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Maybe Ganja Really is Preventive Against Cancer

Lung cancer is what anyone I have ever known would have predicted as my fate and I got one major scare when Ms Kersa said you've got cancer, dear, but it turned out to be probably confusion.  My chest is a mess and there's stuff which shouldn't be there but it doesn't seem to be cancer and they have been watching for a couple of years.  It's been a year (I think) since the last CRT or MRI and that comes up in a few days.

There is no miracle in seeing I don't seem to have lung cancer but it's one hell of a big surprise so I'm throwing out there maybe smoking the ganja has something to do with it.

(Ed:  what about skin cancer as you have plenty of that?)

Well, see, that's part of my Theory too and the perception of that aspect is nothing is more powerful than the Sun so failing to respect that will cost you even if you bathe in marijuana oil.

(Ed:  anecdotal crap!)

Not yet, Critical Sam, as this isn't presented as science but rather an observation.  Only politicians and Facebook will try to make that science (larfs).

(Ed:  ganja sellers do it all the time!)

The ones on the street have never done it.  This started when the corporate types began selling it.  Once you get the L.A. marketing crowd on it, all sorts of magic was claimed and likely they will soon be telling you ganja can be used to communicate with spaceships.

The thinking now is maybe start doing a series of videos with commentary and with music when I manage it.  The problem with playing is dizziness but it's variable.  There are windows so getting music into it is largely timing.

The ganja doesn't cause the wobbly, vertiginous feeling and I know it because, amazingly enough, sometimes I don't smoke it just to go Flat Universe for a while ... or I run out of money. The wobbly doesn't go away for that.

None of this is defensiveness about reefer but rather it was Today's Weird Epiphany.  I'm not sure it's necessarily true about cancer prevention with ganja but it's sure an unusual observation.

Cadillac Man, I see you online and will call as soon as I can but mostly sleeping off what I think a TV dinner did to me.  I thought at the time maybe I didn't nuke it hot enough and, judging by the reaction, I probably didn't.

"Motherless Child" - Live - Prince (video)

Outstanding set and likely a legal one since it's on YouTube and Prince had all the copyright violations removed.

Something you may not know is he was performing with significant pain through some extended part of his career because dancing in the platform shoes wrecked his knees and his hips.  Much of what he did was sheer force of will.

Music from the End Game

Prince played almost to the day he died and he set an example for any musico who ever swung an axe.  People wonder how he died but what possible difference can that make after he lived his as close to perfectly as anyone could ever dream.

My life has been rather less than perfect but wallowing in mistakes in the end game accomplishes nothing.  If you haven't at least tried to make things right by now then there's no point in saying anything, it won't be and shouldn't be believed.

In life, there's very little time to review successes but you will have time to review your mistakes and failures at endless length.  Life is funny that way.

(Ed:  yah, hilarious)

Yah, it's a bitch but that's how it plays.

To all appearance, my guitar playing has been an endless failure with illusory successes (i.e. adoring fans who disappear after the last chord).  Nevertheless, I don't regard it as one and the kind of tiresome stand-by always applies:  the only real failure is when you don't try.

These aren't lessons from my ol' Dad because neither he nor my ol' Mother really taught us a whole lot except through what we learned by watching them.  As far as I could tell, it worked the same for all the sibs, that life is really on-the-job training.

From that we rarely tried to teach each other anything and the primary maxim of all existence became one of FIGURE IT OUT.

All of us did in our various ways but there was no training of any kind for the things I did.  There was some training in three-day blasts from IBM wunderkind but that's a theory of education which doesn't do a whole hell of a lot.  The general thinking is if you blast the information hard and with great intensity then you will get the Deep Programming effect and it may not all be remembered on the surface but it will be in there somewhere.

Perhaps.  Even if nothing else, it was cool living out-of-town on an expense account for an extended stay.

There are scads of ways to find computer education now but it was rare at that time.  I knew how to write novice PL/1 code but that teaches you zero about how computers work.  Naturally, that meant go off to get a job keeping computers working.

It's always been figure it out, figure it out, and it went the same way with music.  There was only one lesson in the early days and I knew close to zero.  He was kind of a dick about it and I never went back.  Everything else came from Mel Bay chord books and listening to records.

There was more 'education' later but that was the figure it out kind in joining The Freezebirds.  This was the whole deal in working up a set list, working up the songs, getting it happening.

After Ophir, the synth player with the Prophet V, had gone to L.A. and later killed himself, I didn't play with any other group live for many, many years.  It's the same today as the thought of his name brings floods of memories back.  Here's one as Ophir often got so hungry and that was the situation when I came to visit one time.  I said, man, we need to go to McDonald's.  We got a sack filled with their regular hamburgers to take back to the Klemmer Mansion and, man, they sure did disappear.  It makes me laugh trying to remember how many there were ... a lot.

I miss you, bro, even after all this time.

(Ed:  so you do remember some nice things you did!)

Yah, some (larfs).

Death is in my face and it would be foolhardy to ignore the fact of it.  Spinning things doesn't gain anyone anything.  Describing symptoms gains nothing either but the vibe of it may mean something as perhaps you want to understand the terror of death.

There isn't any.

It sucks knowing I will die and I really don't want to do it but it's really not a consideration beyond that except deferring that point as long as possible.

There was some caginess about what went wrong recently and the situation was extreme pain in the upper part of my right lung.  You know I've been hurt bad so we don't need to define pain.  This was intolerable.

Since that situation was so localized within the lung, there isn't much to conclude beyond, well, it's started now.  From that thought, there's nothing else for it but endure because you decide, well, fuck it.  I didn't want to play anyway but if you're going to kick out you better have a damn good reason for it.  That may sound simplistic but it's easy to make up reasons for it at this stage and it's even easier to believe them.

Within two to three days, that pain had eased back to about what it is usually.  The usual seriously sucks and I'm sucking inhalers all day to maintain that but it's tolerable.  There is no explanation for what happened but this still isn't terror.  The only thought in my mind has been supernova pain.  If this continues then I can't.

That made the night of it and the following day a hell zone you don't ever want to know but if you're worrying about this part being scary then you can let that one go because it isn't; it just sucks.  Quiet desperation is the English way, you know (larfs).

(Ed:  you're not English and Scots isn't close to the same thing!)

Hey, hey, we're Monkees, we're just foolin' around.

(Ed:  you seriously quoted The Monkees?)

wtf, I'm dead anyway (larfs).

Another Brit quote which is a big one right about now is 'you've got to larf' and I have never been able to validate it's real.  It's attributed to a radio announcer for the BBC in London in WWII during the bombing.  Even with bombs exploding around him, he gave the show and is said to have started it with those words.

Philosophy doesn't waver either as hopefully it's been clear for some time here on the blog I believe some God sparked the Universe and made all this happen.  Based on that, what anyone says about God is true because no-one can say any more than any other who has the best connection to God.

My expectations from that belief are minimal so there's no risk of disappointment and there's no fear of what if it isn't real.  I'm not suggesting my approach to anyone, my only purpose is saying it works for me.

Being an educator is not something I sought to do and it's not something I'm seeking to do now but possibly it's helpful in terms of perspectives.  As far as any terror sweeping over you like the wraiths in a horror movie, forget about that one.  It's not going to come and you won't turn into a lump of quivering blubber.

- Dedicated to Doc for something he said

The Human Race Just Should not Continue (CNN)

Dunno what impression you get from the news but that's what I hear from them.

Other that a few stock pics of the Duchess looking cute with her kid, we see almost nothing on the news which is not specifically regarding what absolute shit the entire human race has become since there is no redeeming feature anywhere.  If you do see someone doing positive, it will usually be a smug story about cops saving orphans from zombies or some such.  Everyone else is shit but not them, I guess.

"The Guardian" is somewhat better about that and features a motley array of editorial writers varying from interesting to tiresome neo femme crap which they have made no more than one more form of narcissism.  However, they do run the most articles on art, some of which are novel, and often the best human interest pictures.  From them the attitude is more like the human race should disappear soon but here's some cool stuff in the meantime.

It was a bit of a surprise yesterday to see overwhelming demand for articles about politics and the best thing to do with that evidence ... all together now ... is ignore it.

So here's a pic of a kid and some ducks:

The news of the weird dropped off in interest because so much of it is cruel.  Many times it will be some whacked-out things people on meth did but we could see cheap morality plays in "Star Trek" and we won't take any more of them ... unless they come with spaceships.  More and more it looked to me like running them was only a way to feel superior ... for no reason.

Sometimes you will hear people speak of Pope Francis as a shining light and it's true but it's not really warming my heart much to hear there's only a single good one out of six or seven billion people in the world.

You know that's not true so where are they in the news??

The answer in computers was always, if you don't see it then make it yourself or shut up.  However, there are more sweet articles here than you may think ... but ... that's not what draws people.  That's not a lament but rather evidence some other solution is necessary.

Whoa, here's yer conspiracy:  what if all the content on the news is specific toward describing the descent of humanity into bestiality because it reinforces the idea Christians are better than that and the church is the only sanctuary.

(Ed:  CNN is nothing more than an evangelical ministry going to Africa to make them hate gay people?)

Well, maybe it is reaching a little bit.

There was a rare sighting yesterday of Southern liberal and she was hot too.

(Ed:  she was probably lying about the South!)

Well ... thanks for that ray of sunshine.

Maybe they have been successful in portraying the idea all the animals will die, the Earth will melt, but it doesn't matter since we will all die from Zika anyway.

(Ed:  the animals are dying or they're being killed by rich tourists!)

Most of them don't disappear but we get bent when ones we deem really special disappear.  There's no denial here of ecological disasters which are fairly commonplace but saying 'all the animals die' is a wild overstatement.

People are capable of being immensely beautiful and I've seen it but they're not so beautiful when they're scared.  They easily can be beautiful again without changing any other thing than removal of the source of the fear and that absolutely does not mean by killing more people.

It's not my purpose to tell you most people are good because you already know it.  My question is why so many stopped believing it.  Yevette hasn't stopped believing but she is deeply frustrated and hurt that people are doing so poorly in taking care of the country and many have become so selfish.  All that notwithstanding her belief is still generally at heart people are good.

"I Still Believe" is from "Miss Saigon" and I was fortunate enough to see that one on Broadway.  The New York Times kicked the play like it was a misbehaving dog but the play is entertaining nevertheless.  I also saw "Cats" on Broadway and that one was kicked all the time but it was lovely as well.

Lea Salonga is the singer in the video and I'm not really sure who was singing that night.  In many ways, I think musicals often overwhelm the story with such immense gorgeosity in the music except for a really exceptional story such as "Les Miserables."

Staying with @BernieSanders As Long as He is Willing to Fight

I want you to read this note, Alan. It’s one of thousands we’ve received from people who have contributed to our campaign this week urging Bernie to keep fighting for every vote and for every delegate all the way through the convention:

“I am a teacher and Bernie is the only candidate that is truly fighting for all of us. No other candidate has his platform of universal health care, a $15 minimum wage, and the rebuilding of our infrastructure. I will be with Bernie as long as he is willing to fight!” - Melissa from Massachusetts

We have an important FEC fundraising deadline tomorrow and the entire corporate media and political establishment will be looking to see just how many of Bernie’s supporters are willing to keep fighting for the issues that have powered this campaign from the start. That’s why we have to ask:

Here are some more powerful stories we received from donors this week:
Heather from North Carolina wrote, “I am a 42 year old woman with stage IV breast cancer and I want to leave the world a better place for my three children. I believe Bernie is the man to lead us towards a better future for all, not just a few.”
Anne from Ohio added, “I believe in Bernie and he represents my values and political policies. I will continue to support him and this political revolution. Thank you for giving us all a voice.”

And Avid from Utah made a contribution along with this note. “I have been actively phone banking and contributing almost daily for Bernie. Please do NOT give up the fight. Bernie is an inspiration and is giving hope to me and my family!”

Bernie is going to keep fighting to win every vote and every delegate, not just because that’s the only way to win a nomination, but because if we continue to stand together we can transform the Democratic Party and take our country back from the billionaire class.

In solidarity,

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What's Hot on the Blog 4/29

Apr 28, 2016

This wasn't supposed to be an experiment but it turned out that way.

Discovers - less than supportive of Clinton and people swamp it (1 of 2 for today)

Evolution - hopefully somewhat amusing about evolution and bats (2 of 2)

The politics kill and it falls off from there.

What - keeping my music happening

Mystery - interesting stuff on adult coloring books, more than you may think

The New - androids 'r us

Looks - striking out on connecting with the Mystery Lady

ABC's - don't recall

Nothing - comedy

Visiting - from back during the Silas Galactic Peace Tour wandering / stumbling around Europe.  Cool that people are still interested.

Carol - comical

Evolution Isn't True Because ... Bats

A bat is just a flying mouse, right?  So that means, there were all of those li'l mouses wandering around and suddenly one gets the idea ... fellow mousies, I've got an idea.  There's lots of cheese in the air so let's fly so we can get it.

His fellow mousies replied as one, "Check yo'self, dumb ass.  You don't got wings."

And that's when evolution put wings on mouses so they could fly and would be able to catch flying cheese.

All together now:  bulllllshite!

What really must have happened is God was sitting around with all the Angels and said, "How about we screw with them a little bit today and invent something really weird."

One Angel said, "Hey, how about a snail the size of an elephant?"

God said, "Well, yeah, love the scope of it but I'm not sure I love the slime trail so much."

Update:  Divine Epiphany just came and I realized this steals Racerx Gullwing's Giant Snail idea.  So, there's the fair credit to the Giant Snail Creator himself.

Update 2:  The Great Snail Creator denies he is really the Creator or is possessed of Divinity ... but ... of course he would, wouldn't he.  He also came up with a cock and bull story about seeing the Giant Snail elsewhere but this is the same as what he did with evolution:  it's something to amuse the sciencers while he gets on with Creation.

(Ed:  he's not finished yet?)

Dude, the Giant Snail Creator is only getting warmed-up.

Another Angel offered, "What say we put wheels on mountain goats!"

God just said, "WTF???"

Then the Angel said, "Sure.  We will leave their front legs as they are for climbing up the mountain but the back legs will have wheels so they can come back down really stylin'."

God replied, "I'm going to keep my eye on you!"

Finally another Angel said, "What say we put wings on a mouse!"

God said this time, "OK, I'm listening.  Let's hear the pros and cons."

The Angel said, "First is the one we love the most.  Ten million years from now they won't have one flaming hope in Hell of figuring out how it got that way."

God said, "OK, I always love that one but try to lighten up on the use of that word.  We try to go easy on that one up here."

The Angel said, "I really love this part.  Way in the future, humans will invent vampire stories about them and scare the living Hell out of themselves!"

God said tersely, "I love the idea but I believe I have already mentioned that word.  One more time and you spend a month listening to Newt Gingrich pray."

The Angel only whined, "Why, God??  None of the other Angels have to do it!"

God answered, "Because I fookin' said it and I'm the only fookin' Deity in this fookin' room."

So, there's yer answer and shows how bats prove evolution is bullshit.

(Ed:  are you from North Carolina?)

How did you guess!

Discovers @HillaryClinton Supporters Are Ashamed Of it and No Wonder

Which supporters do you think are ashamed of it and will not admit it?

If your horses are riding Hillary Clinton supporters then you're dead on the money.  The subject of death comes up a lot with that woman.  Well they might be ashamed.  (The Empire Files:  Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents)

Don't bother asking them about it as such people typically only talk about themselves.

Something which disgusts me at roughly at the same level as people who support Hillary Clinton without researching her history ... is a cat.  These filthy animals will shit in the corner of your house somewhere so you can't find it to clean it up.  Disgusting animals and everything in the Rockhouse is to ensure those horrors can't get back here.  I'm concerned about a cat knocking the Galaxy Guitar out of the stand and with good reason but something I know is any cat coming back here may shit in the guitar case and that is NEVER going to happen.

I will get along with cats just fine ... so long as they're outside.  I will happily feed them and provide to their needs as I can but I won't tolerate one anywhere near me inside the house.  There isn't any aspect of their behavior I consider 'cute' and rubbing against my legs like that makes my skin crawl.  If it does not stop when requested, the cat is going to get a flying lesson.  It won't be enough to hurt her but she won't come back.

Indoor plants are dirty too but are not as disgusting as cats because they won't shit in a corner somewhere and pretend they didn't.  When I see an indoor plant, I just see another white person who thinks Nature is something you can control for amusement.  What else could it be for, right (larfs).

(Ed:  well, well, aren't you the Betty Crocker homebody?)

If that includes trying to get a house to be clean then, sure, sign me up.  It's impossible to ever be really sure if there's a cat in it.  My nose, fortunately for me, isn't clever enough to pick up any but the worst of the smells from cats so finding the mess and cleaning up after them is one of the filthiest nightmares I know other than cleaning up after birds.

Note:  monkeys are the same but owners typically are aware enough they know the monkey needs to be diapered.  However, unlike cats, they don't try to hide it.  That's the part which really creeps me right the hell out about them.

We don't support exotics and that does include tropical fish due to the massive number which die in transportation.  It takes a huge absence of conscience to demand animals from other countries.  It's more of humans thinking Nature is theirs to control and it's abhorrent because of what it does to the Earth Mother.

Abby Martin has already covered in excellent detail the true history of Hillary Clinton and how she's one of the worst liars in Washington so it's excessive to continue trashing her but there's one simple fact:  we loathe what that family did to Washington and the people of America.  There is no limit to the opposition which is necessary to stop her from ever doing it again.

(Ed:  is that a death threat?)

Fuck no.  The CIA is the death threat in the U.S.  They will kill you and no-one will even know about it.  Twenty years from now the reason may get declassified but there usually isn't one except the same old self-justifying GOP crap.  Witness how Kissinger croaked Salvador Allende in 1964.  That kind of cowardly behavior has been coming out of the CIA and Washington for over fifty years.

(Ed:  the CIA does with people what cats do with shit?)


The Bush Disease left two countries in a state of war-ravaged chaos but Hillary Clinton has been adamant about the need for more and you have heard her advocation of engaging Libya yet again for some more genocide.  You can also see the utter failure of the country after what she did to it.

(Ed:  Obama did it!)

Sure he did but she was egging him onto it just like Dick Cheney with George Bush.  Calling her a war hag is not some gratuitous insult.  Understand her history.

After Obama and Clinton the total of two destroyed countries went up to over four, now including Libya and Syria, and Hillary Clinton has played a large part in destroying the Middle East so viciously there's not a whole lot left of it.  Israel had already destroyed Lebanon and there's relatively little left after that, Israel and Jordan.  Jordan doesn't bother anyone but Israel has its own campaign of genocide in the occupied territories and Saudi Arabia is doing the same thing, American-style with F-15s from Clinton, in Yemen.

This is only one of the examples of the U.S. massacres in Iraq and it's on the 'Highway of Death' with this massacre of retreating Iraqi troops (i.e. they were shot in their backs):

This took place under the administration of the first George Bush.  As you can see, there was no difference between that one and the horrors committed by the second one.

The moral outrage of what America did in the Middle East with heavy complicity from Hillary Clinton is something which will stand in horror for many years.  You will willingly sign off on Hillary Clinton for yet more Highways of Death?


Oh, I see.  You're trying to stop Trump.  Well ... that's commendable, isn't it.  You could explain that to all the dead people in the Middle East who died as a result of her but it may be just a wee bit too late.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

What About the Jams

The only measure of goodness is whether that slacker dog is playing so, yah, and the answer is to play until you're going to topple.  Doesn't matter why you topple, just stop short of that and all is good.  You need to bring some major Jedi to this, young Skywalker.

Never thought of Luke Skywalker with an electric guitar??  Me either but it is twisted, ain't it.

That it's possible at all is mystifying but there's no point in analysis.  That's yadda and if you keep it up then you get three of them plus Seinfeld laughs at you.  Whether this can continue is unknown but it's not relevant in the Big Game where there is only the Now ... then everything else.  That's not despair but rather awareness open on all channels.

There was some talk of Pick Paranoia due to the observation from someone else whenever a pick falls, it never makes it to the floor but rather gets teleported to another dimension.

Here's Pick Paranoia at the Rockhouse:

There are two holders for guitar picks on the primary mike stand with each holding seven or eight picks plus one in the strings of the guitar.  Unless at least one of those holders is near full, the show ain't goin' happen.

To ensure those pick holders are stocked at all times, there is a reserve cache of picks from somewhere and they're thin but not quite the same thinness and flexibility of Fender thin picks.  They came in a fit of desperation when it seemed no Fender thin picks were available.

The pick box has the primary cache and these ones are Fender thin picks ... but ... there's additional cachet for the collection of purple Fender thin picks which are separate from the cache of traditional tortoise shell Fender thin picks.

The fallback from no-picks-available is not to go with fingerpicking as, first, I suck at it but mostly it's not a sound I want to make it.  I don't believe it's possible for a human finger to match the staccato of a hard pick yet I do know some are really good and can get close.

To my taste, the Fender thin pick gives me the perfect flexibility in attack because I can bend it and make a scoop to some extent so the pluck of a string will be sharp like a laser beam from the heart of the Sun.  For a guitar, I have never heard anything else give that level of staccato as it just comes right out of nowhere.

(Ed:  a laser beam from the heart of the Sun is kind of impossible)

Yah but you knew what I meant (larfs).

In part it's laziness because I know there's huge coolness in fingerpicking from Mark Knopfler to Voodoo Shilton but it still doesn't make the sound I want to make and this part isn't about devices but the root string sound.

As to whether it was worth more than a pound of sawdust tonight, Yevette thought it should have been recorded.  That's not a teaser and the next time recording has to be active or no go like the pick holder is empty.

There's some amazement and also some confusion for wtf just happened but the amazement chews up the wtf.  Extremely strange days, these ones, but plenty of bizarro observations on things (i.e. goodness).

Mystery Lady Talks About Johanna Basford and Secret Gardens

Say 'adult coloring book' and some will walk away but the Mystery Lady is an accomplished painter and she's intrigued by these books based on some YouTube videos from Johanna Basford and other information she has discovered.

The results are highly dramatic and most intriguing to the Mystery Lady is the gradation of colors.

The 'painting' is done with special pens which contain some special kind of ink which reacts with water you will drip wherever it needs to be to work within that segment.  These 'pencils' can be expensive with a set of them going for eighty dollars or more but the Mystery Lady has dug out ways to do it much more economically.  First she has to discover whether it's worth pursuing so start out cheap and see how it goes.

The Mystery Lady is accomplished and I could hear the excitement in her voice about these.  She encouraged me to tell Yevette about them and of course I did but I was curious too and you see the result.

Here's an example of the adult coloring books from Johanna Basford:

The only definition in here is the shape and what you make of it is on you.  The first example shows you what can come and this one shows the starting point.

As to what's art, you tell me. 

Looks Like a Strike-Out

1:00 pm Cowboy Time didn't work so it looks like we're striking out today.

There's one piece of immediate grand information as the Mystery Lady remains in an unboxed state and that's always the fear in-between times.

Yah, yah, and tell me you don't imagine car crashes when your kids are late (larfs).

And, young 'uns, stop doing that shit.  You're scaring the bejeebers out of the parental units.

Herewith, a Mystery Lady story:

We loved gardening and puttered around in the garden constantly ... but ... we had never encountered a snake out there.  Regrettably (sob), it did not go too well.

(Ed:  for the snake?)

Yes, R.I.P., li'l snake (sob).

All grass was wiped out, front and back, and the backyard got kind of luxy with our ideas of a land sculpture.  We shaped it in an impossible way for the lay of the land but used some devious means to route water under it, etc, etc.

Over the top of it, we planted everything we possibly could and a delight every season came from three Sweet Bay Magnolias (shrubs which grew up about 15+ feet for us but have the potential to grow taller).  The gave the most wonderful scent and it was all over the backyard to make the finest kind of incense anyone could imagine.

My favorites were the day lilies and we found them in great variety, short ones, tall ones, all different colors.  They were planted in some profusion and arranged from short to tall so it was like a NASA rocket launch of colors when they came into bloom.

We worked out there often and one particular time we were about fifteen feet from each other when there was a cry of distress and then I saw what happened which elicited an immediate, "Oh no!"

The snake surprised her and that scared her because she never deals with snakes and how does she know one from another.  It's like me with spiders so she reacted quickly and then felt egregiously awful about it when she realized.

So much I hope I didn't give an asshole lecture on snakes are your friends and they eat stuff we don't want here anyway ... but I bet I did.

What do you know, I wasn't expecting it but I walked myself into an apology.  Mystery Lady, I'm sorry I was an asshole, if I was.  Right now I bet that ol' snake is up there in Snake Heaven and he thinks, well, this isn't so bad.  I've got my seventy-two virgins and ...

(Ed:  what else?)

Dude, what else do you need!

(Ed:  vitamins)

Good point.

Bernie Sanders ... and Not the Billionaires

You may not have noticed this, but the bottom of every email we’ve sent since the beginning of this campaign has included the words, "Paid for By Bernie 2016." And beneath those, "(not the billionaires)."

Bernie doesn’t go around hustling millionaires and billionaires for money. Never has. Never will. Can you even imagine the reaction he’d get if he tried?

Our campaign to win this primary and transform the Democratic Party has always been powered by the people who make up our political revolution.And when you see us winning states and capturing large numbers of delegates before the convention, it’s requests like this that make it possible. So we have to ask:

Indiana votes in just five days, and we need to send a powerful message that you are "Still Sanders." It’s not about how much money we raise, but how many contributions our supporters make in these final days before our fundraising deadline.

It does say that at the bottom of the email, I just didn't copy it.