Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Now More than Ever, "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" - Pete Seeger

It was once my rare privilege to see Pete Seeger performing with his grandson on the back porch of the City Hall in Tiverton, a tiny town in Rhode Island.  People sat around on the lawn in the sunshine and there was total reverence or a word which even goes beyond that and to this day the song brings tears to my eyes because I know well from my own life the flowers will come but they won't do it if we don't help them.

When will they ever learn?

Even now that the new Democrats have turned into bombers too, that doesn't mean it's over.

How about this for unusual as it's a cover by Marlene Dietrich.

Remembering Bill McCabe of Aiken HS in Cincinnati and he was the first I knew although not well who died in Vietnam.  That was forty-nine years ago and, goddamnit, Democrats have been sending them again as it was LBJ who escalated the last big one before Iraq / Syria.

Note:  I don't use that word much but sometimes it's warranted.

I've seen them going all my life, I've seen how many did not come back, and I see how they're almost entirely forgotten by the time they get to VA for the ones who did make it back.

I cry like a fucking girl when I hear these songs since I should have died with them.

Replacements for Photos for MacOS

Dealing with PHOTOS for MacOS is not the most enlightening part of my day and I have a strong interest in replacing it with something which gives me better cataloging.  (Lifewire:  Photo Management Apps to Replace Aperture and iPhoto)

One of Yevette's annoyances with Photos is its linkage with iCloud since she wants nothing going out to any external clouds and neither do I.  While iCloud can be disabled, it's still an annoyance which mostly appeals to those who play with handheld devices, etc.

The Editor's Pick is Emulsion which is regarded as having an attractive price at $49.99.  The Rockhouse can't handle that just now but we study the matter because the frustration with Photos here is unanimous.  (App Store preview:  Emulsion for Mac)


  • Fast; displaying and working with images is nearly instantaneous.
  • Versatile browsing interface provides plenty of choices.
  • Works with existing popular image libraries.
  • Batch image file type conversions.
  • EXIF and IPTC viewing and editing.
  • Built-in map for viewing where images were shot.


  • Doesn't support events, faces, or other iPhoto and Aperture organizations.
  • Image editing is very basic.
- Lifewire

This is not a recommendation at this time but rather suggested reading if you have the same problem / interest.

Ed:  what problem is that?

Being fed-up with Tim Cook's myopia regarding desktop computers.

Emulsion looks like the strongest possibility for trying out a demo but there are few reviews of the software so the study can wait a little while to see what  comes yet.

Meanwhile, Lotho is betting I would not call the bank to try to resolve a recent problem and I thought yesterday he had won since I forgot about it but then I got a pass since MLK Day should have been a bank holiday.

Ed:  what do you win from the bet?

Nothin' (larfs)

Mama Will Just Love this Cure for Crying Babies with Colic - Science

Yep, stick those little rugrats with needles and that will stop the crying.  It's that simple and it's all you may need to do.  (Science Daily:  Acupuncture may alleviate babies' excessive crying (infantile colic))

Y'all having fun with science so far?

The researchers do serious work so let's take a look, shall we.

Acupuncture may be an effective treatment option for babies with infantile colic -- those who cry for more than 3 hours a day on 3 or more days of the week -- reveals research published online in Acupuncture in Medicine.

- SD

'May be' is interesting but we need more than 'may be' if we're going to be sticking needles in a baby no matter how awful the baby may smell.

Each child was randomly allocated to one of three groups (A-C), which required additional twice weekly visits to the child health centre for two weeks. These included a half hour appointment with a nurse to discuss symptoms while the statutory appointments included routine childcare advice plus weighing and measuring.

- SD

There we have the general protocol so they're methodical about it.

In all, 144 babies completed the two week trial. The amount of time spent crying excessively fell in all three groups, which is not unexpected as colic tends to clear up by itself eventually, say the researchers.

But the magnitude of this reduction was greater in those given either type of acupuncture than it was in those given standard care alone.

- SD

Well, Mama, it's looking real.

The babies seemed to tolerate acupuncture fairly well. Out of 388 treatments given, the baby didn't cry at all on 200 occasions, and cried for less than a minute on 157 occasions. Only 31 treatments triggered a crying jag of more than 1 minute. A single drop of blood was evident in 15 treatments.

"Fussing and crying are normal communications for a baby, therefore a reduction to normal levels (rather than silence) is the goal of treatment," say the researchers, who emphasise that parents should record how long their baby cries to see if it is excessive and then try eliminating cow's milk from their feeds before seeking further help.

- SD

There you have it.  There's no chance this childless clown will offer an editorial so make of it what you will.

Caravan - Jim Campilongo Trio w/ Nels Cline - Rockwood Music Hall, NYC - Dec 5 2016

One more since I've got kind of a roll going with music just now and whether you call it jazz or something else is all yours but the semantics mean nothing to me.  As you will hear, they have major class and may recall Return to Forever for you.

Some regard the Return to Forever reunion concert at Montreaux as the best jazz ever played and others may say it wasn't jazz but prog rock while yet others may call it something else.   Our teeth itch when people start talking about genres since we just want to hear the musicians play.

BRAND X live at Progtoberfest II, Reggies Chicago, Friday, October 21 2016 part 2

Lotho and I listened to a whole lot from Brand X some time in the Seventies but this show was last year.  I did not see a listing of the members in the band and you will know the sound.

Paul Brady : 'The World Is What You Make It'

Just listen to it and we're going with try your luck.

Cat calls this her 'unicorn music' so now you know it too.  What do you know, they're real.

How about one more and do expect tears in your eyes but you won't know why.

Maybe it's like with Mystery Lady when she walks into an art museum and the same thing happens.

I had it wrong on the unicorn music and this one is Mark Knopfler with Paul Brady.

WIKI:  Local Hero

I Laugh and Laugh Throwing this at Twitter Patriots

There are lots of loudmouth patriots on Twitter but they make my teeth itch as they talk shit but they don't got one of these.

Note:  I removed my SSN from it.

Hut, two, three, four, bitches (larfs).

There's a line on my Twitter profile which reads Dissident with an Honorable Discharge.  Suck it.

Evolution in Houses Made of Ticky Tacky

Pete Seeger sang of all the crackerbox houses in suburbia and how they're all made of ticky tacky.  Here's the crackerbox where we lived in Davis, California, as it appeared some unknown years later when I made a brief visit.

How unbelievably bloody awful.  My parents bought that house in 1962 and it must have been part of the post-WWII boom in prefab houses which made suburbia but you could punch a hole through a door with your fist since the components were unbelievably cheap and nasty.  There was none of that horrible affectation with the bricks in the yard and it looks like they put some phony facade over the exterior as well.

No matter how much it bobs and weaves, it's still just a crackerbox house made of ticky tacky.

Note:  no idea who the person in front of the place may be.

The Duckling Sailors

Although posting pictures of the babies of the family is absolutely verboten, these ones won't cause a problem since the Duckling Sailors are in their thirties now although none joined the Navy.

This one is how I usually would do Photoshop since these Ducklings were at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee and,well, those mountains are nowhere near Tennessee.  Check out those li'l towheads.

The camping trips to Dale Hollow Lake were when Lotho decided Tennessee is where he would like to call home and he has been there ever since raising ducklings of his own.

If You Want to Protest Something, How About Cancer

This is the last time all six of the sibs were together at one time.

Here are the six when one came down hard with breast cancer and this wasn't a bumpectomy but everything breast cancer can throw.  There is no hard punchline to this since it was not quite twenty years ago and she's still kicking it up on Facebook although our politics do not exactly jibe.

That's not exactly the best job of Photoshop I ever saw and I'm not sure which one did it.  Maybe it was me but usually I put more into jacking photos than that.

This is not a plea to send more money for breast cancer research since they get plenty but it's a difficult problem to solve and takes longer than anyone likes but I know this much:  it was once always terminal when kids were diagnosed with childhood leukemia but that has not been true for years because of the cancer fight.  That one is a war worth fighting.  As you see, this family is in.

Lotho Says I Can't Spot Propaganda at Russia Today

Well, Brother Lotho, you're on (larfs).

Lavrov says Obama tried to interfere with relations between Russia and Japan.  (RT:  Lavrov)

There's almost no way that can be proven and ordinarily Lavrov does better than that but this was just time-wasting flak.

One thing we're highly sure Trump won't do, however, is put any any increased import taxes on the union-busting swine of Toyota, the favorite cheap car of the Republicans because of its destructiveness to the UAW.

All power to the workers!

Various groups of juvenile vandals are taking time away from spray painting graffiti on train cars and will instead focus on destabilizing the Inauguration or the protest of the Inauguration.  The actual plan for these paid stooges is to discredit the real Socialists when we don't want a damn thing to do with them and push them away at every turn for their viciousness and their amateurism.  Russia Today has it completely wrong since we have nothing to do with the minor league vandals who intend to disrupt the Inauguration in any way.  (RT:  21st Century COINTELPRO: Project Veritas, far-left groups post countering undercover videos)

Lotho, you questioned my ability to spot propaganda at RT but there's some.  Enjoy it (larfs).


Here at the Rockhouse, we're disgusted with them since they seek the notoriety of the Days of Rage in Chicago but those staggeringly dimwitted buffoons aren't protesting the one who called out the dogs on Occupy Wall Street.  The grabasstic piles of amphibian shit behind this aren't even protesting the right one and they never raised a whisper regarding what the neoNixon was doing.

Ed:  did you seriously call Obama another Nixon?

In some ways he was worse since Nixon wasn't making any particular deal out of the CIA but Obama has been pushing that vile organization like it's vitamin-enriched Corn Flakes for the kids.  Both of them treated the troops like Corn Flakes.  Obama single-handedly turned the Q-libs into CIA cheerleaders and a disgrace to America.

Note:  the Days of Rage were after the 1968 Democratic Convention and not during the course of it as has often been incorrectly written.

Here at the Socialist Left, we're happy to repeat our willingness to man the water cannon to spray down protestors at the Inauguration because they're nothing more than simple-minded embarrassments to the cause. We're not vandals, we're not punks, and we don't break things just because we can.

Socialists are workers and not goddamn spoiled juvenile delinquents.  We're not the ones who turned into ghosts after the election because we needed time to whine and invent salacious horror stories in yet further attempts to undermine the electoral process after all the damage they had done already.

Bernie Sanders never had any part of it and this willful attempt to make it look like he did is just one more example of Q-libs posing as Democrats for cause rather than for justice.  Their cause is already a complete failure since the Clintons have folded their phony Clinton Foundation because they can't peddle influence anymore.

Clinton was far worse even than Obama and we're thankful for that one saving grace, at least she's gone and hopefully that evil family will never be seen again.  They did more damage to the Democratic Party than the GOP could ever do.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Remember When Auntie J Came and Wanted to See the Dark People

Auntie J came from Australia to visit and she managed to irritate just about everyone almost immediately.  She was the subject of instant ridicule since she still kept up the Forties habit of calling everyone 'darling.'

Oh, darling, I would like to visit with the dark people.  Would that be possible?

Some of y'all sibs remember this and know I'm not making it up.

The ratio of black people to white in Cincinnati is relatively high so you either learn to deal or you go somewhere else.

Ed:  you went somewhere else!

Sure I did ... after I had lived there about thirty years.

She wasn't some dimwit who lived in Australia in a shoe since she had lived quite a precarious life as one of the last ones out of Hong Kong before the Japanese got there in WWII.  Her husband was a merchant sea captain and he was seriously cool.

Maybe you remember Uncle S and the stories about he and Grandfather were said to be running guns up the China coast since it was clear Japan would be coming and they were supplying some defenses.   There's no way to know if it was true but it sounded so Indiana Jones.

In fact, he taught my ol' Dad about maths with nothing more than some type of stick.  When my ol' Dad would make a mistake, he would drop it.  Do that enough times and you will get an immediately attentive student.  It must have impressed my ol' Dad since he laughed about it years later on telling us.

Queen Bee thought, ok, you want to see black people?  Well, let's go to a Baptist church in Avondale, a predominantly black neighborhood in Cincinnati.  That completely blew her darling ass away and inside Queen Bee must have been laughing her ass off.

Queen Bee knew there wouldn't be any trouble as you show respect for the church and you will be welcome.  It's only the KKK which burns them and I never heard of black people desecrating a church in any way.

We had lived in Australia for years and were well aware of the aboriginal people but they were mostly outside the city and out back because Australia may be even more racist than America.  While we were amused by the absurdity of what she said, there really wasn't anything funny about it.

After she went back to Australia, she wrote one or more epics about Turd and who knows what.  Turd had to have been one of us but no-one read the previews except maybe my ol' Dad.  Unknown if any of y'all did that but I took a look at a bit of it and thought ... screw this.

So there's today's nostalgic flashback.  Are you ready for Lawrence Welk and the bubbles now??