Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cadillac Man and America's Boomtown Zoomtown Toontown

Cadillac Man was relatively enthusiastic about America's economy doing well but that's one of the most carefully-constructed illusions in the country.  Americans have to believe America is a winner since they will back anything, no matter how despicable, when they believe that's true.

If that's not true, let's see any serious mainstream protest to the actions of the CIA.  It's not there and all that is just swept away as meaningless kibble which interferes with their pixelized dreams of Utopia.

When annual car sales have dropped over twenty-five percent since the start of Bill Clinton's administration, the economy may be doing fine for someone (i.e. the rich) but there's a long line of people who got left behind.

Note:  citation for that stat is in a previous article.  (Ithaka:  Talking to Cadillac Man About the State of Confusion #Unions #Police #UAW #NAFTA)

There's no way for CM to know the savagery of the people without being on the receiving end of it.  He can see the effect of it in those he loves but he can't experience it himself since he's doing alright.  He never lusted after a palace so he's in relatively good financial shape and is ready for the long game.

You don't know what it's like to be really stabbed until a medical insurance company cuts off treatment for some type of cancer therapy and it happens all the time.  Yevette even has standard insurance and yet they were doing it to her as well in a nickels-and-dimes way insofar as she can have this medication but they won't pay for that one and they were specifically not equivalent.

Going out to VA is like walking into rainbows since it's vastly different from the way the typical coverage works.  I hardly ever fill out forms since they already know who I am wherever I go in VA.  For identification, they will often ask only for name and last four with the latter being the last four of my ID such as often happens with credit cards, etc.  From that they know all of my medical history with them, all drugs now or previously prescribed, etc.  For further confirmation, I may need to show my VA card but I rarely need to pull it out.

Welcome to Socialism

Fiscal conservative:  that's a relatively small population of people in the vets and that solution would not be extensible to such a large system as needed for the entire country, if for computer resources alone.

Mate, you could use the NSA computers and storage in Bluffdale, UT, to put the whole fucking world on there.  The model is easily extensible if you have the will to do it.

While it's not full-bore, Papa Marx dancing in the clouds Socialism, the VA definitely is socialized medicine in which other forms of insurance are only necessary if you actually have one.  For example, MEDICARE sometimes plays for me but that's socialized as well so the entire process is as isolated from insurance companies as possible.

It's fucking bliss relative to anything else I have ever seen.

Prescriptions are never denied since when a doctor says you need it then you fucking need it.

Procedures are never denied and for the same reason.  There's no insurance company decision in this anywhere.  There are death panels in America, alright, and all of the insurance companies have one.

Side-note:  I saw Tomi Lohren shooting off her idiot yap about VA today to solidly confirm she knows nothing about it.  Maybe she should be the first of the blondie TV bimbos to go out to VA but no cameras, darlin'.  No-one is allowed to photograph the brothers and the sisters since at VA there will be respect.  No selfies for you.

Whoa, she disappeared.  How about that shit.


Anonymous said...

2017 was a record sales year both nationally and globally led by trucks and SUVs.
And the economy is growing at about 2.5%
All of my offspring make dramatically more than they did 3 years ago.
Basic warehouse are paying $15-20 per hour. Almost twice what they were 3 years ago. I would contend those left behind are by choice.
As even a 60 year old I can get hired at those warehouses tomorrow
Adding shift and seasonal bonuses I could push $23 per hour but I would have to pay my own insurance that at the Health Marketace would cost me about $500 per month for top level insurance
So I agree with CM the economy is quite healthy. I could make $40k a year packing boxes and my rentals are full and have waiting lists. The housing market is great because of real demand and limited supply. And those in the market are doing very well as corporate revenue and profits are quite robust
So those wanting to leave the cave go kill food and bring it back to the family to eat can do so quite easily.
Personally my hunting days are over as I have a full larder

Cadillac Man said...

It is never accurate to base an entire economy on a single statistic or personal viewpoint. However, using your same statistics the sale of autos in the U.S. increased about 24% from 2009 to 2016 under the Obama administration (5.4 mil in 2009 to 7.1 in 2016). Economically, the overall statistics do support better times today for many Americans, including auto workers, compared to 2009. Once again, these statistics are based on Obama taking over from a previous administration that for eight years under Republican control decimated the economy and foreign policy. Two ongoing long term wars and the Great Recession were what Americans were faced with in 2009.

While foreign policy was little improved, the economy has rebounded. Granted, not for everyone. However, statistically many have. The auto statistic you use, along with unemployment rate (down from over 10% to now less than 5), increased valuations in savings, home sales and valuation are some examples.
As we discussed, there is no way I can personally feel your pain or that of others who have not benefited from the recovery during the last several years. I can and do recognize this.

The recent failure, accomplished by 3 courageous Republicans and all 48 Democrats showed a majority of Congress does want better health care. The Republican majority supported measure would have taken health care from tens of millions, including the sickest and poorest currently on Medicaid. What Americans want to see IS a real Better Care health bill. This would be a bill that would provide all Americans with at least the kind of health care you seem to currently enjoy via the VA. Power to the People. UH!

Peas InOurThyme said...

Blowing past those numbers was cute since the car sales were around ten million under Clinton and there wasn't a word about the 25% drop since that time regardless of any blips along the way. A rebound in sales was inevitable after the 2008 crash but it still didn't get sales anywhere near where they were in 1990. A whole lot of people who would have bought cars did not and dismissing the stat won't make it go away.

I understand many do well but I also understand they're the only ones who get attention but I also observe how there are bans against the homeless going up in many cities but I have never heard a single one of thsoe Christian souls out there asking where those homeless people went.

Using courage in the same context as the Congressional drone bombers makes no sense to me. I don't see anything more than Bowling for Dollars in that outfit.

One way or the other, the power will come to the People and I'm getting tired of waiting so I'm rooting for the Bolsheviks now. There's only three million of them and we can easily take them. Off with their heads.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Ah, there's my favorite up there about 'they made some mistakes' and that one as well dances past the 25% drop in auto sales in 1990. I didn't notice mention of the percentage by which CEO salaries have gone up during the period but maybe leaving that out was a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Economies expand and contract. To say that the US is not in an vibrant economy is ridiculous. Just using an industry that suffered a major contraction die to quality issues, producing the wrong product for the market and a faltering economy as your only indicator is flawed. Not to mention that industry has record sales last year.
I am sorry your economic situation is in serious decline but the overall economy is robust at all economic levels

Anonymous said...

Amazon hires warehouse workers at over $16 per hour with health insurance beginning the first day of work.
With bonuses that employee can make over $40k per year with no education and even with felony convictions.
They are hiring same day as the interview.
I have almost no problem helping the people in rehab getting hired. The only stumbling block is transportation. Amazon also helps there as they pay $10 a day travel allowance based on distance travelled.
There is a huge competition for employees. Even fast food workers can expect to earn about $10 per hour as?an entry level position.
But none of that means anything because the government stills spends too much on the military so why bother trying

Peas InOurThyme said...

There's no obvious reason to try anything in America except organize military parades and funerals

Peas InOurThyme said...

That decline in car sales started over twenty-seven years ago and that's not vibrant but stagnant.

It's a pity more are not in my financial situation or there might be a wee bit more wisdom in the world.

Anonymous said...

US car sales are at record number 17M last compared to 12M 25 to 30 years ago.
Your statistics are just wrong. If you only look at sedan sales they declined but overall vehicle sales are booming. That is a preference change nor a terrible economy
Housing starts are up Unemployment is at 4% Mortgage rates are 3.5% Overall 401ks are doing very well. Most with double digit gains.

I don't see how being broke gives one wisdom. Maybe a miserable time but I wasn't smarter when I was broke. It did give me the desire not to stay broke.
I am sorry that your economy is terrible but the US economy is thriving you are just not participating.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Of course it is and the increases in heroin and suicide in general do an ample job of proving that. Everything is peaches and don't worry about anything. Anyone who dies you didn't need anyway.

Anonymous said...

Suicide rates were up before the decision during the recession and during the recovery. As has been heroin epidemic.
Suicides rates are higher in upper economic classes than lower As is heroin addiction.
One can not say that people are heroin addicts and commit suicide because their economic situation is terrible.
Single white males 18 to 25 from upper economic class are those most at risk to become heroin addicts and commit suicide. So the numbers don't support your position. Including the Nashville Mayors young son this week who died from heroin use.