Monday, September 25, 2017

Thank You, Doc, Since Now I Don't Care if it Rains or Freezes

This fellow was getting laughs from even before he was out of the shipping box.  At the Rockhouse we call it free stuff when things are delivered to the porch and I wasn't expecting anything so both of us assumed it was for her.  Yevette orders 60s dolls sometimes and she had just awakened so she freaked right out when she opened the box and was laughing continuously after that.

She apologized through the giggles for opening the box but that made it all the funnier.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a bona fide bobble-head Jesus but he looks much cooler in here than on the dashboard of my car since I don't have one anyway.  I've never had one of these before and he's an easy laugh any time I look at him.

As to the Davy Crockett hat, Yevette had ordered that for a Shirley Temple doll since that was one of the accoutrements available for her back during the heyday of that type of doll.  The hat looks a whole lot better on bobble head Jesus than I can imagine it looking on a Shirley Temple doll but I did give it back since we've got to know how she looks with it.

Thank you, Doc, since this was an instant hit and the funny will last forever.  Great move!

macOS High Sierra Now Available as a Free Update - Now Running at the Rockhouse

Installation of macOS High Sierra took about fifty minutes and then the system came up normally.  There was nothing remarkable to note about that process.

An element of risk exists when installing a major macOS update on the same day it's first released and particularly when there's one Rockhouse machine although an old laptop could be brought back to life with medium to large hassles if things are really extreme.  That risk is real but I wasn't going to wait since I have lusted after the ability to stop autoplay videos for years.

The instant first move after starting my required applications was to visit Fox News and CNN to kill the autoplay.  As Seraphin said yesterday, I don't need noise from some pretty girl about the news.  I just need information.

I can now cheerfully report they're finished and good night to pretty pundits from the Rockhouse.  Thank you, Apple.

(smiles contentedly regarding the moment)

There are multiple items of real interest in High Sierra and the link provides an excellent survey of all of them.  Recent OS upgrades by Apple have been largely focused on iOS but that's not such a thrill without heavy engagement with iOS devices.  I use them but I'm not much interested in them.  High Sierra brings changes for Desktop software and this has been eagerly awaited since it's definitely for desktop computer users.

Apple:  macOS High Sierra now available as a free update

Next is Photos because I'm interested to see the enhancements plus I have just received a hilarious gift from Doc so loading the pictures of it will also test the iPhone connection and the ability to import.

Time passes ...

After seeing the new array of edits one can perform on an image, I believe you will be well-pleased by the changes.  Navigation within Photos has been improved but I did not thoroughly explore that aspect.  Previously I had thought Photos wasn't such a splash since I felt the loss of iPhoto but now it moves forward again.

As to what was so funny, that will remain a teaser since it needs its own post.

Much of the remainder of the changes in this release applies to the internal workings of the Mac so there's nothing in particular to test.  However, evaluation of the HEVC (i.e. High Efficiency Video Coding) is immediately interesting but requires its own study.  The intro is it extends 4K video support in multiple ways while it improves the encoding efficiency for all of of your video.  This is the advent of H.265 and this is first major step of this nature since the introduction of H.264 in 1998.

Similarly, the new file system, APFS, is not something to demonstrate and this is not the full production implementation but rather a stage in positioning for it.  The way to enable it is via Terminal so that should tell you Apple really doesn't want you to do it just now.

The changes to Safari and Photos make this an eminently satisfactory release and it's been clear I wanted it sooner as in much sooner but it's here now and it's live.

Apple revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Apple’s four software platforms — iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS — provide seamless experiences across all Apple devices and empower people with breakthrough services including the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay and iCloud. Apple’s more than 100,000 employees are dedicated to making the best products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it.

- Apple

Millennials on the Job in Wonderfully Creative Ways ... with Rickshaws

Roshni Rides,a ride-sharing rickshaw service for refugees won the $1 million Hult Prize startup contest.

For millions of displaced refugees living in camps, the ability to survive and rebuild their lives often depends on transportation.

Without it, refugee families are unable to get to hospitals, send children to schools, go to local job centers, even shop for food and everyday necessities.

"Lack of transportation robs refugees of their dignity and ability to be self-sufficient," said Gia Farooqi, co-founder of Roshni Rides.

Roshni Rides, a startup launched by four students at Rutgers Business School, studied the problem and created a solution: a rickshaw transportation network that works like a ride-sharing shuttle service.

The rickshaws take passengers on preset routes to important destinations like hospitals, schools and markets.

CNN:  Rutgers students create ride-sharing rickshaw service for refugees

The problem is clear and they set out to solve it.  Just in case you're not sure they're really Millennials behind this, here's more about the designers.

Passengers pay using pre-loaded cards, similar to the New York City subway system, said Farooqi.
The concept was presented on Saturday the annual Hult Prize competition, which challenges college students to tackle global problems.

Roshni Rides -- founded by undergraduate business students Gia Farooqi, Hasan Usmani, Moneeb Mian, and Hanaa Lakhani -- beat out five other startup finalists and earned $1 million in funding. The startup was one of 50,000 entries, up from 25,000 submissions last year.


They haven't reached graduate school yet so it's extremely unlikely these are kids are out of their twenties and, for undergraduate school, they're probably not far into their twenties.  They are certainly Millennials and their inventiveness is impressive.

Their names may raise questions due to the inordinate number of kerfuffles regarding immigration of late so we need an introduction:

The startup piloted the program in Pakistan's Orangi Town, outside of Karachi, this summer with three rickshaws.

"The four of us are Pakistani Americans," Farooqi told CNN. "Pakistan is the biggest host country to refugees in Asia. So we thought, let's start here."


Regardless of their original homes and we don't know if they're first generation, they present a beautiful solution which is worthy of a valid pride.  They bring that to themselves and also America.  The Rockhouse loves them because anything of this nature which works to remove the barriers between the extreme poor and everyone else is inherently in service of peace.

The interested student is invited to the source article since there's more to the story in the description of an excellent and elegant solution to the problem.  It's all the more illuminating to see when so many are seeking to cause problems but these Millennial kids are actively working toward solving them.

Hat tip and deep respect from the Rockhouse.

Russia Launches a New Icebreaker ... and She is Grand

People attend a ceremony to float out the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Sibir" (Siberia) at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg, Russia September 22, 2017 

© Anton Vaganov / Reuters

The first serially-produced Sibir nuclear-powered icebreaker, designed to reinforce Russia’s leadership in the Arctic, was commissioned on Friday at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg.

It is one of the three vessels part of Project 22220 which are to become the world’s largest and most powerful nuclear icebreakers.

The lead ship of the project, the Arktika, was commissioned last year.

RT:  Russia launches ‘world’s biggest & most powerful’ nuclear icebreaker

The Rockhouse has great enthusiasm for this vessel in part because she's not a warship but mostly because she is so unbelievably bad ass.  She can pile into ice which is 3 meters or ten feet thick and she's not even fazed by it.

This is all for improving trade so course there's a hat tip.

Designed for transporting cargo via the Northern Sea Route, the Sibir was ordered in May 2015 and is due to be delivered in 2020. The third icebreaker, the Ural, is planned to be delivered in 2021.

Sibir has a displacement of 33,500 tons and is 173.3 meters long with a beam of 34 meters, and has a crew of 75.

The double-draft design allows for operations in both deep Arctic waters and estuaries of polar rivers. The vessel is powered by two nuclear reactors with an output of 175 MW.

The nuclear-powered Sibir will be capable of breaking ice fields up to three meters thick, making way for LNG carriers delivering Russian gas to Asian customers. It will also carry out rescue work in ice conditions and ice-free waters.

- RT

Mostly we're tired of seeing a stream of other peacetime vessels since they're typically limited to gigantic tankers or gigantic container ships and they get boring fast.  There are also the billion-dollar boats for the rich and famous but so what to those as well.  This Sibir isn't for cruising but blasting through ten feet of ice and the immense power needed to do that is staggering by itself but also are the hulls to be able to withstand it.

From my days in the shipyard, I know the step above is when the vessel is floated out of the dry dock so the top stuff can be installed.

Zen Yogi:  top stuff?

Sure, all the stuff which isn't the bottom stuff which we can see.

Zen Yogi:  I should have known

Here is her sister ship, the Arktika, and she's got all her top stuff.

Now she is one steadfast, indefatigable vessel.  If she says she's coming, she will be there wherever you are even in the worst possible places.  That's tough down to the last rivet holding her together.

Zen Yogi:  and no guns

She's a thing of beauty, mate.

Zen Yogi:  can't say I can follow you with beautiful and that orange, Silas

I have a theory.

Zen Yogi:  of course you do

How about if that ghastly orange was selected because it makes such a striking effect against the ice.  She could likely be spotted for incredible distances.

Zen Yogi:  that's more logical than some of your theories but she still ain't beautiful

I'm holding that thought, mate, since she's not only beautiful but magnificent.

Zen Yogi:  how does her power stack up next to an aircraft carrier?

You're right, Yogi.  Inquiring minds need to know.


Bingo.  For Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, the biggest in the world, we have a rating of 190MW.  (WIKI:  Nimitz-class aircraft carrier)

The Sibir is rated at 175MW so there's all the more confirmation.  If she says she's coming then she's going to be there.

Zen Yogi:  what about the noise?  Just imagine what it sounds like smashing through tons of ice at each bite.

I don't ever want to imagine that, Yogi.  The Sibir needs to be tough but she needs tough sailors too.

Seraphin's Millennial View of Life, the Universe, and Everything

The topics of stem cells, embryos, and medical things of that nature did not come up but there's tremendous interest in that which they consider may be another form of life in the Multiverse.  I don't consider the previous article about embryos as a Silas Directive insofar as there wasn't any comment regarding anything people might or should do about it because the article is only an observation.

Seraphin was excited in reporting of patterns detected within the Multiverse go beyond the actions of individuals and may indicate a new sentience.  This thinking can lead to quaking and quivering in contemplation of Colossus, the computer which took over the world but the difference is Colossus was created in the sci fi movies with specific intent whereas the Multiverse arose spontaneously as more and more kit was attached to the Internet.

There was great passion and excitement in talking of the possibility of a sentient Multiverse but really would that be such a terrible thing.  The current rage in engagement between humans and machines is via Alexa and devices of this type but they only do tricks for you insofar as they will play whatever music you request or perform various mechanistic tasks but there's no intuition to that.

Seraphin through his excitement seems to be telling me what if there were real intuition behind it.

Zen Yogi:  it still just comes from a machine

You won't trip him that easily, Yogi.  Sure it's a machine but it learned.  The Multiverse you see is probably not the same as his since Boomers may cower from the idea whereas Millennials are fascinated by it.

Zen Yogi:  Boomers gave them the Internet and the Multiverse!

Yes, we did, Yogi, but now it's time to kick back to see what they will do with it.

In talking of larger than life patterns, Seraphin also touched on those we see on an astronomical scale which imply influences from outside this Universe.  He's quite happy with the idea there may be many Universes.  He's not so enthused by my thinking of the Firestarter which lit the Big Bang to make it all happen.  For me, the Firestarter gives me a rational balance for my own view of Life, the Universe, and Everything but Seraphin asks more since what of a Universe which continually expands and contracts back to a Singularity to go Boom all over again.

The man's mind is live and it's just blasting with passion and excitement in multiple directions.  That may sound like a Catherine wheel, a firework which spins and shoots sparks everywhere, but there is clear focus to these directions rather than a simple desire to make sparks anywhere possible.

Zen Yogi:  the saga has become The Revelation of the Millennials

It has been exactly that to me, Yogi, and you ain't seen nothin' yet since Seraphin will do a whole lot more of that revelation than I possibly could and he's already started.

"It's a new dawn" - Grace Slick when Jefferson Airplane started their morning set at Woodstock.

That was then, Grace, and Seraphin brings another.  Whether there is more pressure on he and the Millennials cadre than there was on Boomers back then will probably only amount to useless editorializing since the task is hard but they know it and Seraphin is clearly excited by it.

We're drowning in morose projections of doom from Mainstream sources where we so often hear the blackmail of you must do this or everything will fall apart but Millennials won't have anything to do with Mainstream.

Zen Yogi:  they don't need the bummer

No-one does, mate.

Zen Yogi:  you have blackmailed in this way!

I don't believe so, Yogi, but I've not been shy of writing articles suggesting you really need to fix this since we can see it's breaking already.  For example, we really must overcome the problem of traffic management since it costs too much, wastes enormous amounts of productive time, and, in an ecological sense, it stinks.  A huge consideration is the fact it's not safe and what more futile end than to be killed in a car crash.

There's nothing but goodness which comes from designing the systems to ameliorate the problem and Seraphin was excited about some aspects of that as well, specifically with solar-powered roadways and he's conversant in the developmental steps needed and are currently taking place to make it real.

He talked scoffingly of some Senator who apparently said we can't use solar power since that will use up all the energy from the Sun.  It's never been fully clear as to who supports such doltish thinking but one thing is clear that Seraphin and his Millennials are not the ones.

Gene Editing of Human Embryos in UK Reveals New Fertility Clue #Science

"Embryo microinjection" shows an embryo being injected with the CRISPR-Cas9 components.

The DNA of human embryos has been altered and studied for the first time in the UK, offering new insight into the early stages of human development.

Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute, a medical research center, have identified the role of a key gene that controls how embryos form during the first few days of development.

Understanding the biology behind these early stages could help in the discovery of ways to improve the success of in-vitro fertilization, offer some explanation into why some women experience miscarriage and offer general knowledge on how humans develop.

Studies in the United States have manipulated the genomes of embryos to help understand -- and fix -- gene mutations that lead to inherited diseases, such as heart conditions. But this is the first research to target human growth and development.

CNN:  Gene editing of human embryos in UK reveals new fertility clue

Probably most of you have heard of research using human embryos and the observation just now is regarding the apparent acceptance relative to highly-emotional reactions of the past.

A closely-related topic is that of the use of human stem cells for research.  The advent of such research and the consequent outcry started roughly in the Reagan era and yet that topic today doesn't result in anything like the same reaction.

There are rigid ethical controls on the use of either embryos or stem cells and that may be the basis for mollification of angry reactions.

This form of research, however, does not come without controversy, as it involved manipulating the genes of human embryos and the potential to alter the germline: how DNA is passed on though generations.

In the UK, strict ethical guidelines are in place for the use of eggs, sperm and embryos in research, regulated by the Human Fertilization and Embryo Authority. Researchers must apply for a license to conduct research, and embryos used for research cannot develop for longer than 14 days after fertilization and cannot be implanted into a woman's womb.

The new study explored blastocyst formation in embryos, which occurs within seven days of fertilization.


One of the controls is that no embryo will ever be subsequently used in a human being.

Zen Yogi:  laws can be broken

Of course they can, Yogi, but the ethical foundation which has been established for quite some time reduces that potential substantially.

Zen Yogi:  some mad rogue lab can do whatever it wants

That goes into sci fi, Yogi, since it's extremely unlikely one would do it.  There's the extreme example of Terminator-type movies but that's a form of sci fi as well.  In fact, it would take an large organization to ever create such a monster and, given the existing ethical foundation, it's likely the negative reaction to even considering such a thing would be enormous and probably at a global level.

Stopping a gene from working and exploring what happens when it's gone is a good way to find out the gene's purpose.

The team used a gene-editing technique known as CRISPR-Cas9 to switch off a particular gene involved in embryo development, known as OCT4. Blocking the functioning of this gene means the resulting protein, also called OCT4, cannot be produced, eventually halting an embryo's development.


This type of tangible benefit gives reason to the research but note again the use of CRISPR-Cas9 to implement the change since that's the primary modern technique for development of GMO organisms.  One of those organisms is now us.

The topic of GMO has also elicited tremendous emotional reaction and the subject along with CRISPR-Cas9 has been presented multiple times on Ithaka but we don't typically see it on CNN.

Zen Yogi:  it's cultural evolution in action

Perhaps so but that demands asking why not.

The criticality of the OCT4 protein becomes clear through this research since the embryo will not survive without it.

The new research investigated the role of this gene in mice and humans and found that OCT4 plays a different role in human embryos than in mice, highlighting the need for human research in this area.
"In humans, (OCT4) not only maintains the embryo, but other tissues are affected, and the blastocyst does not form," said Ludovic Vallier, a stem cell biologist at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute who co-authored the research. "In mice, (the gene) just maintains the integrity of the embryo."


Further on the practical application for the research:

Among women who know they are pregnant, it's estimated that one on six will have a miscarriage, according to the UK's National Health Service.

"If we knew the key genes that embryos need to develop successfully, we could improve IVF treatments and understand some causes of pregnancy failure," Kathy Niakan of the Francis Crick Institute, who led the research, said in a statement. This study opens the door for further investigations.


The real life benefit is obvious which makes the research all the more compelling but still there's the nag of why now.

Zen Yogi:  it doesn't matter why now, mate, just that it is

Fair enough, Yogi, since it reveals a marvel with clear human benefit.

There's Another Pilgrimage Coming, You Know

It's too early yet for the fanfare and particularly while the glow of the pilgrimage this weekend is so radiant but Cadillac Man will come to town next weekend.

This one won't give the Millennial view since we're well over thirty years older but he does know that view intimately on a local basis since his Millennial daughter was going to accompany him with the newborn Charlotte.  I wasn't so sure that was such a good idea so soon after childbirth and her doctor definitely didn't like it so she will need to defer the flight.

The baby will only be two-weeks old at flight time so what would you do, Betty Crocker?

Betty Crocker:  I'll stay home to make delicious recipes for your gustatory pleasure

That sounds like an excellent choice, Betty.

Charlotte's mother is a Millennial but not of the same variety as Seraphin since she doesn't show the same passion for change and is largely disinterested by political matters in general.  The activist vibe of Seraphin's Millennials can probably reach her since she reached a similar conclusion about the Powers-That-Be.  When she saw they were frequently lying to her, she saw no further reason to listen to them.

Her voting choice is her own but more clear is that of her partner in life crimes since he strongly advocates Trump.  He's not so well-informed and Cadillac Man has sought to address that but obvious difficulties may come when the relationship is so sensitive.  Only a damn fool comes between Mama Bear and Papa Bear and you know how that goes from your own lives.

Zen Yogi:  lotta scratches from bear claws?

That's it, Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  it's never a good idea to make Linda Bear angry but she doesn't much care about politics since her interest is in stealing pic-a-nic baskets

Her goals are noble, my furry friend.

Zen Yogi:  we are the Robin Hoods of Jellystone Park since we only steal from the rich ...

and you eat what you find in the pic-a-nic baskets but how can that be a crime when you're hungry.

Zen Yogi:  I'm a philosopher, not a criminal

I know, Yogi, and it won't be me trying to catch you.

There's a growing vibe of the transitional engagement with Ithaka now since Seraphin is back to independent movement and it will be delicious to see which way he moves.  At some point I must abdicate and it's impossible to know when but the time until then remains and, from my standpoint, that's the most important.

That time mustn't be for loading the Ithaka content so heavily with my views that it places him in a position of defending them rather than pushing in whatever direction he likes.  I don't see any reason to forego the enjoyment of John Oliver and Last Week Tonight or posting announcements from Bernie since they're not me except in the sense I'm pleased to represent for them.

The growing Millennial vibe is a powerful attractant and their honesty is at the root of that.  When we can't find it anywhere else, we go to wherever we can.  It can't be my sole theme for that which remains of my tenure, tho, since you have always wanted more variety.  You have just taken Ithaka under five thousand reads to get over the top and it would be most unfortunate to disrupt that.

Cadillac Man was laughing earlier that Ithaka may top a million about the time he gets here and conceivably so.  For him to be here when it happens would be a delight since he knows the validation.  It might even happen sooner since today went over twelve hundred and it won't take five days at that rate.  Even that fact is conflicting since the weekend material was exclusively within a single theme.

I'll go with some variety in-between one pilgrimage and another since it looks like Queen Bee and Doc will do it again.  I won't go on as long as I have already on the unexpectedness of all of these pilgrimages but I must remark again on how dazzling they have been.

See you in a week, Cadillac Man.  You're not my furry brother but you're a brother nevertheless.  I love you, man.

Corporate Consolidation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on Sep 24, 2017

Big businesses are getting even bigger thanks to a rise in corporate mergers.  John Oliver explains why that could make you want to physically destroy your cable box.

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When Millennials Realize They Have the Numbers

The boundless profligacies of a corrupt system entirely alienated large numbers of Millennials and that's not a tale of despair since they know they have the numbers to do something about it.  I'm drunk on the Future after Seraphin stood in front of me where he was filled with optimism and exemplified what Millennials have come to be.  Once they were the children but not anymore.  They know their strength and it is growing.

I talked with Cadillac Man a bit earlier and he was highly disparaging of the job we did as Boomers.  My own thinking was to do the best job I could and others would do the same in their jobs with the ideal result in this being the best way to get it all done.  It was much the same with Cadillac Man since he was good at his job in the same way.  We knew after a time a number of members from the Boomer cadre, particularly those with political intent, were not doing that and we never found a way to counter them to effect truly positive change.

Zen Yogi:  at least your generation gave them Saran Wrap

I'm sure they will revere that gift through the Ages, mate.

CM:  it's much more likely that our parents invented Saran Wrap since Boomers were still too young when it came to market

Zen Yogi:  parents of the Boomers also handed you the immediate threat of nuclear war!

They had their Bad Eggs as well and looking for pure perfection in them is no more sensible than looking for it anywhere else other than metaphysical sources or music.

Zen Yogi:  also orchids

It's true they're living music in Botany but we don't want to try to get poetic with it just yet.

The WWII generation, just as with we Boomers, built systems (i.e. CIA, etc) which got out of control to become threats rather than adjuncts to peace and that was precisely the last thing that generation wanted to do after enduring WWII.  They were the Millennials during that war and my ol' Dad turned eighteen in late '41 or '42.  He adamantly rejected the military use of nuclear power but, just as with Boomers, their strength wasn't enough to make them stop as it grew after the war.

Millennials see clearly the mendacity and columniation from the dark forces and their rejection of those influences is the strongest step they can make toward actualizing the entirety of their dreams which we know already are big ones and have nothing to do with war.  Seraphin was a little chagrined when I repeated the 60s mantra, never trust anyone over thirty.  Seraphin hasn't reached that point yet but he's on the last rung.  I suggested they need to raise the limit up to, say, fifty or whatever age people often lose their minds relative to the original dreams.

My own view gives Boomers a little better rap than Cadillac Man since, along with the most progressive of our Elders, we did give the world computers.  Nothing of that nature had been seen before and that Revolution was real.  That too was subverted by those with bad intent but they have never managed to subvert all of it.  Through those computers we find unity now and that's the last purpose of those with malignant plans.

CM:  we also gave them hyperlinks

That's true and they were another Revolution since the concept had never existed previously regarding any dynamism in text and yet hyperlinks permitted instant references and extensions to any written thought thereby extending its power enormously.  That exemplifies the general notion from Chomsky that we are the language we use.  Language, one of the most primal skills known by humans, underwent a substantial evolution far beyond anything which had come before.

Mostly I agree with CM that we as Boomers didn't do such a laudatory job of things but we weren't total failures and the Big Dreams never died.  It wouldn't surprise me if many from the WWII generation also had thoughts of their failure regarding things which got out of control just as Boomers do now.

Legba:  nothing ever turns out as good as you want it to be, bluesman.  You know that.

Ref:  "Crossroads" starring Ralph Macchio and Joe Seneca.

Legba is right but the Boomer Lament is much more that we never thought various things could turn out so badly.  However, CM, I doubt the Lament is much worse than that of the WWII generation after coming up with nuclear weapons systems and leaving them to us.

The self-effacing regret of Boomers of the Dreamer variety is much more affectation than warranted since most of us really don't make up such a bad lot.  Perhaps some of the self-effacement is due to the additional regret that it's necessary to turn things over to Millennials but I have seen Seraphin over the last few days in a much brighter light and I have no fears of their dreams; I only want to see them happen.

Turning over the Galaxy Guitar and Ithaka to Seraphin is my individual symbol of the time it is necessary to stop telling Millennials since it's much more the time to listen to them and I welcome it.  A time which would predictably be called a loss becomes an immense gain since now I have a much better view of a Future which was not previously visible any other way.  The Future they want is a beautiful one so climb onboard since they will be going to wonderful places.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Seraphin, You Bring the Joy and it Lights the Rockhouse

The word I used earlier was boisterous and part of the lift in all of it was learning more of the depths of your interests in sophisticated things such as you mentioned.  That's not patronization toward a child who suddenly learned since knowledge and interest in such things is not so common and the Liveness of them in you gives me the great Hope.  In many ways, you became the Light for the Millennials.

I've heard now your great passion for things which travel far and positively into the Future.  Ordinarily the King should be illuminating the heir but the experience was an Illumination for me.

Your thoughts about the bees were a fascination since you're aware of the reality in which maybe they can't be saved.  Your knowledge of the robo alternatives is not at all common in at least some percentage of Boomers but it was a delight to hear Millennials propagate the information between yourselves.  I guess there would have been an ego boost if you got to the position from anything I've written but it's a truly bigger marvel to see you found this yourselves and have embraced it.

The biggest bang when I said you will need unknown billions of these robo bees and he returned immediately they need to build more of themselves.  That's the epiphany since many have fear of such a thing in terms of, as you mentioned, visions of the Terminator.  When you showed full awareness of the Laws of Robotics and the importance of them today, golden sunbeams started shooting about the Rockhouse.

Zen Yogi:  he don't need no stinkin' killerbots

No-one does, Yogi, since if they aren't safe then what the hell good are they.

My thoughts on such things come as confirmation to things you already knew and hopefully that's encouraging to you in knowing at least some old geezers embrace it as well.

I've known throughout of the difficulty for Pilgrims and that's a large part of the appreciation that you do it.  I know it was a fearful thing and yet you did it anyway.

I do kind of like the title of Dream God since that's been a large part of it in terms of bringing science articles I saw as revealing tremendous reasons to be optimistic about the future.  You are the Future and your attitudes to these dreams plus the ones you have discovered on your own gives all the more of the Hope to me.

That you don't watch news at all and have no use for television is another light.  You drop all that toxicity and find a better way for yourselves.  It's a joy to behold, mate.

To throw your bad pun right back at you, I don't fret at all about your designs with the Galaxy Guitar since I can see in your eyes you would never let her become, say, a display inside a coffee table as a conversation piece.

I love you right back, Seraphin.  Thank you.

Hard Truth but Happiness Abounds

It has been a thrilling pilgrimage and i am so thankful to my boss and job for helping me with time off and for my parents who made this pilgrimage possible.

The morning began earlier than i expected but was happily greeted with breakfast. The Rockhouse was visited once more this morning and was an amazing visit. There were no tears, just an abundance of stories and chatting and happiness.

There was much saddness and tears when news was first recieved. The decision to actually go on pilgrimage was long in coming. It was not a decision that was taken lightly. Theres a feeling when we know before its time that we only want to remember how it was. Its why i dislike funerals, i dont wana remember the husk that no longer houses what was, i want to remember the life and the adventure shared. So there was definately a hesitation in making a pilgrimage.

In the end however there could only have ever been the one answer. A pilgrimage had to be made. Id have never been ok with passing up the chance for any amount of more time together.

I was not fully aware of the state of things and the former medical tech in me was preparred for the solemn bedside sitting and grave chatting i had seen so many times before. What the fuck was I thinking?! This was a Fraser we are talking about. Silas himself, the Dream God. King of Ithaka.

I will forever cherish these precious extra memories that we gained during this pilgrimage. I will forever remember mannerisms that have always been Silas.

It was near and dear to my heart that the discussion was of science, politics, universal theories, multiverse ideology and passion and love.

We gave little time to things that can not be changed, past acknowledgment and acceptance. The feeling was overwhelmingly positive and i could not stop smiling most of the trip.

I love you Silas. Uncle you may be but youve always felt more like an older brother and i will cherish every single memory. Ithaka will go on and we will Never stop Dreaming Big!

And dont you fret (terrible pum intended), [groans], the galaxy will play on to be sure! Shes too damn pretty to just let gather dust

#Photography for the Unusual 9/25

New South Wales, Australia

Australian Phillip Leitch jousts against Frenchman Michael Sadde on the way to winning the inaugural World Jousting Championship at the St Ives Medieval Faire.

Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters

Luoyang, China

Women hanging on wires perform yoga on a cliff face of Qingyao mountain in Henan province.

Photograph: VCG/Getty Images

Darfur, Sudan

Women guide decorated camels in Umm al-Qura during a visit by the Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir, to the war-torn region.

Photograph: Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah/Reuters

California, US

Surf dog Derby and owner Kentucky Gallahue leave the water after competing in the tandem event during the 9th annual Surf City Surf Dog event at Huntington Beach.

Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Meshcherskoye, Russia

A woman takes her dog for a walk through a forest on a foggy morning near a village outside Moscow.

Photograph: Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images