Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Wooden Ships" - Live - Crosby, Stills and Nash (video)

When we hear the UK's new PM, May, spouting shit about using nuclear weapons, we ignore the simple bitch and go to the "Wooden Ships."

Excerpt from lyrics:

I can see by your coat, my friend,
you're from the other side
There's just one thing I got to know
Can you tell me please

who won the war?

Say can I have some of your purple berries?
Yes, I've been eating them
For six or seven weeks now

haven't got sick once

"Onboard" - Movie from 1987

Goldie Hawn plays the rich bitch horror who is beyond every pale in human behavior ... until she falls overboard and suffers amnesia.  Since she had ripped-off Kurt Russell the same day, he saw on easy way to exact payback if he fooled her into thinking she was his wife.  The big jig of the movie is she finds this impoverished lifestyle is better.

Some may dismiss that as only in the movies but I know from my own life there are good things about poverty in finding more honesty down here than I ever see in those who fancy themselves superior to us and it's vastly more honesty than I saw from the bank.  The overlord from that place I wouldn't trust to do his job in a dog fight ... even if he's one of the dogs.

There's a much better world in which we're not beholden to anything from that artificial construct which means so much to them.  There's no TV, newspaper, or magazines so we see almost nothing of that rubbish except by scanning with a newsreader and that takes far less of my time than you may think.  It still puts me ahead of the game since most people don't read, at least most Americans don't.

I remember a Euro friend commenting about Americans, "They never stop eating."

Maybe that's why they don't have time to fit reading into their busy schedules.

Yevette is obsessed with conspiracy theories because she wants to know every damn detail but my only response to that is you can chase the conspiracy theory all you like but you won't find real validation and in the end the result is the same:  we're still fucked.

Best to walk away from it ... or fall off a boat, whichever works best for you.  I'm not obsessed at all with conspiracy theories and instead go to the movies which often give more truth than the real world anyway.

Let's see ... follow Alex Jones or kick out and watch a movie ... how do I decide.

What's Hot on the Blog 7/31

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Jul 31, 2016

Looks Like - the infernal campaign by the dastardly CIA to cause problems wherever it goes

Hillary Clinton - a loving portrait

People - soft Anthropology with a small bit of technical but overall it's the impression of a couple of different cultures.  It's kind of cool to see ongoing interest.

Apart - more hooting at the CIA which cherishes its record of never getting anything right.  Those geniuses are the kings of WMD, after all.

Oh Hillary - we loves to ride the choo choo train, Mom

The Crash - flippity floppity, hippity hoppity

Haggling - reviewing the dangers of Clinton

New - don't miss this

Milo - when Bloom County is even more fed-up with this farce of an election than we, there just might be a little problem.  Americans even pissed off the Penguin (larfs).


Talking with Cadillac Man About the State of Things

Cadillac Man doesn't go apoplectic in talking of such things in the way of the Facebookers and that may go some distance why I enjoy talking with Cadillac Man and wouldn't waste a second on most Facebookers.

While Facebookers are typically binary and polarized with less imagination than a car battery, Cadillac Man continues considering things.  The largest consideration is whether working within the system has any positive value.  After that crooked horror ate Sanders for lunch, we fail to see any merit in working within the system but that's the consideration for Cadillac Man in asking whether there's any real point to trying that.

Cadillac Man and I saw all of it from JFK to Nixon and all the depravity in-between.  Although Cadillac Man has a superlative knowledge of American history, he may need to further review the corruption around the LBJ administration as there's been quite a bit of whitewashing including an "LBJ" movie in the run-up to Clinton.  Find any reference to Gulf of Tonkin in that, if you possibly can.  It's a total whitewash.

Although we didn't get into it, there's the policy of 'regime change' which Clinton continues to advocate and it's the same reason Republicans consider voting for her (seriously).  They know she will continue the killing and I'm sure you do as well but they don't believe any of it and neither do I that any of her campaign promises mean anything more than something the neighbor's dog left on your lawn.

If'n that's unfair, maybe you remember Obama saying he would pull of out Iraq and Afghanistan.  Right.  Total bullshit.  America has now been engaged over there for sixteen years and has accomplished nothing by that other than producing a bumper crop of terrorists which now plague Europe.

Just in case ISIS is the basis for consideration of Clinton, keep in mind on Friday they were ramping up a campaign about how often ISIS attacks but they stopped quickly when there were two independent shootings in Austin within a few minutes of each other.  Usually Chicago is Murder City with the biggest gunner body count in the week-end but Austin apparently wants to play too and none of that has anything whatever to do with ISIS.

The call also inadvertently revealed more than I like because I somehow activated video and it would have been jerky just to turn it off again.  Mystery Lady knew it from Friday that there's vicious coughing happening and it doesn't stop.  The quality of life is deep in the toilet but the reaction to that is to find anything in life which does not suck because the other choice is to go to Facebook and whine about it with all the others.  They don't know and, frankly, have no business knowing because ...

all together now ...

I don't give a fuck what they think ... except for less than half a dozen women and maybe four or five men as those ones clearly are sentient but the others are just hairy beasts in the monkey house flinging poo at each other.  Getting rid of the others is difficult because getting people off your friends list is harder than scraping barnacles off a boat.

Ah, there was one more item in Cadillac Man describing me as an activist but I sure don't feel like one.  My only purpose / wish / desire is to stop the wars and stop the killing.  I don't see anything even faintly radical or anything which would even require an activist to drive it but such is the (cough) modern world.

Milo Tells Opus About a Sucker's Surrender in Bloom County

Milo explains the electoral process to Opus:

Opus, ol' pal, civility is a sucker's surrender to a rotten system!

Yep, Milo understands.

Twitticisms 7/31 - 2

07-31-2016 08:35:14 - RT @official_firaa: HAMILTON WINS THE GERMAN GRAND PRIX! Congratulations! #GermanGP @MercedesAMGF1
07-31-2016 08:33:59 - RT @F1grid: Final Lap. More rain. #F1 #GermanGP
07-31-2016 08:33:23 - RT @SpeedwayMedia: The white flag is out, one lap to go at the Hockenheimring. #GermanGP
07-31-2016 08:31:33 - RT @BBCSport: Just 5 laps to go... 1: HAM 2: RIC 3: VPN 4: ROS 5: VET 
07-31-2016 08:31:16 - RT @timwilsonuk: Fully deserved penalty for Rosberg. Went straight on at the hairpin, no intention of turning in. #unfairracing #germanGP #…
07-31-2016 08:30:35 - Taking advice from the Internet will likely cause hemorrhoids and digestive problems. #SundayMorning
07-31-2016 07:45:40 - Majority of Britons back PM May on launching nuke attack that would kill 100,000 | Just as doltish as Americans
07-31-2016 07:44:08 - Germany sees record requests for self-defense weapons | Great idea. Become like America.
07-31-2016 07:29:24 - F1: German Grand Prix – live! Alan Smith | It's not live as it's just text but better than nothing
07-31-2016 07:22:00 - Live: German Grand Prix latest | Not looking too good for Rosberg while Hamilton leads
07-31-2016 06:43:46 - @ILoveSoaRCrude check the news, asshole. ISIS hardly does anything here. The biggest danger is maniac gunners shooting for Jesus.
07-31-2016 04:12:19 - A new leaf: Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into fuel
07-31-2016 04:09:28 - #IveNoticed that food between your teeth and it's bugging the fuck out of me
07-31-2016 04:08:25 - If anyone can make the Democratic convention funny, it's @iamjohnoliver and we're counting on him not to stooge for Clinton like the others.
07-31-2016 04:04:27 - Jon Stewart's new HBO project will be an animated cable news parody | Could be cool without network constraints
07-31-2016 03:21:57 - Ithaka Blog: Looks Like the CIA Makes It Look Like Russians Do It: Pageviews by Countries EntryPageviewsRussi...
07-31-2016 02:33:27 - How many kids won't finish school when they see their hero, Katy Perry, didn't. Must be the new feminism, I guess.
07-31-2016 02:17:40 - We don't need more pap and hyperbole about Trump, @BernieSanders. We need the positive message only you and @DrJillStein carry.
07-31-2016 00:36:44 - Ithaka Blog: Twitticisms 7/31 - 1: 07-30-2016 23:47:56 - I saw a war hawk Democrat in LBJ once before and Cli...
07-30-2016 23:47:56 - I saw a war hawk Democrat in LBJ once before and Clinton won't be permitted to disgrace us again. Many, many, good boys died for nothing.

Looks Like the CIA Makes It Look Like Russians Do It

Pageviews by Countries 

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States

That report is from today and do you see anyone around who answers to 'comrade?'

Right, me either.

But they come here eight times more than from No. 2.

What we glean from this is they're just as incompetent as the CIA and that's probably why the CIA and the KGB love each other, each is as mismatched as the other.

And what's that from Mauritius as I had to look to discover where it is.  That one is really weird to be up so high as I have some friends in Mozambique but that's a long distance from Mauritius.

Maybe the hits are authentic as there's nothing here which would get Putin steamy anyway since my preference is we do not kill each other and I'm confident we won't if Obama butts out.

Americans kind of hate me just now but it's not surprising.  When you believe something you know isn't true, the only safety is in numbers.  If they try that solo then they would be shredded like a crow shreds a locust on a hot Summer day.

Holding on Calling Cadillac Man

Things have taken a bit of a downturn and there's nothing for it except to ride through it.  That's why a general jetdown but this has happened before, more than once.

Unknown what's become of Lotho but maybe he's off in Cancun this time as he takes that li'l poppet everywhere.  Ah, I just saw an email.  He ain't coming back.  That was from a month ago so there's yer answer.

There's not much to add to the election beyond the horror which exists already but it may be interesting to consider Assange.  Republicans call him a terrorist but, wtf, they think anyone who isn't a white Anglo Protestant is a terrorist.  Democrats are probably kind of pissed with him and it's always a comical thing when the only truth in news comes from a (cough) terrorist.  Wasserman Schultz and Clinton probably have contracts out to snuff him but the thuds in the CIA have tried for years and never managed it.

Maybe there's some interest in the election and not so much from what's in it but rather what isn't.  Obama made some weak attempt to get START II going again but that's not mentioned.  There's quite a bit of an ostrichism in the crowd and maybe that's not unusual, I just notice it more.  My take is it's driven by media making them pants-pissing terrified over ISIS and they ignore everything else.  My infinitely-greater concern is getting capped by cop on steroids or an asshole drunkie with a bad attitude and a gun.  The probability is vastly higher too.  Most unusual people over here.

Apart from that, there's the ongoing problem nothing much is happening in anything.  The sciencers aren't slowed and I enjoy following the publications to peer-reviewed journals to glean whatever I can from them.  I don't read science articles anywhere else since there's no way to know up-front if you're dealing with a PhD or a PhD psycho when you deal with the solo track stars.

Here's Neil deGrasse Tyson successfully making a complete fool of himself.  The money must make him do it, I guess.

That's great for the ooh-wow crap but the sciencer articles are right now and give encouragement by seeing the general malaise isn't affecting them much.

Twitticisms 7/31 - 1

07-30-2016 23:47:56 - I saw a war hawk Democrat in LBJ once before and Clinton won't be permitted to disgrace us again. Many, many, good boys died for nothing.
07-30-2016 23:37:40 - Dunno what Roxy Gellar does but someone is extremely pissed-off about it. Many hits and article is from years ago.
07-30-2016 23:17:27 - @YevetteN because baby will bite yer face off (larfs)
07-30-2016 23:16:50 - There's probably little which has less to do with the Internet than #InternationalFriendshipDay
07-30-2016 23:15:11 - @YevetteN it's a desperate attempt by Democrats to prevent people from learning they turned into Republicans
07-30-2016 22:55:05 - 3 Walmart employees charged with manslaughter in death of shoplifter | Cops did same thing and got away with it |
07-30-2016 22:50:47 - Koch brothers network rules out anti-Clinton ads | When those shitbags only spew poison, that makes this news
07-30-2016 22:40:22 - Ithaka Blog: Apart from CIA DoS Attacks, There Ain't No Love at All: The pattern has been sudden activity in ...
07-30-2016 17:26:53 - Snow Ghosts: Photographer captures skeletons of abandoned Soviet-era structures
07-30-2016 15:53:23 - Ithaka Blog: Hillary Clinton as We, the People, See Her: Lushsux shot the photograph and uploaded it to Insta...
07-30-2016 15:35:14 - Katy Perry never even finished high school so no wonder she supports Clinton
07-30-2016 15:34:08 - Katy Perry Begs DNC to Vote for Hillary Clinton | They paid her $70K and they were going to pay Bieber $5 million
07-30-2016 15:28:28 - Revenge: Activists unleash 1,000s of locusts, cockroaches on Byron burger branches for migrant sting
07-30-2016 15:18:29 - CA Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws | One standard for the govt, a different one for you
07-30-2016 15:08:45 - Racy Hillary Clinton mural causes stir, Instagram bans artist (PHOTOS) | Ban it ... the American way
07-30-2016 15:04:29 - The only thing more cowardly in combat than anonymous drone bomb assassinations is the use of poison gas.
07-30-2016 11:53:02 - Twitter and Facebook users get so pissed when you don't take them seriously. We don't think they have ever been laid in all their lives.
07-30-2016 11:39:50 - Politicians can walk around in a circle and people believe them when they call it progress. Such is the American electorate.
07-30-2016 11:29:30 - When Clinton loses to Trump, it will be her own fault for being too weak to resist Republicans, just like Obama.
07-30-2016 11:13:55 - Shows what happens when Katy Perry is rolled out to rock radio. Van explodes. via @radio1023pdx

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Apart from CIA DoS Attacks, There Ain't No Love at All

The pattern has been sudden activity in which the blog will get hundreds and hundreds of hits, all within seconds.  Then it will stop and, after some time, it will happen again.  Clearly, this is a CIA DoS attack which attempts to crash the server to take down free speech wherever they possibly can.

There ain't no love from the CIA but, wtf, they don't even love their own mothers ...

(Ed:  probably don't trust them either!)

That's what you get from bottle feeding, huh?

Unknown why breast-feeding is such a terror in America as there are periodic outrages on social networks but they don't represent much beyond the unwashed masses.

With six kids, my ol' Mother hoisted out a boob to feed the little rotters whenever it was necessary.  There was no lesson or any word to say, it was just part of life.  Maybe I saw more of that because I'm the eldest but there's some irony since I'm the only one with no kids (larfs).

When we look for leadership, we look to someone we can trust:  a dog.

Her name is Joy so don't be saying Ithaka Blog never brings any joy into your life.  It's Facebook which sucks it all back out again (larfs).

There's plenty of joy here, other than some violent coughing, and there's no lament for the blog since activity since it's about what it would minus Clintonistas.  The actual hit count can go two or three times that many and hit a thousand or fifteen hundred in a day.  Those are the CIA DoS attacks.

(Ed:  are you serious?)

Um, Dagwood, have you ever seen a security alert anywhere which was worth taking seriously?