Monday, August 31, 2015

Mystery Lady and Her Secret Code

The moonbeam flowed gently
from the one to the other
where yet it will fly
to distant freckled mother
Surely she will smile and wave
that summer girl straw hat
and the moonbeam will keep flowing
we're all assured of that.

MOONBEAM = Moonshine ... obviously

What's Hot on the Blog 8/31


This looks to be a fairly good nexus of unusuality.  The Wild Confluence of Butterfly Sneezes should have done better, tho.  That one is cool.

The Prussian Blue is harsh but it's accurate and the reason is valid.  They're NAZIs, they're everywhere, and we need to be actively alert to what they do and how they do it.  This is one of the more insidious devices of the Fascist movements elsewhere in which they use music to draw young people into it and through that they begin the indoctrination.  Surround them with kindred spirits and, young man, welcome home.  It's been the same technique ever since the Hitler Jugend.

The way to tell for sure if the day is not happening is one or both of the articles about sharks will appear for the day.  Those ones get read at more or less continuous rate so they will show up in the list if, well, everything else for the day sucks.  The blog has been on a bit of a roll lately and analyzing that gains nothing, best to appreciate the generosity of your time to read it and to keep on cranking out whatever comes along.

Where's the Funny Shit?

The problem with the concept is shit is not typically all that funny.  The way we react to it is hilarious, tho.  After all, shit is the worst thing you can possibly be and, for some reason, the worst of that is whale shit.  Conversely, whales regard the lowest kind as Japanese shit.  Most whales and porpoises really don't like Japanese very much but they said they might be willing to reconsider if they were allowed to eat some Japanese every once in a while in exchange.

And the shithouse ... man ... that's the worst horror of Biblical corruption imaginable.

But ...

We emerge from that same shithouse and, assuming we have been consuming an appropriate measure of fibrous foodstuffs, we have completed our mission with little difficulty and great effectiveness.  We emerge ready to go outside and start running hurdle races.  We feel good!

If this were in keeping with anything else we do, on encountering friends perhaps we would say, "Man, I just took a really outstanding shit and I feel like Tony the fuckin' Tiger!"

So, yah, try that and see what happens.

That doesn't make any sense so we'll just chuck into the category of, well, weird shit.

Also in the category of weird shit, we have the notion of marital sex, as in does it really exist.  Married couples don't talk about it and give the impression they don't ever have sex.  If you ask them about it they will either get flustered and angry or they will get a beatific smile to tell you, oh yes, we have sex all the time and we have orgasms every time, both of us.  Sometimes many times in the same day ... and we're eighty-five.

(Ed:  everybody lies about sex.  I think I knew that already.)

Sure they do but married people have zero restrictions of any kind.  Just like taking a great shit, they should be able to say, "Hey, we're married and we just boned the way you do after ten years of marriage and getting really good at it.  That was some outstanding fucking."

But no-one does.

Humans remain most inexplicable.

Call to Resolve - Apple Scam Artists - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM

There are multiple Web pages which throw up certain types of JavaScript alerts which will confound browsers in various ways.  If you don't handle it correctly, you may wind up tangled and with apparently no way to get out of it other than call this number to reach Apple.


After calling Call to Resolve, the individual was charged over $200 for Symantec software which was subsequently found to be at a higher level than could run on the individual's system.  The individual got neither the Symantec software nor a refund of the $200.  All the while they were giving her the impression she was talking to Apple.

The charge will be protested with the individual's bank and Call to Resolve should be aware Texas lawyers have concealed carry permits.  We hope you will make a stupid move.

Here's another example of Call to Resolve swindling someone and it's reported on Reddit.

NEVER EVER talk to Apple unless you call 1-800-275-2273 (US) yourself.   (Find your country's support number here).  The Web is crawling with scam artists and Call to Resolve is just one more example of it.

Call to Resolve
1055 West 7th Street, Suite 33
Los Angeles, CA  90017

This outfit, as you see from the testimony above and also on Reddit, is in business of cheating old people and they're good at it.  They're, in effect, the equivalent of computer televangelists in which they promise you something if you pay the money but you never get it.

If you have an opinion on what it is to cheat old people, you may wish to let them know as perhaps they don't already.  Consider it a public service for them in the interests of education and good will.

The End of the Twitter Killer

Maybe the Twitter Killer has been running for about three weeks and it's now laid waste to eleven thousand Twitter accounts it considered fake, rubbish, slackers, etc.  The number remaining is 777 and too many of them look credible to leave the Twitter Killer on automatic search and destroy so the TK's reign of online death is now at an end.

The Twitter Killer may have wiped out real ones and please do re-connect if that happened as there was no malice in the action.  There was a tremendous number of accounts which could not possibly have been valid and those have been murdered.  If there was collateral damage then the software got too enthusiastic and I apologize.

The same ratio is likely true on any social network in which, at most, ten percent of them are real and the rest are drones, clones, or lolling stones.  On Facebook, there are five hundred plus connections and maybe twenty or thirty of them actually do anything and, within those, only ten or twenty percent of them post anything other than memes.  In general, you'll find more life cutting paper dolls out of, say, Mark Twain's first edition of "Tom Sawyer."

(Ed:  why would you destroy such an important thing?)

I won't but vandalism is the hallmark of everything about the new age so why not.  For example, there's a vandalism by negligence in Donald Trump's proposal to build a Wall from Texas to California to block off Mexico from a country which usually couldn't even be bothered to repair its bridges.

There's another kind of vandalism in taking an image of the Mona Lisa and putting some femme lib text on it so use it for a political statement or to use any music from the sixties to justify anything about the military industrial complex.  Vandalism.

So, my guess is at best ten percent of the accounts on Facebook are real (shrug).

And so goes "The Illusion of Gravity" and I'm not teasing with the idea of releasing the CD again because I would want to remix everything on it and that's going too far back for anything useful to come from it.  The concept holds nevertheless and it's an extraordinary thing to see all those who have judged the stoner were really the ones living in castles in the sky all along.  The ones who have fallen out of them already know they're not real but the rest hide on Facebook with the thinking if I keep it as superficial as possible and stay inside my house then the SS won't bother me.  I knew it was an illusion long before everything exploded which makes me even more of an idiot than they.

There are some with limited access to computers and I will keep that in mind in keeping the article length manageable.

A Wild Confluence of Butterfly Sneezes

It built and built over time until it could be contained no longer and it burst for with the power of ten billion butterfly sneezes.  But that was not the only place from which it burst and at the nexus, the confluence of the billions of butterfly sneezes, there grew the blazing light of a billion brilliant daydreams.  So of course we dived into them.

Miss Mona the Ghost told me the Mystery Lady was on the phone and, as I stood to go to answer, she said quickly to be sure to tell her to come on down to Cowtown.

Of course I did.

The Mystery Lady said she knows I know you don't believe in God but she said she has some Guardian Angels flying around.  I told her we can talk about God another time but right now I suggest asking those Guardian Angels to fly you here direct or fly your ass to the Greyhound station and we will figure it out from there.

She laughed and the answer is private.

And thus you see why the Galactic Peace Tour took the motto:  Don't Fuck With Us or We Send the Butterflies.

(Ed:  are you seriously thinking someone will remember where you stole the butterfly sneezes?)

Too many negative waves, man.

Korg Triton Workstation - Repairing a Dead Key (video)

The keyboard here is not a Korg Triton but rather a Korg TR workstation.  The differences are not that huge and, in this context, are zero.  The problem to solve, in my case,  is the A2 key doesn't sound.  I've tried blowing it out from the top with an air blaster but that was useless.  Therefore, the next move is to take it apart.  Taking a guitar apart is no problem because I know what's in it but a synth ... well ... here's how to do it:

Contributed by Sussex Dan (sussexdan7)


This looks like a lot of hassle but no extreme electronic or physical gyrations are needed.  The final dorkery to get the disk drive to go to place may have had another answer but that one worked and the solution did bring the key back.

Excellent Critique of Reverend Sasquatch

There was a summation from Cat after she watched the video last night and it was precise and sufficient.  She brought it up this morning as then we could talk rather than firing text messages at each other.  This time she went deeper in a cogent analysis and went directly to what I regarded as problems in it as well plus this gave her perspective on why they are problems.  Miss Mona had also given her thoughts on it previously so all of this combines to what makes a better programme next time.

It's easy to find people to stroke you, finding people who will talk to you straight-up is much more difficult and a much better find.  I don't need someone to tell me if I did something well as I probably already know that.  It's where things are questionable that I may not and this is why straight-up talk of such things is important, invaluable, in fact.

A brief summary is too long, too wandery, not funny enough, etc.  Those seem like vague criticisms but the actual conversation was more incisive and was definitely useful.

The biggest emphasis was don't worry about pissing some people off.  Reverend Sasquatch v1 didn't care about pissing off anyone but Reverend Sasquatch v2 had a purpose not to offend anyone ... which is completely impossible.

Best to let it congeal for few more days before trying another one.  That will get thoughts focused and then go for it.  There's no big deal with technology this time as all buttons are identified, etc so the only requirement is willingness to do it.

One specific suggestion from Cat was regarding mention I have made of a conservative friend who is quite bright and is devoutly but not obsessively religious.  His knowledge of history in a world and also a specifically religious context is excellent and it was he who apprised me of the fact Adam was a sleazy divorcee who was taking advantage of the naive and innocent Eve.  This wanton behavior explains why men have had a second-place position in society throughout history.

That type of discussion is mildly blasphemous but I'm sure my friend could have fun in sparring with it because there's no interest in blood, it's simply one of mankind's favorite fairy tales and we like screwing with it.  The serious content behind that is I do believe the Garden of Eden story is a significant component of the secondary position of women in Western culture.  Given my friend's right wing sympathies and his knowledge of history, this could be a fascinating conversation.

The idea has not been proposed and he may say it's a rubbish idea but that type of dynamic is what I hope can come from the call-in capability.

Note:  in acquiring Wirecast, do it through YouTube or it will cost you $500 to license the software to stop it from writing a watermark on the video and adding a brief voiceover about licensing every so often.  It's intelligent software so it probably would not work to get the software through YouTube to use it with some other video service.

Prussian Blue Band Loves Everyone Except Niggers, Kikes, and Dykes

It's not propaganda when churches put billboards all over the place saying you need to get to church, that's only bad taste.  Propaganda is when you say, heya kids, come on down to check out these blondie babes singing today ... and when you get there you find they are singing about the Lord and the venue is really a church.

This has nothing to do with churches but rather with NAZIs and the technique of using blonde babes from the master race to sell Nazism which has been used to successful effect multiple times in history.  (Nazism is used synonymously with Fascism as there's no functional difference any longer)

Ladies and gentlemen,

I give you Prussian Blue even though you almost certainly will not want them.

Their musical and singing skills are adequate and they aren't even that hot but they give the appearance of those sweet, annoying, chick folk singers in the sixties who were forever singing anti-war songs backed by acoustic guitars.  (By the way, where are they now.  Is war alright with kids now??  We know it's alright with pop music.)

Here is what these ones sing:

This was my father's belief
and this is also mine
let the corn be all of one sheaf
and the grapes be all of one vine

The Stranger within my gates,
He may be evil or good,
But I cannot tell what powers control—
What reasons sway his mood;

The men of my own stock,
Bitter bad they may be,
But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
And see the things I see;

This was my father's belief
and this is also mine
let the corn be all of one sheaf
and the grapes be all of one vine

The lyrics are more sophisticated than I would have anticipated from the look of the girls.  The propaganda is excellent insofar as Testosterone Boy in the audience really isn't paying so much attention to them.  He only wants a peek up Blue Girl's skirt.

To understand the depths of the evil of the way these girls have been indoctrinated, check out the second video below.  The lyrics above appear benign on the surface and the blazing hatred of them comes clear when you review them with more consideration.

A similar technique was used by Scientologists in Cincinnati as they sent a couple of good-looking college girls to cruise the college campus where they would let themselves get picked up by freshmen.  The girls would invite them back to the house and, what do you know, welcome to Scientology.

How children get this way is shown in the video below because there's no chance those two can ever be saved now.

Take a look at the Master Race and tell me again whites are superior.

The Nightmare of the Blue People

The favorite nightmare here at the Rockhouse is when I am surrounded by blue creatures with huge teeth and they're like huge furry puffballs ... which bite.  All of these huge furry blue puffballs with huge teeth wants to eat me so they can steal my Bic lighter.  Just before the first one bites me, I wake up.

The killer puffballs are clearly symbolic of the middle class serfs for an oppressive upper class which dominates through money rather than strength of argument and which will ultimately consume everything opposed to it, followed by everything else.  But I don't even use a Bic lighter except for lighting the pipe.

(Ed:  aren't you the James fookin' Dean)

Get over it.  ZIPPO is cheaper to use and has no plastic to end up floating in the middle of the Pacific.

There's little which is less American than corporations as they send the jobs overseas, they send the electronics manufacturing, car manufacturing, etc, etc overseas, and then they send the trouble calls overseas as well.  ZIPPO is made in America, as are Harleys, as are Godin guitars (part in Canada, part in America.  Godin lives in Vermont, I believe).

With the musical / computer kit, there's no way to buy American as no-one makes the stuff anymore.  The blue people ate all the jobs and said don't worry, goodness will trickle down ... but the only thing trickling was more blue people with big teeth ... and they all want a Bic lighter I don't even have.

And then I wake up.  Click.

In a Fookin' Time Warp Between Reality and Middle Class Virtual Monsters

Judging by the title, the manic phase is not entirely complete.  Judging by the time, it doesn't seem close to complete.

Reverend Scarborough is loosely-defined now.  He wasn't so good at establishing funny but he knows what he is even if he hasn't said it as well as he would like yet.  Silas Scarborough already was defined but there are multiple versions of him and he has even confused himself with that.  (That's not a terrible confusion to have)

There was some thinking of rolling the characters together and maybe Sasquatch puts on some sunglasses to let fly on the guitar but that feels muddled and would take some serious thought.  One way to do it would be to cut to a different image and then, fast as hell, get sunglasses, hat, etc.  Cut the view back and Sasquatch magically transformed into Scarborough.  Thin but maybe.

Sasquatch has got that rock masterpiece in his head which he knows he can do but didn't do yet.  It's the same disease as Scarborough but in a different form so it seems another one is on the loose.

There's very little worth dredging out of Facebook as it's mostly a virtual middle class wasteland but this piece struck me.  My friend posted it and he posts works from black artists exclusively.  Maybe someone wants to honk him for racism but we can play that.  In the art world today, music and photography sink into digital hell faster than if they were resting on digital quicksand and physical media is not so far behind. The chance of exposure is minimal so why would you not help your friends first.  I have not asked him but that's what I would do and I don't see it as any more racist than my posting of reviews almost entirely of people I know from the Circus, most of whom are white.

"The Dancer" by Marvin Posey

The combination of styles gives a dramatic emphasis as it appears modern art and stained glass at once. The passion in the colors is greater than one usually sees in an often-dreary style.

The general theme of I'm a dancer and, dayum, do my feet hurt is clear but what I also feel from it is the enduring nature of that.  Her feet hurt now, they have hurt for a long time, and she knows they will continue hurting because dancers live with it.  I wonder if she asks if it's worth it.

The passion in the colors tells me she gets down sometimes but she will get up and dance again. Maybe I'm all wet on that but that's what I see and she would have an honored place on my wall, if I had a wall.

The competition is a steadily diminution of artistic standards and it's looking like digital photogs have finally figured out how to do long exposures so now this is art all over again:

Um, no, because it wasn't art the first time around but that won't stop Instagram from filling with this stuff.  Dunno about you but this and a few pics of Nicki Minaj's butt and I'm ready for the day.

So, do as you will but I'm hoping you will scroll back up and take another look at Mr Posey's work.

(At first I called him Marvin but that sucks as it annoys me when Clinton wants me to think of her as Hillary.  I admire Posey's work but I don't know him so maybe we would get along, maybe we wouldn't.  I like the German way with that in which you're Misters with each other until you agree you're not.)