Monday, May 29, 2017

Rockhouse to Magic Land; Do You Read Me, Magic Land

You are advised the runways are clear and the control tower will be fully staffed for the next several days.

The Rockhouse forecast is for relatively high heat but with light rain so the landing approach should be benign with little chance of near-ground turbulence, wind shear, etc.  The prevailing winds here are typically favorable for landing on one approach.

Communique to the People of the Future:  please communicate this message to the Magic Land.  The need for it may be obviated by events yesterday but clarity is always important, as you know, when we're making magic.

What's Hot on the Blog 5/29


Here I'm Tanking - looks like you thought this one hit it right

The Trouble - there is news which is rubbish and then there is Michael Usov, one of the greatest clowns in the world

Genetically-Altered - Sasquatch keeps this trip alive for another go around

What's Hot

So then - not much a comment about terrorists but quite a bit about candy marijuana

Rolling Thunder - Rockhouse salute

Hillary Clinton - no chance of salute when she claims to be Resistance but was it's most vile opponent

British Airlines - high-level amateurism in IT but the root is less apparent

Will Ford - the company which is king of the automobile manufacturers for BUFFs

Bikers - Rockhouse salute

"Outlaw Josey Wales" May Be Clint Eastwood's Best

The historical authenticity of it stuns me every time and that's not so much in terms of the immediate story but rather it's in the way it's portrayed.  All of the horses are American as I didn't notice any Arabians in it anywhere.  Arabians are immediately recognizable from some of their physical traits so I'm sure that evaluation is accurate.

There's nothing beautiful in the movie beyond the raw beauty of it is Sondra Locke but she and Eastwood were in a clinch for some years after that so even the love story aspect was real.

The reality goes down to tiny things like when Josey Wales orders some grain feed for the horses.  Did you ever hear that happen in a cowboy movie before.  That kind of immaculate detail is why the marveling at the movie.

Maybe most notable of all in the movie is all the Indians are real. There's no insult to the Indian Nation through importing actors to pretend the parts.

I ran a clip yesterday with one of the best scenes from the movie.  Ithaka:  "The Outlaw Josey Wales" (1976) | Best Scene with Ten Bears

The Rockhouse loves the general theme that the government is the problem and only the people together can solve it.  Talking in truth does bring peace and those are true Words of Life.

Islam in a Way You May Have Never Seen It and the Song is Beautiful

Let's bomb delusion with truth - YouTube

RT:  ‘You filled cemeteries with our children’: Anti-terrorist Ramadan video goes viral on YouTube

Rockhouse has high confidence you will love it and over two million have already even when it was only uploaded a few days ago.


When Legal Reefer is Followed by Increase in E.R. Visits for Kids

Here's a contribution from Lotho.  NBC:  ER Visits for Kids Rise Significantly After Pot Legalized in Colorado

While it's not the Rockhouse purpose to slash the article, there are problems with it and the biggest is blaming marijuana exclusively but the headline is modified lower in the article.

They found 3,443 ER visits by 13- to 21-year-olds to six ERs and urgent care centers over that time. Two-thirds involved psychiatric symptoms, Wang said. More than half also had evidence of other drugs in their systems as well, including alcohol, amphetamines and cocaine.


Therefore, the Rockhouse throws out half the evidence on that basis.  It's also not clear if there's a distinction between real and synthetic marijuana, the latter of which is an exceptionally dangerous and unpredictable drug.

Moreover, there's no mention of any deeper study of which kids were manifesting psychiatric symptoms prior to this admission.

However ...

The children got the drug from parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends, babysitters or other relatives. Most of the time, the kids ate food containing marijuana. Their symptoms included drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting, agitation, dangerous heart rates and seizures.


In this circumstance, the Rockhouse can easily believe high-test marijuana could have such an effect in overdosing a kid.  Even an adult will get dizzy if that adult disrespects the ganja.

There's a self-promoting segue (sort of) in this since there was mention earlier in a different context of candy which has a THC payload.  (Ithaka:  So then I Went Down to See the Terrorists)

Notwithstanding the title, the primary focus is on making things which are attractive to children and which carry a THC payload.  No kid stops with one bite and ganja in that form is not going to come on that fast anyway so there's plenty of time for that kid to eat enough to get sick from it.

Therefore, the Rockhouse agrees and we don't.  In terms of mixed-drug situations, that kid is in one wildly out-of-control drug situation and there's a much bigger problem to solve.  However, the other half were not and it was probably real reefer delivered in candy form which delivered it.

The Rockhouse is pissed because the always rule for the Hosea Avenue Freak Foundation was we never give anything to children and yet now these ganja corpofreaks are breaking that with reckless abandonment of any concern for children.

The Original Devil Dog

St Petersburg, Russia

A dog takes part in a parade marking St Petersburg City Day in the garden of the Russian Academy of Arts

Photograph: Peter Kovalev/TASS

How can any parade be complete without a dog dressed up as Satan but there's a bright side to this.  At least he's not the musical hemorrhoid of a marching band.

Bikers Know the Meaning of #MemorialDay

Rolling Thunder participant, David Borden, 67, of Dahlonega, Florida, USA, pauses to pay his repects to a fallen comrade at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC

Photograph: Pete Marovich/EPA

Hat tip to The Guardian which finally delivered some pics which matter ... although I did need to correct the grammar slightly (haughty sniff).

These Are No Paper Tigers; This is Rolling Thunder for #Memorial Day

Rolling Thunder founder Sgt. Artie Muller starts Rolling Thunder 2017 in the Pentagon parking lot at the start of the 30th Anniversary of Rolling Thunder, where approximately 900,000 motorcycle riders parade thru the streets of Washington, DC, in honor of Memorial Day

Photograph: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

When these vets wear medals, they earned them with blood on the battlefield.

I am not a warrior but neither were they and they survived.  I never even left CONUS but I stand and salute, precisely to the side of the right eye.  Fortunately, the protocol requires the right hand rather than the left since otherwise I could not do it.

With the Rockhouse's deepest respect

Rolling Thunder for #MemorialDay

Motorcycle riders wait to ride from the Pentagon parking lot for the 30th Anniversary of Rolling Thunder

Photograph: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

When bikers wave flags, I believe 'em because bikers don't bullshit about things like that and a whole lot of vets are riders.  For the ones who still can, they often ride them to VA ... and you might be amazed at how old a vet can go yet still ride.  Of course they mostly ride Harleys because those bikes were rolling thunder in WWII as well.

As always, I'm a Vet for Peace and we are many.  Bring our brothers and sisters home from wherever they are and keep them alive.  Some of you know how deep that feeling goes and there's no need to hammer it.  There's no need to write a poem which would only wind up being about me and Memorial Day isn't about that but all those who did not come back when they stopped the biggest wars which ever happened.

For all the brothers and sisters everywhere, stop the wars which happen now.  The soldiers can't do that; only you can.  They only said they're willing to fight but none of them said they want to do it.  No-one wants peace more than the soldiers who fight the war.

Hot Damn, Now She's as Skittish as a Filly in a Field Full of Locoweed

You have no interest at all in a Kensington Turbo Mouse trackball but it'll get to draggin' as slowly as a Commencement address so it needs some cleanin' to get the furballs out of the roller cavity.  The sluggish mouse movement which was the original problem goes to the Trackball going fast, fast, fast and that's when that expression occurred to me.

Ed:  you nabbed that from a movie

Nope, I don't think so and maybe I wouldn't remember but for me it's about sticking parts together which seem like they find mutual joy joy feelings.

Ed:  the blather now is just because you liked the line about the filly and didn't want to throw it away?


That line will apply to SO many things so do have a ball with that.  As you say it, push back the cowboy hat a little to scratch your forehead and then let it rip, "Hot damn, Earl.  She's as skittish as a filly in a field full of locoweed."

Note:  that's not reefer (WIKI: Locoweed)

There's really not much of a segue from this since locoweed is sometimes used synonymously with reefer but it's not.  The same people will often call it wacky tobaccky too.  I'm not getting any joy joy feelings from that since it's just dumb.

For me the phrase applies immediately to The Guardian since they have a number of skittish fillies pretending to be intellectuals as they patronize the holy fuck out of anyone silly enough to entertain the idea of going anywhere near them.  Chucking intellectualism right out the store window, there's the Daily Mail since there's nothing on the planet which objectifies women more than that sleaze bucket hellhole.

That's the world's capital of side boob, under boob, and top boob photography and more than likely that's coming from skittish fillies since males typically tend toward the immediate objectification in lad's mags such as "Penthouse."  You'll never find a source of more vile perversion in this world than the Penthouse Forum.  Guccione fancied himself as Caligula but he was just another pandering fucktard.  However, he didn't do it at all in the way of Daily Mail with its prissy, self-possessed version.

Ed:  you seriously saying women are more destructive to each other than men?

Probably about even.  If you doubt it, take a look at the Daily Mail.  If a man tried to publish a cheap shitstorm like that, he would be crucified for it.

Note:  it occurs to me right away, of course there are more vile sources of perversion but I don't want to itemize anything; I don't even want to think about such things.

You can see similar bullshit in the way The Guardian has been throwing up an endless series on the runway shots from Cannes as if to show here are the women more beautiful and rich than you will ever be.  It's the same kind of trip as touring the houses of the rich and famous but who gives a fuck about their houses when you're not even living in them.

I see a whole lot of material presented in media which has an intrinsic message of personal worthlessness since we're not beautiful enough, rich enough, powerful enough to ever satisfy the Wonderful Ones but who gives a fuck what satisfies them since we never see them except in movies for which they're paid squillions.  Enjoy the money and have a ball but I don't need to see your fuckin' house; why would I?

I have only two house interests, one in Fort Worth and one remote.  Amazingly, the remote interest is not in Taylor Swift's multimillion dollar pad.  I really don't even understand what difference it's supposed to make when we know already that you can buy lots of stuff if you get lots of money but how many times do people need to be pounded over their heads with it.

Apparently a lot

The Rockhouse sees a whole lot of subtle flogging happening.

Ed:  that's what makes the filly skittish

That and the locoweed, I reckon.

Here I'm Tanking and I'm Fresh Out of Vampire Bats

We know Canucks get off on Vampire Bats and we don't know why but the range of such beasties doesn't extend that far North ... at least not yet.

Remember the Killer Bees?

Ed:  the Killer Vampire Bats are coming?

It's inevitable, mate.

Ed:  you're thinking of GMO Vampire Bats?

Are you thinking DARPA didn't think of them already?

Ed:  there's no DNA or not much in the red corpuscles!

There's plenty in the white corpuscles, mein Brüder.

Will come the time people will be praying that Doctor Frankenstein only makes humanoid monsters.

And, speaking of humanoid monsters, that segues conveniently to Ithaka:  Kris Jenner Oozes Sex Appeal, the hefty mama of the clan.  The reason for the observation was in the context of Mothers Who Compete with their Daughters.  In this case, Jenner is losing but we have seen other situations in which the daughter was crushed into a wallflower by it.

Yah, I do regard it as a humanoid monster and it's somehow different for men.

I never felt my ol' Dad was competing with any of us but your Father is supposed to be the Unattainable Ideal Toward Whom We Strive so that vibe is entirely different from when Mama is competing as the Hot Button to Push.

At least, I perceive it as different and that may be due to my ol' Mother as the prototypical Mama and fill in all the stereotypical ideals plus she read like a driven maniac but with great enthusiasm for it.  As with your Mama, she was one of a kind.

But, to many, that's a stereotypical kind and many women don't want to put on five pounds a year while they cheerfully cook and do their family making.  That image is straight from Betty Crocker who also managed to look beautiful while she did it although we'll skip the editorial on that.

The young man's fancy is the Hot Button and that definitely ain't Mama although she was lovely in her day and I'm deliberately omitting the beauty of bearing age with grace but it's known to me.

If yer Mama, however, is a Hot Button or trying to be, does that confuse a young man and, believe me, I don't want to know since we can play Oedipus / Elektra complexes all day long but the only one who will dig it is Freud.

Hopefully you will accept the belief the primal tribal family is the natural order since that's how humans evolved to be and survive.  In that situation, the father as the hunter probably stays relatively fit while the mother as the caretaker usually winds up haggard from it but full of love and an amazing story in the lines on her face.

In the Rockhouse estimation, there's zero chance of an Oedipal Complex in that situation although it's possible Elektra can come into it since father is kind of hot and we know some subhumans even now will tangle with their children.

It's disappointing to see civilization did not quell that and the Rockhouse believes it exacerbated it since individuality also means anonymity and that permits all manner of devilment whereas how much can a man hide from his primal tribe.  I suspect not much.

And, speaking of heavy ...

There was some type of walkabout for the G7 Meisters and all walked except Trump who rode in a golf cart.  I heard it from Chelsea Handler so I replied to her, "He ain't heavy; he's my golfer."

That was a win.

Uncle Sam Anonymous for #MemorialDay

Yep, this is what happened after blowin' some ganja and, amazingly, country music never came near although it kind of did.  TN came near it but only accidentally and I apologized.

The Rockhouse Estimation is 75/25 this will be deemed funny or flip your shit into wild rage.

I was advised privately the vocal for the previous Anonymous videos was difficult to understand and I do validate the audio on this end multiple times through the process of putting it online ... but ... there's no way to know what it will sound like on all systems so the information is valuable and I chucked the vocal effects for this one.

Likely this will do it for the Anonymous series since that mask is a sweaty bitch to wear.  I like the effect but I'm only willing to stay with it for so long and I do believe that point has arrived so this is Anonymous and his 1:45 swan song.

Maybe I should have mentioned I see the most of the gigantic flags on the way to VA but I thought it was overkill.

Some of you may remember the hat and there won't be any trouble guessing who found it.