Saturday, July 29, 2017

America Has Never Successfully Banned Anything So Let's Try #Cigarettes

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The US Food and Drug Administration has announced its plan to cut nicotine in conventional cigarettes to “nonaddictive levels,” pushing tobacco companies’ stocks into the red.

The new regulations, which are yet to be finalized, are part of the government’s effort to push the tobacco industry toward developing alternatives that “may be less dangerous than cigarettes,” said the FDA in a press release on Friday.

RT:  Tobacco shares plunge as US government vows to cut nicotine in cigarettes

Reducing the nicotine level in cigarettes to a non-addictive level is a de facto ban on smoking since what point if the smoker doesn't get the pay off.  The above doesn't sound like a ban as it's a ban with grease.

Say hello to our little friends.

Death sticks from our friends in France.

Vive le France

The way this plays is, sure as hell, the US blocks them from import and classifies them as contraband.  For hosting the tobacco cartels, the government will be called thenceforth a regime.  The Macron regime continues to spread death in the United States from their tobacco cartels, some of which the Pentagon says are now capable of hitting L.A.

The Pentagon went further to say we should not worry since they are sending the Blue Army to protect you from this vile nicotinic terrorism so typical of such regimes.

We can solve this problem the right way, the American way, the CIA way ... we will smuggle the drugs.  Think it through since the CIA does a splendid job of heavyweight drug smuggling but they fuck up almost everything else they do.  If those blundering blatherskites can do it, how hard could smuggling possibly be.

See, we bring in the French cigarettes from Canada and they will get much more expensive in America but so you take their money ... is your soul going to die?

Note:  you did invest in Gauloises before the turbulence, right?  Right now they're probably dancing like they just won Le Tour de France.

Maybe some Dick Tracy out there wants to look for any significantly large investments in Gauloises prior to the FDA announcement.  Finding something of that nature could be just oodles of fun.

The best part comes not so long after since sooner or later someone will rat out the operation so then Washington will go berserk over the Evil Empire to the North and how they're harboring French tobacco terrorists.  They will start screaming, "We need another wall.  We need another fucking wall, damn it. (openly weeps)"

It'll be terrific and make for the best TV in years mostly because TV hasn't changed in years.


Anonymous said...

Banning cigarettes seems to be a no brainer as cigarette related healthcare is about 10% of the overall healthcare expense.
Maybe we could add more nicotine so they die quicker and cost the system less. Then that money could be spent on illnesses that aren't self inflicted

Peas InOurThyme said...

Or how about leaving them alone and stopping the military pathway for heroin coming out of Afghanistan.

As from the top, America has never successfully banned anything.

Anonymous said...

How does everything return to the problem is military spending.
No matter the issue your answer is until military spending is changed it doesn't matter.
If you can't ban anything why bother trying to stop heroin it will not be successful either. So under your logic why try.
Presently smoking costs and kills far more than heroin.
Oh never mind you smoke so it must be ok.
But this is from someone who can't walk a flight if stairs because his lungs are shot but continues to fill them with smoke.

Peas InOurThyme said...

The military didn't try. They didn't do jack shit. Yah but it's all about me, tho.

Anonymous said...

you are the one supporting cigarettes and the ridiculous costs associated

Anonymous said...

The military has nothing to do with smoker caused illnesses.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Danced right past the heroin. Clever.

Anonymous said...

Your original article wasn't based on heroin just cigarettes. You brought in heroin to bash the military. And change the focus from cigarettes and the
spending on smoke related illness and associated costs.
The military and heroin have nothing to do with cigarette smoker or smokers
The bottom line is smoking related health cost average $170B or almost 10% of all health care. Almost all from the poor choice of the patients involved.About 20% of deaths are related to smoking almost half a million people per year in the U.S. alone.
I don't understand why with all the information available while individuals continue to smoke. Luckily two of my children have stopped smoking Hopefully the 3rd with make that decision but it is her decision.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Relax as I won't cost that much more

Anonymous said...

I was speaking more of the other 500000 people that die each year from smoking related illness