Thursday, June 30, 2016

Going Full-Out Monk or Playing Like a Rock Monkey

There comes a time in a man's life when the decision needs to be made on going full-out monk with the poverty, the incense, and the nubile virgins or hanging out as a stoner rock monkey with no respect for any damn thing in the world.

(Ed:  what's even worthy of respect?)

The Louvre

(Ed:  anything else?)

The first one is free and after that you need to sniff them out on your own, Sherlock.

There's been extensive discussion in the background as the topic isn't online (cough) debate material largely because I don't believe in online debates.  Comparing information is fine but driving agendas just makes the teeth itch and often attracts earwigs.

(Ed:  what do earwigs do?)

No idea.

The first question about The Way from Cadillac Man is when do you want to do it.  There is no solid answer because no jingle jack to do it unless I turn monk.

Cat is clear with don't you fuckin' do it and she did not say that but she would never respect any musician who sells off his kit.

The discussion about the entire topic is much bigger than this as I find such exquisite brilliance in "The Way" during which, in effect, the father became the son rather than the other way around.  Here's a one more quick twist on that.  The book already existed but the screenplay for the father becoming the son was written by Emilio Estevez, Martin Sheen's RL son.

There's an additional consideration since I recorded twice yesterday and I did upload them but only sent them to Facebook because I did not consider them of sufficient quality for YouTube (they weren't).  Once was prior to surgery for some 'kiss mah grits. I ain't a-feared of you.'  The second time was after before whatever they gave me wore off.  That was blazing stupid due to possible consequences but there was a bigger drive to show some attitude or you're just a walking victim.

This did not help the 'sell the kit' (cough) paradigm (larfs).

Partway solutions go with something like how about selling off the lasers and any other kit except the guitar.  That one does not work because it assumes I will return to Texas or I will carry the Galaxy Guitar with me.  Carrying it is flat impossible.  Carrying a heavy axe in a flight case on a hike isn't some kind of brave romance, it's fucking stupid.  Conversely, if I leave the Galaxy Guitar then it's crazy to sell the other instruments.

An additional huge consideration is landing in Scotland needing a rescue I did not anticipate is entirely different from walking into something in which the need for a rescue is inevitable.  Dat's blackmail.

In company with keeping the guitar is finding the money some other way.  The rough cut is it will take a nest egg of about three grand to pull it off, Point A at DFW to Point B at Santiago de Compostela.  Social Security will have caught up a bit by then so the gods should not immediately be recalling my corpus at that time.

Making a request on GoFundMe is righteous if I have something to offer and the only thing from The Way is to be the Roving Reporter ... but I'm not the Roving Reporter and that is not why I want to do it.  Reporting back to the regulars here is a pleasure to me but doing it as a job changes it to a requirement and that changes the whole vibe of the walk.  It wouldn't be a pilgrimage at that point, only a job.  More than likely such a job would obfuscate any meaning in the walk.

Note:  there is no implied question in any of this as the only outstanding question is to me with now what.

We know for sure if there's any way to do it then there really are Three Musketeers willing to roll if (insert logistical problems) possible.  All three are so hungry for adventure you can practically see those rascals quiver.

See, you get yer two classes of people in the world and some like to make plans while others make to chaos.  The Three Musketeers are of the chaos variety.  We don't care where will eat breakfast next Wednesday in Belgium because, wow, man, aren't you diggin' the way the light breaks through those trees and I think there's a deer back there.

Planners really need that plan and chaos makers can't stand plans.  We want to sit here and wait for that deer all day if we feel like it ... because sometimes it's worth it.

(Ed:  sure!  When you want to eat it!)

Take it easy, Brutus.

(Ed:  that doesn't sound too chaotic!)

It isn't.  For us, jumbling around in a tour bus for six days and six countries is more chaos than we could possibly stand.  Too many inputs, too many inputs.

Some of you get it already that, like Francis Tapon said, you 'hike your own hike,' or you tour your own tour; you never let anyone else tell you how to do it because they can all be pilgrimages if you like.

(Ed:  too heavy with the monk stuff)

It's not monk stuff as there's discovery in everything or we might just as well get a spray-on John Boehner suntan and swap postcards.  Travelers get this implicitly and would never even consider such a means.  Only an Inquisitor could get a Traveler into a tanning bed.

Let's leave this with a teaser as Cadillac Man is highly-enthusiastic about a book called "Walking the World" ... written by fellow who really did it.

No Forgiveness for Three/Fifths of a Man

There's a general premise with historians of 'the nature of the times' justifies everything.  It was the nature of the times for Muhammad to have a nine-year-old wife.  It was the nature of the times to say one man is three/fifths of another man.

That type of logic is not acceptable when such knowledge should be easily approachable by anyone regardless of technical sophistication.  Humans don't fuck children and no man is less than any other.

We hold these truths to be self-evident and not some arbitrary bullshit pose from someone making the first example of an American compromise 'for the sake of the Union,' yet another of the historian's favorite justifications.  Oh, yes, it was necessary for the state of the Union.

What kind of Union is worthy of preservation when it believes one man is less than another.  Here at the Rockhouse, we submit no Union which ever existed has warranted a compromise of that nature.

For example, the Aztecs believed they were a Middle American master race and they routinely sacrificed anyone unfortunate enough to be a member of another tribe.  The Aztecs chopped out the heart of the sacrificial victim and they did it with a stone axe.  It's said the high priests sacrificed fifty thousand in a single day and even Hitler never killed as many as that in a day, not even close.

Note:  as nearly as I can tell with severely rough arithmetic is the NAZIs killed about four thousand people per day.  There's no need for exquisite detail on who was the most horrifying as the only point is barbarism is not without parallel, if not so much scope, and blowing off any of it as a 'reflection of the times' is possibly a backdoor into religion insofar as they were 'savages who did not know better.'  The world crawls with pedophiles now so we don't buy that logic.

Note:  there will be no attempt to wrap this around to, see, this is what happens when you let those religious people get out of hand but we have observed no particular references to religious drivers behind the NAZIs.  For example, a possibly germane thought is we saw over Auschwitz Arbeit Macht Free (i.e. work sets you free) rather than Gott Macht Free (i.e. God sets you free).

Cadillac Man and I spoke of this at some length last night, largely because we're such boring bastards and we enjoy talking of such things, and I don't accept it was necessary to incorporate the thinking of slave owners for the express purpose of making the Union larger, ensuring everything in the country is included, etc, etc.  The objective of such a compromise is arbitrary and logically indefensible (i.e. we just wanted it).

(Ed:  anything is logically defensible but you may not accept the logic)

Fair enough.

My position on such a thing is the original Union should have held the high ground, albeit a smaller chunk of it, and then worked toward a better solution (i.e. free the damn slaves) before trying to absorb the South.  Conceivably that would have obviated the need for a Civil War before / after the full Union did form.  That didn't happen so it seems this is pointless speculation except for the larger point of making bad compromises which has been so much the hallmark of the Democratic Party it's not even the Democratic Party anymore.

Modern Democrats don't believe that but they don't read a whole hell of a lot either.  As far as we can deduce, they don't read much of anything but seem to enjoy bedtime stories quite a bit.

Therefore, the general Rockhouse premise is the Union should have started smaller and with more noble ideals than bigger is better.  As history revealed, that thinking was poor and cost many, many lives through the obvious conflict of the war and the less obvious carnage of the ongoing slave trade.

It further pushes the idea teaching by example is the only way which works.  If you try to do it with guns, you only end up with dead students.  The first Union should have held the high and noble ground.  That was why y'all left England in the first place, right?

Standing Up to the TPP Trade Deal from Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders for President

Alan -

Our struggle over the Democratic Party platform is about making clear that we intend to create an economy that works for all of us, and not just the wealthy and powerful.

Now, we’ve made some great progress to include a number of very important initiatives that we have been fighting to achieve during this campaign. Major accomplishments that will begin to move this country in the right direction like breaking up huge financial institutions and enacting a 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act, a historic expansion of Social Security, taking on the greed of the pharmaceutical companies, banning private prisons, eliminating super PACs, and moving to public financing of elections, and more.

But more needs to be done. And the most important issue is to make it clear that we must defeat the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership.

So I want you to mark July 8 on your calendar – that is the next meeting of the Democratic Platform Committee in Orlando, Florida. Between now and then, our job is to do everything we can to rally support for an amendment to the platform in strong opposition to the TPP.
And I believe that if we all make our voices heard between now and then, we can win this fight:

Let me be clear: this is not about embarrassing anyone. This is about preventing the outsourcing of jobs, protecting the environment, stopping pharmaceutical companies from increasing the price of prescription drugs, preserving our democracy, and respecting human rights.

This is about you and millions of other people making our voices heard that we need to create a Democratic Party which fights for working families and not wealthy campaign contributors.

If we succeed, we will be in a very strong position to stop a vote on the TPP and to fundamentally rewrite our trade agreements to end the race to the bottom and lift up the living standards of people in this country and throughout the world.

That is the work of our political revolution, and you are the revolutionaries. And I believe that if we continue to stand together and fight for the values we share, we will transform the Democratic Party.

But that starts with bringing the entire party together and speaking with one voice in opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership:

It is imperative that this platform be not only the most progressive in the history of the Democratic Party, but that it includes a set of policies that will be fought for and implemented by Democratic elected officials.

I am going to do everything I can to rally support in Orlando for our amendment opposing the TPP. But I want to be clear that if we fail there we are going to take this fight to the floor of the Democratic Party convention in Philadelphia next month.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

Dallas Veterans Rally to Protest Privatization of Veterans Administration

Rally for Veterans and VA Employees

We want health care reform

Not Privatization

Please join us on Thursday, June 30th

12 Noon in the lot across from the Dallas VA

Hear from Veteran leadership and Labor leadership

Say NO to privatization by contacting your elected official today at,, or

Please help save the VA for our generation and future generations

Produced by Texas Vets for Health Care

Understand the vast gulf between the corporate ethos and the professed GOP morality in terms of ardent support for religion, frequent prayer photo-ops, and more supercilious leers than ever thought humanly possible.

The reason the above is true is no corporate ethos exists beyond making money and the GOP is forthright in advising of this fact:  the only mandate on a corporation is to make money and ethics are not part of the consideration.  Various GOP representatives have said this untranslated to my face and they stand by the thinking.

That's the same thinking they use when BP blows up another oil well and actually it was a refinery this week, who knows what environmental damage they will do next week but we're sure they can manage even more.  From the GOP standpoint, BP's only responsibility is to pay out as little in lawsuits as possible to reduce exposure to benefits paid to stockholders.  There is nothing else beyond that because, as above, any human ethos does not apply to corporations despite the outrageously contrived rubbish from the corporate lapdogs on the Supreme Court who ruled corporations are people; they're not even human.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Then They Cut Me Again

Last time was only a two-fer but this time it was better to go for the three-fer and try for a Grand Slam.

Six and a half hours later, the tired pilgrims heaved back into view of the neighborhood.

The surgeon asked if I want the lightweight version or cut it and get it all.  That's choice no. two for me as discomfort now is much better than a revisit later.  That happened once before on my lip and you never, ever, ever want to have surgery on your lip.

There was a video recorded this morning because I figured there's minimal chance of playing once I get back so hit it while you can.  I'm listening to it again now to decide if I will upload it since I didn't try for studio-quality audio and used simply with a single cam.  That puts it in the 'good enough for Facebook' category where quality doesn't matter much.

Note 1:  I talked with the Raven about low-quality videos, endless worthless selfies, etc, etc yesterday or so and I don't quite get it yet but aiming for excellence in photography, music, etc doesn't matter much.  Must confer more with him to get a complete grip on that.

Note 2:  (I don't write these things sequentially) things are stiffening so I kicked off the upload and the video will go to Facebook.  It's an excerpt from "The Sanctuary Song" and maybe Tinkerbell likes it because she can't watch the master version because the flashing lights will cause problems as they will for people with epilepsy and many others.  This goes all the way back to strobe lights and people were specifically aware about them triggering epileptic seizures.  Making it more high-tech doesn't change anything and the risk is real as in full-out scare the living hell out of you seizures.

The anesthetic will wear off before too much longer and I will hibernate a bit.  That's six surgeries in five or six months so I know the drill for what will suck, when it will suck, how long it will suck (larfs).  So it will suck for a while but the worst of it is over in a week.

I asked today if it really makes all that much difference if any Sun hits me now and the one I asked was not a doctor but I wasn't looking for a reference by page numbers so much as a general impression.  She said specifically damage will continue on more exposure.

It's not my purpose to soak up a Coppertone because I couldn't be bothered and, wtf, I'm too sexy for myself anyway, right?  (larfs)

Therefore, I ordered a Pride umbrella today for eleven bucks.  I don't know what it does for gay people to carry it about but one thing it will definitely repel is people who think they might be gay (i.e. they often look like tough guys and drive pick-up trucks).

Thank you to Yevette for putting up with six and a half hours of immense tedium as the room was too small so she didn't even get to watch the slashing.  What fun is a knife fight if you don't get to see it.

My biggest situation was thinking, man, you're not going to make it so after a while I knew a move needed to be made so I said, "Excuse me but is it ok if I use the toilet before you do the third one.  I don't think I will make it otherwise."

I felt like such a damn child (larfs).

Daddy, are we there yet.  I think I'm going to pee my pants (larfs).

Caroline was the operating nurse and I told her how special I believe people in VA are.  She said that isn't what they write in the news.  I said I don't watch it and I know I see a parking lot full to the gills with cars out there every time I come over here and I see the most wonderful people I could possibly hope to see doing everything they possibly can in the best possible way to take care of all of us.  We were smiling together as the news will say whatever it wants but even if no-one else knows the reality, we do.

Note:  I make a point every time I go over there of making as sure as I can people know I appreciate hugely what they do and not only the doctors.  I saw a different nurse earlier to take vitals, etc and she asked how I was doing when she escorted me back so I told her, "My day doesn't look all that good but your sparkling personality already turns that around immediately."

Maybe that surprises you as that's not what you see online but real life ain't like Twitter, darlin' (larfs).

What's Hot on the Blog 6/29

Jun 29, 2016

Jeff - I made this one after John Oliver incited it in his rabble-rousing way and it's cool to see he is still working (cough) for Marlboro although (cough) not very well (cough) a year later

Bailing - going walkabout doesn't have to be solo and unknown if that's interest but this isn't a fuck you all kind of move

The Way - detailed map of The Way with many checkpoints

What's Hot

How and why - Francis Tapon is an ardent hiker and he also has a degree in religion.  This is a TEDx speech in which he talks of both although mostly regarding hiking.

Problems - there's the romance, if you will, of walking The Way but there are also problems and it would be a foolhardy pilgrim who fails to take heed

Got Some - you know the problem with GOP ganja, right?  Yah, it doesn't do anything.

As to Why - the Texas super collider and how Congress let America get aced out again.  Thanks again, GOP.  Love your vision.

Participating - after the election moved to full-out charade, the next question is what now


The Way of Saint James (Google Map with Checkpoints)

One of the most popular routes is to start close to the border with France and then walk through to Santiago de Compostela near Spain's westernmost coast with the Atlantic.

Additional details keep arriving and it's important to travel lightly since there is so much along The Way.  The biggest conditional seems to be a sleeping bag.  Francis Tapon recommended a pack of a kilo or less.

Martin Sheen encountered an old Catholic priest as he walked Camino de Santiago and the old priest had brain cancer.

Sheen asked him, "Father, do you believe in miracles?"

The Catholic priest replied, "It's my job."

Notice he did not answer the question but the understanding was unspoken between them because they were smart men and knew that conditional remained.

As you see, The Way does go through Pamplona and I'm still not going to run with any damn bulls.  We are happy to leave machismo to those who don't understand what it means yet.

"How and why travel transforms you" by Francis Tapon at TEDx Fillmore (video)

Finding the value of success really isn't all that much came to me years ago but finding where it exists hasn't been as fruitful as I have hoped.  Francis Tapon has some exceptional views on precisely that in terms what is truly fulfilling.

There's some consideration of whether the value of the pilgrimage is in the pain and suffering along the way, is the difficulty required for the fulfillment.  He will consider that at some length as that kills stone dead the idea of a sea cruise or the like in terms of a profound experience.  To really bring it home, it has to hurt.

With that in mind, for your consideration:

Note:  the 'x' means an independently-organized TED event but we don't know what that means.

Learn more at

In this TEDx Talk, travel author Francis Tapon shares some of his traveling adventures, which include walking across America four times and spending three years visiting all 25 Eastern European countries. He discusses how travel can be a catalyst for transforming your life, giving you insights that are hard or impossible to achieve through other means. He also shares a personal story about his father, who motivated him to keep pursuing his dream of visiting every country in the world.

Speaker's bio: Francis Tapon was born and raised in San Francisco, California and has traveled to over 80 countries. His mom is from Chile and his dad is from France. He co-founded a robotic vision company in Silicon Valley. He consulted at Hitachi Data Systems and Microsoft. He thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. In 2007, he became the first person to do a round trip on the Continental Divide Trail. He's walked across Spain twice. He wrote "Hike Your Own Hike: 7 Life Lessons from Backpacking Across America." After spending three years in Eastern Europe, he wrote "The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us." He plans to visit all 54 African countries in 2013-2016. He has a degree in Religion from Amherst College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

For my own consideration, any pilgrimage is difficult as both feets really are busted; I dropped a truck on one of them and a scooter on the other.  The truck was not my fault but the scooter was.

For that reason the Camino de Santiago is highly-desirable target and largely because possibly I can.  It's nowhere near the most difficult trail as the Appalachian Trail is far harder in distance and in terrain.  From the standpoint of fantastic and beautiful challenges, the Appalachian Trail will probably yield as many or more than you will find anywhere else.  Nevertheless, there's no chance of doing it so consideration of it serves no purpose.

As to the expectation of living low, that's also something I have done for years and it does reveal important things.  Life does go to shit when it gets too easy and some of you know that painfully well.

That doesn't beg for questions on why life is shit but rather what do I do so life is not shit.

Bailing Out of America Doesn't Have to Be a Solo Jaunt

Yevette has been ashamed for years by what people have done to America so she's in for bailing but there are complications.

Cadillac Man is always up for adventure so maybe he is up for trying it as well.

There are lots of good reasons for running or at least walking slowly with your squadron because that's a great boost to personal safety for everyone but it's also a lot of pre-built yap because we know each other so we know a lot of yap already.  Pluses and minuses come from that.  We like familiar yap but the trip is also silent introspection and review of all manner of kozmikal things.  It's the same as turning off the radio on a road trip just to discover what you will think.  Just realized parents probably have no idea of that (larfs).

Nothing is closed, nothing too weird, etc, etc to consider as part of this although I draw the line at running with the bulls in Pamplona, sex with men or anyone too young to remember why Reagan was an asshole, and using unfamiliar drugs.  Those things are out but anything else and I'm interested.

(Ed:  what about someone who is well-read and understands from that why Reagan is an asshole but doesn't actually remember it?)

Unlikely candidate but would have to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

(Ed: aren't you the Casanova!)

Nope.  These are design parameters.  There's no fucking way I am getting into an enclosure with a large angry and wild animal, my bone wasn't made for backsides and my backside wasn't made for receipt of same, plus I only like reefer and mushrooms.

And I probably won't get into a mountain lake either.  Such lakes are described as being five centimeter lakes and others as two centimeters.  If you don't know what that means, you have probably never been in one.

If you do want to jaunt then something needs to be focused in your crystal set as you need to know if you will return; do you have an exit plan from the exit plan.

For my thinking, it's open-ended as I will have no reason to return.  The music kit will be sold and there won't be any material reason to be anywhere.  Since I can't see most of you anyway, emotional reasons don't weigh heavily either.

A major consideration to the basic validity of even approaching Saint James Way is the level of commercialization along the route.  We already know Starbucks is a hideous eyesore on the planet but they go to where they like hideous eyesores.  Finding anything of that nature along the way would be an immense disappointment.

Be aware it exists, at least to some extent.  There's some excellence because it means we will always be able to find a place to crash for cheap.  Some places are five dollars a night and that's even less than Greece for the monthly rate on the place I was living there.

If you like, possibly we can do Three Musketeers or something like that.  Maybe Cadillac Man remembers a pic showing Cadillac Man, Doc, and I on some pier and Doc is proudly displaying the tiniest fish any fisherman ever tried to bring home.  That was a time when Doc had hair down to his ass and presented rather differently than he does today as in ... holy shit, was that you?

That Three Musketeers aspect has great coolness plus also liabilities and the first of those is maybe it's already becoming a 'product' if it has a name.  That implies an audience and it implies potential revenue.  There's no religious reason to reject that since The Way isn't that much religious anyway but it starts a possible taint as in put it on YouTube and try to commercialize it.  Maybe that's alright but, for me, it already starts to smell.

There is no vow of poverty here at the Rockhouse but there's a definite vow not to grovel or suck ass.

(Ed:  I guess that means no bootlicking?)

Nah, definitely none of that.  We still remember spit shining boots in the fucking Army.  We hated the fucking Army (larfs).

Another aspect of publicizing this is Yevette doesn't want anyone to know where she is.  She is not chased by the law but it bugs the fuck out of her that the law chases everyone in America.  There are no cameras on The Way unless we bring them so it's a place of safety in that context.

Some of you know what it means to be 'experienced' so the question is always how experienced is it possible to be.  Leaving America is only a small part of it and negativity isn't all that big a part, it simply doesn't offer anything interesting.  I look about constantly for what's happening in news, science, anywhere but it's always the same.  America and England have become crashing bores.

Therefore, how experienced is it possible to get.

Got Some Dayum Republican Reefer this Time

You know the trouble with GOP reefer, right ... it doesn't do anything.  Actually, it's exactly like the modern GOP insofar as it gives enough of a buzz to think it might do something but then it never actually delivers anything.

Maybe you call that cynical but review what the GOP has given in the last sixteen years:  two wars and so much methane the EPA is now monitoring the entire party as an ecological problem.

GOP reefer happens rarely since we don't deal with corporate reefer and instead keep it on the street where the trust level is much higher.  I don't know names, colors, sexual persuasions, etc, etc.  I don't know if they drive cars; I don't even know if they have cars.

There's a huge financial reason in staying away from GOP reefer and the first is those hypocritical fucks get it from Mexico so they can sell it here at low prices and make it seem like a good deal.  However, Mexican dirt weed has seriously low punch power so it's necessary to smoke a lung-killing amount of it to approach even a bad buzz.

I tried today with a friend who is much larger than Yevette so definitely not the same person.  After a while I had to retire as I couldn't even smoke a joint of it with him before my lungs said fuck this GOP crap.  Bring me the real thing.

Regrettably, I've become highly-allergic to reefer, it seems.  I can only smoke a small amount before an extreme reaction and therefore I have one more reason to stay away from GOP smoke.  One thing we know beyond doubt is there's no way in flaming Hell that Willie Nelson would ever smoke it.

Look for the American union label, kiddos.

It's the best, by far.  If you want the premium buzz, you have to get the homegrown, meticulously-researched, painstakingly-cultivated American bud.  Trying to keep the homegrown illegal was just another GOP conspiracy to force us to smoke the cheap shit they bring in from Mexico.

If you seriously think the conservatives care anything about drugs, ask again about the perennial corruption of cop narcotics divisions, particularly in the NYPD.  Serpico said it hasn't changed at all and no-one would know better than he after he was shot in the face for trying to stop it.

All that cop corruption is due to liberal cops, right?  (larfs)

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