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Bass Guy said...

Roxy Gellar is harassing me, my show, viewers and others. My show is here: She is doing exactly what was said in this us now: Any advise on how to stop this as she is going out of her way, non stop to smear my name and reputation etc... ? Thank you.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Best bet is to mute her and suggest the same to friends. She already has a bad reputation for doing evil things to musicians so anyone who does listen to her was probably on the Dark Side already.

Engaging her is almost always a mistake as she gets off on it and will only escalate to discover how much anger she can create. That's one seriously-damaged soul and giving her attention only makes it worse.

Good luck and hang through it as you will last but she won't. She may try to get you blacklisted but no reputable vendor responds to hateful crap like that. She's all bark and very little real bite.