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Bring Your Chicken to California but Don't Bring Chick-Fil-A | They Hate It

HuffPost:  This Map Shows Which Food People Hate The Most In Each State

Although California was base enough to support Hillary Clinton, they have taste enough to hate Chick-Fil-A.

Zen Yogi:  is California cool now?

Nah but they get some points.  Everyone who isn't a fag-bashing fucktard hates Chick-Fil-A already so it isn't a huge score when California hates them too.  Apparently they hate them more, tho.

The interested student will need to refer to the original article but another part of the map shows people in Rhode Island hate capers.

Zen Yogi:  how is it even possible to hate capers?

They dig clams out of the disgusting mud in tidal areas and call those delicious so their judgment on other types of food should be taken with all due caution.

Contrary to what you might think, not everyone in the U.S. loves chicken nuggets. 

Or so says the dating app Hater, which matches users based on the things they hate. Users can swipe to show approval or dislike for a person, activity, item or concept, including food. Since February, more than 600,000 users have swiped on the app’s 3,000 topics over 100 million times, a spokesman told HuffPost.

- HuffPost

Zen Yogi:  that's sick

It's genius.  Half a million hateful people can't be wrong.

Zen Yogi:  sure, they can.  They usually are.


#Photography for the Unusual 8/24

Bournemouth, England, UK

Mermaiding instructor Michelle Forsbrey speaks with students of her Mayim Mermaid academy during a lesson on Boscombe beach

Photograph: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Good luck guessing how one teaches mermaiding.

Karachi, Pakistan

A man shaves decorative markings into a sacrificial camel’s fur before the Eid al-Adha festival. The holiday is the holiest of the two celebrated by Muslims each year

Photograph: Rehan Khan/EPA

Tokyo, Japan

Pussy galore: Japanese lucky cat statues (Maneki Neko) are offered at Gotokuji temple

Photograph: Issei Kato/Reuters

In other news:  cats are lucky?

Beijing, China

A child holding an entrance ticket watches a self-learning robot during the World Robot Conference at the Yichuang International Conference and Exhibition Centre

Photograph: Andy Wong/AP

Phoenix, Arizona, US

A protester sits on Second Street in front of a row of riot police trying to clear the area around the Phoenix Convention Center after President Donald Trump spoke at a rally in the city

Photograph: Michael Chow/DDP/Barcroft Images

Tiananmen Square revisited.

What Evils Are Republicans Not Willing to Accommodate

After being advised the CIA is a necessary evil, I had to wonder just how many other evils the Republicans are willing to tolerate as necessary.

Reagan funded the Mujahadeen in the Eighties via the CIA and the same CIA has been fighting their descendants, quite unsuccessfully, for the last seventeen years.  That was presented as a necessary evil but it looks more appropriate for the Really Fucking Stupid category.

Naturally, they blamed that on Russia since their excuse playlist doesn't change much.

They're willing to tolerate countless people drowning in the Med since it's not my problem; sure sucks to be to be a migrant.  That was after America bombed the hell out of the countries in which the migrants lived.

They're willing to tolerate the slaughter of Palestinians by Israel because they believe in God even though they typically quote the Old Testament incorrectly and kill every motherfucker they possibly can so it's more like they're incompetent Israelis than followers of Jesus.

They don't have a problem with NAZIs as we saw in the Parade of Abject Pusillanimity from Trump to Ryan with waffling about the evils of stormstroopers.  The same people try to identify ANTIFA as terrorists but ANTIFA gives the only ones with balls to stand up to the NAZIs; sure as hell, Washington doesn't.

They don't have a problem with racism since they have gerrymandered the holy fuck out of the areas with many black people to marginalize their voting power.

The death penalty is a necessary evil because of course it is when they can kill someone and especially when they say they do it for righteousness.  As to do what it does to the executioners, well, that's a necessary evil too but the rich don't give a fuck since the executioners are just proles anyway.

They big deal the hell out of abortion but that has no more to do with medicine than their anti-vaxx.  They're just snake oil Bible salesmen.

Zen Yogi:  it doesn't look like there's any evil they're not willing to accommodate

No-one has found one yet although they will tell you they're blessed by God because they took Jesus into their hearts.

Zen Yogi:  it sounds like either Jesus doesn't work or they're lying

So what's your guess, Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  they lie out the fuckin' wazoo

Note:  Democrats are little different and we have seen NAZIs parading in the streets but Hillary Clinton's only reaction was to push another bullshit book for corporate symps.  She's a real freedom fighter, that one ... so long as the thing she breaks free is money and it comes to her.

What's Hot on the Blog 8/23


Zen Yogi:  these wine grapes aren't for eatin; these wine grapes are for throwin'

Take the Fair - she has an exceptional but not identical resemblance to ML

We Walked - this one is hopeful for what comes without profiteers

What's Hot

Zen Yogi:  there are so many books waiting to be written ... and so many which really fucking shouldn't

What If - details, details but hopefully amusement intersprinkled

Cadillac Man - the problem isn't to reduce whacking statues but rather to demolish a whole lot more of them and not just from the Civil War


Mississippi Orange - she's the Tulsi Gabbard of cats (poem)

The Governor - the history of America turning the guns on the citizens is long and brutal

If You Know an Adult Who Still Plays with LEGO Blocks ... and Snakes

Rare:  Snake hunters flushed a five-foot poisonous snake out of a child’s LEGO set

Zen Yogi:  cripes, Silas, that's an eastern brown snake, the second most poisonous snake in the world

Don't worry, Yogi, since this was in Australia and the worst of the poisonous snakes over here wear business suits.

Australian snake hunters had their GoPro camera running last week as they responded to a call near Gold Coast, a city in Queensland, Australia.

Their client, a homeowner, had called about a snake in their child’s playroom. They identified the snake as a carpet python, a common (and relatively harmless) species.

But Inside Edition reports that Tony and Brooke Harrison, the Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catchers, instead found a five-foot eastern brown snake — the second most poisonous snake on Earth.

- Rare

ML:  you aren't going to roll out that old snake story from the back yard, are you?

Nooooo, I still remember the look on your face.

Zen Yogi:  what snake story?

See, Yogi, there was a snake who grew up hating the fact he was a snake but his Mama told him, "If you wish really hard on that bright star then things will change."

Zen Yogi:  what happened?

Well, nothin', Yogi.  That only works in Disney movies ... but ... he went to sleep under a big oak tree and that's where Mother Gaia found him.  She granted his wish that he would never kill again.

Zen Yogi:  how did she do that?

She took his fuckin' guns, mate.

Zen Yogi:  this isn't the ML snake story, is it?

It is now, pal.

Zen Yogi and the Sebastiani Vineyard in the Napa Valley

Grapes from Napa Valley, California

Some say the Napa Valley produces the finest grapes on the planet and others may argue with them but we don't really care since we figure they must grow fairly good grapes in many places.

Zen Yogi:  I like grapes

I thought you didn't like drinking, Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  I don't but I like to throw them across the room to see if I can land them in a glass cup.

This probably won't work out like beer pong, buddy.

Zen Yogi: that's ok as I'm not trying to get into a fraternity anyway

It's kind of wasteful, Yogi.  Why not eat the grapes?

Zen Yogi:  wine grapes aren't for eatin'; wine grapes are for throwin'

I see.

I went to the Sebastiani Vineyards in the NAPA Valley so long ago it must have been even before I was married.

Zen Yogi:  how was it?

It was nice.

Zen Yogi:  that's it?

Well, it was as nice as going to a California vineyard on an early Spring day can be.

Zen Yogi:  that's all you remember?

Yep, it was nice.  Usually people don't remember holidays unless they're total disasters and then we remember every millisecond.

Zen Yogi:  humans are fucked-up, Silas

Tell me about it, mate.

Zen Yogi:  you suck for nostalgia, Silas

Yah, but it could be worse.

Zen Yogi:  how about it be worse?

I could be good at nostalgia.

(bubbles start falling from the ceiling, soft piano music starts, and Dean Martin starts singing in a low voice)

Zen Yogi:  enough, enough.  I get it.

You're welcome (takes a humble bow).

"Mississippi Orange and the Homegirl" #Poetry

Mississippi Orange swatted the Interloper
and shocked that bullying cow
as she will tolerate the Interloper's presence
but don't come fuckin' with my chow
The Homegirl was just watching
she gets a bowl all to herself
but then I pour another
for Orange on a different shelf

Timid Grey always comes behind her
She and Orange get along so well
but they see that Grey Interloper
and that bitch can go to hell
She ran off Gabriela
and the court will not forgive
so when the Interloper comes around
they will always get combative

We don't know where the Grey One goes
and, frankly, we don't care
but should she be silly enough to return
she should expect a damn good scare
and that's how it goes on the porch
where it had rained but now is better
they all know how the script plays out
usually doing it to the letter

The Interloper will keep trying
she's fat and pushy and wants her fill
but she shouldn't fuck with street cats
since there's no way she eats until
they push away for their busy days
where they must really not be late
since there's plenty here for everyone
and that bitch can fucking wait

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones


Grey Interloper / Hillary Clinton
Mississippi Orange / Tulsi Gabbard
Homegirl / Maggie May
Timid Grey / Alan Kurdi

Zen Yogi:  why is Mississippi Orange played by Tulsi Gabbard?

She shares, mate.

What If There's No Executor | What About the Bloody CDs, Silas

The executor, or personal representative, is the person responsible for carrying out the instructions in a will once the person who wrote the will, or the testator, has passed. The testator is allowed to choose any competent adult to serve as executor, and most wills appoint an executor of the estate. However, if the will does not mention an executor, the probate court will appoint someone to be the executor.

legalzoom:  What If There Is No Named Executor in a Will?

Although I have almost nothing, there are still shit details which need to be resolved.

The CDs listed on the sidebar might as well be shadows but that may not always be true.  With me poofed, there's no-one to get the payout and that's stupid.

Zen Yogi:  it's untidy too

Thanks for that tip, Yogi.  You sound like my ol' Dad, Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  did your ol' Dad ever go out to steal pic-a-nic baskets with you?

Good point, Yogi.  He would have been good at it, tho, since he was skinny and he was fast; he was a total ectomorph.

Zen Yogi:  what the hell is an ectomorph?

The ectomorphs are shape-shifters, Yogi.  They're said to look like skinny people but that's only when other people can see them.

Zen Yogi:  you are skinny, Silas

Yes, I am one of them and my favorite shape is an octopus since I can type, play the piano, and abuse myself while still having enough tentacles to eat potato chips.

Zen Yogi:  you are sick, Silas

Amazingly, I might have heard that before.

Zen Yogi: you can't play piano anyway

Yah, I know since I fuckin' broke it.  Broke me damn heart it did since I never before pulled kit out of the studio when I really wanted to keep it.

Zen Yogi:  look at the bright side since now you have two spare tentacles

Thanks, Yogi.

The executor and management of how such an entity is defined, etc are worries to Yevette and of course they are since any crash is harder to watch than to experience.  I know that because I've been in a fuckload of them.

Making a Will does not solve the immediate problem of keeping do-gooders far the hell away from me during the worst of things.  More importantly, the paperwork keeps them off Yevette's ass if any difficult decision needs to be made.  They're the Inquisitors and only valid legal paperwork can hold them off.  I have those documents in-hand so the executor sets the last piece of any puzzle of Things Which Need to Be Done.

Booboo:  how can you be so cold about this?  Don't you know it hurts people to see it?

I'm quite sure I'm not cold, Booboo, although I do like a blanket for lying down.  I do appreciate the pain it causes but that can only be ameliorated by reason.  One of the greatest gifts from my ol' Mother was the way she was entirely dispassionate about any aspect of the croak out.  That told me of her preparation and also of her peace.

When she was dying I told my sibs she was setting herself free and setting us free at the same time.  She knew it too.

Booboo:  did they get it?

Nope.  I suck as a Zen Master (larfs).

Regardless of anyone else's acceptance I have total confidence she was at peace with her situation, she just didn't want it to hurt any more than bloody necessary.

Hopefully it's apparent the situation is the same with me.  My preference is to stay to be the ever-scintillating radiance of dissidence but that can't happen so I just don't want it to hurt any more than bloody necessary.

Zen Yogi:  that gives you zero degrees of separation from anyone else on the planet

I know, Yogi, but sometimes or many times, they don't.

The pain situation is still not a kill shot at this time.  If it were constant, there would be no choice with the morphine since it's got to fucking stop or considerably cool off.  Typically the worst comes in stabs and that's Legba with his best sword fighting.

Legba:  I am killing you so stop your whining

You're not killing me, motherfucker; you're just reminding me that you can.  Piss off.

Legba:  you're not much of a warrior

You're not much of a Devil with your meth and Viagra.  You sound like the Rodney Dangerfield of fucking demonism.  Take my life ... please.  Fuck you.

Zen Yogi:  is this supposed to be funny?

Death is funnier than you may realize.  It's not that funny while you still think you're immortal, tho.

Zen Yogi:  how long does that last?

Usually right up until people start doing it themselves.

"Death is easy.  Comedy is hard." - Noel Coward

Cadillac Man, Let's Whack More Statues Rather than Less

There was a good review of the status of the Civil War whacking with Cadillac Man as one of his favorite themes is regarding your frame of reference since we rarely share the same one and it's impossible to have the same one as those from different points in time because, for example, any kid under about fifteen has never known for a second a world at peace.  Many of us have seen interludes in America where they pretended to change, at least until they started the next war.

Zen Yogi:  Booboo knows many frames of reference

How does he do that, Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  he has a time machine he got from Doctor Peabody.  He saw the JFK assassination because he was there.

Ref:  "Rocky and Bullwinkle Show"

Wow.  What happened, Booboo?

Booboo:  I don't know because I got hungry so I went to look for something to eat

That was one of the biggest things of the Twentieth Century, Booboo.

Booboo:  Hiroshima was big but that day in Dallas was just a sad event in a bad time

I guess we'll never know.

Booboo:  I could go back again since that was back when McDonald's still fried everything in animal fat and the fries tasted sooooo good, not like today's recycled cardboard with artificial flavor

No need, Booboo, since we need to know so many other things as well like what was Coca Cola like when it still had cocaine in it?

Booboo:  the Pope at that time said it was really good but I just thought it was kind of ok.  All bear scientists agree Pepsi is better anyway and it never had cocaine in it.

CM:  that was because of the Pope's frame of reference, Silas

Indeed it was, CM.  Frame of reference is what permitted Muhammad to marry a nine-year-old when he was fifty.  All kinds of twisted shit makes sense when viewed from the frame of reference at the time.

Booboo:  that's time traveling

Well, Booboo, there's time traveling and then there's time traveling with McDonald's animal fat french fries, isn't there.

Booboo:  it's definitely better with the french fries

Inquisitor:  how dare you consider it ok for Muhammad to marry a nine-year-old, you damnable sinner?

Take it easy, Hat Man, since you're the sick fuck who assumes he was boning her.  Your frame of reference is nasty, narrow, and wicked.

What say instead of whacking only the Civil War statues, we go after a whole lot more of them.  For example all of the statues of Presidents for anyone from Truman through present need to be turned into stone dust because all dispatched CIA death squads.  There's got to be one for J. Edgar Hoover so that savage bastard needs to come down.

Zen Yogi:  you just don't like statues, Silas

Well, I like good statues and some asshole on a horse with a sword isn't going to do it.  Seeing that is artistically the same as an infernal marching band but without the fucking tubas.

Zen Yogi:  so what is the inner sense of the state statues?  What is their motivation; what is their purpose, Silas?

The only time the state ever builds a statue is to tell the people it can kill us any time it fucking feels like it.  Obey.

Thus, the Rockhouse rests, we don't need to stop destroying statues but rather destroy a fuckload more of them.

There's some bubbling about tearing down Christopher Columbus and the Rockhouse is fine with it.  The Rockhouse is pleased to be part of whacking that phony, evil imposter.  They also want to whack George Washington and ostensibly because he owned slaves.

CM:  that's going too far

Sure it is as they're looking for pizza in a French restaurant with that kind of trip and it means they won't get any pizza while they get the Frogs extremely pissed.

CM:  maybe you forget those Frogs helped Washington win the Revolutionary War?

Noooo, we don't; unknown what frame of reference is held by those who will tear down Washington's statue.

The idea of a frame of reference maybe comes as a fundamental in the History curriculum but, regardless, it's a useful tool when considering the unbelievably shitty things people have done and get some understanding of why they did them.  The why won't make them any less shitty but it will probably make them more comprehensible.

The Governor Jim Rhodes / Richard Nixon Awards

While American cops win the Jim Rhodes Award year after year for killing so many citizens (i.e. 1000+) per year, after their endemic racism they don't bring much but Jim Rhodes gave us one of the best examples of American totalitarianism we have seen when he decided, fuck it, I'm going to waste some peace pussies.  Then he killed four unarmed protestors of the Vietnam War at Kent State.  (WIKI:  Jim Rhodes)

The most recent analog to that was when President Nobel Peace Prize crushed the eyeballs out of OWS coast to coast.  He didn't murder them as had Rhodes / Nixon but not for lack of trying and even Jim Rhodes wasn't macing unarmed girls.

Note:  we were characterized as terrorists back then as well but they characterized Martin Luther King as one specifically.  They're making ANTIFA the terrorists now and you know every time with America is now they will start murdering us in full earnest.

Zen Yogi:  if Jesus had come back, they would have whacked him too ... and felt self-righteous as Pontius Pilate about it.

What makes you think they didn't do it already, mate?  If Jesus were wandering about in Palestine, Netanyahu would have whacked him in a helicopter attack in a heartbeat.

For the latest prize, we have the way cops went after protestors at the Phoenix white power rally today featuring Donald Trump where General Kelly was ashamed of appearing on-stage with him, possibly because he was aware the protestors were being gassed with pepper spray and unknown what else.

It's important to ass-licking state apologists to cast ANTIFA as the enemy but so were the peace pussies when Jim Rhodes shot them.  The first stage of their regime is always to dehumanize their enemies and has been for at least fifty years; not surprisingly, the state's enemies are many.  Half the voters didn't even turn out for their bullshit shadow dance in 2016.

We have seen their shit before and it will cost blood to resist those totalitarian bastards.  We're the ones who will be losing the blood since pigs like President Flock of Seagulls go back to their middens at the first sign of upset but that fat ass piece of shit has been doing that all through his rich, white-privileged life.  He starts a fight and leaves someone else for the combat.

Maybe some of you recall how the protestors were covered in blood in the prelude to the Days of Rage at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968.  Cop thuggery hasn't evolved more than millimeters since that day and they're doing it again with ANTIFA only this time it's a much bigger war since their manic racism is going to die or ANTIFA will die with it.

They can play that for the win if they like and they're simple, evil bastards so they probably will but there is no win.  There is only peace if the Fascists stand down and let humanity prevail.

Some of you stand for humanity and others stand for America but doing both at the same time makes no logical sense.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"We Walked a Frozen Wasteland" #Poetry

The land could be sheer beauty
but they don't want to listen
about mountains in their stature
where the snow always glistens
and rivers run so clean
you would freely bathe a child
while the Sun shines without burning
as we live within the wild

It's where animals have no worries
and the people have no fears
Old problems are far behind us
but that took so many years
Now nothing is endangered
since we found the perfect peace
where everything is balanced
with all of it in reach

We walked a frozen wasteland
to find this sanctuary now
and here we found the settlement
and we celebrate the Tao
For only this is real peace
with no false or empty cause
and no cynical release
we hold only freedom's laws

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

Zen Yogi on the Book he Considers Writing

Zen Yogi:  here goes ... how about "Jonathan Livingston Seagull Meets President Flock of Seagulls?"

Just no, Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  so how about "The Most Dumbass Ways People Have Found to Kill themselves Taking Selfies."

Is there enough material for that, Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  there's enough material to fill an encyclopedia but I only want the best ones because it's what my readers expect

You have readers, Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  well, it's what my readers would expect if I had any readers

What leads you to believe anyone wants to see such a book, Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  it's because they keep doing it and today some Canucks tried that outstanding Canadian game of Train vs Mandroids Who Want Selfies so that ended up the way it usually does.

That's horrifying, Yogi.  Did any of them die?

Zen Yogi: no and that again illustrates Psalm LVII:  the Lord favors the Dumb Ass

That doesn't really tell you anyone wants to see a book, Yogi.  It only shows an extraordinary number of those who take selfies won't be showing up for evolution.

Zen Yogi:  there's not much evidence they showed up in the first place, Silas

This idea sucks, Yogi.

How about a nice book about buttercups, Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  who cares about buttercups?

Not many, Yogi, since they live in city hellzones and have never seen them but the book would still be good.

Zen Yogi:  why?

Because you could work the talk show tour to bitch about how these unwashed mechanified morons know nothing about buttercups.

Zen Yogi:  why would I enjoy that more than eating Brussels sprouts with strawberries on pasta, Silas?

You wouldn't but you could be soooo righteous about it.

Zen Yogi:  I don't think I want to write a book anymore, Silas

It's probably best, Yogi.

#Photography for the Unusual 8/23

Tokyo, Japan

Women dressed in yukata, casual summer kimonos, walk through torii gates at the Nezu shrine

Photograph: Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters

London, UK

Flower power: a man drives an elaborately decorated Saab through Oxford Circus

Photograph: John Walton/PA

At least one other freak remains alive, mates.

New York City, US

A man dressed as the Statue of Liberty watches a partial solar eclipse

Photograph: Xinhua/Barcroft Images

Possibly the perfect costume for when you really don't understand why the party is happening.

Cape Town, South Africa

Baboons monkey around at Cape Point

Photograph: Dan Callister/Rex/Shutterstock

Before you want to cuddle, do be sure to check out the size of their teeth.

Sydney, Australia

Opera Australia cast members dance in costume outside the Sydney Opera House, during a preview of their production of Shostakovich’s The Nose

Photograph: David Moir/EPA

Mates, those definitely don't look like potatoes.

"Take the Fair Face of Woman" | Sophie Anderson

"Take the Fair Face of Woman" by Sophie Anderson

At first this looks like a work from Neoclassical times but not with all those butterflies.  Apparently Sophie Anderson is a contemporary artist and there are many more examples of her work online.

Zen Yogi:  is she the Mystery Lady?

No, ML has freckles so she would be "Take the Fair with Freckles Face of Woman."

Zen Yogi:  I like freckles

Me too, Yogi.  They're good for spotting vampires too.

Zen Yogi:  WTF?

Vampires never have freckles, mate.

ML sometimes likes to take somber works from the past and do just as with this one since they need butterflies.  The original artist just didn't see it.

Here's much more detail on Sophie Anderson and thank you, ML, for finding her.  It turns out she spent part of her painting career in Cincinnati.  (WIKI:  Sophie Gengembre Anderson)

What's Hot on the Blog 8/22



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The Logical Flaw - fiscal conservatism is just the bait since that isn't the deal they really make

Well, Well - the show is not for kids but there's no evidence a kid ever came here anyway

You Haven't - thirty hummingbirds at a pool party and who ever saw that before

New Strategy - President Flock of Seagulls gets brave with your kids

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