Such outfits have a knack for blaming everything on the people but we don't want anything from Washington except for pols to stay there and don't bother anyone else.  We don't care about their religion because it's patently obvious whatever religion they follow does not come close to working.  If Washington is any indication, Christianity is the worst and most selfish and vicious religion in the world.

Fortunately, Washington is not an indication because their religion isn't real and neither are the politicians.  Our favorite is the Newt Gingrich Prayer Pose and we have a concrete model of him in the yard here, right next to the dinosaur and the duck.  Sometimes tourists stop by and take pictures praying with Newt.  Often they get hit by cars when they do that and I suppose I should warn them.

Someone painted an Anonymous mustache on the Newt Gingrich Prayer Pose and at first I was going to remove this graffiti but really he looks better so I left it there.

The state doesn't have to do anything about guns and gun owners will go berserk.  We've seen them whipped into a frothy, mindless horror over the last eight years and Obama never did anything to take their guns.  Being in a relationship with such pussies must be one major horror as anyone that paranoid is never ever going to trust a partner.

The gunners go berserk to defend their rights, with or without reason to raise a defense, but the situation is different when the state says it wants to monitor what you do with your cellphone.  There is a never-ending campaign in Washington to force removal of encryption and personal protection from the state on cellphone.

What do we hear from gunners?

Yah, crickets.

(Ezakiel:  it's for security.  It's for the safety of America.)

Yah, and so is gun control but you revile that like it's an invasion of NAZIs.

(Ezakiel:  failing to eliminate the encryption gives terrorists the upper hand!)

Let's review the facts, He Who Never Reads Anything.  The terrorists don't have any hand and have less effect on America than Mike Huckabee or Carly Fiorina.  Besides, encryption gives bad guys cellphones whereas the NRA gives them guns.  Your call.

(Ezakiel:  but we're in danger!)

Don't drive drunk.  Then you won't be.

Do you hear any of these people fretting the real peril of being killed or injured by a drunk driver or shot by some nincompoop who thinks bats are reading his mind and controlling his behavior?

Right.  Me either.

Burning Out on the Elves of Cthulhu

It's kind of entertaining to record a video with the Elves of Cthulhu and it amuses me to annoy schoolmarm thinkers but Lewis Black is the once and future king of rant rock.  I don't compete with him but comparisons are inevitable since his penchant for foul-mouthed palaver is about the same as mine.

People go whoa, whoa, whoa, so many negative waves but let's try some Doctor Phil physics because every negative wave in reverse amplitude is positive but, trying English this time, the negativity and abandonment of hope is in the ones who do not speak.  Those who moan and bitch about the state of things are the ones who still believe things can be fixed.

(Ed:  you're a fucking gift from Gandhi, mate)

Ain't that a bitch, huh (larfs).

(Ed:  you're still going to burn!)

No way.  Beelzebub will be busy for a thousand years torturing the people who follow Ted Nugent:  TED NUGENT BLAMES GUN CONTROL ON JEWISH CONSPIRACY, GOES ON DISGUSTING ANTI-SEMITIC RANT (IMAGE)

When there is filth like that on the planet and even more which accepts the things he says, I have zero fear for my immortal soul.

(Ed:  you don't even know if you have an immortal soul!)

Yah but if I do then I prefer it not be burning.

The music is real and what it says it's true while words really don't mean anything or we would not have a need for lawyers.  No-one asks what I mean when I play because you already know from hearing it.

There will be the opening of Cat's new and improved Art MusikCircus and she has moved to Amsterdam.  The Circus is in the center of the city whereas it was kind of isolated previously so this brings a whole lot of coolness.  Cat brings people with Circus coolness while Amsterdam brings people of hipster coolness and those ingredients mix well.

My set will follow Option Y and I have reviewed them previously as one aces high, smokin' prog rock band.  Intimidating is not the right word to use but it's an obvious one for following such a set.  What I need to bring is class in my own music.  They will deliver a tight set with minimal breaks in-between songs.  Once that pacing is set, do not screw with it and definitely keep it alive.

(Ed:  what does 'aces high' mean?)

No idea.  We just don't like kings so anything which is not a king must be cool, right?

It's been about three months, maybe more, since the last live set and I haven't had a huge desire to play one, in part because I strongly believe it's good for your music if you don't do a lot of live.  I'm sure this time really has been good for my music and I am proud of "The End of the World in Fort Worth" as that one was well-fought and I believe it delivered what it said it would.

Here we operate strongly on the Pablo Casals Principle:  if I keep practicing, I just might get it.

Note:  he said that before he went to practice when he was about ninety.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Andromeda Peeps" - Silas Scarborough - Prototype (video)

"Andromeda Weeps" is the Current Big Project and this clip came from a session earlier which was extremely unusual because I wanted to do a Steven Wright bit but ended up throwing most of it out (i.e. I kept about fifteen minutes out of a video which ran for about an hour and a half).  There had been no intention to play but then I realized I could by switching a few things in the middle of the Steven Wright video so this song followed "Eleanor in a Cloud" earlier today.

You may be amused by how long it takes to put the Galaxy Guitar back into the stand and that's not because of any type of infirmity but rather I won't walk away until I'm positive she is comfortable.

"Eleanor in a Cloud" - Silas Scarborough (video)

There was thirty minutes or so of blather up-front but that was sharply reduced down to right about 2:00 when the music starts.  There had been no plan to play but it dawned would work and then it started.  The vibe is a demented blues which is nothing like "The End of the World in Fort Worth," the most recently released Silas video.

If you keep an eye on the Galaxy Guitar, you will definitely see the stars twinkling in this one.

Lemurs at EST in California (Erhard Seminars Training)

We don't know much about lemurs but we know this much:  they're probably trippin'.  Just look at them ... is there even a question of it.

Lemur sees herself on Broadway someday.

We don't know what they're doing but we're sure it's illegal in Alabama.

This is the same lemur in multiple exposures.  We only guess where he is going and she sure looks happy to be going there.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

All Dogs Go to New Hampshire ... to Vote

Kannafoot and Lotho and maybe Cadillac Man,

It's good to see Kasich moving up to the front row as he looks to be the closest to a Goldwater Republican in the field. No need for comment on the others as I regard all of them as inconsequential. You need a serious candidate and the others, well, are not.

Frankly, I still don't think you have a game as Kasich is easily out-matched by Sanders.  No need for partisan specifics but he has plenty of years, stand-up guy, loves his wife, etc.  Unless they can find a pic of him in bed with a high school boy, it's probably Sanders' game to lose.

But, we want to see the GOP well-represented and, frankly, we want to see the Tea Party and generic butter substitutes of the same nature horsewhipped for polarizing the party with religion.  I've never seen such a display of fake religion in my life in which the guy talks to the evangelicals of his deep love of Jesus and then next he's talking about glassing the Middle East.  Hooha (larfs)

Kasich doesn't seem to rattle as easily as these other nitwits so he may play a credible game.  I would like to see a debate in which I am not truly embarrassed by it.  After seeing Trump, Huckabee, etc, I want the country quarantined to prevent that contagion escaping.  They make a laughingstock of the country.

I don't know why y'all fret about Clinton.  Seems to me she's as easy as going bowling. 

Set up the pins (e.g. Goldman Sachs, big ticket speeches, corporate bribes, cigars, Monica Lewinsky, NAFTA, etc, etc) and knock them down.  In my view, she's much more vulnerable than Sanders who is Ivory Soap pure (i.e. 99.4%) and no-one's going to find any dirty on him after fifty years as it would have turned up long ago.

She can't turn that attack on you because you defend against the corporate chop with, "Lady, of course I support the corporations.  It's my fuckin' job, alright?  Fuhgedaboudit."

She's got no game.

The GOP shows evidence of gerrymandered thinking in which they believe they can rig this subsection of America or that one and this will ensure the outcome of the election.  Sanders takes the opposite approach and is calling out, all you bitches, get on down here.  There are no divisions in that and the gerrymandering does evil things to the physical vote but the gerrymandered thinking looks destructive for politics.

Evidence is Ted Cruz sucking up so hard to fundamentalist Christians he may not stop short of wearing a robe and halo.  While currying favor in this vile and unctuous manner, he also alienates those who approach religion with just a wee bit more of a sense of reason.  In his gerrymandered thinking, it's more important to get this voting block than to determine the actual will of the people.  In so doing he suicides and we don't care, it's simply an example of the destructiveness of this kind of politics.

Above all, likely we saw a big turnout of Millennials as really it is their election to lose.  They are the majority in the country now or the biggest bump in the demographic, unsure on the precise measure.  In any case, they have got the power if they choose to take it and in New Hampshire in appears they did.

"They've got the guns but we've got the numbers" - Jim Morrison

Workplace Inequality

A frequent theme lately is women are not paid fairly in the workplace and it's true, they're not.  However, what they are not realizing is no-one is paid fairly in the workplace and that, specifically, is why they will fire you if you talk about your salary with anyone else in the organization.

It was only after I was promoted into my previous boss's position that I could review the salaries being paid in the department and there were gross disparities not explained by ability.  Everyone on the staff was a male so there was no gender inequality but it does show the rampant inequality which exists regardless of gender.

The situation I observed was probably not typical because the boss was bright with numbers but didn't have any more human skills than the average rattlesnake.  There was only one thing he knew:  how to curry favor with the bosses.  Morality has not one damn thing to do with it and, contrary to the screams from all over, gender hasn't much to do with it either.

I was running the operating system department and my partner ran the online department.  My salary was twenty grand less than one on my own staff who was managing a tape system.  I can't scream sexism over a situation like that but I can certainly scream this: ASSHOLE (my ex-boss, not the tape guy.  I never told the tape guy and he never knew.)

The second-rate humans who do these sorts of things are the incompetent legions of the middle managers, the ones who know they will never get to the top and they scuttle about like bugs under a refrigerator to stay where they are.  These are absolutely the first ones to throw overboard on the path to a healthy organization (i.e. keep some of the ones on the top, most of the ones on the bottom, and chuck all the ones in the middle over the side.  The tribe needs their water more than it needs middle managers.)

It was the same kind of situation with Charles Beale, the sleaze who ripped me off on the insurance claim when my kit was stolen in Dallas.  He was just another second-rater in the middle leagues and he was sucking up to his boss by killing me to meet some quota.

After it was clear there was no way to correct things, I would taunt him every so often with such gems as 'you will not ever be promoted because your managers know what you do and they do not trust you either.'  He was really smoking over that one (larfs).

Note:  there were no incompetent trout like that on my staff.  If there had been, I would have fired them.  I wasn't buds with my staff because they still had immense respect for the previous boss and I could not tell them, without blowing any vestige of professionalism, any of what I knew about how much of a prick he was.

(Ed:  he didn't so why should you?)

His standards were rather lower than mine.  For the next couple of years, I worked to bring parity to the salaries in the department and the irony is this removed any trace of what the previous manager had done so no-one else knew but me.

As to why my staff was comprised only of men, these were the only candidates who applied except for one guy who showed up for the interview in a dress, full transgender.  I did offer him the job but it wasn't to achieve any kind of balance in diversity or some such as what possible niche is this guy going to fill.  He was technically talented even if a complete freakshow but most of the people on my staff were freakshows of one kind or another.  That was one of the things which made it interesting.

I do confess I thought it would be amusing to see the upper managers having conniption fits as they pretended to greet diversity.  That would have been comedy you just cannot possibly buy.

(Ed:  just using him?)

Nah, he was using me.  He only did it to punk me and declined when I made the offer.

(Ed:  so it's all studying the species?)


(Ed:  what did you learn?)

That it's interesting studying the species.

(Ed:  learn anything else?)

Nope.  Well, I will probably remember don't wear a dress to a job interview.

There was another incident with a guy with a gun and that was unusual.  He nearly transported himself into a deep world of shit and it wasn't intervention from me which prevented it but I was aware of it and decided there was no reason to reveal that at the bank.  I wouldn't tell anyone even what had happened, much less who was involved.  The Silas, he don't rat anyone out, see.

(Ed:  if he ever did cap someone then you would go down with him)

Yes but I also would have destroyed his life if I had told anyone of what happened.  Sometimes you have to make a command decision.  Part of that was based on his knowledge telling me gave the bank all the justification it needed to terminate him and I would be the one who would have to do it.

(Ed:  that's a big bet to place on sentimentality!)

My wager was not on sentimentality but rather risk analysis and honesty.  I'm not going to specify the parameters because it would identify the individual.

(Ed:  I take it you won?)

Yes but there is no way to know whether I made a good read or I was just lucky.  I prefer to think the former.

Note:  none of these positions exist anymore.  All were outsourced to IBM Global Sources.  Draw from that whatever conclusion you will about where the jobs actually went.  I know specifically my partner resisted this mightily but it's upper corporate muscle driving the outsourcing.  It makes great business sense, JB.  Harrumph, harrumph.

Sub-note:  there's immense irony in that as my partner is a staunch Goldwater Republican and yet he supports exactly the people who sell out the jobs in this way and he has had that problem right up in his face (I was already gone by the time this outsourcing travesty took place).  Quite the puzzle, that one.