Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Millenial Discussions: Me Too

I have been discussing with several friends, in open forum, the metoo movement. I have seen far too many metoo hastags. That is to say, this problem Must be addressed.

The problem is the assault, harassment, and rape of other human beings. This is most prevelantly a problem for women. Having spoken to many people it has become clear that this issue is one of attitude as well as inaction. As is often the case it seems, this is a topic that is beyond my scope to fix, but dialogue is the start and we must make progress.

Metoo is not an answer. Like this post, it is the first step in beginning the dialogue. It is meant to show the scope of this problem. This is not a problem of someone on the news or that poor person in the newspaper. This is a problem that has deffinately occured to at least a few people you know personally. The fact that it has to hit close to home for people to care is a whole other shitty topic.

Metoo is an outlet to discuss an issue mainly affecting women. All women are affected by the attitudes, harassment and assault that has made metoo needed. As it has been discovered however, it also affects men and transgender individuals. Everyone is hurt by these attitudes.

Most women face some form of harassment everyday, from cat calls to blatant disrespect, even outright assault. According to RAINN and NCVS 1 in every 6 women have been been raped or almost raped. 1 in 33 men have been raped, which means that on any given day the people around you are experiencing or dealing with being personally violates at a core level.

Metoo is the first step in responding to an issue that is plagueing our society but so few have done anything to affect lasting change. There is a story of a time near the turn if the century where a man tried to force a woman to kiss her and in response she bite his nose off and the courts said well he shouldnt have tried to be so forward with her and let her go free. This is not to say the past was better, plenty wrong there as well, it is merely an anecdotal lead in to say this, The courts are letting the scoundrels go free and blaming the victims. Too often we have heard of a judge saying, well give him a pass, we dont want to ruin his future over one mistake. Um, no, actually we do. He broke the law and violated another person. Thow him in jail and add him to the sex offenders registry! This blatant disregard for victims is something that must change.

Metoo also reveals that our way of thinking needs to be reworked as well. Too many are responding with hashtag notallmen. These people are obviously missing the fucking point. Of course its not all men, but not enough men are standing up against the men who are a problem. Further hindering a solution, many dont even actually understand the issue or its scope because it is outside their range of experience.

If you are not fixing the problem you are a part of the problem, or as the saying goes. Evil triumphs through the inaction of good men (people). If you arent apart of the solution, you are a part of the problem. Well step one is acknowleding rhe problem exists. Hastag metoo.

This is perhaps the root of the Milennial Discussions posts. Change Is needed and we do want to live in a great country, but the powers that be, cant or wont fix whats wrong. We know it is up to us, we know the establishment is largely against us, and we know its a matter of time before we are in control. Things will change, but we arent going to wait around for it, we are going to make it happen. Step by step and Step one is always awareness.

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