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Parenting Dilemma No. 505-b | Is It Parenting or Entrapment #Science #Sociology

There is no quote of published science for this one since our hypothesis is this type of behavior makes more crime rather than reducing it.  For many that approach may be distasteful but the objective is to be dispassionate about it since the Rockhouse has been clear already about immersive journalism and this is not about me; I don't have any kids.

Dad uses some type of monitoring software to validate traffic going to his kids' computers, handheld devices, or whatever.  He sees some messages going to his 15-year-old daughter which elicit concern and this is the Parental Dilemma 505.b:  does he contact the gendarmes now or trap him.  (Fox News:  Oklahoma dad sets up sting operation to nab man allegedly sending sexual messages to his teen daughter)

Note:  we have the Millennial twist since much of this would have been difficult to impossible more than twenty or thirty years ago.

The Rockhouse has a confounding concern since we don't know what elicited the sexy messages in the first place.  It's definitely possible they were unsolicited; we just don't know that aspect of things.

Note:   this is not so much science as hypotheticals on top of hypotheticals but the point is more to state the case since this one has bugged me all day as to good move or bad move.

Had the Dad contacted the gendarmes at the point of discovery, ideally the man would receive proper counseling and also proper punishment if that's deemed necessary.  To consider that I would need to know if this was a first time or has he tried it before.  If so, was it successful.  All of that should come from his cellphone history.  The summation is maybe he could have been saved and I do mean this is a time when a preacher might be the best answer.

No-one believes less that any given situation requires an exorcism than the Vatican exorcists since they're extremely well-versed in psychology / psychiatry and will eliminate the need for exorcism if something is considered rationally explainable as abnormal psychology rather than demonic possession.  It's a holy ritual and they don't take it lightly.

Therefore, the Rockhouse contends a preacher may well be able to shrink the bad guy whereas cops likely cannot.  I mean the kind of preacher you would see in those ancient James Cagney movies.

Instead the Dad decided to catch the fellow in the act and we view that which followed as straight-up entrapment.  That which was one level of crime previously with online text messages, substantially escalates to one in which the bad guy will likely be tagged as a sexual predator, offender, or some such.  He may spend time in prison as well.

Be sure you understand the Rockhouse is dispassionate about the matter and the only concern is whether the bad guy is likely to be a problem in future.  In our estimation, he's a ticking bomb after prison.  That's subjective and we understand that; nevertheless, repeat offenders are the scariest of all.

We submit, therefore, the entrapment approach creates more crime rather than reducing it.

Ed:  six words ... What If She Were Your Kid?

Fair enough and I see clearly if she were my kid I would want to find that bastard and whack his head with an axe.

However, I still have to fall back from it and I don't believe, for many reasons, that hunting him down is my move.  I'll get some personal satisfaction but that's really not going to do my daughter much good since the state will whack me back and I won't be there to help her in that coming future.

Hopefully you see it is not my purpose to provoke anyone; I consider it a fair question we really haven't been all that good at answering.

#Photography on the Blog 7/1 | Because We Want the Beautiful

Summer fireflies in a forest near Bangkok city, Thailand.

Photograph: Narathip Ruksa/Alamy

I've been lucky enough to see a few fireflies along the way but, dayum, that's a lotta fireflies.  Even in the darkest of the Groves in Eden Park I didn't ever see fireflies like this.

A bee flies among lotus flowers at Pingzhai village, Machang township in Pingba county, China’s Guizhou Province.

Photograph: Qin Gang/Barcroft Images

When a bee flies amid the lotus, it becomes a poem.

Ed:  that's soooo kozmik

It kind of is, mate.

A male palm cockatoo (right) uses a branch as a drum stick in front of a female. The parrot is one of the very few species known that can recognise a beat.

Photograph: Christina Zdenek/PA

Jammin' in the jungle and you thought humans would be doing it.

Poppies in a meadow at Old Erringham, Sussex. Almost 2,000 roads in Britain contain the word “meadow” or its Welsh equivalent “dol” but the flower-rich fields they were named after are vanishing, experts warn.

Photograph: John Glover/Alamy

These are NOT opium poppies.  Few things support such an abundance of life as a meadow and the Rockhouse finds every dimension of beauty in that.  There's one deep blue flower in the mix so what's his story.

Beijing, China

A visitor touches one of the interactive digital installations at the teamLab: Dance! Art Exhibition & Learn! Future Park exhibition

Photograph: Imaginechina/Rex/Shutterstock

Perhaps immersive art of this nature is regarded as too electrotechnical but it does make quite a spectacle and the young lady seems enthralled.

A Gr√©vy’s zebra, an endangered species, stands beside a tree at northern Kenya’s Lewa wildlife conservancy.

Photograph: Li Baishun/Alamy

There's a lonesome beauty which is engaging but the zebra is a herd beast and this would be one smart little zebra to catch up with the rest of them.

Note:  maybe the tree is an old acacia?

#News on a Nailhead 7/1

When you see a bear in your rear view, you know you have a problem.  When you see it as you try to back out of your garage, you have a big problem.  (KING5:  ‘I can't go because there is a bear behind me:' Colorado Springs woman finds surprise in garage)

Good morning.

This is one of the services of Planned Parenthood we're relatively sure is not exclusive for woman.  (San Diego Tribune:  Planned Parenthood president often cites 'vasectomy day' in San Diego in defense)

Note:  the Rockhouse supports Planned Parenthood unequivocally.

The Rockhouse will leave it to the CNN stingers to watch what CNN is doing ... since we won't.  (RT:  ‘If you’re MSM and telling lies, we’re watching you’ – investigative group on CNN sting videos)

We will only review headlines as those give the measure of all of them.  We never watch pundit videos.

Apple will probably start to reconsider its heavy commitment to iPhones now.  (The Guardian:  Sony to start making records again 30 years after abandoning vinyl)

Mika and Joe are apparently in love and this promises to make MSM even more nauseating than Jared and Ivanka have made the White House.

Don Lemon said Donald Trump is an embarrassment while Donald Trump said the same thing about Lemon ... and both were right.

Ex-CIA officer claims NASA runs a child labor colony on Mars.  (Daily Mail:  Nasa is forced to deny outrageous conspiracy theory that it is running a child slave colony on Mars after wild claims are made by ex-CIA officer)

The question about the CIA isn't so much whether it ever lied but rather whether it has ever told the truth.

Perhaps you are like many and hearing of Kardashians or Jenners only gets you seeing giant butts but there are even bigger ones in Florida.  (Boing Boing:  Florida town plagued by triple-arse graffiti)

Kardashians / Jenners didn't break the Internet but they made a mess out of Florida.

When your kid uses a Fidget Spinner so much it catches fire, it may be time to face the fact you have one stone crazy kid.  (WCPO:  Fidget spinners are now catching on fire — just like vape pens and hoverboards)

The analogies are clever, tho.  We expect that from Cincinnati.  Using a Fidget Spinner is like using a vape pen for ganja.  No chance of any overreaction in that thinking.

News tries to imply there are some parts of St Louis which are not sinkholes.  (Yahoo:  Sinkhole swallows up car in downtown St. Louis; no injuries)

When we're talking about deadly poisonous snakes, thirty or so of them, it's got to be Texas and ... the hell you say ... it seems they escaped.  Yeehaw.  (KSAT:  Vehicle carrying venomous snakes crashes in South Bexar County)

When you have been busted for six pounds of marijuana, seven gallons of moonshine, and a whole lot of guns, smiling for the mugshot may seem an inappropriate response.  (ABC WLOS:  North Carolina woman charged in marijuana, moonshine bust)

Mark Zuckerberg decides to strut the full Messiah Complex.  (Fox:  Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Can Fill the Role Played by Churches)

If you didn't think he was Looney Tunes previously, we're guessing that tidbit will probably do it.  That boy has got an express ticket to La La Land.

What's Hot on the Blog 6/30


Genomic Vaccines - stunning to see such interest in this one

Angel - Chrissie Hynde singing and there was a great reception of this one as well

#Photography - yet another surprising reaction to see this do so well

On the Art - whimsical poem about avoiding squashing squirrels and the reaction to it is charming

The Study - it doesn't look like much support for immersive journalism and that's excellent after the way it trashed the news

#Photography - more for fun than for serious and it has a good day as well

#News - it ran medium hot today so also cool

No Detectable - about limits or the lack of them to human longevity

Racism - apparently coming back forever

What's Hot

Ithaka had quite a good day and thanks for the interest.

"On the Art of Avoiding the Squashing of Squirrels" #Poetry

The trouble with squashing squirrels;
they go flipshit when they're scared
They may try to run away
or they just run anywhere
They go forward and then go back
with no apparent clue
as to any kind of sensible thing
they really ought to do

Fear is the mind killer
as you heard the Sisters say
so it seems if something comes
you might run the other way
since turning back around
only sends you to the tar
where the only things you'll find
are the tires of my car

We know it with those squirrels
and we won't let them lead the way
since they in time may find a clue
but it won't likely be today
We will stop to watch them run around
until finally they go to a tree
somebody might just squash one this day
but it surely won't be me

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

Ed:  is this really about squirrels?

Just as surely as air is for blowing bubbles, mate.

No Detectable Limit to How Long People Can Live #Science #Health

The Rockhouse knows you want it straight-up and this is Walt Disney science so there's not huge depth to it but there's no reason to try to refute it particularly since that wouldn't amount to much more than betting against ourselves.

New research suggests there is no detectable limit to how long people can live.

Credit: © pathdoc / Fotolia

That looks like a happy array of old people but Uncle Joe in No. 5 looks like he's soused.  Lighten up on the vino, Uncle Joe.

Super- centenarians, such as Morano and Jeanne Calment of France, who famously lived to be 122 years old, continue to fascinate scientists and have led them to wonder just how long humans can live. A study published in Nature last October concluded that the upper limit of human age is peaking at around 115 years.

Now, however, a new study in Nature by McGill University biologists Bryan G. Hughes and Siegfried Hekimi comes to a starkly different conclusion. By analyzing the lifespan of the longest-living individuals from the USA, the UK, France and Japan for each year since 1968, Hekimi and Hughes found no evidence for such a limit, and if such a maximum exists, it has yet to be reached or identified, Hekimi says.

Science Daily:  No detectable limit to how long people can live

OK, so researchers don't agree with each other but that's not a problem since that's when they can get most interesting.

"We just don't know what the age limit might be. In fact, by extending trend lines, we can show that maximum and average lifespans, could continue to increase far into the foreseeable future," Hekimi says. Many people are aware of what has happened with average lifespans. In 1920, for example, the average newborn Canadian could expect to live 60 years; a Canadian born in 1980 could expect 76 years, and today, life expectancy has jumped to 82 years. Maximum lifespan seems to follow the same trend.

- SD

Watson:  it's getting thin

Roger that but there's nothing to refute since that observation is true.

It's impossible to predict what future lifespans in humans might look like, Hekimi says. Some scientists argue that technology, medical interventions, and improvements in living conditions could all push back the upper limit.

"It's hard to guess," Hekimi adds. "Three hundred years ago, many people lived only short lives. If we would have told them that one day most humans might live up to 100, they would have said we were crazy."

- SD

Watson:  now we're in dreamthink?

Sure but it's not such a terrible dream.

Here's a fast list of some real things which get constant study:

- research into preventing aging

- research into development of better delivery mechanisms for medicine

- development of robos with skills which go beyond human for diagnostics and surgery

- cancer research of all kinds and similar is true for multiple debilitating diseases

Those are real and they are live right now so extensions to the limits on lifespan seem realistic to make.  That may seem a difficult observation for a Rockhouse Boomer since I won't get it but we don't need to own the Future; we just need to know no-one is going to screw it up for you before you get there.

The consideration of a much longer life is peachy and we're happy to do it but, as with many things, we don't see much attention to thinking things through.  For one immediate question, we ask what happens to retirement when it's set now for sixty-five or whatever but a person may live to be twice that.  Those extra years may not be productive in the same context as whatever took place in the younger years but will this older person use this newfound bounty only for fishing?

Alabama:  yes!

The bass are jumping while the mayflies are about, aren't they.

It's not the Rockhouse purpose to spin a Walt Disney story and then rain on it.  Our concern is ensuring it will not rain on you and we strongly believe anticipation and preparation are the answer to that.

Spock:  live long and prosper

Fair enough but we do have one advisory since it's a good idea to understand the meaning of prosperity and, amazingly, it's not accumulation of the most stuff.

The Study of Immersive Journalism in a Post-Truth World #Science

Finding a scribe more bereft of science or substance than this one will be difficult or impossible.

In a recent Frontiers in Digital Humanities article, Eva Dominguez, a senior digital communication consultant and multimedia journalist, analyzes the rise of immersive journalism and its particular set of challenges.  Immersive journalism in a post-truth world

That intro sounds straight-up ... but it won't last.

In a climate of post-truth, characterized by increased individualism and decreased objectivity, immersive journalism seems to reinforce both. Immersive journalism literally puts you - the participant - center stage through aural and visual cues, allowing you to directly interact with the story. It could soon include ways of altering the narrative itself, which should presumably remain unalterably objective.

- PO

We know we're in a post-truth world ... because some immersive journalist said so.

How do we know it's bullshit?  Because some immersive journalist said so.

In plain English, it permits you to make all the news about yourself and gut it of any informational value whatsoever.

Immersive journalism doesn't keep you on the other side of events like traditional journalism does, but places you at the heart of the action through techniques like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). You - the outsider - get to step in and become an insider.

It is poised at the threshold of a media crisis where personal feelings fuel ratings and shape reality. Immersion threatens to be a point-of-no-return in the liberal's post-truth nightmare. Fact turned into fiction, forever.

But while the medium is the message, the message is an open question and not a verdict. Immersion is a timely, if thorny, innovation and could either go very wrong or very right.

- PO

Oh, God; how we love the smell of melodrama in the morning.  It's not just wrong, it's very wrong.

Watson:  what's the answer?

Possibly consider immersing in a thesaurus rather than bathing in self-absorption.

Yes, immersion centers on a highly personal experience, but this experience is not under your control. There is always a little distance involved. The event - factual - happens to you, without being yours to fabricate. It is shareable and belongs to everyone.

The key, then, is in the degree of immersion. Too much of it and the truth could get lost in imagination where you're happy to make your own reality because you can.

With immersion, your ego is soothed and defused in equal measure.

This only works if the technology enhances the experience of the narrative.

- PO

We didn't skip anything and that Yes answered a question no-one asked.  Unknown if that technique is derived from something in immersive journalism school although Self-Aggrandizing Rubbish 101 seems likely as part of the curriculum.

Watson:  is there any actual content or is it just more of the same?

We didn't get to the best part yet.

But there is also the possibility - gamers know it well - for viewers to interact with the virtual context.
This can affirm either critical distance or a post-truth predilection for alternative facts.

A measure of participation would counteract an overly passive, emotional experience. On the other hand, the risk of relativism is also apparent. How can we involve the uninvolved in an ethically sound way, which is to say without changing the inside facts?

- PO

How about that slice of sweet potato pie.  Immersive journalism is like gaming because ...

Hot tip on that, Eva:  immersive journalism IS gaming.

Watson:  at least she finally cracked a thesaurus.

It didn't do much good, did it.

Watson:  may I answer her last question?

Please do be my guest.

Watson:  the way to engage the uninvolved is to tell the fucking truth, lady.  It doesn't take video, a cheerful smile, or a big, honking set of boobs.  We want truth and we're not fucking getting it so stuff that into your dipsomaniacal dissertation.

Eva Dominguez:  you don't know if I drink so that was an alternative fact!

No, that was a bare-faced cheapshot.  Suck it.

#Photography for the Hell of It | How Hot Was it in Fort Worth ...

Well, I tell you, son.  It was so hot the strawberries started melting and you know that's extremely fuckin' hot ... and it's headed for 98F today.  Yahoo.

Here's how executives build a house ...

Right ... they stare at it until magic happens.  Nice job on the foundation, mates.

Note:  men often use the same technique when trying to repair a broken car motor.  It doesn't work for that either.  I'm sure many of the femmes who could not actually fix the car themselves have experienced the phenomenon in which the menfolk go to the front of the vehicle to stare at the motor until finally come back to ask you to do that which you were doing while they were up there ... calling a tow truck.

If you want a job done properly, get a woman to do it, right?

Danica Patrica tries two-wheelin' a corner when NASCAR went road racing instead of running on the usual oval tracks.

Note:  the Rockhouse likes Danica Patrick since she's smart, she's hot, and she's dangerous.  She is one fine kind of woman.

One for Lotho since this shows Rudolph Carraciola on the then-new Autobahn in about 1937 for speed tests.  I remember with dead certainty a similar photograph of a highly-aerodynamic Mercedes vehicle such as this one and there was a swastika on the front of it.  I was young when I read the book about him since, hey, I love speed and that swastika shocked the bejeebers out of that young lad.

The topic didn't come up previously regarding the swastika but rather the design and engineering so far back when most F1 cars were kind of ugly but these ones were beauteous and they were extremely fast.

If you have been wondering why the wars go on for so long, this might be part of it.

We probably don't need to know how big a giraffe's tongue can get but it looks like this one is in love.

Further proof of the way acoustic guitar players torture their women.

Genomic Vaccines and Related High-Tech Health Studies #Science #Health #Medicine

Some reject anything which mentions vaccines but these aren't the Facebook vaccines which have been so popular for demonstrating lack of respect for knowledge or medical science.  These vaccines go after cancerous tumors and in novel ways.

Credit: World Economic Forum

Tip to SciAm:  you might be better served by graphics from some other source.  The one yesterday was a just as much of a (cough) cracker as this one.

Standard vaccines to prevent infectious diseases consist of killed or weakened pathogens or proteins from those microorganisms. Vaccines that treat cancer also rely on proteins. In contrast, a new kind of vaccine, which is poised to make major inroads in medicine, consists of genes. Genomic vaccines promise to offer many advantages, including fast manufacture when a virus, such as Zika or Ebola, suddenly becomes more virulent or widespread. They have been decades in the making, but dozens have now entered clinical trials.

Scientific American:  Genomic Vaccines Fight Disease in Ways Not Possible Before

Fo' real cancer killers and, as above, there are dozens of different kinds of them.

The interested student is encouraged to pursue the source article since our purpose is to titillate.  We were not aware this science existed and, what do you know, it fights cancer.  After wiping out the infectious diseases, cancer is one of the biggest remaining and now a new type of assault on it.  Well ...

After we have heard of flesh-eating bacteria, brain-eating amoebae, and E. coli, there's really not much which encourages us to go anywhere near water again but there's a new way of ensuring it's clean.  (Science Daily:  Swimming microbots can remove pathogenic bacteria from water)

The lack of clean water in many areas around the world is a persistent, major public health problem. One day, tiny robots could help address this issue by zooming around contaminated water and cleaning up disease-causing bacteria. Scientists report a new development toward this goal in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

- SD

'Zooming around?'  You worked all those years for a PhD and then write of zooming around?  Golly.

Of course you want to know if they work.

And they trapped more than 80 percent of E. coli in water spiked with a high concentration of the bacteria. Then, because of the iron's magnetic properties, the microbots are removed easily with a magnet, without leaving behind any harmful waste in the water.

- SD

The Rockhouse is mixed on that since it looks like good success but 20% remaining may or may not be anywhere near a non-risky level.  Moreover, what happens if I drink that water while these nanobots are still in it.  I suppose, in the fullness of time, those nanobots will pass through me to wind up back in the water supply so then what becomes of them.

This one looks kind of cool and kind of vague, mates.  The source is there for the interested student.

Here's one which may bang your gong quite handily.  (Science Daily:  Higher IQ in childhood is linked to a longer life)

So a team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh set out to examine the association between intelligence test scores measured at age 11 and leading causes of death in men and women up to age 79.

Their findings are based on data from 33,536 men and 32,229 women born in Scotland in 1936, who took a validated childhood intelligence test at age 11, and who could be linked to cause of death data up to December 2015.

Cause of death included coronary heart disease, stroke, specific cancers, respiratory disease, digestive disease, external causes (including suicide and death from injury), and dementia.

After taking account of several factors (confounders) that could have influenced the results, such as age, sex and socioeconomic status, the researchers found that higher childhood intelligence was associated with a lower risk of death until age 79.

- SD

Relax on finding any magic since IQ is not claimed to present any significant health benefit beyond recognition and avoidance of things which are not health benefits (e.g. smoking).

There's no magic pill nor any DNA trick revealed since it will confirm that which you know already.  Living longer comes from pushing away from the smokes, the beers, and Taco Bell.  The article is there for the interested student and you won't find magic but you will find common sense.

Ed:  you smoke and claim to be at least marginally intelligent!

If smart people didn't do stupid things, you wouldn't have a problem with Congress, would yewww?


#News on a Nailhead 6/30

Nothing turns on the Rockhouse quite so much as moral outrage from the GOP ... unless it's moral outrage from CNN and its tabloid queens.  For this one, we have both.  (CNN:  GOP lawmakers blast Trump's 'Morning Joe' tweets)

Something which is not in the evidence is the daily warning about how Russian hacking will destroy the fiber of American society or at least what's left of it.  Suddenly that's not important any more but, dayum, is my ass achin' over Tweeting.

Nah, I wouldn't say there's any evidence of damage in that lot.  Negatory on that, mates.

Ed:  what happened to the Opiates Epidemic?

Dunno, mate, it looks like all of them forgot about it.

When your boyfriend tells you it's ok to go ahead and shoot him because it will make a cool YouTube stunt, it may not be such a good thing to include in your SnapChat resume ... oh, I just shot my boyfriend and I croaked him.

Note:  the premise was a book would stop a bullet.  It didn't.

Either way, Darwin is served since neither will reproduce any time soon because Lady Einstein will be living at the pleasure of the state for some time to come and we suspect she won't exactly be date bait thereafter.  Dunno about you, mates, but in our speed dating we're only looking for one answer to whether you did or did not ever shoot a previous boyfriend.

Bernie Sanders defended Trump's Tweets as 'fighting fire with fire' and the Rockhouse sees a fair call since today's pseudo-journos are permitted to say any fucking thing they like because all of it is perceived as Gospel but Trump is supposed to take it like he's a choirboy?  If there's anything at all which was established in the election, it's that Trump is definitely not a choirboy.

Ed:  are you defending Trump?

Not particularly since all of us loathe politicians but the clever part is the pseudo-journos have managed to lower themselves as a class to an even deeper pit of contemptibility than politicians.

The Guardian blames Donald Trump for hostility toward fake journalism but there might possibly be more to it than that.  (The Guardian:  The iPhone is the crack cocaine of technology. Don’t celebrate its birthday)

When you write analogies like an elephant does ballet, journalism probably should not have been your first pick, ducks.  I guess that degree in comparative religion hasn't been working out so well for you, huh?

Where there's a story about bass fishing in the news, you must be in Alabama.  (WHNT:  Mayflies taking flight on a warm Alabama night!)

Only in Texas can you get life in prison for screwing cucumbers.  (Dallas News:  Texas man who committed 'deviant' sex acts with veggies gets life in prison for tampering with evidence)

The Rockhouse is really not clear on the deviance since they're his cucumber and presumably he can do whatever he likes with them unless, of course, the rights of the cucumbers were violated in some way.

When you spend five years building a boat, probably one of the most important early precautions is ensuring it will float.  (Mirror:  Grandad spends 5 years and thousands of pounds renovating yacht - and it sinks 5 minutes after launch)

Sorry about your luck, old guy, as you're looking like the marine version of Paul Ryan just now.

Richard Ogilvy with his 40ft wooden yacht, Seawraithe (Photo: Caters News Agency)

Sorry about your luck, old guy.

Note:  this was NOT a total loss since the boat was pulled back up again and he believes it will be seaworthy in five or six months.