Sunday, April 30, 2017

Go to Coachella or Find Love in a Stagecoach

Indio, California

Festivalgoers kiss during the Stagecoach country music festival

Photograph: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

It may not be love, darlin', but it'll do for now.

Lookin' for love in all the wrong places is so wimpy and pitiful since what we're wantin' is finding love in all the wrong places.  Now you've got the basis for a country song.

I met you at the Stagecoach
it was such a great place to fuck
You stomped all over my feelings
but you'll never get my truck

I'm going back to Abilene
blah de blah blah

I cain't help it.  Country music is in my soul.

Vault7 Reveals CIA System for Finding Leakers ... and Doesn't Work Worth a Damn

It's so easy to hack the CIA that people visiting America often go to Langley to watch the CIA leaking and then go to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse.  These have become favorite options for visiting tourists.

Now the CIA has even leaked its leak detector for the ultimate Keystone Kops spy comedy.

There's been a parade of leakers at the CIA / NSA with Edward Snowden being one of the most famous but he's far from the only one.  The CIA / NSA has always made a business of leaking fake news but now it's the best since they're being busted by their own crooked techniques.  Sheer genius.

Donald Trump has his bullshit Loyalty Day tomorrow and that should be hilarious at the CIA where they probably know better than anywhere else this Loyalty Day is just a cheap knock-off of the Fourth of July and Memorial Day just like Sweetest Day is a cheap knock-off of Valentine's Day which was a cheap commercial hustle to start.

The CIA isn't being hacked since there's no need when the place is so leaky you just have to wait for whichever information you want and you will get it for free.

No-one is paying any attention to Loyalty Day since it's only for the rich.  May Day, as always, is global and it's for the people.

Donald Trump is going to get a whole lot more of his phony Loyalty Day than he ever expected.

RT:  May Day to have immigrant tilt as workers plan to protest against Trump

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their allies will be marching on the streets and striking on May Day for the annual workers’ protest. The march is expected to be the largest in years because of the activist energy galvanized by Donald Trump.

A coalition of immigration, labor, racial justice, gender equality and LGBT groups have come together for the May Day protests, which are traditionally led by unions and other labor groups.

- RT

There is loyalty, alright ... but it's not for Donald Trump nor will it ever be for his kind.  They're parasites and their credibility is shot completely to hell.  Loyalty requires truth and the CIA wouldn't know truth if they were bitten on the ass by it.

There's Goth ... Then There's Goth with a Raven on the Subway

Twitter:  Max Sparber  / @maxsparber

Between nothingness and death
I sit with my raven
who will pick my bones
when I am gone
I love you

It's Art, Damn It ... Popsicle Art

I had a dream

of a popsicle

a lot of popsicles

a lot of big fucking popsicles in different colors

and melting all over

in a room white walls

and an aircraft hanger ceiling with a concrete floor

Industrial popsicles

It all just says the future to me

Ed:  some dream of sugarplums

and some dream of popsicles

Ed:  is the world going to keep getting stranger?

Definitely.  Wouldn't have it any other way.  Care for a popsicle?

Two More from White Trash Mount Rushmore Go to the White House

Ted Nugent, the greatest guitarist who has ever lived or will ever play in the future, is already scheduled for the White Trash Mount Rushmore and so is Sarah Palin for their ludicrous performance in the White House some weeks ago.

Unknown if Kid Rock gets a spot since he just looks like he's waiting for a bus.

All class, all the time.

Ted Nugent was too pissed about his nomination for the White Trash Mount Rushmore and he gave a sermon which would even make Martin Luther King cry ... from laughing.  You don't have to change a thing to make Ted Nugent funny; you only have to watch him.

Now we have two more since they were giving white power hand signals from the White House.

Yahoo:  Two members of alt-right accused of making white supremacist hand signs in White House after receiving press passes

They're obvious white trash, right?  Let's make them legends at White Trash Mount Rushmore.

Ed:  wtf?  I thought that sign meant OK?

Yah, so did I.  Apparently now it means I hate black people.  The New World is getting highly confusing.

Ed:  now if I give an OK signal to a black man maybe he's going to punch me

I doubt it but what is he supposed to make of this buggy bullshit.

Ed:  White Trash Mount Rushmore for whomever wrote the article?

I'll second that.

Fox Makes it Seem Like All of Texas Was Hammered by Tornadoes

Fort Worth is in the middle of Texas and they have been promising rain all day but it didn't start until about an hour ago.  There was a little thunder and some lightning in the distance but nothing much happened.

Texas is a gigantic state and this headline is rubbish.  (Fox:  Texas severe weather: At least 5 killed, dozens injured after tornadoes rip through state)

Some places got whacked but a whole lot of places didn't see anything.  Tornadoes rip no matter what else they do and some parts of Texas got ripped but most didn't.

There's not much more dramatic than a tornado anyway so what motivates the pundit rubbish monkeys to try in their amateurish ways to dramatize it further.   It ripped, they cry.

Of course it ripped.  It's a fucking tornado.

The tornado that struck Canton grew to up to a half-mile wide as it teared up a 40-mile path, also hitting Fruitvale and Emory, KXAS-TV reported.

- Fox

Well, how about that ... it 'teared up' ... this is not Texas dialect; this barely qualifies as English.

Here's video of a 'tornado near Dallas' yesterday.

Fort Worth is near Dallas at about forty miles for the longest path to get there to reach VA but it's closer just to reach the city.  We never heard anything of a tornado warning and no warning was posted via the Weather Service.  I have a program running at all times for immediate updates on weather because it can be so volatile here but there was nary a peep.

Maybe the video gives some perspective since that wasn't from here and it brought hell to wherever it touched but it's nothing like a hurricane since we didn't feel anything even when we're relatively close.  This wasn't some freak thing since it happens a lot due to the frequency of tornadoes around here.

I've lived many years in fo' real tornado country in Ohio and Texas.  I've seen big ones whack Cincinnati but not terribly hard while the same ones destroyed Xenia which is not far away.  I have not seen them yet in Texas but they happen frequently and Fort Worth has been whacked hard in the past.

The main thing you know with the tornado is when that twistin' sumbitch is not close or headed your way then it doesn't matter.  It sure matters a lot to someone else but they're so localized they can whack your house but not the one next door.

In the Rockhouse view, it minimizes the pain felt in the areas which were affected by these tornadoes by spreading it all over the place and especially when that isn't true.  People died in those places and their property is wrecked while here in Fort Worth the only concern today has been about the caregiving and there were no external upsets.

The Rockhouse has no philosophy about tornadoes except duck.  Get into a ditch.  Getting muddy is better than suddenly learning how to fly.

Ed:  that's philosophy?

Talk to me about it when you're not dead after a twister ... or stay in your car and find out how far it can fly.  Lotta people get killed that way.  A tornado can easily pick up your car and throw it into a highway overpass.  It's not uncommon and good night, Irene.

For a big enough twister, you're probably screwed if you're not in a shelter ... but a mile down the road, they won't feel anything more than a thunderstorm.

The Rockhouse plan is simple because of course it is.

Head for the bathtub.

Yevette gets into it first and I somehow clamber above her while pulling anything close over me.

That sequence is in case the house collapses since that seems to get her the best chance of remaining non-deceased.

It's still the same for a big enough one, tho.  Welcome to Oz.

You don't need to try to add any drama to a tornado.  It's already there.

For Once, Kim Jong-un Gets it Right

Although Bad Haircut Boy has said and done some incredibly stupid things, part of it is because he's being selectively hassled by America and he makes an accurate observation:

North Korea has accused Israel of being the “only illegal possessor” of nukes and threat to peace in the Middle East

RT:  Pyongyang slams Israel as ‘disturber of peace armed with illegal nukes under US patronage’

Ed:  Israel doesn't shoot them into the Med to terrorize others!

Thanks for the fish, Bullshit Boy, but the matter is about possessing the nukes in the first place and it's accurate about US patronage since that runs to the tune of many billions of dollars annually.

© Damir Sagolj / Reuters

Donald Trump will probably send the Mormon Tabernacle Choir next as part of his siege against Best Korea but Kim Jong-un just laughs and he launched another missile a couple of days ago.

North Korea is the most outspoken about being fed-up with American aggression and interference so America jumps their bones and does nothing about Israel ... except send the country piles of money.

That just makes perfect sense.

In an interview with Hebrew news site Walla this week, Avigdor Lieberman stated that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un is a “madman” in charge of a “crazy and radical group” which is “undermining global stability.”

- RT

Apparently Lieberman still thinks there's anyone who believes Israel is not doing that too.

Start the countdown until someone throws the favorite fish about anti-Semitism as if that has one damn thing to do with this.

For that Missing Link, Take a Look at a Bonobo Ape - Science

Usually chimpanzees are regarded as our nearest primate relative but there are significant differences in musculature which make that idea improbable relative to the bonobo ape which is more similar to human.  (Science Daily:  Bonobos may be better representation of last common ancestor with humans)

A new study examining the muscular system of bonobos provides firsthand evidence that the rare great ape species may be more closely linked to human ancestors than common chimpanzees.

Credit: © Uryadnikov Sergey / Fotolia

At first I wasn't sure which kind of ape is in the picture but here's another Bonobo.

Previous research suggested this theory (i.e. Bonobos are the closest) at the molecular level, but this is the first study to compare in detail the anatomy of the three species.

"Bonobo muscles have changed least, which means they are the closest we can get to having a 'living' ancestor," said Bernard Wood, professor of human origins at the GW Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology.

- SD

The relationship with Bonobos is excellent because they are reported to be having sex constantly.  Straight sex, gay sex, any kind of sex, and they're at it and the nearest possible partner will do just fine.  Humans are the same since we will have sex just because the pattern of those clouds says yes to me.

Ed:  there's an oversexed gene?

At the Rockhouse, we're guessing there's a lot of 'em.  What happens with humans after they have sex.  Yep, they want to do it again.

Ed:  ok, so there's a do-it-again gene.  What else?

Unknown.  We're just weeping for the ethologist who will have to log endless hours taking notes while watching bonobos fuck.  I'm sure there are many reasons to go to Africa but that would not be the Rockhouse first choice.

"Foxy Lady" Live HD | Jeff Beck Band & Billy Gibbons & Tal Wilkenfield

These musicians are consummate professionals and there's no grandstanding.

Jeff Beck has emerged as the leader not only of this band but of liveness in general since he constantly tries new things.

Tal Wilkenfield is a young lady but she has been playing with Beck for years now although she ain't that old so it couldn't have been terribly long.  It's unusual that she gets so little attention really since we see often there are videos from Tina S and other of the studio kids who have immense talents but don't do any live sets.

Tal Wilkenfield knows the road and she jams with the best.  For all the hard-driving musicians in the world, she has emerged as one of the greats and she does it so young.  Immense respect.

Check her out when she's banging out the rhythm with Beck in the background.  She is one rockin' lady.

How about a Rockhouse Hare-Brained Theory that Uncle Jeff has been teaching her the road and don't you fuck with that smack, young lady.  She seems like she keeps it immaculate that way and all the more respect to her.

She's also not going on about check out my woman thang; she just does it.  This what a woman thang does; deal with it.  She's a one-woman powerhouse.

Billy Gibbons goes all the way back to "Tush" and ZZ Top hooked many people with that song.

Rock was always about looking for some tush.  Don't lie to me, Choir Boy, you know it's true.

I've been bad, I'm been good
From Dallas, Texas, Hollywood
I said, Lord take me downtown
I'm just looking for some tush

- ZZ Top

Elon Musk Takes the Chances Ordinary Mortals Aren't Willing to Take

Elon Musk's Neuralink will merge the human brain with A.I © Rashid Umar Abbasi / Reuters

RT:  Elon Musk’s Neuralink could represent next stage of human evolution

- Insert lengthy editorial from Stephen Hawking which is about the same as all his other editorials except the ones in which he talks about God and, yep, robots are the end of us all -

DARPA is pushing into the realm of implanted logic processors but they only do it to kill people and they remain the enemy of humanity.

However ...

Neuralink’s “whole brain interface” will use tiny brain electrodes that will eventually allow us to communicate wirelessly with the world, and to share our exact thoughts and visions without having to use spoken or written language. The brain could also learn faster and have access to all the world’s knowledge.

“I think we are about eight to ten years away from this being usable by people with no disability,” Musk said in an interview with Urban.

- RT

Tim Urban wrote the description of Neuralink in the next article.

WaitButWhy:  Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future

In this article there's an exhaustive discussion along with some unusual graphics to show how Neuralink works.

On a somewhat similar theme, we have the perennial worries about robotization but these ones don't run too deep:

The Guardian:  Beware the unintended consequences of a robot revolution

The problem with this rose-tinted view of automation, however, is its focus on big averages that take little account of individuals’ experiences. Sure, the number of job gains for the whole of the UK may well be higher than the number lost to technology. But that is little consolation to someone who loses their job in a Midlands car plant to a robot and discovers most of the new openings are far afield in the coffee bars and hotels of London.

- Guardian

That's one of the least of the worries behind robotization since the rich don't believe they need workers anymore.  They don't care about unions; it's us they don't want.

RT:  Can you dig it? Elon Musk’s ‘boring’ project could be the solution to soul-destroying traffic

Billionaire tech tycoon Elon Musk is going underground with his latest venture – and unlike his other projects, this one certainly can be classed as ‘boring’.

The SpaceX CEO recently launched the Boring Company, a project aimed at creating a cost-effective method of digging tunnels for vehicles and high-speed trains. Now it seems the firm might even have a prototype tunnelling machine in the works.

Pictures emerged Thursday of a large white cylinder on the company’s campus in Hawthorne, California. The image, posted to Instagram by a SpaceX engineer, showed the Boring Company logo emblazoned on the side of the structure.

- RT

The Rockhouse loves Elon Musk in part because he's not a Washington bullshitter / procrastinator.  When Musk says he will do something, he will fucking do it.  Deep respect.

The People of Harlem in Paintings by Alice Neel

Ron Kajiwara, 1971

When Alice Neel painted his portrait, Ron Kajiwara was a graphic designer at Vogue; later, he became its design director. ‘Kajiwara’s face is a kind of mask here,’ Als says. ‘He and his family had been interned in California during the second world war when he was a kid, and he was gay, and there is something so forbidding about his character. He has been rejected by the world and here he is working in the white avant garde. His pose is a kind of armour. Alice is painting her inability to get further in; his beautiful self defence.’

The great US artist Alice Neel lived and painted in uptown New York when it was almost exclusively black and Hispanic. Hilton Als, curator of a show of her portraits from this period, discusses some of his favourite images.

Alice Neel, Uptown is at Victoria Miro, London N1 from 18 May-29 July. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition, published by David Zwirner Books and Victoria Miro.

The Guardian:  The people of Harlem, as painted by Alice Neel – in pictures

Abdul Rahman, 1964

‘I know all the theory of everything,’ Alice Neel once said, ‘but when I paint I don’t think of anything except the subject and me.’ Abdul Rahman was a cab driver she painted more than once. Als: ‘What’s so powerful about a lot of Alice’s pictures of men is she doesn’t shy away from the erotic element. She lets it be known as part of the work. What is energising in this painting is the erotics of her looking. She looks at men the way men might look at women or other men. It is delectable to her.’

Two Girls, Spanish Harlem, 1959

The world treats your children as you have treated them,’ Neel once observed. And when she came to paint children, she was always concerned to treat them as equals. She also had some tricks to keep their attention. ‘She would suddenly miaow like a cat to keep the children interested while they were sitting,’ says Als. ‘I love this painting as a kind of perversion of a Sunday-school portrait. There is a kind of fierceness to the girls. Alice liked that. She wanted girls who would stand up to the challenge of being painted.’

Photograph: © The Estate of Alice Neel/courtesy the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

This one gives me something of the vibe from Vincent van Gogh's "The Potato Eaters" and this one doesn't portray that bleakness but the feeling of his painting comes nevertheless.

See much more by Alice Neel via the source link and hopefully this sampling has given you a reason to do it.

Utah Cashes in on the Arkansas Death Penalty Lollapalooza Tour and You Can Too

After the resounding incompetence in Arkansas where they can't even whack people without making a mess of it, Utah is going for America's second-favorite form of execution:  shoot the bastards.

Ed:  what's America's favorite execution?

Oh, the hanging, by far, since then you can watch the bad guy jerking around on the rope for a while and sometimes it pulls his head clean off.  Can you beat that for a quarter, huh?

The cool thing about shooting prisoners is anyone can do it and that's where you can get into the fun since, like Arkansas, Utah wants to whack as many prisoners as possible in a short time.  However, the state is riddled with Mormons and no-one will work for them because, well, they're so racist and hateful, so they don't have much money and they're short the shooters they need.

Therefore, Utah is holding the first ever Death Penalty Lollapalooza Raffle and you can buy a chance at shooting a criminal for only one thousand dollars.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you too can feel the joy of whacking a criminal yourself.

Redneck:  where am I going to find a thousand dollars?

The same way as all Rednecks; you sell meth.

HeatStreet:  Utah to Use Firing Squads in Upcoming Executions

It's not too late for your chance to do this too and all for only a grand.  Contact Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah for details?

Ed:  do I get to shoot Hatch?

As far as I know, you do not get to shoot Senator Hatch since he is not currently on offer.

Ed:  I just want to whack a politician!

That's not such a good idea in America, mate.  They don't care if you whack anyone else but they go berserk when you whack politicians.

Ed:  why is that true when everyone hates them?

I'm tellin' you, don't do it.  If you wanna kill people in America, your best bet is whacking hookers since many times cops won't even investigate.  Sometimes you can keep that going for ten or twenty years.

Ed:  does that cost a grand too?

Nope, whacking hookers is free.  That's why so many do it.  After all, there's really not that much you can do with a gun.

One of America's Coolest Things: Shriner Clown Cars

There's probably a serious reason the Shriners took up with their clown cars but it's kind of cooler not knowing what that reason may have been.

Ed:  those cars are idiotic!

Hey, now, don't be trashing the Shriners in the clown cars.

Ed:  they're fools with silly hats!

Are they now.

Those fools in funny hats support the Shriner Burn Institutes and I believe the situation when anyone gets horribly burned is the Shriners will pay for the care in their Institutes.  Often they are kids with such awful burns and the Shriners pay for their care.

The Shriners found the toughest people in the world to help them since the doctors and nurses need to hurt burn patients in such horrible ways but saving them demands it so these medical people need to focus everything on the eventual success or it would probably destroy them seeing how it goes on a day to day basis.

Those men in funny hats do that, yep.  Moreover, they have been doing it for many years.

Ed:  what else do they do?

Cripes, mate.  Isn't it enough with the Burns Institutes?

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Kylie Jenner Brings Us the Era of the Underboob | Lord, Lord, Can it Be True

Of all the prick teasing bimbos in that family, Kylie Jenner gets a special award for bringing us the Advent of the Underboob.

How much more prissy can you get, you sick bitch.

And the title that changed the world ...

Daily Mail:  Kylie Jenner flashes underboob in pale green tube top after jetting to East Coast ahead of Met Gala

And there you see it as the Daily Mail heralds the Era of the Underboob.

Unknown why she flashes the underboob but presumably the article talks of her life of shopping and fucking and fucking and shopping.

I run this because I see it sometimes about the side boob and that was ludicrous enough but now this underboob goes to a new dimension of Woolworth's since she's pretending to offer something you can't have so who the fuck does she think she's fooling.

This kind of prick teasing bullshit is common so I wonder when Earth passed through the Victorian Death Ray which turned people back to 1900 and suddenly this is a big deal.

When you see the underboob posted as headline, it shows the immeasurable damage the Victorian Death Ray has done.  The Romans had Caligula and we get Kylie Jenner.  Kee-rist, what a snore.

How Can Food Possibly Make Anyone This Happy

Even after coming out of the desert you wouldn't be so happy to see a damn dinner roll.

Ed:  he's going to turn to fat, women won't have him anymore, he will blame them, and then he will start killing hookers.  Watch out for this one; he's a potential serial killer.

Because he has red hair?

Ed:  the ginger hair is the only reason I don't think he's a serial killer already

There was a Ginger Pride March today in Australia.

Ed:  why are they proud?

Because they didn't turn into Jell-O from all that nasty shit other children say to gingers.

He must be in some kind of ridiculously-embarrassing production but what demented story needs love a dinner roll.  It's one step away from pastry porno.  More butter, more butter, oh, oh, mmmm.  Now that's the kind of butter I like.

wtf is the story here?

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Welcome Back to Brave Wilderness and his Twisted World of Masochism

Who else but a psycho like Brave Wilderness can make masochism so much fun ... to watch.

He's had two million hits on this one so presumably he pulls some jingle from that.  Unknown what vibe comes when so many get off on seeing you in blinding pain.  Maybe he's thinking easy money when he gets to fly around to cool places to do it.

Scottie:  I canna understand why he does this

I don't think anyone understands, Scottie.  We just watch to see if he explodes this time.

Even Brave Wilderness hasn't screwed around with WIKI:  Giant Asian Hornet

This hornet has a quarter inch stinger and it will hurt you bad.  They are not present in America.

That is definitely one giant bug.  It's venom is extremely painful and these hornets are highly aggressive.  They killed forty people in China in 2015.

Fatalities from envenomation are primarily related to anaphylactic shock or cardiac arrest, though rare cases have occurred where patients died as a result of multiple organ failure, typically after a relatively large number of stings.

Those who died of multiple organ failure additionally exhibited signs of skin hemorrhaging and necrosis, though both are otherwise rare. The two likely reasons for skin hemorrhaging and necrosis are an inability to effectively neutralize the venom, or unusually potent venom toxicity for that set of stings. In either case, these stings lead to multiple organ injury. While not everyone displayed lesions or necrosis, a strong correlation existed between the number of stings and the severity of injury. Those who died, on average, were stung 59 times (with a standard deviation of 12) while those who survived suffered 28 stings (with a standard deviation of 4).


Stung fifty-nine times?  You seriously don't want to get these bugs angry.

Grace Slick: Less Alcohol, More Marijuana

Grace Slick, the Once and Future Queen of Psychedelia, speaks about marijuana but it's not out of self-interest because she doesn't smoke it.

Lately we have seen some novel statistics which are shifting the blame for DWI accidents to stoners but we getting impure information since we don't know how many were drunk but also had been smoking some ganja.  There was also no mention of what percentage of them had meth in their systems.

There's purpose in distorting statistics of this nature so it will take some serious peer review before there will be any level of credibility to them.