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The Rowdy and Raucous Schwinn Bicycle Revisionists Roar Righteousness w/pics

Damn it, the bicycle really was a Sting-Ray and not a Stringray.  With that, the gauntlet, replete with multi-colored plastic streamers, was thrown.

Here's the segment from WIKI which may have been the root of the revisionism.

The Sting-Ray

In 1962, Schwinn's designer Al Fritz heard about a new youth trend centered in California for retrofitting bicycles with the accoutrements of motorcycles customized in the "bobber" or "chopper" style, including high-rise, "ape-hanger" handlebars and low-rider "banana seats".  Inspired, he designed a mass-production bike for the youth market known as Project J-38.  The result, a wheelie bike, was introduced to the public as the Schwinn Sting-Ray in June 1963.  It had ape-hanger handlebars, banana seat and 20-inch tires.  Sales were initially slow, as many parents desiring a bicycle for their children did not find the Sting-Ray appealing in the least.   However, after a few appeared on America's streets and neighborhoods, many young riders would accept nothing else, and sales took off. By 1965, a host of American and foreign manufacturers were offering their own version of the Sting-Ray.

WIKI: Schwinn Bicycle Company

The text is intermingling street slang with ad copy so it looks the dancer's choice for the text which finally ended up going out to the parents and chill'uns.

Note:  I found the WIKI just because browsing around but the rest came from Yevette who is highly-insistent on the history.

It definitely looks official to this reviewer.

Note:  all of this material was provided by Yevette who is adamant about revision.  She can also talk about the bike in the same way as hard-core Harley riders can get wistful over the days of the flathead (WWII or so).

The Fastback??

In case you think being called a 'chick' is bad, would CHIK be better?

Another casualty of corporate union busting:

Christmas when America was prosperous and unions were strong.

This must have been mid-fifties, well before we arrived in America.  It feels surprisingly non-sexist for that time.  Sure the girl has her little dolly but they remind Schwinn bikes for girls are just as well-made.

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08-31-2016 15:45:49 - American cops snuffed about ten more in recent days. They must realize the last quarter is coming for annual body count of wasting minorities.
08-31-2016 15:42:38 - When @HillaryClinton derides @realDonaldTrump with 'that's not how it works' it means 'it's now how she works (i.e. unimaginatively)'.
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What's Hot on the Blog 8/31

Aug 30, 2016
Aug 31, 2016

Psiquence - great to see this intriguing musician getting some play

Black Mandarin - sure it's funny and only seems weird

What If - some may say Clinton is not a CIA drone but how would you tell the difference

Killing Rats - the real reason for killing rats ... making an aphrodisiac for Chinese

What's Hot


Only Thing - extreme thrillseekers are usually only interesting albeit extremely expensively to others when they crash

The Gripping Hand - fascinating novel which develops in strange and interesting ways


GOP - so you don't believe the DNC got hoaxed and owned by the GOP, huh?  Democrats (i.e. real ones) didn't do it as we loathe the bitch.

"The Gripping Hand" Grips Again

"The Gripping Hand" is the sequel by the same authors, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, of "The Mote in God's Eye."  The Mote is one of the most fascinating sci-fi novels I have ever read since it gives a sardonic view of what becomes of a population of whatever they are if that population cannot control its reproduction.  That's accompanied by various warped ways for destroyed populations to recover from incredibly violent wars.  In this company the story offers full-out schmaltzy romance with the dash of a Star Wars movie and with yet more sub-themes within the overall sardonicism.  It's widely-regarded and for years as superb sci-fi.

"The Gripping Hand" is rated even higher, at least by Robert Heinlein and that counts big for sci-fi story telling with a touch of fantasy for taste.  Niven and Pournelle are not given so much to fantasy but Heinlein enjoyed a sprinkle from time to time.

At first The Hand bogged with me and that stuck for a while since I don't want to get into reading multiple at once.  It's flashy but not necessarily productive and sure you did it as a kid but how well did it really work.  The thinking now is more toward get the complete vibe of it without turbulence from another source.  Too many negative waves, Moriarty.

That got me back to The Hand with Renner hunting Snow Ghosts and learning of New Utah.  That's twisted sufficiently strange to compel discovering how do they work out this angle.

Brief aside with His Excellency, Horace Bury, and his immaculate preparations for making coffee.  All instruments used in the process require surgical cleanliness and his tastes are so refined he can tell the difference.  The same is best for the ganja as you can still make smoke with a pipe after the bud is spent but it's not a good idea.  For the supreme cleanliness a new pipe is required but this is not entirely cost-effective.  Replacing the screen at least once a week will accomplish almost the same thing and they cost peanuts.  That smoke is the pure bud with minimal reburn of anything you don't need anyway.

We note also the screens are made in China.  Write your own editorial on how such a simple thing got away.

Percolating on a mantelpiece are "Brave New World" and others but their relative priority is the percolation.  "Brave New World" gets some primacy because of the language used.  Chomsky tells us language defines / confines us so the extensions from Huxley become all the more interesting.

The others are uni college texts or varied.  The uni stack has a genetics survey text by my ol' Dad along with two anthropology texts, "The Forest People" and "The Fierce People" have wildly-different cultures and the texts are likely famous to many who have studied anthropology as undergrads.

For sci-fi, there's "The Mote in God's Eye" which I bypassed since I have read it previously but may yet read it another time.  There's also "Otherland" which I gather has a hefty dose of fantasy.  This one is for reading by the fire since it runs many pages.  I'm not normally given to full fantasy but I'm open to it when the fantasy comes with great coolness.  At that length it runs the risk of being too windy or too complex but there's a relatively narrow honey groove in the center which could be a smashing story.  That sounded vaguely porno but it wasn't intended.

The mixed state has "WorldWalk" which is of a guy who said he would walk around the world and he really did.  The spirit is there but the feets is weak for the moment so this would be mixed reading just now.

On the far pend list are "Childhood's End" for a novel treatment of autism and one of the most unusual turns possible which is all the more unexpected when Arthur C. Clarke offers such a dramatic change.  The other is "Dune" and the fanatics who may have read it more than once which may bring the recollection it was highly complex but also just a wee bit wordy.  The reason for reading it again is validating the thinking the movie versions didn't do such a terrible job, either the original or the SyFy Channel versions.

The far pend is an open shopping cart and that's fine just now since it may change.

Killing Rats for Purpose (and the Hell of It)

The obvious health purpose is harboring rats is in no way healthy unless you're trying to populate a flea circus and don't mind if the fleas carry bubonic plague.  Wiping them out gives a clear purpose but it's not the only one.

Various rat bits are needed for Yevette's witchy recipes, the really good ones.  She said, "Why, hell, those rat traps are so damn good sometimes it whacks them so hard it pops the eyeballs clean off 'em.  I only need to plop them into the cauldron along with a few snips of rat tail and I'm half way to making the immortality spell."

I said, "But no-one will take it with that in it!"

She said, "I will and I promise to come to your boring funeral (wink, wink)."

It gets better because there are parts even more prized since there's nothing more in demand in China than aphrodisiacs and the best way to make some of that is with yer rat gonads.  Rats have conveniently large gonads so she can make up a stew of Randy Rat Balls aphrodisiac with only a few rats.

Randy Rat Balls, admittedly, sounds better in Chinese:  兰迪鼠球

(Ed:  what does that sound like?)

How should I know when I don't speak Chinese but it's got to be better than Randy Rat Balls.

She has a great sales pitch since she asks, "Why do you think you get an aphrodisiac from a rhinoceros horn when they are rapidly going extinct.  What you need is 兰迪鼠球 because rats are fucking everywhere."

She sells this stuff hand over fist.

To everything (even fucking rats)
There is a season (for killing them)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven

And it's ordained by Heaven.  Behold, rats.  It is your destiny.

Note to the three-foot rats of South America or Africa:  all in fun, mates.  Didn't mean nothin' by it.  One love, right?

Rat-killin' has been sparse of late so the Chinese will have to endure a period of abstinence which they will likely tolerate about as well as American teenagers.  Tip:  don't piss them off.

Twitticisms 8/31 - 1

08-31-2016 10:42:25 - NASA: Hurricanes Madeline and Lester | Closing on Hawaii | Two at a time?  WTF!
08-31-2016 10:39:26 - Don't blame this on Democrats as we would welcome a colony of psychopathic lepers sooner than we would receive any aspect of the DNC.
08-31-2016 10:29:09 - 'Has any appreciable brain ever been detected in your head?' - Apparently not an appreciated question by telephone annoyers
08-31-2016 10:27:56 - My parents have promised me a dinosaur for my birthday for years and (sob) I never got it @JackDrees
08-31-2016 10:02:11 - "Tomorrow is September" and one month closer to the most ridiculous American election of all time
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08-31-2016 09:11:46 - Japan wants British weaponry for South China Sea standoff | Brit Tory sluts sell weapons to anyone for any reason
08-31-2016 07:13:43 - There was severe turbulence during the swap with a duplicate aircraft from a parallel universe in the United "Houston to London" flight.
08-31-2016 07:10:14 - Maybe people would get it better with "Michele Bachmann" if they first understand she's an acolyte of Joel Osteen, preacher extraordinaire.
08-31-2016 05:32:32 - #WhyImGangsta is not exactly eliciting any respect from the Twitterites. Some of the responses are quite good.
08-31-2016 05:31:20 - You're a fat middle-aged woman in NJ and the only heat you hoist about is a heavily-used plastic dildo @WarlordGalactic
08-31-2016 05:30:09 - I watched the homosexual hog heaven in "Fight Club" all the way through is #WhyImGangsta
08-31-2016 05:26:46 - RT @NathanFrancis__: #WhyImGangsta I refused the Don's offer and can still tweet this. I miss my horse though.

GOP Rolls Out the Best Grifters for Slickest Sting Since Redford / Newman

Paul Ryan embarrasses the GOP probably almost as much as he embarrasses his mother who still can't explain how he got the pogo stick up his ass or why he likes it.  The GOP is using him now as a placeholder to spout stupid, predictable crap until they decide to return for him but they probably won't.

The Republican National Committee languishes because it's not enjoying the usual high-dollar / high-crime donations but the RNC is an acceptable casualty for Republicans when the play is more clever than Trump offers.  Keep in mind morality is never in the equation with Republicans since there's only one key variable:  profit.

Meanwhile the likely over-hyped surge for Clinton is attributed to Boobiebeliebers, most of whom are older matrons living vicarious lives through their dear friend, Hillary.  They're joined by the neofemmes who don't particularly care about Middle East genocide because they're not getting enough attention.  These people while infinitely pompous and annoying but don't even remotely constitute a landslide of an election.

Any surge, real or imagined, didn't come from real Democrats swinging to her cause since we loathe her lying skanky ass.  If there is any surge, it's coming from Republicans since they know a bomber when they see one.  They're been training them ever since Reagan, beginning with Bill Clinton and culminating with Obama.  They see their job is complete after Obama has thrown more Predator drone bombs than George Bush ever imagined.

The Republicans didn't just succeed, they have succeeded beyond all previous conception.  They have screamed bloody murder about the Affordable Care Act but they gave almost nothing away while simultaneously cementing the corrupt relationship with private insurance companies.  It was brilliant.

The Democrats now have full accreditation as bombers and charlatans, everything the GOP needs for the perfect political stooge and now they can't lose.  If Clinton does as they expect and likely she will, they have no reason to go back to the RNC so they will cheerfully leave Ryan to sink into the ooze with riff raff like Trey Gowdy, Chaffetz, and others.

The beauty play is in making a success of things such as murdering Assad and other gratuitous mayhem is also making a further mess of things so they can play it either way.  Either celebrate the satisfaction of their vicarious bloodlust or abandon her just like they abandoned Trump to welcome Paul Ryan as the White Knight of America's Salvation.

It's genius.  They've got a crooked cellulite troll doing all the shittiest things they hope and they can distance themselves entirely from any responsibility.  There's nothing closer to political perfection as it gives all of the payoffs from corruption with none of the political risks.

Don't even think about blaming this on Democrats.  We would welcome a colony of psychopathic lepers sooner than we would receive any aspect of the DNC or the Clinton Machine.

Black Mandarin Collar Tuxedo Jacket | Because It Had to Be Done

The thrillseeker deeper leaper got me wondering why the zero didn't wear a Nehru suit so that asked what happened to Nehru suits and then I found one.

It gets better since this is a used rental tuxedo jacket and it's wool.  Who knew people take things so seriously.  It's 39L so it should be nearly a good fit as 38R goes better and the only concern is whether sleeves are too long.  No chance I'll pony up the green for a tailor, assuming I could even find one.  That's ok since it will serve just fine anyway.

Twenty bucks w/free shipping on eBay so what should I do, roll away, carpet willing?

Mystery Lady, I know you're laughing on this one (larfing too).

In plain English, it's the carrot to shoot a video but that fact ain't funny.  Maybe you needed to know so it doesn't appear I'm all the way barking yet.  The explanation probably doesn't convince you but so it goes (larfs).

The problem isn't willpower but strength.  I can find ways to mitigate the situation somewhat but I don't know what triggers the start / stop since nothing I have tried has done that.  The mitigation has brought great relief but not much air.  Six weeks now until I see VA and maybe get a clue of it.

I'm not looking for strength which wasn't there but rather strength to do what I was doing quite a bit anyway, in large part because I wanted to be doing things regularly.  Get away from the computer and doin' the do whatever it may be.  That mostly evaporated and that's going to bring some wtf to anyone.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Only Thing Interesting About Extreme Thrillseekers

Typically now the only time we take interest in these self-adoring idiots is when they crash.

This buffoon is one pigeon splat away from death but we don't care, we're looking for a pigeon.

This one looks like it may have been retrieved from a newspaper's antique file since those clothes would even look tired in Vegas.  Maybe he tried and rejected a Nehru suit.

Aren't you tired of these idiots yet?

Any real go-faster always has an out because you can always lift your foot from the pedal and maybe pretend you still have control.  These so-called extreme thrill types have no out so any mistake and they're dead.  Usually cleaning up the mess is an expensive and often dangerous undertaking, particularly when a base jumper splatters.   A couple of those bit a boulder this week (sob).

Note:  base jumpers have no reserve parachute.  If the main fails then they're deceased jumpers in multiple pieces and fuck 'em for lack of preparation.

Update:  the pic really was from quite a while ago and he lived to a ripe old age.  Cat knew immediately who he was.  (WIKI: Arnim Dahl)

What If Hillary Clinton Is Just Another Form of CIA Drone

Hillary Clinton appears to be an unexploded CIA drone bomb which failed to work correctly the first time but at least they didn't hit a hospital for once.  The CIA has rolled it out again because repeating something which didn't work the first time is the CIA way.

Consider the evidence:

Clinton invariably stumbles when faced with unfamiliar material or anything which differs from that which she expected

This is clear evidence of the behavior of an autonomous drone since anything differing too much from its pre-programmed script leaves it confused and not knowing what to do.

Clinton only has two modes, the Plastic Fantastic Lover and the Cow Who Was Caught Cheating at the Bridge Club

These binary modalities are further clear evidence of machine thinking.  Of the two, the Plastic Fantastic Lover is the most horrifying as that stretches surrealism to the point of a Boris Karloff movie.

Clinton has no integrity or morality on anything

What could be more patently obvious as the thinking of a machine, particularly one which has no knowledge of the Three Laws of Robotics.  This is the basis for the proof of CIA engagement since they wouldn't use the Three Laws for anything because they would prevent the robots from killing or hurting anything.  (WIKI:  Three Laws of Robotics)

Note:  Asimov wrote the laws in 1942 and the CIA hipsters were likely not even born yet.  In fact, most of us weren't born yet.  I wasn't even an incipient fantasy at that time.

The Three Laws, quoted as being from the "Handbook of Robotics, 56th Edition, 2058 A.D.", are:

1)  A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2)  A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3)  A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

Why these laws have not been mandated for every robot ever built is further evidence of a fundamental amorality in their manufacture.

We're sure you will agree there is ample evidence showing Hillary Clinton is a CIA autonomous drone bomb, albeit one which has already failed at least once but the CIA does insist on doing the same things repeatedly regardless of success, don't they.

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08-30-2016 22:13:42 - RT @GeorgeLA96: #VeteransForKaepernick Because you defend all forms of speech and expression that is covered by the constitution. 
08-30-2016 22:12:50 - RT @Kuahmel: Go get 'em, #VeteransForKaepernick, give these right wing petulant children all the hell they deserve. You're true patriots, n…
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08-30-2016 22:12:23 - RT @JoeOnDemand: I serve for his right to protest.. I don't serve for Police Brutality.. #VeteransForKaepernick
08-30-2016 22:11:52 - @YevetteN can't say anything really works in America
08-30-2016 22:08:45 - @ianbobmorris that asshole could murder orphans and get away with it. Oh, wait. He does that already.
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08-30-2016 16:07:56 - Dogs understand both vocabulary and intonation of human speech | More than the obvious headline
08-30-2016 14:15:22 - Tim Tebow has as much future in whatever the hell he does as Hope Solo of a future in whatever the hell she does.
08-30-2016 14:13:11 - #IWillBeOkayAsSoonAs One Direction gets sucked into a jet motor.
08-30-2016 14:11:40 - #IWillBeOkayAsSoonAs I know the birds are not really going to attack.
08-30-2016 14:10:45 - Ten Ways Hillary Clinton is like a can of White Ivory shoe polish. Do you know them all? #ClickbaitTheElection
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08-30-2016 14:07:34 - #ClickbaitTheElection See the toilets in which this election was conceived. Warning: slideshow

What's Hot on the Blog 8/30

Aug 30, 2016
Aug 30, 2016
Aug 30, 2016

Apple 2013+ - most downplayed aspect of modern data processing and all in favor of Pokemon Go.  The new Apple vision is (cough) breathtaking.  However, the Mac Pro hasn't suffered terribly from the regressive lethargy in Apple of late.

The Triumphant - whether it's a Stingray or a Sting-Ray is open to your interpretation of revisionist history

Almost - the shredding of Bernie Sanders by the Clinton blitzkrieg is one of the foremost examples of America's loss of integrity but far from the only one


Antagonizing - face it, what else can you do with Americans


2001 - cheap but the only amusing thing ever come from an excruciatingly boring movie


Liberal Redneck - yet another example of American cowardice in dodging his truth

Psiquence - this is a shame as it should have done better