Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"Life During Wartime" Live | Talking Heads

This ain't no party
This ain't no disco
This ain't no fooling around

- Talking Heads

From "Stop Making Sense"

The Pentagon isn't fooling around at all but they count on you thinking they are while they make piles and piles of tactical nuclear weapons and they have never stopped in making the problem worse.

This ain't no party
This ain't no disco
This ain't no fooling around

- Talking Heads

The Message is in the Mice - Science

Probably there's some researcher who studies sorghum because he's insistent that he can demonstrate and prove when humans first started cultivating sorghum and this, therefore, demonstrates the beginning of the sedentary, agrarian lifestyle for humans.

That researcher may well be correct if the start of that lifestyle is truly measured by the first cultivation of crops but there's much better evidence of the time when humans stopped wandering about and the evidence comes from fauna rather than flora; it comes from the house mouse, specifically.

It seems as soon as we stopped meandering about, mice found us and those cute li'l four-leggers have been hanging with us ever since we settled anywhere.  (Science Daily:  Mouse in the house tells tale of human settlement)

It's important to get straight from the top that rats carried bubonic plague but mice didn't because they're cute.

Ed:  is that true?

No idea as maybe both of them carried the fleas with the plague but I can't feature Mickey Mouse bringing the Black Death.  That's just too awful to contemplate.

A mouse from a Maasai village in southern Kenya

Credit: Photo by Lior Weissbrod

Ed:  that looks like a house mouse from anywhere but the man has a nice shirt.

Tip:  don't piss him off.  They hunt lions by themselves as a test of manhood.  Definitely tell him you like his shirt even if you think it's an awful offense to all visual wavelengths.

"The research provides the first evidence that, as early as 15,000 years ago, humans were living in one place long enough to impact local animal communities -- resulting in the dominant presence of house mice," said Fiona Marshall, study co-author and a professor of anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis. "It's clear that the permanent occupation of these settlements had far-reaching consequences for local ecologies, animal domestication and human societies."

- SD

See, I'm tellin' you ... the message is in the mice.

Marshall, a noted expert on animal domestication, considers the research exciting because it shows that settled hunter-gatherers rather than farmers were the first people to transform environmental relations with small mammals.  By providing stable access to human shelter and food, hunter-gatherers led house mice down the path to commensalism, an early phase of domestication in which a species learns how to benefit from human interaction.

The findings have broad implications for the processes that led to animal domestication.

- SD

The interested student is invited to pursue the source article further but I'm sure you wizards have the point already.

The science is interesting to the Rockhouse since humans didn't climb out of trees and then suddenly start cultivating the Ponderosa Ranch for "Bonanza" so what happened in-between.

Watson:  mice

Apparently so, mate.

Bonus question:  what did the Ponderosa Ranch actually produce in "Bonanza?"

The Rockhouse contention is it never produced anything but maybe there were nutjobs for "Bonanza" the way we get them for "Star Trek" today and those nutjobs would know.

A Glorious Example of Fake News from the Dallas VA Medical Center

The VA hospital which is the subject of this report is where I go on a lamentably regular basis and it was on lockdown today because there was a 'suspicious package.'

Ed:  what was in it?


Ed:  so why is this news?

It isn't but don't steal their fun in their pretending.  (NBC:  Suspicious Device Found, Dallas VA Medical Center Evacuated)

At approximately 4:30 p.m., EOD determined the package did not pose a threat and everyone permitted back inside.


Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along, move along.

Meanwhile, Dallas is whining because people don't want to work for 911 presumably because of the steadily worsening reputation of America's police departments so Dallas has to use cops to man them.  The complaint is they don't have enough cops to do that but it shouldn't be such a surprise after today's wild goose chase which was one among many.  (NBC:  DPD Reassigns Neighborhood Police Officers to 911 Training)

There's not a word in the article about why Dallas is having trouble finding 911 operators during a time which ostensibly has jobs all over the place.

Ed:  did NBC make a connection between the first story and the second?

Of course not as they're only it for the money but it gets better ...

The result of police enforcement often winds up in a for-profit prison and those are concrete bundles of goodness which set a shining example of justice for the whole world.  (RT:  Prison company carried out illegal surveillance on Kansas inmates ‒ federal investigators)

Oh, it gets better.  They were making recordings of engagements between convicts and their attorneys and then selling that information to prosecutors.

A prison company in Kansas allegedly shared secretly recorded videotapes and audio exchanges between prisoners and their attorneys with prosecutors, according to a federal investigator.

The findings, which involve at least 700 attorneys, come in a federal investigator’s report submitted to the Kansas federal court last week. 

- RT

'Shared' ... yeah, right.  That's what they call it now.

Fake it, shake it, and bake it.  Welcome to MSM in the Brave New World.

Ed:  I don't grok doublespeak!

You better learn, buddy boy.

On the Indiscriminate Bombing of Civilians by America, Saudi Arabia, and Israel

The latest exemplification of war crime came when Saudi Arabia bombed a boat full of refugees and killed several dozen of them.  If that's any different from shooting an Air Force pilot after he's hanging from a parachute, in what specific way does it differ.  (RT:  Saudi self-investigation not sufficient, UN should probe deadly refugee boat attack — HRW to RT)

This war crime doesn't follow far behind the latest of the American war crimes in which several hundred civilians were killed by the indiscriminate bombing of Mosul.  That's not to be confused with American bombing of hospitals which, in sum, demonstrate either blazing incompetence on the part of Americans or a total indifference to life.

In regard to both, each said they will look into it and all of us know already know what that means for anything coming from it:  absolutely nothing.  (RT: US not changing ‘good’ rules of engagement in Iraq following deadly strike in Mosul)

Israel is the longest-running source of terrorism in the Middle East and it's not surprising they're so hated after they have stolen so much land since their inception in 1947.  America and Saudi Arabia are relative newcomers to overt terrorism in which they do it and don't care who sees it but they have demonstrated extraordinary proficiency with one slaughter of civilians after the other.

America invariably cops the plea that ISIS hides among civilians to shelter from American bombs but, in all that time, it seems it has never occurred to the Pentagon that just maybe they're using the wrong weapons.

Watson:  they know it but they don't want to deal with the bloodbath which will come if American troops face ISIS on the ground.  It's not politically expedient.

Roger that

In the comments on RT, one said he wasn't interested in this because he's 'sick and tired of refugee (sic)' which shows apparently he's sick and tired of English as well.

Ed:  when they were culling badgers, they were going after the wrong species.

That's no shit.  Cull the generals and we can put a stop to all of this murdering.  They don't know how to do anything else and they're too old and thickheaded to learn.

Russia has been working determinedly to try to pull civilians out of Mosul to relative safety but American propaganda news never shows a word of it or tries to distort that news into something else.

Dull clod:  I'm tired of refugee

I got it the first time, Genius Boy.

Apple and Facebook Are Serious About VR Glasses But So What

When Apple transmogrified into the biggest toy manufacturer in the world, the company's interest in VR glasses shouldn't be a huge surprise and, what do you know, they want to pair the glasses with an iPhone to make a ridiculously-expensive toy cost even more.  (MacWorld:  Apple and Facebook are serious about augmented reality glasses, according to new report)

Ed:  those devices are fun when you're wasted!

Too bad the people who use them are not.  They've become unimaginative louts with no more aspiration than the average prairie dog.

Credit:  USPTO

Watson:  welcome to the future, man.  You will be able to take these to the Olympics and play World of Tanks as a medal event.

It seems Apple no longer ties the VR glasses to the iPhone.

According to the Financial Times (note: this article is behind a paywall), Apple and Facebook have stepped up their efforts to develop augmented reality glasses. Previously, Apple’s AR efforts were linked to the iPhone, and Facebook seemed occupied with the virtual reality capabilities of Oculus. Now, both tech giants are eager to create an AR wearable, according to the report.

- MacWorld

Ed:  so Oculus and the iPhone have failed?

Apparently so when they don't seem to have much use for them for VR.

Ed:  they really don't have any idea where they're going with VR, do they?


You can't even play Pokemon Go with it because you can't see anything except the VR image.

American Stoners Hand Jobs to International Refugees and Washington Helps

Americans are such stoner wastrels, they create a boomtown for refugees who don't know anything of drugs and consequently make much more reliable employees.  (RT:  As more Americans fail drug tests, employers turn to refugees)

For example:

Nearly 6,000 refugees have settled in the last five years in Louisville, Kentucky, helping companies hire workers for jobs that had gone unfilled.  Methamphetamine use is so high in Louisville that the number of people testing positive for meth in workplace drug tests is 47% higher than the national average, according to Quest Diagnostics.

- RT

Inside a factory near this lakeside city, a man holding a blowtorch is putting the finishing touches on a plastic rain barrel that will soon make its way to a home and garden section somewhere in America.

He is Talib Alzamel, a 45-year-old Syrian refugee who arrived here last summer with his wife and five children. He can't speak much English, but neither can most of the 40 refugees who work at Sterling Technologies, a plastic molding company based near the shores of Lake Erie. They earn $8-14 an hour.

- RT

Ohio and Kentucky are in the heart of America's industrial rust belt and yet refugees are eating the lunches of Americans who are too wasted to pass drug tests.

"In our lives, we don't have drugs," said Alzamel, who was hired within three months after arriving in Pennsylvania. "We don't even know what they look like or how to use them."

- Talib Alzamel on RT

Watson:  heya, Einstein.  The drug tests bust people for smoking the ganja too!

Take it easy, Dagwood, as you won't see anywhere mention that I think the drug testing is intelligent. The drug tests are only a way to force a Federal law the states have chosen to override.

Watson:  Republicans only believe in states rights until they get to the White House?

There's hope for you yet, Watson.

Canada Announces Legalization of Marijuana | Donald Trump Announces He Will Bomb Ottawa

In an effort to devastate drug profits in the criminal underworld, Canada’s Liberal government is reported to be preparing a move to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Next month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s party will announce plans to permit the use and possession of a certain amount of the psychoactive drug, according to CBC News.  (RT:  Canada to legalize cannabis for recreational use in 2018 – reports)

© Steve Dipaola / Reuters

When America's news industry is riddled with stoners, you would think someone might mention the fact this isn't the part of the marijuana plant one smokes and hasn't been for, oh, a million years or so.

Ed:  that's not America's news industry.  They're Russian!

Guess again, Dagwood.  The people doing it are mostly Americans and working for RT doesn't make you a Russian any more than working for Fox News makes you a Fascist.

Ed:  there are many Russians who work for Russia Today!

There are many Fascists who work for Fox News.  What's your point?

The Rockhouse appreciates Canada's approach because it's simple and it will work.  If that's not true, show me what's left of the bootleg booze industry in America.  That was happening a century ago but they only make designer moonshine now.

Here's another confirmation to show they talk seriously serious about it.  (CBC News:  Liberals to announce marijuana will be legal by July 1, 2018)

The Liberal government will announce legislation next month that will legalize marijuana in Canada by July 1, 2018.

CBC News has learned that the legislation will be announced during the week of April 10 and will broadly follow the recommendation of a federally appointed task force that was chaired by former liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan.

Bill Blair, the former Toronto police chief who has been stickhandling the marijuana file for the government, briefed the Liberal caucus on the roll-out plan and the legislation during caucus meetings this weekend, according to a senior government official who spoke to CBC News on condition of anonymity.


Ed:  Donald Trump will probably bomb them

The only determinant for which countries the Pentagon will bomb is how much gas money they can collect at any given time so they probably will bomb Canada for this egregious act of terrorism.  That will have one amusing consequence, however.  Americans AND Canadians will run for Mexico to get out of it but Mexico will end up building a wall to keep us out.

Oh, gee, ain't that a bitch.

Jupiter the Way it Looks in the Rockhouse Universe

There's one of Rockhouse Jupiter from several days ago but NASA had a higher resolution version so I modified that one and here you see it.  The adjustments are much more aggressive with this version.  The saturation / vibrance of the image have been boosted sharply and there was some adjustment of highlights / shadows to balance the top left and the bottom right.  The top and bottom were cropped as well since they were too light and too dark.

NASA:  Jupiter from Juno (image)
NASA:  Dark Spot and Jovian ‘Galaxy’ (full article)

You can see from the link this version is heavily modified but it had to be to bring out the gorilla in the top right.

He's there each time you look now, isn't he.

The Perfect Mist

- unknown photographer

The shot isn't so technically difficult but it's one stone bitch to find.  Unless you can see this shot before it ever happens, you would never know to be there to capture it.  That's the photographer part since any camera can simply take pictures.

Here is a perfect exemplification of the Existential Triad and ...

Watson:  wtf is the Existential Triad?

It's the Rule of All Things, the Definition of Structure, the fundamental construct which enables us to appreciate the greater gestalt.

Watson:  thanks as that answer certainly helps

Glad to be of service

See, you've got your Yin and your Yang with the two boats to the right and the third on the left represents The Force Which Fucks Things Up.  Think of that one as Sir Lancelot, if you like.

Watson: so the red boat is King Arthur, the white boat is fair Queen Guinevere, and the boat with the blue sail cover is Sir Lancelot who will boink the Queen and spin that Yin and Yang like a child's top.

You've got it, Detective.  Now you see the Existential Triad.

Watson:  all that is in the photograph?


Watson:  it makes me think of breasts

Most things do, mate.

There Was High Russian Interest Yesterday

Probably part of the interest in Ithaka other than the article about Carol "The Foul-Mouthed Weather Woman" Kirkwood is the fact the Rockhouse is not afraid of the Russians.  (Ithaka:  Carol Kirkwood Gives Best Weather Report of All Time)

It's the same situation as a fear of flying when the pilot doesn't want to get dead any more than I so let's get on with it and get into the air.  Russians don't want to be turned into charcoal briquettes for a barbecue any more than I so could we put the nukes away, kids, and maybe get on with human evolution if no-one minds too much.

The reason I did so well with computers is I wasn't afraid of them.  No matter what the size of the system, if the thing breaks then we will fix it and bring it back up again.  Even for multi-million dollar systems, the rule is the same although the executive types do get a bit more cross about crashing the big ones.

Ed:  fear is the mindkiller

Keep saying it and eventually they will get it, mate.

There were more Russians reading Ithaka yesterday than Americans and I don't know what they were reading any more than with anyone else but it's interesting that they come.  In my view, if only Americans read it then I have a problem because it means anywhere else probably does not believe the content is true.  Therefore, it's much better to draw a cosmopolitan audience and perhaps they ridicule it but at least they consider it.

There is one Russian to fear, tho, as Mikhail Popkov is an Olympic class serial killer with at least eighty kills of young women to his credit.  When asked why he did it, he said, "My wife started cheating on me."  (RT:  Russia’s deadliest serial killer? Cop-turned-slasher faces 60 new murder charges, death toll at 82)

See, there's your answer.  Wife cheats so whack eighty or so women.  Simple.

© Телекомпания АКТИС / YouTube

Ed:  how come girls didn't know he was a serial killer just by looking at him?

Unknown since Ted Bundy went for the cool frat boy look but Popkov looks dangerous even before he makes a move.  In general I am not afraid but Popkov is one scary Russian.

For the most enjoyable Home Serial Killer Game, go to YouTube and search for serial killers.  You will meet some sweethearts you never imagined from the worst Hollywood movie and don't miss the Iceman since he said he whacked a couple of hundred.  It was just business, you know.

These demented monkeys are in a whole world of strange and no fucking way am I going to bring you something wet, Hannibal ... you sick fuck.

There's so much debilitating fear flying about, isn't there.  Washington plays the fear since they couldn't care less so long as they get what they want and that's an effective tool.

The biggest question is the one which has stood out from the start:  why do people fall for it.

The Russians obviously haven't done anything and yet you see America pushing escalation via NATO all over Europe to encroach on Russia's borders as much as possible while at the same time accusing Moscow of aggression.  Why that doesn't elicit a gigantic WTF from the American electorate is an ongoing mystery.

Y'all regulars, I know you and you're not pussies so who is it buying this rubbish that gets them quivering in their li'l bunny slippers as they wait for Russia to attack.  Who actually believes that bullshit except the Pentagon for their fat ass job security.

Half a trillion a year for those paper Pentagon tigers and they don't even get it done but no-one does a thing about it.

Ed:  fear is the mind killer!

And the budget killer ... but, wtf, who needed the twenty trillion they spent anyway.

Republicans Are Eating Other with the Same Relish as Sharks When a Ship Sinks

Paul Ryan seems to be the only one who is not aware he is going to Greenland to work on a weather station where it's -200F all year 'round.  Take a walk, Paulie.  No Presidency for you.  Dress warm.  (Ithaka:  Paul Ryan at the Weather Station in Greenland)

It seems all the Republicans are trying to eat Paul Ryan's lunch and they're playing Look at the Funny Eels on Fox News where all wonder, gee, I wonder where they heard that leak.  It seems Trump has a little vendetta going and he doesn't need anyone to marginalize his Presidency now since he can take it the rest of the way himself.  Washington is leaking Brylcreem from one end to the other and nothing feeds the tabloid MSM faster than that.

Best of all are the Freedom Caucus nihilists because there's nothing they want to miss wrecking.  When they're finished, there won't be anything left in America but churches and only for Protestants, by God.  They don't need schools since none of them ever attended one.

The Nihilists hold the Trump kill shot since it's said they want all funding for Planned Parenthood eliminated in the coming budget or they will stop the government.  Other groups of Republicans recognize that as political suicide so munch, munch, munch.  They're having a ball with each other.

Stopping the government before Trump even gets anything started or any more things broken is just about the most damaging move the Nihilists could make.  Trump can sort of handle success and failure not well at all but he will go bananas from being ignored.

There really isn't any amusement in this since it's the same old amateurish crap which has been insulting us for years.  Congress can find any excuse at all to do nothing whatseover.

The main thing we observe about Washington is talented people are not willing to do it.  That town operates like it's all running on eight-track tapes since the music never changes; there's no imagination in it; the player keeps breaking down and stalling.

How many in Washington do you truly respect.  The generals make excuses for getting the kids killed and the pols make excuses for failing to stop them.  That hasn't changed in any way since I was a kid but at least the eight-track tapes went obsolete.  Washington did as well but they're too thick to get it and we keep getting lesser and lesser candidates.

Trump immediately started blaming Democrats because if you can't be good in Washington then find a scapegoat but his excuses are stupid when he calls Democrats ineffectual on one hand and then blames Democrats for torpedoing him on the next.  In sum, he's an idiot flailing his hands in the air and that goes back to the original question of why talented people won't go to Washington.  Instead we get buffoons of that nature.

You're right, Donnie ... Nancy Pelosi engineered your demise ... after she has never successfully engineered so much as a cookie recipe in all the time she has been in Washington.  That's got to be the answer.

All Quiet on the Midwestern Front

The first day of the MDS(Multi-Dimensional Shit Storm) has now passed and to the great relief of all, mostly since we knew what was coming but not exactly what to expect of it.

As Quartermaster Support, I don't see what's happening and Yevette split with Tactical at about ten in the morning but didn't get back until about four or so.  That makes for a long day at the base wondering just what the hell they're doing to her.

Yevette got back looking and feeling surprisingly good and we know better what comes but the first day is accomplished.  The support staff people have all been absolutely splendid and Yevette has had good things to say about almost all of them minus one arrogant doctor.  (He was a prick but Yevette doesn't have to see him much)

My comment about Tactical to Yevette was, man, he's really been a prince for this and no way Yevette was going to argue with that.  The Rockhouse gives a high 5FU to Tactical.

Ed:  5FU?

One of the drugs for the chemo but it's got a great ring for other purposes too, doesn't it.

Note:  radiation started today as well.

There's no waltzing happening and we know Yevette will start feeling bad on the third day but for now it's a relief for her to get started into the program.

This is not a cooking show and there won't be much detail to this due to the extremely personal nature of it which is more true for some cancers than others.

The main point is that the MDShas started and it's a true relief for Yevette and all of us to get on with it.  Waiting is scary but after it gets started it goes to taking care of business and she is doing that along with Tactical and Quartermaster Support.

This time isn't the quiet before the storm since there's no storm coming; it's just going to suck.  If everyone gets this right, the storm isn't ever coming although there's no dodging the suckage.  This is when we go to one day at a time but we can hack it.

Lotho mentioned good deeds the other day and Yevette is looking for a haircut so she can contribute the hair to those who make wigs for cancer patients.  You might have heard of this effort previously and it's on a national level.  Yevette wants to be part of that.

There are many deeply-personal aspects to this but there's no foul in revealing that one.

Pulling away from social networks for this is looking like it was the right move.  The only one allowed to be self-absorbed during this time is Yevette and she would get gobs of competition for that online.  I do believe staying away from all that me, me, me of online is helpful for her attitude and getting through this.

I have not yet been able to connect with Tinkerbell and you can see part of the problem with that for the time signature for the article.  I rather doubt Tinkerbell is awake just now.  I'm really looking forward to that talk since it's been quite a while plus no-one knows the anti-cancer regimen better than she and, after about fifteen+ years of life after radical mastectomy, she damn sure knows how to get it right.

The general vibe is better than expected and there's wariness about what comes but there's a growing confidence in being able to deal with it.