Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Colbert in the Running for Slasher King

Colbert does a reasonably good job of slashing O'Reilly's dipshit plan for an army of mercs paid by a coalition of nations.   Bill O’Reilly Is PISSED That Stephen Colbert Mocked His Plan To Use A Mercenary Army To Fight ISIS

It's a good job of slashing ... but ... it's only O'Reilly and he's trivial.  He makes a lot of money for Fox News but he's paid to say deliberately stupid shit that makes a lot of money.  Sending Colbert to kill him is like taking a six-gun to catch goldfish.  You could probably do it but why bother.

Stewart is in the same trap in a perception the medium is the message is the problem.  To a point that's always true but the people on Fox News are just pimping off the possibilities.  It's not so much a flawed mechanism but flawed people and attacking them won't win the Kingship.

John Oliver is taking a fundamentally different approach and going after a specific concern, whether it's the travesty of management and deception behind the Miss America pageant or (cough) the travesty of mismanagement and deception behind the drone program.  He's a good distance away from personality clashes and he rises fast as a result of it.

Where Stewart and Colbert are reactive in terms of seeing something stupid or deceptive on Fox News and speaking about it, Oliver is aggressive in pursuit of a topic.  I expect this will serve him ... and us ... very well.

The biggest differentiating aspect is the audience they're trying to reach.  Stewart and Colbert are singing to the faithful and maybe wistfully hope some Fox News people will see some common sense.  This isn't likely to muster many or any new people with the willingness to vote and the knowledge and awareness to use it wisely.

Oliver appears to be broadcasting to a general audience to see what sticks.  I suspect slashing Fox News will be automatically alienating to a subset of people even if the case is valid, they just don't want to hear it.  Therefore, if the topic is approached from the standpoint of the inherent validity, integrity, etc of any particular thing rather than any particular network then I believe it's more likely people will be drawn into it to follow it, learn more.  If they have gone part way, likely they already know they won't like the answer but they want to know what it is.  In this respect, I expect Oliver is more dangerous to right-wing extremists than anyone else.

Detention for Sharing a Lunch at School

The place was, I believe, Westerville, CA, (or something close) but I'm not going to post a link as what good to hype the names of symptoms of a greater disease.  I checked multiple links and it looks like it really did happen.

Some kid didn't have any lunch at school so another kid gave him some of his own.

Yep, that's a bust.  It's a violation of school policy to share food.  You win a detention, Samaritan Boy.

The officials were typically self-righteous about it.  This is the school policy so of course we had to follow it.  This kind of camp guard mental process is becoming more common in which people commit to blind obedience with no inductive reasoning and it's straight out of a Milgram experiment (i.e. people were told to give electric shocks to other people ... and they did it).

It's a disgrace that a kid is taught not to share and is punished should he do it.

You know, fuck the Bible.  Jesus didn't really mean that shit.

And all because the State told you to do it.

Fuckin' camp guard.  Textbook.

This is NOT about putting religion in schools but rather the opposite as those who insist so much that it be there aren't practicing it as you see above.  Their purpose is to teach obedience not morality.

Dodging Ice Ages ... in a Tipi

Something that's difficult to discern is the extent of glaciation as ice advanced and withdrew during the glacial periods in which Modern Man (i.e. Cro-Magnon) has been walking the Earth.  The movie view of things is that sort of thing was happening way back when Raquel Welch looked so hot in a fur swim suit in "1,000,000 B.C."

The actuality is the last major glacial advance was during the same period during which Indians have occupied America (i.e. roughly thirty thousand years).  There is some pride in telling you the last advance was called the Fraser glaciation (i.e. Pinedale).  So every Indian in Canada and a good bit of America either went South or died.  (Wiki:  Last Glacial Maximum)

The reason this is important to me is these glacial advances every time pushed all humans out of the way ... or killed them.  This has tremendous influence on the migration of humans about the planet and thus determined what we are in terms of ending up in different regions and growing different cultural identities, etc.

The main point is that Ice Ages seem like ancient history but they're not.  An actual Ice Age goes on for millions of years but the periods of glaciation within them are much more frequent.  Since Modern Man has existed for at least one hundred thousand years, these periods of glaciation have had a very large effect on our cultural evolution by pushing us this way or that and killing off those who couldn't hack it.

Perhaps interesting to you is the reverse effect on Africa and Asia as the ice didn't advance anywhere near as far.  Seemingly there were tremendous influences on migration in Europe and north America but not so much elsewhere.

The reason this bugs me is that we have at least one hundred thousand years of history and yet we only have the faintest clues of what was happening going back to the Altamira cave paintings from thirty thousand years ago.  There are traces from about thirty thousand years ago in Greece as well.  There are other faint traces but all seem to tap out about thirty thousand years ago.

So what happened to at least seventy thousand years for which there appears to be little or no trace.  Are you really willing to believe that for seventy thousand years we just grunted at each other and chucked spears at sabre-tooth tigers.  They had the same intelligence as we as they're close to genetically-identical.  There is enough headroom during that period to build Atlantis, destroy it, and forget all about it ... and do it several times over.

It's not my purpose to justify Atlantis but rather to get a perspective on the immense period of time in which we, given the lack of evidence, did almost nothing.  When we have done so much, whether positive or negative, in the relatively short period since then tells me it's impossible so much time could have passed in which we accomplished nothing.

Wiki:  Last Glacial Period

lefty Unplugged and Thera D Cover Cat's Art MusikCircus

lefty Unplugged doesn't often sing cover songs at Cat's Art MusikCircus but anything he does he will do the same way:  all out.  I don't think anyone knew Thera D would be singing a duet in the performance last night until arriving for the show and, well, this is a surprise, isn't it.  I've never heard lefty do a duet before in well over a year so, ok, let's take a listen to this.

This may not be exactly correct but the information I picked up during the show is that Thera D is from Madagascar.  That alone is pretty cool as the MusikCircus draws people from lots of countries but I'm fairly sure this was a first for Madagascar.

If I got it right, Thera D now lives in The Netherlands and the part about how she got from Madagascar to Holland to lefty's studio, well, that part isn't so clear but it's pretty damn cool that it happened.

Together they did a set that was all cover songs but what else will you do when you only have five or six hours to put it together.  Covers aren't necessarily bad unless you try to mimic the original recording and then they're not too compelling ... but ... lefty Unplugged doesn't mimic anything and neither does Thera D.  Together they made a joy-filled hour of singing these covers in whatever way they felt would be best and they did it beautifully.  (You can find Thera D Singer and Kevin Farrell on Facebook)

There was a question of what about lefty's originals but give them time, just give them some time.  Thera D asked if she should fly over from The Netherlands each week and the audience agreed, oh yes, definitely do this.  She said she would need a sponsor as that would get expensive so maybe not every week.  Bi-weekly, then?

The extra-beauty part is that Robert69 Little was there and he's the Once and Future King of Second Life video as he has shot thousands of them.  This is not promoter grandstanding as when I say thousands I do mean thousands.  The video at the top is what he gave us.  (Ron Bizzle channel on YouTube / Ron Bizzle on Facebook)

Nobody makes much of anything on this.  The performers get tips but you won't hear about any using the proceeds to buy a hot-rod BMW.  If you're working SL, you'll probably be shopping for Matchbox cars, honey.  But that's cool as performers know this ... and do it anyway.  Cat doesn't make anything as any tips she gets she turns around and gives to performers.  Robert Little doesn't make anything on the video he shoots and he uploads it for free.

Music Love doesn't get any more pure than that.  They don't make any money on it and they won't ... but that isn't why any of them do it.  That made for a wonderful synergy beyond the actual music and that's all part of the magic of Cat's Art MusikCircus.

Monday, September 29, 2014

On Hope in Music

There's the thinking that songs should give hope, warm feelings, and all the things you generally expect.

Hopefully without getting hopelessly philosophical about it, my own thinking is that music is an accurate reflection of the world which is very important when an accurate reflection is difficult or impossible anywhere else.


You want people coming away from a gig feeling good and not just so they may come back to another one but it feels good to do that.  You bring your guitar and they bring their spirit energy and it all swirls up into something that leaves a smile on the faces of everyone.  It's not so much that you do that but you're the vehicle for it.


You sing about "Jeanny" and scare the bejeebers out of people.  It doesn't make you smile as this vicious bastard has killed an innocent girl and now he tells her he loves her.  wtf.  But a song like that will own your soul.

I really don't talk about 'high art' in terms of B&W Japanese photography of people in unbelievably contorted poses.  That's cool in what it says but it doesn't hold me for very long.

I want passion, power, and all the lights flashing.

Everybody knows the ship is sinking
Everybody knows the captain lied.


That's from "Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen and that's another song that will own you.

The balance is to go for it directly and sing familiar, happy stuff but, in my view, it's more hopeful in a different way to sing of some desperate thing.


The only reason for singing about the desperate thing is the expectation it will change as the effort is pointless otherwise.  This is fucked-up, it will stay fucked-up and, well, fuck it.  There's no song in that, it's just stupid.  I truly do see immense hope in "Jeanny" as recognition and understanding of such things is the first step to finding solutions.

This is all because "The Paradise Song" swirls about.  I don't know what it sounds like and I like taking my time with deciding that.  I won't know really what it sounds like until I start playing it.  There's beautiful and hypnotic as with "Rainbow Bridge" but do I want to view Paradise in what is essentially a one-dimensional way.

All the while, October 9 hangs over my head as it's inevitable what comes.  They will drop another bomb on my head, tell me they can't anything about it, and my head will spin around in circles for a good long while after ... but nothing will really change.  That my situation is screwed I can sort of handle as it means write as much as you can, play as much as you can, do whatever it was you think you started breathing to do.

John Oliver on the Travesty of the Drone Program (video)

John Oliver is stepping way out there with his investigative reporting as he and his staff dig deep.  For example, an 'imminent threat' does not legally require a threat to Americans or America.  'Legally' is used loosely as the entire thing is an abuse of international law but, by American law, it's legal.

That he does this and he's still funny is just impressing the hell out of me.

We did it.  We made blue sky absolutely fucking terrifying. - Oliver

"Love in the Cemetery" - Now w/New Casket

Recording on the computer isn't something that was even possible for all kinds of miserable reasons but yesterday the levels checked out all the way through ... so record something.

"Playing in the Cemetery" started out as a cemetery being a good place to play loud because you can't piss anyone off.

"Love in the Cemetery" is the same thing with a different video and the premise this time is if you can't get love from a vampire then you ain't goin' find it at all.

It didn't change much apart from the video in what may even be ten years.

But ... it didn't have an organ part and, much worse, the bass track was something I had recorded on a MIDI keyboard so it wasn't even an analog track ... plus it sucked.

The orchestration was inevitable as what else does a distortion guitar need in a cemetery.  If you answered pipe organ then right you are.  The bass is now a real one making it a whole lot more live than it was.

With a bit of panning to spread the instruments over the sound field, things got very large.  That felt quite excellent but it was too loud and got overpowering after a while.   There was some more balancing this morning and it sounds like major vampire bait now.

The O.F. part is asking myself whether I've got it in me to make something cooler than what I've already played and it's not neurosis as I've compared lead lines from now to some years back and thought hmmm.  Listening to back tracks I haven't used in a very long time stirs up some unusual.

The reason any of this is germane is "The Paradise Song" and whether to do it all-out live or to use the computer.  The latter yields suck video as the post-record mixdown is not going to make exciting television.  The video needs the RL Silas playing as that gives the continuity to time melting like an ice cream from the start.  If tracks are used to back that then the video won't show the other instruments being played and their availability is a huge part of what makes this musical Paradise.

So I jack around with other things while it percolates.

The Case of the Runaway Bud

The rock studio is exceptionally dark.  Even in the daytime I frequently need to use a large torch (i.e. three 'D' cells) to find things.

So now it's the middle of the night and I wanted to break up a few little buds and have a wee smoke.


The Great God Mescalito ripped off one of them and it jumped out of the grinder to make its escape.  I screamed to the Heavens, "Damn you, Great God Mescalito.  You can have all the reefer you want.  Why are you burning my chicken ass?"

I resolved to recover it and I got the flashlight.

And I searched.

And searched.

The three 'D' cells were running low and the light started fading.

And I searched.

The search was worthwhile as even a tiny bud of not much more than a centimeter across will blow your snowflake ass to the Moon.  Blowing your snowflake ass to the Moon doesn't mean too much to me but blowing mine there is highly desirable.

And I searched.

This is some powerful stuff as I've had a sack of it for almost two months now and almost half of it is left.  I fear I am becoming allergic to it but that's another story as I'm not all-gone yet.  Some of you know my capacity for smoking reefer and I suspect I could give Willie Nelson a pretty good run for the title.

And I searched.

Finally ... in a state of abject misery, I called off my search.  It was hopeless, the light was gone.  The Great God Mescalito had succeeded in his greedy quest to sting me for a bud of reefer.

That's when I returned to my original position.

And noticed next to the computer.

Yes, the bud never made it to the floor.

Actually, I believe the Great God Mescalito put it there to ease my anguish and my pain.

I love you, Great God Mescalito.  I never doubted you.

"The Plans"

The intellects are planning things
no-one will ever do.
The bankers are buying things
but they won't be for you.
The generals are all ordering,
kill every Muslim man.
The leaders say love your freedom
enjoy it while you can.

The dancers are all laughing,
saying,  I don't need this shit.
The singers just do love songs,
saying, I'm not part of this.
The people just buy tuna
before the radiation comes
as what else would you do
hearing endless battle drums.

They know the fear they muster,
they do it for their ends.
Keep buying those Chinese nicknacks
and remember we're your friends.
We keep the Wal-Mart safe for you
so there will always be a job.
And they even have the tuna
if you can stand the mobs.

You wanted to be the Beaver
and you thought you'd get Dad's house
but now you just fill scrapbooks
and you're quiet as a mouse.
Stock up on cans and freeze-dried food,
the end is going to come
Just turn on network news
and you will always hear the drums.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Donika Causes TSA Alligator Alert at LAX

Everything went fairly well with the alligator until she got to the luggage carousel at LAX ... and that's when the alligator escaped.  Now an alligator doesn't typically move very fast ... unless it is trying to eat you and then the alligator's speed makes you feel like Congress and the alligator is the American people.

Fortunately, the people at LAX move faster than Congress and there are no reports, thus far, of any injuries.  However, the TSA declared an alligator alert and locked-down LAX.

Donika called back here wondering what she should do and the first question back to her was this:  is there any baggage claim tag attached to the alligator.  She said there was not so the advice was to get lunch and a rental car as you never saw the alligator before, right.  Besides, it will be the first actual work anyone in the TSA ever did other than groping your boobs for dope so, wtf, let them catch alligators.

Happily, we can report Donika did find a car and made her way out of the airport.  However, the TSA still has not found the alligator.

Kim Kardashian was in LAX trying to board an outbound flight but it was canceled due to the alligator alert.  Said Kardashian, "first I can't get into A-list parties, second I can't get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and now this!  I'm up-staged by an alligator.  Where will it end?"

Remember the Maine - Just Forget Spain Didn't Do It

"Remember the Maine" was the battle cry for revenge against Spain for sinking her.  The troubling detail is that Spain didn't do it but that didn't stop Hearst and Pulitzer, two of the most famous names in American news, from hyping a case against Spain to drive the Spanish/American War.  The Maine was just an excuse and America had been systematically trying to push Spanish colonial influence out of the Pacific but this was a chance for a war and they took it.

Whether Hearst and/or Pulitzer called the Spaniards 'terrorists' is unknown but they probably had the lingo of their day for use in the same manipulative way as Fox News and CNN.  This part was a surprise to me as Hearst and Pulitzer are two of the biggest names in American journalism but they were just as scabrous as the ones pushing wars today.

The beauty part of this is that it was well over a century ago and the political and policy corruption was evident even then.  You can't blame Bush solely for starting phony wars, he didn't even invent the technique.

The novel part is that it was Democrats, with purple press support from Hearst and Pulitzer, who forced McKinley into it and thus came the Spanish/American War.  As you see, America still didn't get Cuba a century later so that trumped-up war ended up exactly the same as all the others (i.e. lots of dead people and no meaningful result).

That Democrats started it is irrelevant as Democrats are not Democrats anymore but neither are Republicans.  Back when the Republican Party had reputable people in it, they warned about the dangers of a corporate state (Teddy Roosevelt), they warned of a dominant military/industrial complex (Eisenhower), and they warned about religion taking over the Republican Party (Barry Goldwater).  As we've seen from modern-day Republicans, they ignored all of that and did all of those things anyway.

Bill O'Reilly asks in his typically simple fashion whether 'women can save the Democratic Party' and obviously his only purpose is to make a point of the Democratic Party failing and he doesn't give a flying fuck if anyone can save it.  What he ignores altogether is that women can't save the Republican Party either as neither one of them has any idea where their centers are.

Today Obama said 'we may have underestimated the threat of ISIS' and he doesn't even modify the text in the playbook.  Any day now we will see a press briefing from the White House as follows:

President (your name here) announced today that aggression by (pull-down menu of countries to kill) in (pull down list of victim countries) gives me no alternative except to kill the motherfuckers.

The Cadillac Man still rates Obama as average-bad, about the same as Bush, but I'm going with so spineless that you couldn't make a pipe cleaner even if you used his entire backbone.  Obama is going yeah, yeah, I'm a Democrat.  After all, I gave you a medical system that was pretty much the same as the old one and Republicans have bitched like it was penis reduction surgery.  So that kept Republicans amused while Obama bombed seven countries.  That's not a Democrat.  He's not even a President.  In technical terms, the best rating he gets is 'tool' ... just as McKinley became one a hundred years ago.

Kings and Queens of Slasher TV

This review will be necessarily short due to the startling rarity of anyone willing to tell the truth on television.

John Oliver has a rightful claim to Kingship after slashing the living hell out of the Miss America pageant with a thoughtfully-researched and funny as a mofo program:

Jeannette Rank Women's Scholarship Fund (link is to a breakdown of two million in scholarships awarded).  The link is provided because it was presented in the show and I am trusting Oliver's research that it really does what it says.

Abby Martin is the undisputed Queen of Slasher TV as she is progressive and she is aggressive about it.  This sometimes leads into Aluminum Hat Territory but so it will as she wants to know.  She's equally incisive regardless of the topic and don't bullshit her ... she will know.

Abby Martin is a complex woman as she is also an accomplished painter and has some extraordinary work.  The video is an excellent analysis of the Middle East non-strategy and Ron Paul is emerging strongly as a Voice of Reason amid the screaming hysterics.

Jon Stewart still says he is a comedian but no-one slashes Fox News better than he.  His latest was a set of clips from some Fox News imbecile talking about disrespecting troops with a Latte Salute and then in the next bit the same fool talks about "Boobs on the Ground" Mansouri, the female Muslim fighter pilot.

The video includes the Boehner 'Did Not Get the Memo' pitch.

Go through to the end and tell me he's a comedian.  Every word he said is true and he proves it.

There are others but these ones are the most penetrating in combination with the ability to deliver it in any kind of an engaging way.  Any number of people can give speeches but those almost always waste your time.  Genius is reduction not complication.

Tatiana's Tofu Tats

There has been no word yet from Donika but that's not surprising as there is no phone and she probably does not have access to a computer.  Setting up Tatiana's Tofu Tats is some hard duty and she is out there working it now.  Sending all kinda good vibes out that way.

I suggested she should make it Tatiana's Tofu Tats and Duckling Diner so that's why she needed the alligator.

(Ed:  say what?)

Of course.  A side-business will be raising ducklings but people coming to the enterprise don't eat them.  They release the ducklings onto the lake behind the Tofu Tats shop and then people waiting for a tattoo can hang out to watch them paddle around ... until the alligator comes up from under the water and eats them.  It is a Duckling Diner but you don't eat them, alligators do.

(Ed:  you are one seriously sick fuck)

Incorrecto.  I am relating a story told to me by a serviceman returning from duty at Clark AFB in the Philippines.  There was a bar where they would sell ducklings to servicemen who would release them onto a lake, just as above, and then drink beer while they waited for alligators to eat them.  I do confess to being a sick fuck but I am not that sick.

So we send our best wishes to Donika and also to the alligator.  If it gets hungry, feed it a Californian.  They're all made of tofu so you may need two of them.

(Ed:  is some of this in code?)


(Ed:  are you disrespectful to everyone?)

Yes.  I see no reason to discriminate.  Everyone is a fucking idiot except me.  Everyone else believes the same thing so it works out alright.

Cat was bent because I insulted Muslims in "Bomb Me Amadeus" but she will have to roll with it as I will cheerfully insult anyone who is killing or intends to kill anyone else.  Her opinion may change as the Internet has been so buggy that it was pissing off both of us.

Yevette knew of the video the night before but said, nawww, I need to crash.  That was disappointing but I didn't say, oh, come on.  Ela, ela!  (Greek for 'come on' and they never say it just once.)

The next day (for her - I'm still awake) she's off puttering about with her witchy potions and things and I putter about in the studio.  Sometimes I leave it but usually only when it's unavoidable.  Then I hear Yevette laughing and really breaking up.  Turns out she is watching the video.  She knew I had done it but didn't know what was really in it so it got her good.

So the net is a draw.  One vote it sucks and one vote it's funny.  That's cool, tho, as the absolute worst vote is it's ok or it's nice.  That is Instant Death.

People may say it has no artistic merit but that doesn't hurt much coming from people so preoccupied with Miley Cyrus' butt or, more accurately, what she does with it.

I was impressed when she pissed off all of Mexico, tho.  She gets a definite hat tip for that because if you're not pissing 'em off, you're just not getting it done.  If she seriously intends to disrupt some social conventions there may be respect for her yet.  When she wiped Mexico's flag on her ass I was falling down laughing.

(Ed:  that's outrageous!)

Yeah, right.  Take one step to the left.  Now you've crossed a national boundary and you're under a different flag.  What changed.

Um, nothin', Dagwood.

The flag is nothing more than an elite power structure trying to monopolize the pure nationalism that runs underneath and is defined by a people's music, books, etc, etc.  A flag never created any of that nor has it ever had much to do with any of it except for some cheesy anthems and some massively-boring marches.  Hitler showed best of all what a flag adds to art and anything that detracts from art and thus the character of the nation is definitively non-patriotic.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Non-Reaction to "Jeanny" w/pics

That there is such vigorous defense of US killing and no reaction of any kind to "Jeanny" shows clearly enough the transparent and superficial view of things here.

That people do not react and have no interest makes this aspect of "Abandoning Paradise" all the more compelling to me as there's only one thing that comes from their samaritrophobia:

Samaritrophobia:  hysterical indifference - Kurt Vonnegut

Greece (Katakolon, about a year ago)

America (Fort Worth, yesterday)

Something fascinating on the Texas side is the deliberate unwillingness to learn anything substantive about what happens in the Middle East.  The raising of the subject typically only elicits the response, "Oh, no, no.  I don't want to hear about that."

The above is not the reaction I get as I very rarely talk to any of them about it.  What point as they're not educated and may have guns.  It's not much different from looking for conversation on a social network except these ones can kill you.  Talking to them makes no more sense than an Iraqi trying to argue with an F-18's bombs.  But they do build nice gas stations, don't they.

Also they build three Wal-Marts within three miles of it and they do it at this minute.  Evolution in action.

This is not far from the George Bush Turnpike.  He asked you to pay $1.5 trillion to pay for the F-35 program ... but ... if you want to drive on the George Bush Turnpike you have to pay a toll.  Welcome to the State of Texas, Governor Rick Perry presiding.  See above about samaritrophobia.

Lockheed Martin is a few miles from here and Yevette has been concerned about radiation and reduction of personal injury from it through various medicines and herbs.  We spoke of it yesterday when a friend came by and I said, "Radiation really isn't such a worry.  If it ever comes to Fort Worth, they will deliver a fuckload of it and herbs will burn up too."

Lockheed Martin is one of the biggest military draws in the central states because of the fighter aircraft assembly.  In the event of a real war as opposed to modern day girlfights or the simple butchery most Pentagon leaders prefer, Fort Worth will be vaporized.  Good-bye Cincinnati as well as GE makes jet motors and that has to stop, doesn't it.  Of course, the most destructive thing to America any attacker could do would be to leave Washington and New York unscathed and the leaders untouched.

The irony is that Fort Worth would get melted for an aircraft that doesn't even work.  More evolution in action.

There's a poignance in looking for Paradise amid this most hideous urban squalor but that makes it all the more delicious to find.  That no-one listens to it makes it sublime.

The temptation is to cover "Jeanny" as I was playing it on and off for hours yesterday.  But this is not "The Paradise Song" and it would be a serious cover rather than what I did with "Bomb Me Amadeus."  It would also not be a verbatim cover as those are pointless unless you're a karaoke queen who likes taking snowmen to rodeos.  Note:  they melt.

There is no writing currently as the thinking goes toward the direction.  Covering "Jeanny" is germane to the overall concept of abandoning Paradise but it takes a very much darker tone than anything else in the book.

"I Am Algernon" is another similar line as that one is a song about your own disintegration.  It has two huge disadvantages:  it would likely be self-pitying and no-one would get the reference to Algernon.  The story isn't entirely true as I don't feel sorry for myself ... everyone disintegrates, I just don't like it.  The biggest concern is that the music disintegrates and that's causing a lot of confusion.

That I have the luxury of spending hours thinking about such things is clearly Paradise.  That aspect is crystal.  Conversely, it is also crystal clear that with America's wealth Fort Worth could have been a garden spot.  Instead it's what you see above, nothing more than a cheap stop on a highway to somewhere else.

It seems there are two themes, one of finding and recognizing Paradise and the extended theme of why do people throw it away.  My general feeling is that they abandon it because Americans don't get laid half as much as they pretend but this is so far beyond the original intention of the book that any reader will probably throw it out a window and to hell with whomever the iPad hits, kind of like Yank foreign policy.

Not a single bit of this will make sense unless you're thinking like John Cage except my view of it is that not all sound is auditory.  Some is real and not perceived and some is perceived without any actual physical auditory signal at all.  I hear "Jeanny" practically every moment but no-one around me does.

I also see her lying there.  It's devastating but what really stabs a knife right through my heart is that people don't get it.

Calling All Aluminum Hat People

This is a class into which I have recently been inducted, largely by the migration of people into Levels of Reason that immediately reveal the absurdity of anything I should say.  From my standpoint, it appears the world has been transformed into the Planet of the Aluminum Hats, probably because people finally got bored with their pseudo-military skinhead haircuts and adopted the most appropriate headgear to cover them.

To believe John Boehner is not a psychopath, there would have to be more sign of emotion from him than I saw from the Iceman who murdered roughly two hundred people as contracts for organized crime.

I really don't see it as I watch his eyes while he speaks and they don't change.  Even McConnell shows a little bit of emotion with his squeaky feigned anger but Boehner is generally deadpan.

The example that struck me was in being asked whether Obama had the authority to start a war and he said he didn't have a problem with it.  When asked why Congress did not do it, he said that wasn't the procedure.  To start a war, the President writes a request and submits it to Congress.  In effect, Boehner said he didn't get the memo.  The lameness of that is obvious but the delivery is what strikes me as you'd see more emotive punch from a lizard.

In some ways that rules out psychopath or at least the more clever ones as he isn't at all charming or engaging.

And Boehner is the same guy who was going to impeach Obama for starting wars a couple of months ago.  The operating principle seems to be it's only an abuse of Presidential authority when Obama starts a non-war they don't like.  It's all crap, tho, as there hasn't been a war declared since WWII.

So far, the only ones who observe what happens are Ron Paul and Abby Martin ... but they're Aluminum Hat Crackpots, aren't they.

I Dream of Jeanny

"Jeanny" obsesses me as the immediate power of the statement against violence upon women is savagely beautiful and the genius of that creation was courageous and inspired.  He was assailed and banned all over Europe.

The story of Jack Unterweger, the serial killer upon whom the song is ostensibly based, takes the power of the symbol to another level.

Unterweger murdered a girl when he was young and went to prison in Austria for fifteen years.  There he grew from an uneducated murderer to a polished and accomplished writer.  He had published from prison to substantial acclaim and eventually emerged from prison into celebrity society, living large with the rich and famous.  He also emerged from prison a determined psychopath and every part of what he had done thus far was part of his plan.  He murdered again within four months and killed about fifteen before he was caught.

The charismatic power to beguile is the extended view as this guy was a known murderer yet he appeared on television and the public loved him.  He was very bright, charming, and just one happening conversationalist.  Everyone wanted to know Jack Unterweger.

That charismatic power can be used on a state level we've seen most dramatically from Hitler but there's a Pollyanna view that he was rare.  That there is so much violence in the world makes no sense when I've never met anyone anywhere who looked forward to violence unless it was sexually-deprived young men looking for fights on a Friday night.  Maybe on a lower level there's the enjoyment in watching a boxing match but that also comes with the self-hatred because you enjoyed it.

Eliciting behavior such as getting to your feet to punch someone you don't know in the face will be difficult (unless provoked by a drunken asshat) as it is not something anyone really wants to do ... without substantial charismatic influence.  How do you know the charisma is not coming from someone equally psychopathic with Unterweger.

Assuming any leader has the same goodness in his heart as you is more than a little naive.

First Take-Down Request in Almost Eight Years of Reviews

The situation will change quite a bit today as Donika is going to be doing a reality show in L.A. where she's going to open an organic tattoo shop.  It's not clear how long that will take but it shouldn't be too hard to convince Californians it's real as they will believe just about anything.

She's going to call the organic tattoo shop Tatiana's Tofu Tats.  She's been working on a Russian accent for weeks and says her inks are from an ancient recipe of all-natural ingredients.  All natural, dah-link.  Da?

A friend is going to shoot the pilot but this is indie so he's going to need one hell of a lot of help.  He doesn't know how long it will take as who ever shot a pilot for a show before.

Things will get full-tilt weird but it's always evolution in action.  I'll continue as I have been in working toward "The Paradise Song"and do as lefty always sings ... let it roll.

Irrelevant but interesting to me is that Old Roy's must have some kind of dog heroin in it.  This is a very low-budget operation but animals must get fed so I get whatever seems like the most and the cheapest.  The last one must not have been so good as there would still be food left the next day but not so with Old Roy's.  He jumps up and down for this stuff.  Dog heroin, that's what they do.

Oh, and no finicky cats in the poor house.  If you want to get fookin' finicky, cat, you can get your finicky ass outside and catch it yerself.

(Ed:  what about the article?)

What article??

Jeanny, Wo ist dein Schuh? (video)

Wo ist dein Schuh?
Du hast ihn verloren

Those words, over and over in my mind.

Breaks my damn heart. I love you, that's why I have to kill you.

This song torments me as I hear it constantly. I love that it does but I hate that there's a reason. So much killing, so much righteousness ... and Jeanny is still dead.

Wer hat verloren?
Du, dich?
Ich, mich?



Natürlich ist es auf Deutsch. Amerikaner verstehen kann?

Wo ist dein Schuh

Mit nur diese Worten mein Augen mit Tränen füllen.


Building the Arabic Hegemony

After the latest Lockheed Martin justification finally winds down and the Cheneys take their profits, there's nothing left behind except dead bodies, the weapons the military couldn't be bothered to remove, and an imbalance of power that makes the pre-WWI world look like a finely-tuned instrument.

With Syria and Iraq smashed, Lebanon (i.e. soon to be part of Israel) disappears.  The Caliphate regrows as it's populated from all over the world and it's united by the Saudis who, as I'm sure you recall, united Islam in the first place.

The ideal resolution for America at that stage is the Saudis and the Iranians kill each other and everybody dies but it won't happen and instead the Arabic Hegemony will be created and nothing will be able to penetrate it short of a D-Day invasion.  It grows west through Africa and east through Afghanistan, Pakistan.

Nobody is going to jack Israel.  Netanyahu has a pile of nukes and an IQ of 180.  Go ahead and try to bluff him.

The hegemony the U.S. tries to create won't last past the next stock market bubble bursting.

Friday, September 26, 2014

There's a Hole in the Bucket

Say Obama gets everything he wants and wipes out every one of those bad, bad ISIS people.  Demolished.  All gone.

Then he turns back to kill Assad as nothing has changed.

Say he does that too.  That bad, bad Assad is one seriously dead Muslim.

To review:  the situation at this stage is the government in Iraq is held together with duct tape and party favors.  There is no government in Syria as you just killed it.  There isn't anything in north-central Iraq as you killed that too.  The Kurds are thinking, fark, no-one is trying to kill us just now.  We have guns.  Let us have oil.  Iran is thinking, fark, looks like Christmas to me.  And Netanyahu has more pissed off Arabs on his hands than he ever did.

Nope, can't see any problem with this plan.  No way.

The Latest is Germane to "Abandoning Paradise" Because ...

America has Paradise in the palm of its hand but throws it away on these profiteering military adventures.

In this respect it is germane but from the standpoint only of the book the question is whether any focus on it is worthwhile.

As it sits right now, this is musical Paradise.  Everything else sucks gigantic jagged boulders but that part is cool.  The point is final when I deliver "The Paradise Song" ... but ... does the story drag on beyond that.

Resolve America has ludicrous foreign policy ... waste of time.

Resolve lots of American resources are flushed down the toilet ... waste of time.

Resolve who did it ... waste of time.

Review what it could be ... possible but huge risk of Disneyizing things.  It would be just so groovy if we had safe, fast ways to get around that didn't stink and kill people.  Waste of time.

Must review further but any aspect of national found or lost Paradise is just a huge stinky fish.  As of just now I don't see a fit.  It's pretty fucked-up that people think I'm shit for a position of not wanting to kill people so that affects my Paradise but it doesn't much affect the music.  That's too thin to be worth mention either.

It may not seem it but everything wraps together ... or I do another lap around the track until it does match up.

The Biggest Unresolved Story in "Abandoning Paradise" seems obvious to me as what happened with Cat.  It tells of a huge love but there is no apparent dynamic.  However, that will be resolved in "The Paradise Song" as it's tragic.  If it's told right it will be Romeo and Juliet as this is as star-crossed as something can ever get.  The balance is that neither of us have any interest in any great personal revelation as this isn't People magazine.  On balance with that is this is not the first relationship of my life and any tale of love must be sensitive to that fact.  That's not simply logic as it would be grossly offensive if it did not have that.

iOS 8.0.2 and the Exploding iPad

The iPad is updating to iOS 8.0.2 right now.  It has not yet exploded although I am aware it may due to the helpful reports from various Microsoftian lizards.

An assist on their terminology:  every time Apple farts, it is not a nuclear a explosion although iOS 8.0.1 was, I gather, a fairly good-sized fart.

I am reporting my iOS 8.0.2 installation event live.

If there is an explosion, it will suddenly sto


What I wanted out of the upgrade was iCloud Drive but that isn't supported on the Mac until OS X Yosemite.  There is a Beta program but, when you only have one computer, you don't do Beta programs.

There are messaging functions in iOS 8.0 but what do I care.  Unless it does something useful, it's the same as Barney the Dinosaur to me.

"Bomb Me Amadeus" (parody video)

Envision, if you will, Sam Kinison singing.

If there wasn't something you found offensive, my next question will be whether you watched it.

Some ask what I do.  Well ... this.

Maybe it's not much but some will see it.  Some will last ten seconds and then go off to look for cat videos.  Then there are the others will either find it funny ... or boring ... or stupid ... or ... and here's the big win:  they'll be so pissed off they'll wet their pants in frustration for wanting to bomb me.  You America-bashing piece of shit.  I'll show you fucking democracy.  I'll fucking kill your anti-patriotic ass.

Bomb me, Amadeus.

(Ed: why piss off Muslims if you support them?)

I don't support anyone in this killing except some cat who can sit down next to me and isn't going to hate my ass for whatever dipshit things I believe.  Then we can blow a joint.  Maybe he can play an instrument and that would be cool as I can't.  Then we could have a stoner twisted jam.  That's how I understand it works with people.  I look for that a lot ... as in all my life.  Mostly I see people blowing shit up ... as in all my life.

Bomb me, Amadeus.

New Poster Bunny for Lockheed Martin

Major Mariam Al Mansouri is the new Poster Bunny for Lockheed Martin as she flies strike missions against the Islamic State even though she comes from an Islamic state and flies an aircraft provided by a country that hates Islamic states as shown by the fact it is usually bombing them.

Lockheed Martin is thrilled to have her on the payroll because all they have is the same old cheesy stock photo of their F-22 as it hasn't ever flown a combat mission against another fighter aircraft.  When advised Mansouri does not fly an F-22, the Lockheed Martin representative said, "Oh, fuck.  I didn't think of that."

She was laughing in the picture because we asked her if she thinks Tom Cruise is gay.

She said the strike mission fulfills her dream, "Ever since little girl, I want fly fighter aircraft.  I want fly over men.  And kill them."

Allahu Akbar!

Aubrey Bailey Clarifies American Foreign Policy

Are you confused by what is going on in the Middle-East?

Let me explain. We support the Iraqi gov’t in it’s fight against Islamic State (IS/ISIL/ISIS). We don’t like IS but IS is supported by Saudi Arabia whom we do like. 

We don’t like President Assad in Syria. We support the fight against him, but not IS, which is also fighting against him. 

We don’t like Iran, but the Iranian government supports the Iraqi gov’t against IS. So, some of our friends support our enemies and some of our enemies are our friends, and some of our enemies are fighting our other enemies, whom we don’t want to lose, but we don’t want our enemies who are fighting our enemies to win. 

If the people we want to defeat are defeated, they might be replaced by people we like even less. And, all this was started by us invading a country to drive out terrorists who weren’t actually there until we went in to drive them out – do you understand now?

- Aubrey Bailey

Voting ... If You Have Nothing Better to Do

As Germans say, if voting did anything they would make it illegal.

Today I'm the Anti-Christ because I said voting is a load of crap existing only to distract and amuse.  I'm self-righteous, blah, blah ... fill in the blanks.

My preference is to fill in a little history.  I voted for the Seven Country Bomber who has managed to increase my disgrace in America after I specifically voted for him for peace, bringing back the troops, and ending the disgrace brought by George Bush.

And you tell me my vote counts.  Fuckin' show me.

When both parties behave the same, it is not an election but rather a dog & pony show.  Inasmuch as only the rich take home a puppy, it's not even a good dog & pony show.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Abandoning Paradise: Going to See the Oracle

Going to See the Oracle is the latest for "Abandoning Paradise" and it makes no sense to retell the story but I can tell you there are pictures.

There will be a return visit to the Oracle as I'm on a Mission from God or Carlos Castaneda or somebody.

The medical came and went.  I get the result on Oct 9.

I fiddled with audio levels all along the audio path as this has been an endless frustration.  The volume level for any given thing can be modified in multiple places and each one is a point on what I call the signal path between the instrument and the amplifier.  There are four places where the volume for the guitar can be modified and that doesn't count the volume pedal or the volume switch on the guitar.  I'm much more satisfied the levels are good for all of them so it was a good thing not to do a live show as the time went to a good purpose.  Only clean sound can be loud sound.  Or, as Gene Stafford put it, "Cleanliness is next to haulin' ass."

Imam Abdul al Adhubidhubi tried to share a bowl of Arabian smoke with you but he did three or four takes and was too hammered (cough) bombed to continue.  There will be another try later but that may be difficult as light in here is very low.


Plug in the stage lights and use a few of those.  Imam Abdul al Adhubidhubi the Stoner Hip Hop Pacifist Muslim ... with stage lights.  This is starting to sound compellingly twisted.

Killing Because It Turns Me Right On

"The Blue Max" is a novel about a German fighter pilot in WWI who flew a Fokker tri-plane and was one deadly mofo.  There was one significant difference between this one and stories of any other fighter pilots as it was quite specific about the pounding erection he would achieve during mid-air combat with another pilot.

Whether there was any 'satisfaction' from a kill is something you will have to discover for yourself in reading it.  I read the book forty years ago and I don't remember.

Author:  Jack D. Hunter

Without the research, there's no way to discover anything beyond the individual story but it seems reasonable to believe if some writer can dream up this kind of strangeness then maybe it isn't that strange and it's more pervasive than just one guy.

It seems obvious to me that there's a quasi-sexual stimulation from foreign combat when it's viewed by non-participants.  It's more than just watching the Super Bowl, they are really, really into it.  The thinking that this is credible goes back to reading "The Blue Max" as that was the missing ingredient.  After you get past the Are You Fucking Serious stage, things make more sense.  There's a vicarious sexual buzz in it.  Fark.

I really do believe if you put all this into a blender, the net result would be Freud shaking his finger at you saying, man, all you had to do is fuck more.  All this stuff with the Dim-Witted Three-Titted Woman, etc is part of the same thing.  There is some really demented sexuality or really not even that.  There appears to be very little sexuality as Facebook has more cougars per square inch than Yellowstone National Park.  It's not their fault as things fuck up for everyone and no-one ends up getting laid.  Then they blow shit up and eat stuff and that amusement fills the void for a while.

Skipping Over Six Months of Fort Worth

Although that looks like a huge leap in the book, it wasn't as almost nothing happened other than medical tests.

I've thought of what photo-ops could come from here and the only two I've spotted so far are one from a QuickTrip petrol station as the thing is enormous.  Euros may not think it is such a big deal as there are big ones on the autobahn / autoroute, etc but these things are every few miles inside the city.  I haven't done it as there's no particular revelation ... Texas is big and tasteless.  There's a shocker, huh.

This is the same place some guy told Cat he thought Germany was still at war.  She did NOT say in reply, "No, Redneck Ruby Buby, it's America that's still at war. "

He wouldn't have understood her anyway.

Another one is a five-dollar palm reader on Hemphill Ave as that so typifies the general standard of living.  In general view, Fort Worth is poor and there is rundown stuff all over the place but there is also great wealth here.  The land is flat and boring with mile after mile of nondescript nothing interrupted only by multi-million dollar highway projects.  This is not gratuitous America bashing as Fort Worth really is one ugly ass city.

Dallas has some photographic coolness but only from the WOW standpoint (cities as White-Occupied Wastelands) as Dallas has the Texas richies ... very rich, all white, all Republican, and all of them being bred out of existence by just about every soon-to-be ex-minority in the country.  They have their WOWs for now but there is nothing particularly distinctive in that kind of glass and chrome richie stuff.  Plus Dallas is home to the Dallas Safari Club, some of the most despicable white people of all.  Oh really ... ever see an American safari hunter who is black, did you.

I imagine the reason you don't see many black hunters is that any black guy walking around in the woods with a rifle is going to become the prey very quickly.  Some asshole would probably call out a SWAT team.

The only thing I really see with any potential for the book is going to see the palm reader.  She charges five dollars because that's what people around here can afford, it's not necessarily what she is worth.  She might be the Oracle from the Matrix for all I know.  People like that don't carry placards ... although the five dollar palm reading kind of covers that so I'm not optimistic about the Oracle.  There still could be a good story in it.

Doctor stuff today and that's when I go by her place.  Today I have the camera sitting on top of my wallet so I can't possibly forget it.  Yevette rides with me so I don't get lost trying to find doctors / hospitals / etc and there has been a long-running pact to at least get a pic of the place but both of us have managed to fluff it every time.  However, since I'm the one who wants the pic, I definitely own the fail.  Hopefully today as I do see a hopefulness in the lady (I assume, she's a woman).  When she is doing palm reading, it's a safe bet she has no salable skills but she's doing this and apparently accomplishing something as the sign has been there for over six months now.  I think there's an angle on Abandoning Paradise in this but how do you interview an Oracle, huh?  Oiga, señor. ¿Cómo?

"Abandoning Paradise" - In a Creative Flux

Being in a 'in a creative flux' is a term an artist will use when he wants to get stoned and watch movies.  I don't have any movies but I do have some ganja so I'll just stay right here and be in my creative flux.

"Bomb Me Amadeus" amuses me and I think it will be funny but it escalates.  "Jeanny" is another song by Falco and he sings it from the standpoint of the serial killer who murdered her.  It makes sense to me to modify that one such that Iraq is Jeanny and America is the serial killer.  The difference is that Falco's killer loves Jeanny and America doesn't love anything, especially itself.

Video includes German and English lyrics.  Falco died in a crazy accident with a bus a few years later.

But if I do that then it just becomes another protest song for morons who won't listen and any who inadvertently hear it will look at is as an invitation for some of their vampiric debate.  They have no intention of changing anything, they just want to suck your blood for a while as they have none of their own.

The biggest reason not to do it is that it disrespects the song and it's a huge favorite.  The courage it took to make it is similar to that of Paris when he sings a song from the standpoint of a rapist.  Falco got banned for something not so much different.  That courage is so important when there is so little of it in the world.  It's so much easier just to go along, go along ... until suddenly you realize Hitler isn't who he said he was.

Mostly I slam Republicans but Democrats can get right in line too because those dipshit sheeple motherfuckers are right there with the bombers.  The only President to bomb more countries than Obama is FDR in WWII.

No-one from the AFL-CIO did any better from any fight by Biden but he damn sure got his own kid a job in the Ukraine gas house after bombing the shit out of them.  After the kid got the job, the fighting stopped and ain't that a bitch.  Autoworkers ... well, fuck yourselves.

There isn't a question of Biden matching evil incarnate in Cheney as he's not smart enough nor evil enough but a seven country bomb record definitely puts him in the same class.

The general interest is that "Jeanny" is germane to the overall theme of "Abandoning Paradise" as a a serial killer is abandoning Paradise by killing it to try to keep it.  If you study serial killers you will find many are not remorseful and relish the memories of their killings.  These were the finest times of their lives.

Cat studies them also in part to understand what made them that way as possibly then it can be fixed with therapy, education, etc.  The foundations for the psychopathy are of some interest to me but of much more interest is how it manifests.  I don't need detail of the crime and I don't want to know it but I am curious about the effect on the murderer as he reviews such things.  I've seen more than one lick his lips in the joy of the memory.

That such things are possible in them imply they are possible in us all ... and then I look at Iraq.

America has Paradise in the palm of its hand but it throws it away ... relentlessly.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Bomb Me Amadeus" - Instrumental Tracks

"Bomb Me Amadeus" (instrumental tracks) is on the Ride the Dragon podcast.

This is what happens when a good practical joke goes bad.  The object at first was to download a MIDI file, patch it up and then I have some tracks for Abdul al Adhubidhubi.

Then then things got out of hand and the result is on the podcast.

I didn't play a note and I won't use it for live because it ain't me but for screwin' around, hey, let it rip.  It's insane what you can do to MIDI files in GarageBand as really it's Logic but with half of the cylinders disabled.

Also try the Drummer in GB as he won't make you Ginger Baker but he'll put all kinds of whoop-ass on a canned MIDI drum track.

I will kick myself until my last gasp for failing to record the echo drum jam with toms.  I could have used that track in only a million other things or so.  I no longer have the drum kit but it was incredible fun to play.

(Ed:  you play drums?)

Nope ... but I don't play anything else either.  I never have had any idea what I'm doing.  I go by the musical principle of it sounds good or it sucks.  Avoid the latter and people will probably like it.

Damn Artist Showed Up - That's a Bother

"Bomb Me Amadeus" has taken a sour turn ... Art.  I knew there was the risk The Artist would show up and, sure as hell, he did.

Playing with various controllers in GarageBand (i.e. read as Logic, it's the same thing) permits making cabbages taste like strawberries which sucks if you like cole slaw but I have never met anyone who does.

The tune started getting really beefy.

But then I got the brainwave, if one drummer is good then two must be better.  Pan them to each side and let them have a drum war.  Now it's fookin' thunderous and something that started as a joke has evolved a bit.

This may work out better for Abdul al Adhubidhubi as a big-deal production behind his straggly-bearded, towel-headed dorkness.  He becomes the Stoner Hip Hop Karaoke Imam.  I'd try going for the Punk Stoner Hip Hop Karaoke Imam but no chance the screaming would work.

Looks like Abdul al Adhubidhubi is still in the lead.  Hmmm.

Abdul al Adhubidhubi does "Bomb Me Amadeus" ... But Not Yet

Abdul al Adhubidhubi seems to be emerging as one of my many talents is really poor imitations of accents, particularly the ones you hate the most:  fake French accent, fake Indian accent, and, yes, I have covered an Elvis song.  It was a horror.

Horrific is fucked-up.  That's for when a 747 crashes into a cruise ship and a city blows up or some blazing shit like that.  (There was something on that order in Tenerife.  You are advised not to look for it as that truly was horrific.)

So, it was a horror and even for comedy doing Elvis covers is out.


That still leaves room for Abdul al Adhubidhubi covering Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus" ... but my German sucks and I'm not going to do it in German anyway.  So apart from that and having nothing to do with the original song, it's a cover.

Yevette showed me how to wrap a towel around my head but that's the chick way of doing it.  My purpose is not to show Abdul al Adhubidhubi is gay as what do I know, Arabs are ultra-spooky about sex.  So I will figure out towel head-wrapping on my own and then blaze forth with the power of a billion farting camels and, Dagwood, that is one strong wind.

This diverts a wee bit from "The Paradise Song" as ha ha for jokes.  All very well to make jokes but thus far they have not significantly altered foreign policy.  In my view, that makes it a pointless joke which is all the sweeter.

The comedy of the situation is so perfect.  Bush bombs the fuck out of Iraq.  Lots of people die and chaos follows for ten years.  People bitch up and down about Cheney the Anti-Christ.  Then Obama says, hey, what say we bomb the fuck out of Iraq.  Faster than Pavlov's goldfish, 88% of them said, hell yes, let's bomb the fuck out of Iraq.

The patent absurdity of this has no words.  The activity is inherently satirical simply through its existence insofar as it's a rejection of any principle of integrity, morality, and logic and dismissing that simply as stupidity is a staggering act of generosity.

They hated me for saying it the last time and they were wrong.  They hate me again now (shrug).  They won't see the pattern.  They never do.

So, yah, I do think it's funny to piss them off but the video just sounds funny to me in any case.  Some fool with a towel on his head knocking off Falco is yeah, yeah in-yer-face America kind of funny but I don't recall ever being connected too much with subtlety.

Whether comedy is worth the time it takes away from the Actual Thing is obvious ... it isn't.  But.  I am irresponsible.  We already know this.  I got a copy of a MIDI knock-off of Falco and orchestrated it in GarageBand plus gave it silicone boobs and all that rock'n'roll stuff.  It sounds about medium cool and enough to serve as the back track for the comedy.  So, maybe half an hour or so to shoot a video as more than a couple of takes is a bore and has no chance of being funny.  I'm thinking the spiritual journey is not going to be compromised too much by that.  No chance to try it until later because of async sleep hours.  We shall see.

The danger inherent in this is The Artist steps into it and proclaims this must become a Masterpiece.  Take the Steps, Make the Moves, Be Artful.  That's when you have to keep in mind a big ass rooster saying, "It's a joke, son.  I say, it's a joke."

On the road with a mouse and a chicken.  Get it now?  Jajajajaja.

Article removed

Article removed due to removal of base article

Article removed by request

Article removed by request

Obama Announces Plans to Bomb ISIS on Mars

Recent evidence uncovered by NASA's Martian rovers reveals the presence of ISIS even on Mars.  As soon as the first report reached the White House, Obama issued a statement.

"It doesn't matter which country or planet on which anyone lives when they hate the United States as we will find that country or planet and bomb the fuck out of it."

When reminded a lot of countries hate the U.S., Obama replied, "That's ok.  I've got a lot of bombs."

When NASA warned the bombing would create a 'power vacuum' on Mars, Obama said, "Two points on that, Space Cow:"
  1. Mars is already pretty close to a vacuum so I can bomb as much as I like and that's good as I like bombing a lot.
  2. The Iraqi Prime Minister talked about power vacuums too.  (CNN:  Iraqi PM: Don't create terror vacuum)
He continued to say, "Let's review.  al-Abadi, the Iraqi Prime Minister, is still breathing, right?  See, no fuckin' vacuum.  Now you take that Hussein, he knows a vacuum.  We pulled his head clean off his fuckin' body.  How's your 'power vacuum' now, Falafel Boy?"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Abandoning Paradise" - Now w/Video

The "Happy New Year" title is a sucker punch but hopefully it's delivered adequately.  "The Paradise Song" is suggested but not delivered.

Things are spinning wildly and there's not much connection to anything.  Whether it will be delivered is unpredictable.  If you look carefully you'll see me catching the wobbling but that was months ago.

It may be searching for Paradise has no answer and it will never completed.  That is not my preference and it will not be for lack of trying.

Everything falls apart at about the same time.  What comes is not clear.  Tomorrow they CAT scan again so YouTube burned the last two days.  It takes six hours to render that video and it had to be re-rendered from from front to back due to shortening it.  Every waking minute has gone into producing it or dealing with the mechanics of uploading it and I very much resent the time that was wasted.

"Abandoning Paradise" - the Book Video

Even after taking ten megabytes off it, YouTube still busted me for it even though I had uploaded a bigger one previously.  The only thing left was to roll over.  I'm a fucking disgrace.

About the Dim-Witted Three-Titted Woman

There's a reference in the next article.  The girl is just barking but the question is why hasn't the doctor who did it been murdered.

There's no link to it as the girl is a tragedy waiting to happen.  She's 19-20 and thinks she will get a reality show.  She's fucked either way.

Not much value in this one so here's the punchline:  the story is bullshit.

The interest is that the Dim-Witted Three-Titted Woman takes precedence in the face of another outrageous attack on other countries which gets almost no reaction.  They even rolled out the F-22 as if this is supposed to be impressive in bombing tents.  There is no fighter combat.  It's just a damn photo op for Lockheed Martin.

Video Shortened - Not Uploaded

The video I was going to upload has been shortened and I resent intensely being required to make any change whatsoever to any creation and particularly for some gumshoe clerk who doesn't give a rat's ass about it in the first place.

Yevette did offer to let me use her cell number and she wasn't the only one.  Other suggestions were also made but none of these will work.

Shortening the video leaves a bad taste as I'm not sure if that's rolling over.  It also leaves a good deal of anger as it will take another eight hours to render it with the fans on this damn tiny little laptop blowing their guts out the whole time.

I have a very low opinion of performing.  Right now the Dim-Witted Three-Titted Woman gets more interest on Facebook than the way the U.S. bombed the shit out of Iraq last night.  So, perform to what audience.

The video will be ready sometime today.  I do want to finish the book as I'm damned if it can end with some horrid happy face like it's all Walt Disney or something.

Use of Alternate Video Sites or Other Circumventions Are Not Acceptable

Thank you to people who have generously offered phone numbers or alternative video upload sites but the principle is more important than anything I'm doing or will ever do.

The only reason Facebook hasn't done exactly the same thing is they know you will quit if they try it. Facebook is too easy to replace.

There are ten years of my videos on YouTube and others I've made have come and gone over the years there.  To use alternative sites means either to move those ones or start scattering myself around the place in some higgledy-piggledy (i.e. modern Internet) fashion.  I'm on ReverbNation...no, wait...I'm on SoundCloud...no, hold it...I'm on ... I don't care.

The principle is the extortion and why should I not believe the same thing will not spread to all video hosting sites so long as YouTube continues this.

It's heartbreaking.  America is so obsessed with this extortion of information that one old guy can't fuck around with his little videos for a circle of friends.  Maybe we make bombs, right.

The extortion continues so long as people roll over.

"Abandoning Paradise" - Book Has Been Murdered by YouTube

The video demonstrating all the instruments was fully-uploaded to YouTube and then they put up a message that it exceeds size limits and they need to verify my account with either an automated call or a text message.  This is not practical as I do not have a cellphone and it is not possible as I do not submit to extortion.

  • A longer version of this video was already online.  I deleted it prior to uploading this one as I considered it senseless to waste space on two.
  • The newest version of the video took who knows how many hours for my edits plus about six and a half hours to render it.
  • Neither one is online now.

The video is integral to the final stage of the book so YouTube has not only destroyed the simple viewing aspect but also the compositional in terms of how the videos augment the story I have been telling.

It's a cold-blooded murder for an arbitrary reason and it wasn't even based on a previous standard as they lowered it just to kill this one or the previous version would never have been accepted.

This kills that video, the book, and this does it for me and online.  I will not perform again.  It would not have been possible this Thursday anyway due to the medical stuff starting back up again so this appears to be the time.

Thanks, YouTube, for going just one too many grasps over the line.  The endless invasions from busybodies who have no business in my life are over as the only reason to do it is to profit themselves and there's one thing for sure:  I will never see a dime of it.

There are only four words left:

Fuck it.  I quit.

Monday, September 22, 2014

"Abandoning Paradise" is Not Over

The latest story is "The Galaxy Shines Again" ... but this isn't the dance off into the sunset.

Since none of this has been written, I'm outlining and then back-filling as I go along.  The story is such and so but the way to tell it is this and that.  If your such and so is cool then your this and that drops in right where it needs to go.

I'm telling you it needs to go to "The Paradise Song" or it isn't finished and it ain't there yet.  I don't even know what it sounds like yet.

There's an existential cop to it as why should I believe "The Paradise Song" is achievable, not just by me but by anyone.  It's not my thinking that I can do it when no-one else can as everybody has a different one so that kind of consideration is irrelevant.  It's a valid but lame way to end it with the epiphany that Paradise is the Ideal to be sought but never obtained.  I'm not going to do that as I don't fookin' believe it.  The whole point of the book is that Paradise is all over the fookin' place, you just have to look.  So that song has to come.

The telling of The Netherlands dream sequence is a fantasy for detail as the regulars know I wasn't staying in some exotic abbey.  I don't see the detail of it as having relevance to the story.  The Dutch flat in which I stayed with hexx and jsmn was unpretentious, very efficiently designed, and comfortable.  That's fine if you want to study middle class Dutch sociology ... but I don't.  The story is true to the concept of what happened and sure there was going around looking at stuff but that wasn't the reason for going.  Everything in the dream sequence version is the reason for going.

The reference to stalkers is appropriate at the attention level it was given (i.e. not much).  When some guy will come barging through the door with no warning and launch immediately into a rant, that's not just stalker but full-out lunatic.  That happened multiple times.  Then there's the detail of what happened in Utrecht but that is not important.  That stalkers are and have been a pain in the ass is a valid point as they are exceptionally-dangerous people.

That's the latest as the book has pushed well into the Fort Worth Rock House bit.  The problem isn't altering facts but compressing time which can implicitly alter facts.

Naga Flow and Robert69 Little - Virtual World Love Connection (video)

Robert69 Little has shot hundreds of videos in Second Life and that's not an exaggeration, hundreds of them.  There is one salient feature to all of them:  he does not appear in a single frame, every one of those videos is to feature a musician / performer in the virtual world.

Several days ago I wrote an article, Naga Flow Gets Raw at Cat's Art MusikCircus.  So those were my words, here's what Robert69 Little does:

Robert69 Little has been doing this for almost as long as I've been in Second Life which is one damn long time.  To my knowledge in all that time he never received nor asked for a dime for doing it.  Everything has been from his love of music and the performers who make it.  He's been on a Seven-Year Mission from God to document every Second Life performer and he has done one incredible job of it.

When performers write about themselves, there's no point in reading it as every one of them will tell you they can fart rainbows.  I see that any time I go to Facebook and I haven't seen a rainbow yet.  It's the ones who don't say it who can really do it and that's where Robert69 Little comes into it with the video to say it better than some poofy promo ever could.

There is one little problem, tho, as Robert69 is crazy as a loon ... but all the most interesting people are.  If crazy means giving freely of yourself while asking nothing in return then the world could use a whole lot more of Robert69 Little's craziness.

I've seen many many things Robert69 Little has given.  I've never seen anything from the people who criticize him.  I look at that as Darwinian protection so thanks for being crazy, Robert ... it saves me from wasting time on second-raters.

Some people do it for money and others do it for love.  You see why Robert69 Little does it.  He's my bro and has been for years.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hamilton on the Top of the Podium

Formula One takes an interesting twist in which two weeks ago it seemed Rosberg owned it with the blessing of Mercedes.  Today his car didn't even start and Hamilton has moved into first place in the points.  The win came after a heads-up battle with Vettel and Ricciardo so Mercedes has pulled some magic Red Bull does not get and Hamilton is driving away with it.

Bad luck for Rosberg but two in a row is a jinx so he is probably ultra-bummed just now.  I'm guessing there's one battle royal coming up for the title when he gets fired up again.

It's very cool how Ricciardo was nowhere but from this season forward he is a Contender.

On the Heroin Experiment - Updated w/Link

This was omitted from the book but I'm looking at doing that as having been a whitewash.  It was appropriate to remove editorial comparisons between Scotland, America, etc as anyone wanting to compare them should go over there.  Editorials aren't the purpose of the book but telling what happened is.

The story is germane but I don't want it to be a simple lesson.  Don't do this, kids, or it will really hurt.  Obviously I don't want that so it shouldn't need to be stated.  In my view, it envelopes an almost ubiquitous search for Paradise in rampant abuse of pain meds by millions, etc.  That continuum is the same but there is more as my own search is that I did not understand why Miles Davis was a junkie, I believe, all his life.  Why is it musicians are attracted to heroin, particularly the ones most sensitive to the art.  Amy Winehouse lived an insane life but, damn, that girl could sing.

There is no blaming as that's pointless to the story.  I will invent The Source and, ok, that's a lie but nothing else of it will be.  It's a challenge to write without it turning suckfilled so must give it a go.


"Meeting Simon" has been added to the story just before the Guitar Soliloquy.  (There is no real Simon.  He only represents.)

"Abandoning Paradise" has Landed at Schiphol

The stories in The Netherlands begin with "Landing in Amsterdam" and the "Abandoning Paradise" Contents page has changed substantially as it goes all the way through to landing in Fort Worth.

I'm generally satisfied with the telling of the time in Scotland and with The Netherlands.  I may yet add more for fullness but not just for the sake of adding pictures.  The presentation of The Netherlands is fiction but the story is not as it's a wrapper around real events.  I needed some time travel to make that part work but, what the hell, you don't mind a little time travel, yes?

There is one gaping hole as it's obvious the point becomes Paradise is where you find it so why did I not find it in Scotland, presumably the place with all the magnetic genetics, the blood spirits, and every possible thing pointed toward it.  Blaming it on flying monkeys is pointless as they don't have the power or they wouldn't be flying monkeys in the first place.  It's not a blaming thing but rather a review.  The trouble with that is it gets hugely-introspective and as boring as comparing recipes for preparing clams.

For the moment I'm satisfied to leave it as it stands.  I hit the rocks in Scotland.  No-one's going to find Paradise splattered on the rocks.  But I did find some cool stuff.  Overall, the balance is generally satisfying and the gaping hole of the absence of any discovery is maybe best left just as it is.

Maybe it's stretching to include the jam with the Pagans and Aurora in the same quest but it feels comfortable with me the way it flows.

Still it comes down to "The Paradise Song" but I'm not going to gloss over getting sick.  I can't or none of this makes sense.  If not for that aspect, I should never have left Greece.  As we've seen it was necessary but that isn't in the book and it needs to be.  At what level it needs to be there is the balance of it.

Voodoo Shilton is Not His Real Name

Now there's an earthshaking revelation, huh.  Mother did not name her little boy Voodoo.  It would have been pretty cool if she did but that isn't what happened.

Voodoo Shilton got busted in the Facebook Wave of Gratuitous Conformity and now he is forced to use his real-life name and Facebook is the only place I know where he uses it.  From that evidence, the 'integrity' of using your real-life name is only a concern locally within Facebook or, more specifically, within Mark Zuckerberg's tiny little mind.

So I talked to Voodoo and he said his real name is Siegfried Jablonski and he makes sausages in the Bronx.  I said,  "Siegfried's Sausages doesn't sound sexy.  I see why you changed."

He said, "You want sexy or you want sausages.  Or just take a sausage.  Don't tell me what you do with it."

(The only part of the above that's true is that Facebook made Voodoo change his name)

Integrity is such an extraordinary thing to discover in Facebook, the only other organization to come anywhere close to Google in the speed it sold out Americans to the state.

(Ed:  I removed something highly-incendiary as I did not think it appropriate associating it with Voodoo's name.  The statement was accurate, it just belongs somewhere else.)

Mark Zuckerberg Sets New Low Standard for Online Hypocrisy

"Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity" - Mark Zuckerberg  (MichaelZimmer:  Information Ethics)

He actually said the above four years ago in 2010 but it's back ... again.  The current effort, in addition to destroying stage names for musicians, is to wipe out alternative names used by drag queens, presumably they have a life in show business as well.  If there is any greater enemy of theatre,  the arts, or any kind of free self-expression than Mark Zuckerberg, that person would be damn tough to find.

The background is that Facebook is destroying individuality anywhere it can.  If you have a stage name or any alternative name then Facebook has already said it will find it and destroy it.  Thus far, as with everything else, it has not been very effective as even people who use Facebook hate it and won't tell it anything.

We were going to ask Marilyn Monroe if she has any integrity as that wasn't her real name.  It didn't work out as Zuckerberg only said he could see her boobies and wouldn't go near her.

Then we wanted Zuckerberg to talk with Bob Dylan but Zuckerberg said he couldn't understand what Dylan was saying.  No shit he doesn't understand him.  Nothing could be more patently obvious.

If you ever need someone to run a concentration camp, Zuckerberg would be a perfect pick.  He will do every single thing the state tells him to do ... and act like he thought of it himself.  That's quite an accomplishment for a Jewish boy.

The only entity that needs a verified real-world name is the state.

Alternative names are used for stage names as who wouldn't want a name like Scatman Crothers if you could have it.

They are used by women who try to throw stalkers off their trails.

They are used for all manner of legitimate reasons.

Now then, what legitimate reasons does Zuckerberg have for requiring real names ... other than the fact that he sells them, I mean.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Final Request for Zombie Avoidance

My request has been simple and clear for a long time.  Burn me up and throw what's left into a dumpster at Wal-Mart.  If someone gives some value to that then there's something substantially wrong with your sick ass.

The more I think of it, the more it makes me laugh.  Maybe I write this somewhere as an official final request.  Whomever does it thinks, damn, you were one sick motherfucker.

It just makes tears in my eyes laughing!

This could be such classic crap.  Maybe you get busted for illegally dumping ass ash into a dumpster.  Maybe that's illegal for who knows what insane reason.  You can't put those ashes here, this is a dumpster.  I will have to cite you to court and, of course, I will have to search your car for drugs and Mexicans.

People would be so pissed but, wtf, I'm dead.  They would laugh later, right?

Recall the senior thesis title, "Death as Considered in the Carefully Modulated Limelight of Indifference."

I couldn't get any more pretentious than that if I had gone to some Big East college with all the richies.

So that title says it but this scenario lives it ... well ... except for me.

Maybe Wal-Mart steps in to prevent it and then sues to prevent ashes from being dumped in their dumpsters.  No ashes here, by God.

The Paradise Tour Lands in Schiphol

"Abandoning Paradise" has landed and that starts Chapter Seven but that doesn't mean I'm giving a final pass to Chapter Six and calling the telling of the time in Scotland complete.  I believe I will also add a Landing at the Fort Worth Rock House as that's Chapter Eight kicking off.  The purpose in doing this is defining the framework.  I know what goes in it but precisely where needs balance.

One incident of stealing food was mentioned in Six but even that one would have been thrown out if it had been the only one I saw.  Therefore, I felt the reasonable presentation is to tell that story without any dramatization and tell only that one.

Chapters Seven and Eight are short but important to the overall story as the Netherlands were part of a previous search for Paradise and that will be covered.  I see that as following logically from the landing in Schiphol as of course I would think of the last time here.

Chapter Eight awaits "The Paradise Song" and I'm thinking now my earlier idea for it is insane but I do think it might be possible and I'm curious enough to try it to find out.

They will CAT scan me again on the 25th.  The result from that will be returned on Oct 9.  From that I expect to discover, yes, your lungs are still fucked.  No, there is still nothing to be done about it.  If you are still breathing in six months come back for another picture.  This is not fatalism as you know it as well as I.  Probably it won't spin my head around as much as the last time but it has the potential for it.  Therefore I work on the book relentlessly as I want it completed before then and definitely unbiased by anything that comes from that result.

Save the Drag Queens and the Whales and the Badgers

But not the musicians.

There's a new dramatic uproar on Facebook over the plan to wipe out the profiles for countless drag queens.  I have no idea how many drag queens that might be, a shitload, I guess.  So, Facebook is going to wipe out a shitload of drag queens.

This has singular poignance after the ever-so-convincing drive toward embracing sexual diversity when they gave human sexual lifestyles more different titles than Baskin Robbins has flavors of ice cream.

Just kidding.  We didn't mean it.  Get those perverts out of here.

Facebook has been doing this to musicians for years.  If you live by your professional name then you must be smashed, spindled, and mutilated into the Facebook peanut butter machine.  They have done it countless times which means a shitload, I guess.


No-one said anything about it with musicians so, whatever a drag queen is worth, musicians are worth less than that.

Now you know.

Get those perverts out of here.

(Ed:  drag queens or musicians?)

It seems clear to me that Facebook regards both as perverts.

Left-handed masturbators,
next we come for you.
As no matter what you're doing
we think you're a pervert too.

We'll kill your pervert profile
We're erase your pervert name
We have the power to ensure
no Candy Crush in your game.

- DJ Zucky Zuck