Saturday, February 16, 2013

Great White Sharks in the Mediterranean Sea (video)

The premise originally was that there were very few Great White Sharks in the Mediterranean Sea as there are few, if any, seal populations to sustain them.  Various nature channels on the television delight in bringing video of Great White Sharks capturing seals as it's spectacular, bloody, and dramatic, not at all the material Walt Disney would ever have presented.  However, it's not true that seals are a required part of the Great White Shark's diet.  They can and do live quite well on a diet of Giant Tuna and Dolphin and there is at least one species of dolphin that is indigenous to the Mediterranean Sea.

The title of the video is a bit sensational but the content is not as this is serious research toward discovering the exact nature of shark populations in the Mediterranean Sea.  Their study has revealed an extraordinary number of sightings around Italy whereas previously the majority had taken place in the northern Mediterranean around Croatia.

There's not much music in this but there's no music at all if I get eaten so this topic does have my interest!  I'm not interested in Jaws-style hype but rather a realistic appraisal of risk from people who are more interested in the science than getting video of Great White Sharks chewing all hell out of seals.

There is more documentation in a subsequent article:  Mediterranean Shark Attacks:  You Are Food

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