Monday, November 30, 2015

That Was Just Swell

Gabriel's Horn trumpets from the side of the building and that goes for two measures, baleful and slow (from what he can see, everyone in Fort Worth is getting vaporized).  So that played from the video master and I had the levels balanced to be able to pick up on the keyboard to feel out how that goes in making a bridge from Gabriel's Horn to the first intro loop of the song.

The flow is you hear Gabriel's Horn for a two-bar riff.  That drops off to the background spooky groove as the car drives out of town.  Strange things start happening on the road and that's when I need to come in by recalling Gabriel's riff and then picking up the tempo of it.  That's the part which I was trying tonight and that felt good.  It came in as a piano and that voice felt good too but there's room to try something else.

The main thing for that bridge bit is picking up the beat for the loop to start.  That worked out well and I'm highly sure this approach works musically.

Since the loop was started, what should I do ... walk away from the guitar.

That didn't happen and it was sounding like a lot of confidence in the notes of it, continuity of them, speed, blah de blah.  There's a risk because stronger confidence is less risk musically but more risk of reducing the emotional impact to me in doing it.  That's a risk which has to come because I'm set on this approach.

The guitar playing went on for quite a while and part of the thinking while I was doing it was you can't record it this long and another part saying, screw that, keep on going, record it as long as you like.

After that I went to the back of the house and Yevette said it was beautiful.  Of course I thanked her and then she said it's better than anything else on.  Right away, I've got to be the smart ass and told her, well, I could tell elephant jokes and be better than what's happening.

It was dumb to do that and I saw that right away.  She felt a bit defensive like maybe she had insulted me so that seriously needs to be covered when she has just said a nice thing.  I did tell her I appreciate it and I do.  Confirmation doesn't hurt even a tiny bit.  So, definitely, thank you, Yevette.

There won't be any taste test recordings of it uploaded because doing that would screw it up for everyone, including me.  It's got to come out all at once because this song is definitely the sum of the bits.  I like doing a groove on a single chord sometimes but this one is for a different kind of trips.

This is definitely not shredding.  It's huge to bring a lyrical sound and the risk to that is in go on down that same road and end up in Schlager Musik Town.

Things have been in kind of a conglobatidinous way but that really only works for pill bugs (i.e. doodle bugs for them Southerners).  If you conglobate, you roll up into a ball for protection.  If at that point you decide, screw it, rolled-up makes it harder for other creatures to bite me and it's warmer so you stay that conglobated way, that would offer a conglobatidinous demeanor, (cough) if you will.

So, whichever way the pillbug conglobates, the jams are still happening.

The biggest outstanding problem is being able to see the fingerboard of the guitar when all the lasers are firing.  There doesn't seem much else for that other than just do it.  There still needs to be a trial without lasers, tho.  That will be a musical 'sanity check' to drop down into the video and find how it plays with the rest.  With that in-hand, let it rip with the lasers and find what happens with that.

Eventually the rain will stop and it will be possible to shoot the monk on the porch scene.

What's Hot on the Blog 11/30

Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015

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Hendrix & McLaughlin - wizards from different worlds - magical

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11-30-2015 10:43:00 - There's no smoking permitted now at Waffle House but shooting guns is still just fine
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11-30-2015 07:12:20 - If you're going to be a Goldwater Republican (i.e. GOP not poisoned by Teabillies), work on not being a nitwit. This is important.
11-30-2015 07:11:12 - Free-thinking Republican who despises religion and hates all of Obama's positions. Well ... can't imagine more free-thinking than that.
11-30-2015 06:51:41 - Stupid ISIS with another case of premature discombobulation by bombing a second-rate rock band instead of thousands at the climate meetings.
11-30-2015 06:49:52 - From Vietnam, we got Hendrix. For this, you get Adele, the songstress for a world so full of itself it will self-destruct at any moment.
11-30-2015 06:47:37 - If you're wanting to bomb something then bomb Turkish collaborators into the Stone Age, at least whichever parts are not already Stone Age.
11-30-2015 06:45:54 - Bombing Syria has become much like disco with old white guys taking it up and the music fucking sucks.

Neo-Femme Snowflake Journos on the Rampage (i.e. talking a lot)

There's another and I'm not interested enough to go back to find out who she was ... I want to see if I can go for a year without buying anything and only pay for food and bills, she says.

Tell you, what, Snow White, how about seriously considering going off for a year to fuck yourself.  She's yet another example of patronization and false compassion for profit from the miserable lives of the bourgeoisie.

Oh, by the way, do these jeans make my ass look fat.

Here's another one:  It’s simply harder to eat well when you are poor (yah, you guessed:  The Guardian)

Yah, it's so simple even those ghastly untouchables can figure it out.  So, honey chile, were you paid by the article or the word and, by the way, your ass does look fat.

No doubt it sounds like I have some desire to go gangland on these poser neo-femmes but they're only symptomatic of a society overall which just doesn't give a fuck ... and I couldn't care less about going gangland on that either.  Shooting them only brings more cops and the people who feign such empathic sensitivity pay for them.

The rain and some other things are dragging the trip into the mud a wee bit but always there's the hope of pulling it together to build the Sanctuary which, from your perspective, has only been words thus far.  There's some poofy romantic thought the Sanctuary should remain an Ideal which is approachable but impossible to attain because achieving that must mean there is another Sanctuary beyond ...

and that's when we say, put out the joint, Carlos Castaneda, you have smoked too much already.

There's a richness of experience in poverty which is impossible to understand unless you live it.  Cadillac Man is getting a glimmering of it from a different situation.  He's not at all broke but he's got a similar vista in getting a grip on ... man, you mean I really don't have to do anything unless I want to do it?

Yah, fo' real, my brutha!

In my case, there are things I would do if I had the money to do them, some things (not many) to buy, etc and that's constricting to some extent but a much wider view is I can play almost any time I feel like it and there is greater freedom to play any damn thing I want than has ever existed in my life.  There is much less equipment now but all of it here at this time is tightly-focused toward doing exactly the musical things I want in the way I want to do them.

Yesterday was some blather about a forty-foot swimming pool and another chunk of that money went for a pile of musical kit.  It was hugely-powerful, had a rack of synthesizers, and did all kinds of magic ... but ... it can't do what I do here now.  It was much louder but it wasn't at all close in sophistication. There's no need for a treatise on musical hardware evolution except to say it's changed in twenty years or so ... one hell of a lot.

Note:  I looked for the guy at Denny Heglin Music and the Mystery Lady may remember him.  I could not tell for sure but I sent a question to a guy ... did you once work, blah de blah.  We shall see what happens.

All the jibber jabber is because the vibe has to be right to let it rip for this song.  It would be a monumental crush to deem it complete ... and then second-guess it into oblivion.  It has to be blazing, not necessarily at screaming volume, as soon as it comes out of the gate.  No doubt I will always see mistakes in anything I do but there can't be any compromise or the whole thing is crap.

In this situation, I have that freedom and there's no possible way anything can buy that.  Don't tell the snowflake neo-femmes, it would only confuse them.

And a blather on this line once in a while:  insisting on only Socialist support was a total fail as you ignored that altogether by sending whatever you can and I appreciate it immensely.  It's immensely difficult to ask for anything and the best part of Christmas is when I don't.  I've done it this way before because there's no way you can be disappointed if your only expectation is to give stuff away.  Hence, screw the Castaneda dreams of Philosophical Ideals and make the song.

Ruby the Dog is Found - Was Lost in Cincinnati w/pic

Some pleas have been posted on the blog asking for help to find Ruby the Dog.

She just wandered back all by herself and you can see she is doing fine.

So, please do carry on with cynicism about Christmas but I'm sure there is at least one person who will not be interested to hear it:

Thanks for all the help, came in and opened the shop Monday morning and she walked up to the door. Unbelievable, we thought we weren't going to see her again. She is exhausted.

The Levitating Yogi Monk Mouse of Tibet w/pic

And next they threw this in my face ... they said it is impossible ... for man to live and breathe underwater ... or any mouse could fly.

Jimi Hendrix & John McLaughlin Record Plant N.Y 25 March 69

Jimi Hendrix & John McLaughlin Record Plant N.Y 25 March 69 (Link is to YouTube)

When everything else has gone to complete shit and, in case you had not noticed, it has, there is music.  Hendrix and McLaughlin seem an unlikely combination ... until you hear them play.

The video is crap with only a static image but that leaves you free to start it and listen without paying any attention to the screen and the music goes for about twenty-eight minutes of transcendental bliss.  When modern music only leads to sex or a feeding trough, I need to go back to find something like this ... and then the stars light in the sky.

Until this, yesterday was largely one of invitation to conglobate myself out of existence, much like Gimli in Heinlein's "Glory Road" ... but ... then I saw the link from a friend ... and ... beauty and magnificence exploded with even more power than ten billion butterfly sneezes.

(Ed:  you stole that from the Moody Blues)

What?  I should steal something from the middle-aged death metal band which was blowed-up in Paris and whose names are already forgotten in the fervor for killing motherfuckers somewhere else ... all the while selling them fighter aircraft??

So ... the music.  Here's the Sanctuary.

Jimi Hendrix and John McLaughlin had wildly different styles or so it seemed until they played together.  The recording is such a supreme melding of talent you will be hard-pressed to discover who was playing what at any given moment.  In this is the annihilation of self in pursuit of musical perfection.

In a time when journos are stars with no respect for the news and venue owners are stars with no respect for the music, this is music venue owners won't carry and journos won't write about it.  So much the better because they would not understand it anyway.

Fortunately, you, esteemed reader, are not a knuckle-dragging nimrod and may seriously dig it.

From yesterday:

Hendrix & McLaughlin playing music from gods.  Just unbelievable.  Bass and drums are killin' as well.  Genius beyond mortal human reach.

Music to make you think humanity is really good for something after all.

Some More Pithy Pixel Prattle (i.e. a Meme)

Should we ask the author of the meme which of Orwell's books he or she has read.

(Ed:  fuck rhetorical questions)

Fuck memes (shrug)

And the pigs were the kings of the animal farm
that beat still goes on today
and the way to make it perfect
is to bring BeeGees back to play

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb
taking more lives, taking more lives
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb
taking more lives, taking more lives

and so on.

Twitticisms 11/30 - 1

11-30-2015 06:36:57 - America has lost the title for snowflake neo-femme liberalism to The Guardian which reigns supreme for self-indulgent piffle.
11-30-2015 06:35:53 - Jessica Valenti gives us more rhetoric about the rhetoric so presumably this is neo-femme auto-rhetoricism (i.e. nothing in the news).
11-30-2015 06:35:24 - More patronization and false compassion for profit from the miserable lives of the bourgeoisie | Barbara Ellen
11-29-2015 23:30:45 - Donald Trump Under Pressure To Prove He's Not A Pathetic Sack Of Human Scum via @theonion
11-29-2015 22:44:47 - All that conglobating out here ... my God ... don't you ever stop? Conglobate, conglobate, conglobate ... soon you will be in the Senate.
11-29-2015 22:35:54 - RT @chrissyteigen: Every time shit like this happens, john and I immediately make another donation to planned parenthood.
11-29-2015 22:12:25 - Ithaka Blog: The Worms in the Swimming Pool (historical record): After the '91 bike crash, there was a settlem...
11-29-2015 21:41:55 - Hendrix & McLaughlin playing music from gods. Just unbelievable. Bass and drums are killin' as well. Genius beyond mortal human reach.
11-29-2015 21:25:32 - Jimi Hendrix & John McLaughlin Record Plant N.Y 25 March 69 via @YouTube
11-29-2015 21:16:44 - Ithaka Blog: How Much Does it Suck in Fort Worth: The National Weather Service has gone from daily updates on ...
11-29-2015 20:50:28 - The GOP Presidential candidates are guilty of RICO violation in an organized effort to incite crime and violence against Planned Parenthood.
11-29-2015 20:42:37 - Something you can do in a 16th Century church which doesn't involve sex with a preacher
11-29-2015 20:39:17 - Who the fuck teaches the Periodic Table to a three-year-old girl ...
11-29-2015 20:33:37 - Turkey is no solution to ISIS instead a significant part of the problem. Too bad Putin didn't bomb the disloyal, money-grubbing bastards.
11-29-2015 20:31:38 - ‘Oxygen for jihadists’: ISIS-smuggled oil flows through Turkey to intl markets – Iraqi MP — RT News
11-29-2015 20:30:15 - RT USA is only one to give a significant review of Black Friday protest across US over Laquan McDonald shooting —
11-29-2015 20:22:00 - Planned Parenthood on shooting: we will 'never back away' from mission
11-29-2015 20:20:17 - CNN still has nothing about the civilians, one an Iraq veteran, killed at Planned Parenthood and Fox has an easy-to-miss subheading.
11-29-2015 20:18:06 - Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting victims named by family members
11-29-2015 17:43:42 - Ithaka Blog: What's Hot on the Blog 11/29: EntryPageviewsTwitticisms 11/28 - 2Nov 28, 201552Twitticisms 11/28 ...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Worms in the Swimming Pool (historical record)

After the '91 bike crash, there was a settlement of about $100K which means it was about $66K because the lawyer gets a third of it.  Since the bike crash had made it quite clear you may die at any moment, that meant only thing: blow the money.  That meant one killer cool forty-foot swimming pool in the backyard in a Lazy L configuration to give a wraparound effect to the house.

The Mystery Lady was having a grand time on the deck which overlooked the pool and she sat out there with a tall, refreshing beverage of an alcoholic nature.  This made for an excellent perch for watching all these guys digging, at incredible speed, a bloody great hole in the backyard and then filling it up with ... presto ... a swimming pool filled with an ever-so-cheerful pattern in the liner and crystal clear water to see it.

There are various things which swimming pool salesfolk do not tell you about a pool when you buy one.  The first and most important is you will spend far, far more time cleaning it than you will ever spend swimming in it.  Twistin' by the poolside, blowin' joints, an' feelin' good is one grand time ... except the other six days of the week you're fishin' leaves, pill bugs, and worms out of it.

Pill bugs have an extraordinary predilection for swimming but with one substantial caveat:  they really suck at it and float like stones.  There were always many pill bugs on the bottom of the pool where they remained until the local cabana boy (i.e. me) vacuumed them back out again.

And worms ... they have the twisted idea they can swim but how does this work when they can't even see where they are going.  Maybe that's how they end up in the pool.  They're just tooling along being worms as they do and then they just fall into it.  We don't know.  We don't care.  We are thankful for the gift of needing to vacuum them back out again as well.

There were times when I had been remiss regarding my pool vacuuming duties for, oh, twenty minutes or so ... and the pool would be full of worms and pill bugs again.  It was on one of these occasions when the Cadillac Man dropped by the house with his little five-year-old daughter.  We went to the back to hang out by the pool because, with or without worms, it was a pretty thing to see.

There's no hiding things from children and why try anyway.  The child was filled with curiosity and could not contain it so she had to ask in her quiet little voice, "Daddy, why does he keep worms in his swimming pool?"

That moment has stood preserved over the years and many have passed as the little girl is now married with a baby of her own.  But, even now, I'm still the Man Who Keeps Worms in the Swimming Pool.

So it is writ.

How Much Does it Suck in Fort Worth

The National Weather Service has gone from daily updates on local flooding to 'we will get back to you on that next week.'  In other words, it will probably never stop raining here and, unless Noah starts building an ark soon, we're fucked.

Two people, maybe a third, really have died from flooding in Fort Worth already and quite a few more across Texas and other states.  It has not been as brutal as that in this particular part of Fort Worth which, most fortunately, is on relatively high ground.  Nevertheless, it rains and it rains and it rains.

Which is to say, nothing whatsoever has been accomplished.  Trying to do much of anything hit a wall so the logical move from that evidence was sit on your dead ass and do nothin'.

It's been bugging me to shoot the porch scene for "The End of the World in Fort Worth" because that will tell me exactly how long it needs to play, establishes timing, etc, etc.  Nothing out there except rain and pissed off cats.  Pfft.

The cats are pissed because they know the dog is inside and they want to eat him.  He knows this but he doesn't care.  So long as cats stink worse than dirty children, he is quite sure they will stay outside.

Note:  cats always stink worse than dirty children.  If you tell me they're cute, it only tells me someone else cleans the litter box.

Toby the Dog is inside because dog hair density is low and his is short anyway.  There is a problem with having a sheep / cattle dog in the house, tho.  Every time you get up to do anything, he's ready to play.  Frequently the answer to him is 'calm down, Toby.  I wasn't thinking of playing soccer, I only wanted to get up to use the toilet.'

There's been some spanking of Silas the Cat-Hatin'est Sumbitch to Ever Stumble out of Hell but that's how it goes online.  I did not advise the talking head of Samantha, a super cute li'l stinky sumbitch of a cat ... who knocked one of my guitars out of a stand and broke the neck.  The Mystery Lady was right there and can easily strike me down with lightning if I'm lyin' when I tell you I did nothing to the cat.

That's one of this moments in which the only thought is 'you cannot be fucking serious.  This did not really happen.'

Um, yep, it did.

Note:  it's easy to break the neck of a guitar this way.  Be careful with your stand, young axeman.  Many a beauty of an axe has been broken by falling out of a guitar stand.  It's not hard to get them repaired if you know a real luthier but they're rare and are often hermits who live to work with their wood.  These people are true wizards and definitely be good to any you are fortunate enough to find.

But Samantha the super cute li'l sumbitch did stink worse than a downtown sewer.  The Mystery Lady can affirm the truth of this as well.  There were two cats at that time and only Samantha had the special gift.  The moment she had any type of, erm, elimination event, the reaction throughout the house was 'Holy Christ, what has that cat been eating!'

That reference because, presumably, Holy Christ will have some idea what the cat ate.

(Ed:  are you mocking Christ?)

No, I'm mocking cats.  Get it straight.

And there was another notice just a moment ago:  Tarrant County Flood Warning until 16:00 on Tuesday.  Yep, we're screwed in Fort Worth (sob).

What's Hot on the Blog 11/29

Nov 28, 2015
Nov 28, 2015
Nov 29, 2015
Nov 29, 2015

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