Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Stellar" - Incubus (video)

A quite bright colleague at work thought Incubus was the cat's meow.  He was the same one who got all wistful at a blues bar about how he wanted to play again as he had played bass in a band and I believe his future-wife played drums for them as well.  When he said it I was thinking, damn, you're a smart guy but maybe the idea of picking up the axe and plugging it into an amp is escaping you.  He was my boss at the time so I didn't say it.  I should have as he turned out to be pretty much of an egregiously unrepentant prick.

That was some while back as you couldn't drag me to a blues bar now.  I've heard so many people playing good blues, bad blues, in-between blues, you name it in Second Life that I'm pretty much done with them blues.   Yah, yah, he knows the chords, he knows those minor scales, um, anyone know where I can get a sandwich around here?

So here's a bit from Incubus and it's only to show you how smart people can get enamored of utter crap too:

It could be worse than him playing again in covering Incubus as he could go unplugged.  Sure as hell, if I hear one other bozo strumming an acoustic guitar and singing like his Daddy will hit him if he sings too loud then I'm going to stab burning wooden stakes into my ears.

I'm sick to death of wimpy music but I'm also sick to death of formula rock like in "Stellar."  They can play the exotic chords, they have the required dynamics, and it's still as boring as reviewing someone's tofu recipes.

Musicians, particularly white ones, will almost universally assail rap and hip hop but there are some fundamental things about those genres that apparently they miss.  The first is obvious in that it's exciting.  Another is that it almost always tells a story.  Another is that it is almost always sexy.  More than anything else, tho, it's got the beat.  As white people got older, they lost the beat.  They also got fat and started listening to acoustic guitars while people covered Bob Dylan or Neil Young.  Connection?  Naaaahhhh.


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