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Pastor Flees Naked After Being Caught by Jealous Husband with a Gun

Sometimes the Bird must fly again.

I can wait all day for stories like this and still never see one but today the Bird flies again.  (USA Today:  Fla. pastor flees naked and afraid, begs forgiveness for tryst)

You're kind of feelin' it already, aren't you, darlin' ... but it gets better.

To his congregation:

“I’m hurting because I’ve hurt you,” Simmons said Jan. 22.  “I can’t speak to people on the outside. I am not Tallahassee’s pastor.  I am not Florida’s pastor. I am Jacob Chapel’s pastor.  It hurts me that you have to defend my actions.  You cannot defend sin,” he continued to loud applause from the congregation.

- USA Today

I tell you what, Fred.  I see you were right that he would go for the victim play and next I'm predicting he will beg contritely for God's forgiveness.

Jimmy Swaggart smiles.

Bird, bird, bird,
bird is the word

For Any Underground Construction, Elon Musk Will Lead It

Elon Musk came up with an answer to maddeningly-crowded city streets due to traffic and, as always, he delivered it with a disarmingly simple solution:  tunnel underground.  Before groaning overmuch at the thought of returning to the Rock City, if there's anything we know about Elon Musk it's that he will do whatever he says.  (RT:  Elon Musk revs up plans for LA underground car tunnel)

If you dig into the article a bit, you will find he talks calmly of going down thirty layers so the Rock City envisioned here at the Rockhouse isn't such an extreme extension given that type of construction taking place already or at least in the near future.

People have consistently walked away from the idea of robos replacing human jobs but perhaps they will listen when even CNN starts saying it.  (CNN:  Rise of the machines: Fear robots, not China or Mexico)

These types of concepts aren't comforting to people and may even be disturbing.  Plan B is deny any of it could ever happen so I can find a suit and make big bucks saying that on MSM but reality doesn't jibe well with that lot.  I've brought many examples to you and the most recent was regarding big-dollar investment in autonomous big rig trucks.  (Ithaka:  Big Rig Trucks of the Future ... Look Beautiful)

We can deny evolution in action all we like but it happens anyway and you have seen the billions going into autonomous devices of any kind.

It wasn't much consolation for one to hear there will still be personal automobiles in the future but you will only be able to legally drive them on tracks and it will be hella expensive.  Maybe there's some irony for you in that humans are fairly good at driving fast than we are at driving slowly.  People crack up constantly when we must keep pace with each other but robos do that effortlessly, seamlessly, and, here's the corporate beauty part, inexpensively.

Maybe there's futility in expressing a case which is routinely rejected, at least to some extent, but the vision is clear and I may not like it since I have always enjoyed driving ... but I can't ignore my own crack-ups on the road which have been many and varied.

There's no way I will jinx the person by giving away the identity but I do know one who has never been in an automobile accident.  That individual makes the only person I have met in sixty-six years who can even come near the safety record of a robo.

This entire subject arena is a giant ten-point toss-up question since any aspect may be illuminating to someone or even take it in some new direction.  I want a room full of Nobel Prize winners so we can set them up in some cool place with all kinds of gizmos, drugs, and hookers so we can beseech them, "Here's all the cool stuff so just sit around and think up things."

Ed:  why do they need you?

To fill up the water bowls.  It would be a shit job, tho, since running that lot would be listening to some subset of the profs talking about how another subset of the profs is 'crucifying them intellectually.'  Someone has to sort that.

Ed:  you think you will outsmart them?

Noooo.  My hope is to grow thick enough skin to handle it since the mediator always gets slashed.

Anarchy in the Not So Brave New World

Fifty percent of the people maintain a vibe of something between contempt and complete disinterest in any of the other voters.  About fifty percent of the remainder is more or less evenly split into two camps each of which believes is led by the New Messiah and that gives some clues on why dogs chase their own tails as, amazingly, that doesn't lead anyone anywhere either.

Some aspect of a woman's movement along with the World's Largest Yeast infection and barely literate support from CNN have been shrieking stridently but not convincingly about the need for a Revolution, Impeachment, or at least a cast on "The View" which offers something more than jelly rolls and swell parting gifts for the kids.

They so much feel the injustice experienced by Hillary "Big Bucks" Clinton and her witty and funny cast of CIA godfathers, paper tiger generals, and miscellaneous Middle Eastern weapons financiers.

The other minority which thinks it's a majority has been starting fires with great enthusiasm and the biggest hit so far was closing to the borders to Muslims from half a dozen countries or so.  Some admire Trump's reasoned response to something which seems to be a serious problem but the majority asks, just what the fuck do you think he will do after he gets away with that.

The Statue of Liberty weeps.

The general premise throughout Washington is the business of politics is too complicated for you to understand and therefore much must be classified to protect you from it.  The reality is Senators and Representatives get, in effect, lifetime sinecures and they keep those luxy positions toasty warm by deliberately contriving law so they're the only ones who know what's in it but frequently they have never even read it and vote as they are told.

Washington politicians make at least $175,000 annually and they only show up for work on less than one hundred and fifty scheduled days.

The anarchy grows but it still doesn't appear to mean all that much.  As with practically everything else with Clinton supporters, when it counted (i.e. Standing Rock), they weren't there.  Obama was bringing the state guns down hard on Standing Rock just as he did on Occupy Wall Street until he was publicly embarrassed for it but Trump won't stop and the anarchists won't stop him.  They get off too much on their own noise-making and, by the way, where are the cameras.

"Peggy Sue Messed Up . . . and Other Poems" - Susan Cossette Eng

Dark and dangerous content wrapped in pink taffeta and topped with a tiara.  You can take the girl out of suburbia, but what happens when you take suburbia out of the girl?  In her first collection of poetry, Susan Cossette Eng uses her own memories to take us behind the curtain to see – and feel – what it means to be a woman in 21st century America.  Though the experiences are uniquely hers, you can’t help but feel there is some universal truth that is being exposed as the emotions of rage, confusion, desire, disillusionment and pain come tumbling off the page – sometimes agonizingly so. 

Peggy Sue Messed Up . . . and other poems

Susan Cossette Eng earned her B.A. and M.A. in English at the University of Connecticut at Storrs, where she was a two-time recipient of the Wallace Stevens Poetry Prize.  More of her work may be found at her Web site, the Muse Palace.

The rear cover of the book is difficult to read but it's covered with praises about the work.

Susan Cossette Eng's passion glows with a sharp beauty in this grenade of a volume - Ralph Nazareth

I've known Susan for quite a few years ago and I have listened while she gave readings on Second Life and then branched out to doing readings locally near her home wherever she could get a gig.  Through the time she has kept working on writing more poetry and now she has published her first fulfillment in print.

My knowledge of Susan's work is not comprehensive enough for a detailed review but I can definitely say you will find great personal power of expression deriving in large part from an angst which is known to many but is rarely well-stated.  She doesn't tell stories of holding hands while looking with someone at ducks in the park but some start in similar ways.

And why not take a chance on it ... she did.

Susan gave the greatest compliment ever to my own poetry when she said she wanted this one played at her funeral.

Don't get too carried away with music and funerals since I hear "Peggy Sue Messed Up" and she has some other stories to tell you as well.  Go forth and eat the ice cream.

What's Hot on the Blog 1/31

Jan 30, 2017, 1 comment

Escalating - excellent to see such interest in opposition to the Dakota Pipeline

What's Hot

Full Bore - planning for a nuke war only has one outcome and Congress is trying to do that

Hairy - Hare Krishna comes to Bloom County

CAN - krautrock from some time in the Sixties

"White Offerings" - one of the latest from A.F.I. and in some stage of pre-release (whatever that means)

Big Rig - ultra coolness in futuristic big rigs and you can see there are big dollars behind development

The Liberal - he's an extremely bright guy who cuts through a whole mountain of pundit chaff

Racism - it goes forward / backward with Obama when people sing unwarranted praises for him

The Rotten - spectacular structure in space

CAN Comes from the Dark and Distant

The hippest of the hippity happening may have been aware of CAN from the Sixties but I wasn't that cool.  They're as krautrock as any band can get but I pick up vibes of Grateful Dead, some Doors, and a pile of high-end brainpower.  That may lead to thinking of King Crimson but listen to discover for yourself.

Note:  the above is not to imply any copying but rather it's a sense which comes to anyone so far out on the edge.

Jaki Liebezeit was the drummer for CAN and the subject of the band came up because he recently died at seventy eight.  His death got a great deal of notice since he was regarded by many as the best in the world.  As above, listen and make your own call.

This seems the band most centered for the German rock intelligentsia since they're not just fans but disciples of CAN.

A long-time krautrock favorite has been Tangerine Dream but they seem somewhat softer even when I know they can deliver huge power in live.  Tangerine Dream did many movie themes but so did CAN and maybe a good enough score lifts the movie up toward being a modern opera.  I don't see anything lesser in that type of writing and, if anything, it's probably much more difficult than composing something out of the blue just because it seemed the moment for it.

WTF Is This Woman Doing

- Summoning Neptunataka, the Great God of the Lake, so she can feel him in her heart, mind, and nether region

- Crying out, "Some day this can be the cooling water for a nuke plant!"

- So "Splashdance" is my movie idea, see


She's come twenty miles and up a mountain in her two-hundred dollar hiking boots and she found a lake.  She still has to hike all the way back again but then she can tell them, with great satisfaction, "Yah, I found a lake."

The cool mountain people go up there in Bavaria in the Spring with their cows and stay so the cows can graze in the mountain pastures.  They come back down again in the Autumn with the cows covered in flowers if the herders were able to keep them all alive, bring back any which had wandered off, etc.

I don't grok this walking up there to find a lake.  I know this probably isn't different for her than it was for me going up to the mountains for skiing.  I had a reason so I went up.  I just don't grok what her reason may be.

One of Best All-Time Killer Queen Scenes from a Movie

From "Roxy and Michele's High School Reunion," we have justice presented to the Queen of the Mean Girls.

The scene is prime justice for going direct to the jugular on some major asshole but I don't remember any Queen Bitch from my high school.

Ed:  which one?

Good point.  There were four and my first was Davis, California.  The class beauty was Cristy McNichol and perhaps the name is misspelled but there's no attempt to offend since I have nothing nasty to say about her.  That's not because of a latent crush since I hardly knew her and maybe she really was a Holy Bitch but I was such a dork I never would have known it anyway.  For all I knew, she was a sweet and pretty girl and everyone thought she was great; that was about it.

So I have no need for a time machine to go back to find justice in high school and I've found one of the best things about a high school in adult life has been living where a high school isn't.

Ed:  but you still voted for school tax levies!

Of course I did but voting for their education doesn't mean I want to hang about with them while they acquire it.

Ed:  why do all these turn out about you?

It's not about me, mate, but Everyman's High School Experience and the story in the movie tells one immediately recognizable to people ... except I don't recognize it.

Ed:  because you're a dork!

That does seem the science of it.

Despite the huff and puff, teaching is something I might have liked and for the same reason my ol' Dad enjoyed it.  Lightin' fires in those junior rocket people could be a marvel to behold.

Now I Eat ... Because I Fuckin' Can

The glorious comedy of the Silas Colonoscopy has already been reviewed but I'm still revealing in the post-colonoscopy time, otherwise known as the Time of Engorgement.  After two days with nothing of any substance, engorging myself now feels just fine.  (Ithaka:  A Beacon in the Annals of Alimentary Illumination: the Silas Colonoscopy)

The whole deal in the preparation for a colonoscopy is don't do anything which would give them reason to wave you off to start over for another go on another day.  After the Manchurian Water Treatment, a wave off must be avoided using any practical measures.  If that means drinking the Atlantic Ocean then fuckin' drink it.

Ed:  why the reference to the Atlantic Ocean?

The fluid is bland with a slight salty taste and is about as awful as a drink can get.  It's the type of beverage to give to a suicidal person when you're tired of his bitching.

Drink a gallon of that ... quickly.

Ed:  you must not be suicidal!

Apparently not after that.

The reason for a second comment is this time was different from any previous procedure of that nature since those required a Fleet enema but that doesn't happen until the night before the show.  That was an unpleasant procedure but it was over relatively quickly so, ok, I can hack it.  The new-and-improved added the whole first day since my understanding was no chow on Day One or Day Two.

I didn't have anything but some Seven-Up on Sunday and that's probably the most worthless drink in the world since it's suitable only for serving alcohol to sissies who never should have been drinking it in the first place.  An even worse example is putting whisky in Coke as hearing of that abomination will make any mountain man cry.

Ed:  and nothin' to eat?

Negatory on nutrition, Tony Tiger.

I don't need much but I do need something and 7-Up was just insulting ... but I did that to myself since I'm the one who fetched it.

There was one surprise since there was a question of when was the last time I used illegal drugs.  There was no question about when I last took legal drugs in an illegal state so I assumed the first question meant me and I answered with 'periodic marijuana.'

Ed:  you know they read that to mean 'stoned constantly,' right?

Sure, that's why I write it.  They didn't say anything and I assume the question means they want to confront anyone using narcotics.

Ed:  wouldn't someone like that lie?

Not if he wants to get clean.

Ed:  do you want to get clean?

Nope ... but I don't use narcotics anyway.

Ed:  are you smoking it now?

You mean while I'm typing?

This is the glorious day after in which I don't have to do anything and I fuckin' won't except stuff my face just because I can and I will drink Pepsi just because I can and who's going to say I'm wrong since I ain't got no polyps.

Ed:  if this breaks to the I Ain't Got No Polyps Blues, I'm getting my gun!

Oh, right.  There you go pouring Niagara Falls to drown my vulnerable soul again to wash away all the joy in the Universe.

Identifying Poisonous Fruit in Nature

Surely you have heard the biggest warning ever since you were a little kid when Mother told you never, ever eat the little red berries.

Now what do you do.

Although that thing may look like hanging death, maybe you have already identified the green parts at the bottom as baby cashews.  The red part is not poisonous and is known as a cashew apple.  The skin of the fruit (i.e. the apple part) is fragile so cashew apples are not suitable for shipping.

Ed:  tell me at least they can be fermented to make booze.

It's your lucky day, Bud Light.  (WIKI:  Cashew)

Big Rig Trucks of the Future ... Look Beautiful

The Wal-Mart truck is my favorite and that one is gorgeous.  That impression has nothing to do with Wal-Mart since Peterbilt is inside every part of the truck and the design is incredible.  The other vehicles don't require a driver and all of them are planned for the road by 2025 which means the Peterbilt truck is probably already obsolete.

It appears these companies put some big dollars into the promotions for these vehicles so that alone may show you how seriously they are taking the conversion to autonomous trucking.

Here's another example and the buses are much less impressive but they're live on Paris roads, albeit only a few hundred meters of them, right now.  (RT:  Not sci-fi anymore: Paris introduces first driverless buses (PHOTOS))

- RT

Escalating Opposition to the Dakota Pipeline Goons - #NoDAPL

Report from Russia Today:

Check out Captain Lily White as he speaks about the situation in North Dakota and that loathsome bastard even tried to imply the people at Standing Rock are not Indians but then he backed off with 'some of them are.'

The free people of America are standing up to statist wimps like him and especially to the vicious goons the Dakota Pipeline company has been sending up to use rubber bullets, water cannon, and all the things which allow them to haughtily say, well, this isn't the same as Wounded Knee.

RT:  Protests against DAPL likely to intensify, massive anger in Dakota – local radio host

RT:  'This fight means my kids will have drinking water': 16yo arrested protesting pipeline in Texas

Some number of the protests around the country just now are Hollywood hoaxes but that's not true at Standing Rock.  The Indians and those who stand with them have been losing blood for a long while. Obama did nothing for them and Trump has shown he will not either.  Obama already threw his legacy away with such failures and Trump is seriously underestimating the people as well.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Liberal Redneck Speaks About Banning Muslims

The regulars know there's no Rockhouse disrespect for Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck.  He's smart, well-educated, and he can talk redneck like he grew up with it ... which he did.

In case you have not been following him, Crowder has been touring constantly with two fellow comedians, he has published at least one book, he has at least one CD ... light that fire, Liberal Redneck.

Note:  he went far too soft on Hillary Clinton but his lucidity overall is the much-hoped contrast with the political Pablum everywhere else.

Ed:  not a 'stark contrast?'

With today's feckin' cheesehead journos, every damn contrast is stark.  Pfft.

Hairy, Hairy Fishnuts, Fishnuts Fishnuts, Hairy Hairy - Bloom County

Since we want all the classics.

The Rotten Nebula for Interstellar Spectacle

The Rotten Egg Nebula picked up its name due to the presence of high concentrations of sulfur.  All you need with that is hydrogen to make hydrogen sulfide, the rotten egg smell.  There's plenty of hydrogen in any star formation so don't forget the nose clip before traveling.

The name is unfortunate but the vision of the Nebula is spectacular.

NASA:  Jet Propulsion Laboratory  Hubble Hatches Image of Rotten Egg Nebula Shocks

The unusual situation is that the source article above was published fifteen years ago by NASA and yet the same Calabash Nebula was all the rage in the last few days due to the following picture:

Hubble Space Telescope:  The Calabash clash

If it were a choice for my wall, I would go with the older image due to the better imaging of the blue clouds and more of an impression of the immense cosmic forces involved.

Full Bore Nuclear Insanity from Washington

The US Congress has directed intelligence agencies and the Pentagon’s Strategic Command to evaluate the ‘survivability’ of Russian and Chinese leaders in the event of a nuclear strike on their aboveground and underground defense facilities.

The comprehensive study will be carried out by the US intelligence agencies as well as the Strategic Command, which is in charge of the American nuclear forces.  They will evaluate whether the Russian and Chinese leadership could survive a nuclear attack and continue to operate in a post-strike environment, according to a little-reported section of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). 

- RT:  US Congress orders review of Russian & Chinese leadership’s nuclear strike ‘survivability’

When Congress only takes interest in the leaders, their plan has already written off well over two hundred million Americans they know will not survive.

Ed:  I thought you believe no-one will survive?

No, I don't since that's the cumulative point from all the science I ever read on the matter.  The view leading into the Congress comes from the endless Groundhog Day thinking which plagues us and it further confirms their view of the importance of the elite class and the expendability of any other(s).

There shouldn't be any surprise that Russia, particularly Irina Yarovaya, has lambasted the crazy thinking.  (RT:  ‘Maniac orders:’ Senior Russian MP blasts US program to estimate nuclear attack outcome)

Here's another highly-attractive Russian woman who sees the problem clearly.

Ed:  she looks a little like a young Meryl Streep

It amused me to see that and I admire Yarovaya since she speaks for the world while Streep only speaks to amuse the crowd when cameras are on her and she's up for an Oscar.

Ed:  you don't have anything good to say about Hollywood, do you?

That's not true and regulars have seen me write many good things but they won't get any credit for failing to use the high intelligence I know they possess.

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