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Twitticisms 8/27 - 1

08-27-2016 11:43:09 - Near 5% of Utah students opt out of vaccination | Another reason to avoid Utah: Typhoid Mary | Debate is pointless
08-27-2016 11:29:28 - Bavarian minister wants to repatriate 1,000s of refugees within 3 years | A cordial welcome to KKK
08-27-2016 11:27:43 - Sheffield bus surfing video prompts refit | If Brexit didn't make you think Brits are completely stupid, this will
08-27-2016 11:14:51 - FWC searches for Orlando woman seen handling endangered turtle | Nail this selfish idiot
08-27-2016 11:00:49 - McMansion Hell Brings the Worst of McMansions, those gawdy and confused monstrosities which scream 'nouveau riche.'
08-27-2016 10:53:20 - The travesty of private insurance and the ramaging corruption within were only expanded by Obama @bowenswharf @washingtonpost
08-27-2016 10:51:39 - Why it's always funny when Clinton wears blue #HillaryClintonSearchTerms
08-27-2016 10:50:41 - RT @terrymendozer: #HillaryClintonSearchTerms. How to bleach and scrub Internet of images like this one 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
08-27-2016 10:49:54 - RT @ThankYouBernie: #HillaryClintonSearchTerms How to bring down the entire Democratic Party & show US media to b the total Orwellian JOKE…
08-27-2016 10:33:46 - Angry dad destroys daughter’s Audi with digger to prove a point | Lunatic is an immediate threat to her. Get away.
08-27-2016 08:52:22 - Such a snow-blind world and tears in the snow won't do anything since only colors will let them show
08-27-2016 08:49:33 - Doctor Suresh Nayak of Cincinnati, OH, saved my shoulder so I could play again when only 30% hadn't broken down and the others abandoned me.
08-27-2016 08:47:00 - Suddenly terrorist means something altogether different when your surgeon has an unusual name and comes from another country.
08-27-2016 08:28:43 - Ithaka Blog: What Dunghole Country Gets George Clooney for Ambassador: George Clooney sucks harder for an app...
08-27-2016 07:37:20 - Einstein threw the quip in defining insanity and we all know it. If the question is who will work for the people, neither primary qualifies.
08-27-2016 07:34:24 - There are false reports of failure after sending to Twitter from an external Web page thus resulting in wasted follow-up Tweets. / @Support
08-27-2016 07:31:10 - German ‘cancer healer’ probed for possibly killing patients with experimental drug | Not just US / Mexico
08-27-2016 07:30:04 - German ‘cancer healer’ charged with manslaughter after experimental drug | Not only happening in US / Mexico
08-27-2016 07:09:03 - Neither Twitter nor Facebook differentiate Tweets so no key to filter them and it's all or nothing. Sorry but software devolves stupid.
08-27-2016 07:07:44 - Close My Tax Loophole? Oh, wow, you can do that? Would you also like a pony? Vote Vermin Supreme for President.

What Dunghole Country Gets George Clooney for Ambassador

George Clooney sucks harder for an appointment than a Dyson vacuum cleaner so you know he wants some damn thing plus he ponies up the big bucks to prove it.  There's no underestimating Hillary Clinton's sense of the auriferous and anywhere there's gold she will find it.

Bingo!  She found it alright.

Therefore we can reasonably predict George Clooney will be appointed Ambassador to Who Gives a Shit since that's the usual payoff for high-ticket donors who are also publicity hounds.

Whatever comes of it should be funny as maybe he cops a tiff on some star-studded whine show because 'that fuckin' bitch promised me an appointment.'  This oh-so-emotional moment will blow smoke over Clinton's advance of US military to further encroach on Russia's borders.

The promise of total absurdity from these flaming narcissists wouldn't even play Vegas because it's a gimme and the House can't win.

Somebody's going to do something stupid just as sure as dogs don't like cats.  Spare me the cute pic of yer fur baby and Li'l Missy Curds and Whey and let's see how she does with a Rottweiler, shall we?

I'm not convinced Americans will remain blind until Election Day as there's such an avalanche of slop coming out of this campaign that eventually you recognize and look for ways to ameliorate it, neither of which lead the race.  This does not indicate endorsement for Gary Johnson since I don't see anything particularly imaginative in his ideas whereas I wholeheartedly endorse Jill Stein.  I recognize Gary Johnson's candidacy when the so-called populists so assiduously work to block he or Stein from participation.

Big problems need visionaries and they never come with more of the same but with a different coat of sprinkles on your ice cream twirlee.

Visionaries almost invariably see the best of the future and work toward it, albeit with some moderation from an ethics board needed as mentioned previously due to possibly ill-considered extrapolations of inventions which sometimes seem do not occur to pure scientists versus applied scientists).

Conservatives hardly ever work beyond a five-year plan and it is specifically intended to keep everything generally the same but with growth, growth, growth to their imaginary limits far beyond the capacity of a finite world.  Their only consideration in their wild consumption is how much resource is needed for the next five-year plan.  Beyond that, usually nothing.

Sure a fighter aircraft concept may go out decades but that's only repetition of the same thing rather than any fundamental evolution; it's just more obsessive production for its own sake.

What the hell, go ahead with an appointment as Ambasador to Who Gives a Shit because, well, who gives a shit.  We do know it will be the first stop for the Kim Kardashian Party Boat because this so needs a selfie with the Ambassador.  She will bring her entourage and she will advise them, 'everything will be fine but, ewww, don't drink the water and, icky icky, don't eat the food and, yuckyyyy, don't touch anything and, you know, like, try not to breathe.'

Amazingly enough, we look for people who do give a shit and about vastly more than ambassadorships.  Thanks for hanging with the show as you wouldn't do it otherwise since I'm well-aware of how abrasive it can be.

Part of the abrading is from some deep anger as I've been ashamed all my life about the Army even when I knew it was right and there was no alternative.  Now I see all of America, except for a precious few, painting WE KILL GOOKS on their helmets and I will not have it now any more than I would then.  That shame has been the biggest destroyer in my life and now the epiphany is all of America is doing it and Fort Polk never even mattered.  It carries the most blasting irony but it still pops funny for me, hilarious, in fact.

Note:  I'm not being cynical, it's like rainbows.

Twitticisms 8/27 - 1

08-27-2016 06:30:28 - I wish you well in this wild pursuit but it's funny. Been married decades and also not. Fight any habits hard. Good luck. @marshawright
08-27-2016 06:27:10 - People keep complaining #CustomerServiceSoBad but that's only from the Disneyland expectation CEOs give a tinker's damn about us.
08-27-2016 06:25:08 - RT @YevetteN: @searchforithaka They used to call it.. Love the One You're With :)
08-27-2016 06:20:02 - Christians forced Jews into money lending as such work was filthy to them as it is to Muslims. Jews did well and are resented ever since.
08-27-2016 06:18:32 - Ithaka Blog: American Tough Guys Will Get Their Chance: Once Obama successfully provokes a war with Russia, i...
08-27-2016 06:17:58 - While so dutifully chastising "CEO Bannon" for hating Jews and no argument he does but few know why people hate Jews in general.
08-27-2016 06:15:55 - There is nothing more boring unless maybe you go with sorting buttons @marshawright
08-27-2016 06:15:22 - #MarriedLifeDateNight is when you convince the tub of lard she's only worth one night a week and she believes it
08-27-2016 06:12:37 - How is it different when Trump uses you in the same way as Clinton. Sorry but this shows little sense to me. @Davidgodsfriend
08-27-2016 06:10:12 - Ominous waterspouts stun holidaymakers at Russian resort | Supercilious Yank says it's not climate change
08-27-2016 06:07:27 - Australians rally to demand end to government’s overseas refugee camps | Civilization still exists in some areas
08-27-2016 06:01:25 - The success of American Imperialism is temporary but failure is forever and Russia crushed the Third Reich. Don't fuck with the Bear.
08-27-2016 05:47:06 - Ithaka Blog: When a Beautiful Woman is Frustrated Like Hell Over a Light Controller: It's remarkable how Cat ...
08-27-2016 03:21:26 - Republicans continue to deny climate change but, unless they can find a way to float Louisiana, that state is going to continue drowning.
08-27-2016 03:12:18 - Flash floods ravage Missouri, emergency declared | Happens every year at least once. Hoo rah. Move or drown.
08-27-2016 03:09:41 - #EatAFilmOrSong because, what the hell, you fat American fucks already ate everything else
08-27-2016 03:08:31 - French burkini ban sparks beach-themed protest in London | Big deal when Brit hate crime soared after Farage BREXIT
08-27-2016 03:06:23 - Refugees & restaurants come to help destroyed Italian towns as death toll rises over 280 | How dare those terrorists help
08-27-2016 03:05:17 - Explosion at California’s largest oil refinery, investigation | If you can't blow poison straight into L.A., why even bother
08-27-2016 03:02:58 - Reviewing the last thirty years of Republicans and clones, there's been no social progress on anything and they gutted Planned Parenthood.

American Tough Guys Will Get Their Chance

Once Obama successfully provokes a war with Russia, it will take millions to fight him and, drat, there aren't that many in the military.  You're going too, Ten Tons of Beefcake, and you better be more capable than playing cowboys and Indians with that AK47 with your gay ass pals because you will go head-to-head with professionals and they will go through like you're thin-sliced turkey as, quite obviously, you are.

Have a nice a day warriors and, well, kiss yer chicken poser butts good-bye.

My attitude is 100% P.C. because every word of it is from Probably Croaked so I seriously don't give a fuck if you get yourself killed with your imperialism, you will deserve it for failing to recognize through all history that's what always comes to imperialists.  Success is temporary and failure is forever.

Perhaps as a fun-loving tourist, you may enjoy visiting the death camps in Germany and Poland and perhaps you have enough liberation from American dogma to understand the Russians liberated Auschwitz and I believe Treblinka as well.  Putin sees with 20/20 vision what the West is capable of doing and he has the wisdom to understand it's not limited to Germany and it's unlikely to originate in Germany ever again.  Starting that from America in the current climate would be effortless.

Americans typically don't have the courage to face that responsibility and Donald Trump deliberately exacerbates it.  I have no doubt it would be child's play to start death camps in America.  To some extent Texas has already started in how they brutalize Mexicans in for-pay prisons, five of them.

You may not believe it but Putin knows it and should Obama fire so much as a cap gun at him, he will fall in front of a greater onslaught than his tiny mind can possibly imagine.  Hitler faced it and his troops were slaughtered with no reason to show them mercy nor give them any quarter.

You can try the same if you wish and the only question is, 'Do you feel lucky?  Well, do you, punk?'

When a Beautiful Woman is Frustrated Like Hell Over a Light Controller

It's remarkable how Cat Boucher's avatar reflects well her annoyance at a balky controller and that annoyance is not restricted to beautiful woman because, like computers, some virtual devices annoy all indiscriminately.

Today is the first day of the World-Music Festival on which she has worked so hard and there is some late-breaking news because Donn Devore is now scheduled and he offers a highly-diverse talent which met with a great reception on Thursday when I was not able to attend.

As to why is there a camel in the picture, if there is no camel about then you're probably in one of those ultra-boring formal-dress required sims.  Someone named Michael rode it into the sim so the standard Texas cranky won't work here because 'well, you just ride out of here with the horse you rode in on' rings a wee bit flat when the cowboy rides a camel.  One hump or two, Marlboro Man?

Friday, August 26, 2016

Invention of the Coward's War by Obama, Clinton and the Pentagon

The first virtual battle was the slaughter of Libya from the air without the engagement of any American troops.  That verified to the non-Democrats (e.g. Obama and Clinton), the validity of the Coward's War and it has been greatly extended in the Middle East in which the majority of the attacks come from the air from which the people on the ground have almost no defense.  In all these years, the Pentagon hasn't learned anything beyond the techniques used to annihilate Germany except to keep the Infantry back home.

They say the bombs are more accurate but that doesn't explain how they hit the hospitals built by Doctors Without Borders, possibly the bravest people to enter a combat zone.  Those doctors and nurses have no guns, they don't even have countries.  They're among the first fully-actualized humans and they get wantonly killed for it.

The White House determined how to create something worse, the most cowardly war in human history which even surpasses poison gas since the only risk to any American is from a drone bomb malfunctioning and hitting something they want.

There isn't much actual military in Syria or Afghanistan since the majority of military in Afghanistan and likely Syria / Iraq is comprised of mercs (i.e. defense contractors which are likely more CIA than anything else).  That was just one of many sleights of hand by the Wizard Warrior of Washington, Barack Obama.  He may go down as the most outrageous political poser of all time and vastly smoother than Slick Willie and his Bimbo Babe, whichever he fancies at this moment.

In some ways, we admire them for their brazen gall in doing this.  Regardless, as soon as they're caught in a grease trap they will be sent to Coventry where they can live on spiders and rats for all we care.  Once you go over the wall, you never come back and we will shoot you if you try.  At that point it's overt self-defense to fire on them.

The same Washington which hysterically decried 'death panels' has been using them routinely in secret to work out which foreign non-white people to murder.  Right about that time they will cry 'racial foul' but show me a white guy who was killed other than by American remote bomber incompetence before trying that facile smokescreen.

Washington also did little about non-white refugees insofar as America accepted about 600K whereas Germany, a country maybe the size of Texas, took over a million.  Troubles have come from that but, just as in America, they come from the German far right extremists.  Fascism didn't die; it didn't even change much.

The beauty part is Republicans screamed the loudest regarding death panels (e.g. typically by Sarah Palin although, as always, she screamed it in the wrong direction) and Barack Obama has made every word of it come true.  The only deadlier death panels were in Berlin although, arguably, private insurance in America has cost more lives.

The thing disgracing and shaming me possibly more than any other thing is the abject cowardice in the conduct of this phony war.  It's an impossibly dark stain on America's reputation and integrity which history will not record well without soon forgetting of it.

That assumes anything is recorded at all since America's domineering way in the world has never led any leadership in history to anything except bloody ruin.

What's Hot on the Blog 8/26

Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016, 2 comments
Aug 26, 2016


The Actual - some resist the Republican cancer swarming in Clinton and Trump and others are irrelevant since in all human history the Mainstream never contributed anything except meat

The Arrival - a sweet thing it is

World-Music - amazingly, there's more to music than the endless mediocrity of American chick singers screeching of their mundane problems with being rich


"The Pianist" - looking for the sensitivity of appreciation of such things is not something many Americans are still capable of doing when most are obedient lapdogs

The NASCAR - comical stop action

Elon Musk - one of the few Americans worth keeping but, not surprisingly, he wasn't born here

Mediterranean - you're food for Zika too but few do anything about it and are satisfied to let this get Reaganized as much as HIV

Amsterdam - the first announcement of the music festival and now it starts tomorrow

Twitticisms 8/26 - 2

08-26-2016 12:43:56 - Slovak PM urges EU to lift anti-Russian sanctions | Euros know America just uses them as a meat shield
08-26-2016 12:40:49 - RT @saracohennyc: very few real progressives in Dem Party. Both parties hve purposely created a gridlock while they build their wealth 
08-26-2016 12:40:17 - @YevetteN Heather Bresch is sliced from the same slab of avaricious shit as Martin Shkreli
08-26-2016 12:34:32 - Remarkable how these types of journos who really do investigate hardly ever appear on mainstream news @YevetteN @YouTube
08-26-2016 12:31:58 - Ithaka Blog: Elon Musk Lives the Dream of Delos D. Harriman in Bringing Commercial Spaceflight to Life: The m...
08-26-2016 12:18:42 - Good deeds are rewarded: Kind & selfless people have more sex, new study reveals | Bad news for GOP (larfs)
08-26-2016 12:17:44 - New diagnostic instrument sees deeper into the ear | Exceptional improvement to traditional diagnostic
08-26-2016 12:15:52 - A nanoscale wireless communication system via plasmonic antennas | Any time you're feeling intelligent, check out these researchers.  It will pass (larfs).
08-26-2016 11:33:37 - America gets all weepy over losses in Italy but doesn't give one flying fuck about non-white refugees dying by thousands in the Med.
08-26-2016 11:27:41 - NASA: SpaceX Dragon Splashes Down with Crucial NASA Research Samples
08-26-2016 11:22:41 - "By the rocket's red glare ... it showed her body was still bare" #MakeASongTitleLonger
08-26-2016 11:21:35 - "It's My Party ... and I Can Kill Everyone with an Axe if I want to" #MakeASongTitleLonger
08-26-2016 11:20:12 - 'America is not a Hellhole' draws more simplistic and puerile aphorisms than the burial of the Lord of the Flies
08-26-2016 11:18:01 - Do you actually know English at all or is just this Google Translate @AltRights
08-26-2016 11:17:10 - You would see if it you were not deluded by your own propaganda @nytopinion @paulkrugman
08-26-2016 11:15:44 - Any place screaming the loudest the other country makes the most propaganda is almost invariably the source of it: US.
008-26-2016 11:09:06 - Clinton ‘bleached’ her private server to wipe emails, says House Oversight member | Typical moronic language  from Gowdy
08-26-2016 09:37:26 - Ithaka Blog: The NASCAR Race You Always Dreamed of Seeing (video): Words are not sufficient, just click it.Ye...
08-26-2016 09:03:18 - Ithaka Blog: The Arrival of the Stingray: This isn't the Stingray electronic device used by incipient stormtr...

World-Music Festival in Second Life Comes Tomorrow to Amsterdam from Cat Boucher

Second Life music has a bad reputation for schmaltzy rubbish but take a look around at the real world and what do you hear but schmaltzy musical crap everywhere.  The interesting part of music is when anything rises above that low standard and this show flies far up in the sky.  Cat Boucher is bringing the World-Music Festival to Second Life with wonderful help from the Amsterdam sim and do expect to hear some fantastic musicians.

I was not aware fado is similar to flamenco so there's an immediate simpatico between TB Andel and Voodoo Shilton.  I have not heard TB Andel much but know he has great skills and I can tell you for sure Voodoo Shilton plays music he sometimes calls 'African jazz' with heavy flamenco influences (e.g. Paco de Lucia) for an outstanding result and much more than a few simple words.

If you can assist with hosting for this special performance, please contact Cat Boucher in Second Life as she would like to hear from you.  I can't because I can't do six hours of anything.  No need for explanations, it's just a fact.

I do plan on attending when I can as I know Cat and online friends have worked exceptionally hard to put the show together and particularly on working on a line-up of performers with a musical simpatico.  There are multiple examples of venue owners who could not be bothered with that but Cat is only interested in excellence.

Note: that's the Rockhouse 'we' (i.e. me) as anyone who knows Cat already knows excellence is the only thing ever to impress her musically.

Flatland is a world which exists in two dimensions and, maybe remarkably to you, it was published by an English schoolmaster in 1884.  The World-Music Festival will show the world is definitely not flat but rather exists in multiple dimensions just as Abbot suggested.

Note:  the book didn't go so well when he wrote but it came in vogue about the time of Einstein when the idea of multiple dimensions became somewhat more approachable to people.  (WIKI:  Flatland)

Come to the World-Music Festival this week-end and possibly experience dimensions Einstein did not because his colleagues in a chamber music quarter said, 'he can't count worth a damn.'  (True)

Elon Musk Lives the Dream of Delos D. Harriman in Bringing Commercial Spaceflight to Life

The most recent achievement by SpaceX was a splashdown in the Pacific this morning of a cargo craft returning a ton and a half of experimental information and results back from the International Space Station.  (NASA:  SpaceX Dragon Splashes Down with Crucial NASA Research Samples)

​SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at 11:47 a.m. EDT Friday, Aug. 26, southwest of Baja California with more than 3,000 pounds of NASA cargo, science and technology demonstration samples from the International Space Station.


SpaceX cargo spacecraft leaves the dock at the ISS

Moreover, this mission accomplished,

When it arrived at the station July 20, Dragon delivered the first of two international docking adapters (IDAs) in its external cargo hold, or “trunk.” The IDAs will be used by commercial spacecraft now in development for transporting astronauts to the station as part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program. The initial adapter was installed during an Aug. 19 spacewalk by Expedition 48 Commander Jeff Williams and Flight Engineer Kate Rubins of NASA. The second adapter is being built and will be delivered on a future Dragon cargo resupply mission.


In the same mission, a SpaceX commercial spacecraft delivered the vital docking components to extended docking capability for all future commercial spacecraft and this is the fundament to the opening of space.

In this one's view, someday they will build statues of Elon Musk but a question likely much bigger to Musk than statues is whether he will get the opportunity to fly someday.  Delos D. Harriman finally did to to the Moon and it killed him but he died with such satisfaction at having made it.

That's nicely poetic but we would like to see Elon Musk return as he remains one of America's greatest and most innovative treasures.  He looks to the future even while so few other people ever do.

Longer-term, the ISS will likely not be sufficient for NASA since eventually they will need a platform to build an FTL starship (i.e. Faster than Light).  We look constantly at the publications from research scientists to see a glimmering of solutions to the many problems in pure physics which must be solved but humans don't like to be told something is impossible.  The best, such as Elon Musk, only take that as a challenge.

There are multiple, extremely high-talent scientists working on such a things but we don't see much of them since I'm sure they need the editorials from the peanuts on Twitter like the need a case of Ebola.

The real question behind any of it is whether you (i.e. anyone) will oppose Congressional chiseling of the NASA budget for no more purpose than grandstanding when it's such a miniscule expense relative to the outlay for a large variety of enormously-expensive systems (e.g. military vs social).

When the spirit of exploration dies, the spirit of Man dies with it and likely you know this or perhaps do not wish to see it but likely you know it's true anyway.  It's fundamental to almost anything we have ever done as a species except make more humans.

Some are not particularly interested in space because it's esoteric, extremely slow, and often as boring as peeling wallpaper.  So long as they understand the necessity to keep it going then that's an easy deal to make.  Fair enough if you don't want to go to space and don't care to watch so long as you understand the need.  High five if that is the case.

On Earth, the planet is divided for the most part into feudal kingdoms, some of which go back centuries, which don't seem to vary their behavior significantly from medieval times.  The flail is the weapon which is a ball on a chain with many spikes extruding from it.  That appeared to be the solution for all diplomatic problems back then and they only use bigger ones now.

The future in space from that which builds now has largely pushed forward the Spirit of Humanity rather than the typical parochial interests and China has brought some feudalism to it but that may be as much due to American truculence as a drive for simplistic Earthbound models of international relations.

Note:  none of this includes the utter bastardization and whoring of space programs by the military.  At the same time as progressive thinkers try to build the future, the military works assiduously to destroy the present.

The NASCAR Race You Always Dreamed of Seeing (video)

Words are not sufficient, just click it.

Yes, those are Gatorade lids.

The Arrival of the Stingray

This isn't the Stingray electronic device used by incipient stormtroopers in Baltimore's terror cops.  Instead this is Schwinn Stingray from back when America would have been horrified to see American cops treating the Constitution like toilet paper and the people like useless riff raff.

There's no picture yet since (cough) 'some assembly required' so it awaits daylight in a cardboard shipping box.  It's a humble start but this bicycle has seen the glory days and kids getting the biggest kick out of 'popping wheelies' all the way down the street.  Maybe you think playing "Blind Man's Bluff" with button-pushing an electronic toy is a cool way to pass time ... but that would be a hell of a shame, wouldn't it.

"Oh, oh, I couldn't live without my iPhone!"  (Runs off wailing)

Here's a tip on that, Electro Boy, you ain't living now.

The assembly part isn't clear because I can't see it yet but the pedals will need to be re-attached.  The banana seat will likely need to be attached as well but Yevette has a 'tiger seat' which she says was quite special back then.  The handlebars will have to be added as well but these are all relatively easy moves.  The wheels are likely already mounted and probably there won't be much else to do.  Yevette also found a honker squeeze horn and that gives a great duck sound, so great I was begging for mercy after a couple of honks.  It's funny, tho.

A little bit of hassle and a little bit of torque should make this bicycle ride like it did when it was new.  Of course there will be pictures.

Maybe this looks a little frivolous but she had a bit of good luck which was immediately followed by some seriously bad luck and not with she nor I; instead it was with someone who would never be ignored.  The Socialist river flows where it will and she believes.  Probably you need a big heart down here or you won't make it.

That big heart also brought a Stingray so it will be opened up when there's a bit of light about.  She will likely ride about like a crazy woman and honking that goose horn up and down the street.  I doubt she will want video but it can happen if she likes.

This should also get a bit of the Voice of Reason since, "Ma‘am, it would probably be good to consider how long it's been since you rode when one of these here vee-hicles."