Saturday, July 22, 2017

You're an Unusual Lot to Watch ... but ... That's What Makes You Interesting

This changes as the day goes along and I just noticed the Mondo Mango is looking to push past the Deplorable Dowager.  It looks like Bishop Curry owns it today, tho.

#News on a Nailhead - this one seems more or less consistent and that's showing you're wanting some whacked news with hopefully some comic association but you also want some stony granite serious to see if anything really is happening ... so it becomes a question of balance.

Note:  of all the articles, this one usually takes the most time.

#Photography - runs hot and cold since sometimes you won't agree on things I find beautiful or perhaps some comment I may make about them but sometimes also these articles turn into boomers so that's a question of balance as well.

Note:  usually the photographs come from The Guardian where at least their photographic editorial staff is competent.

Bishop Curry - y'all really, really got a bang out of this kid and why not when he's young, smart, and he's the Future.

The Only Song for the CIA in Iran is "Cry Me a River" - this one tells me you're still afraid of the CIA or, at a minimum, unaware of the things they actually do since the article hasn't been such a hit.

Betsy Hodges Tries Kill the Queer to Save her Campaign in Minneapolis #Pride - not much interest in this one as representative of low-level politicians using scapegoats as solutions.

Language Development Starts in the Womb #Science #Gestation #Health - it surprised me to see not much interest in this one since the news seems remarkable to me but your read vote tells the story.

Note:  the point of the article is not about any validation of freedom of choice or the alternative and such matters are not considered in it.

Loathing for the Deplorable Dowager, Hillary Clinton, Grows Rapidly - it didn't surprise me that people dislike her but I have been surprised by how much.

Speaking of Politics, Three New Species of Toads Discovered #Science #Biology #Environment - believing there's such a thing as a pretty toad is a stretch but I thought some might dig it ... and it tanks anyway.

Talking Mondo Mango for Major Marijuana Mellow #science #cannabis #nonsense - this one surprised me for the enthusiasm and even more so since that enthusiasm is somewhat lower than the revulsion regarding the Deplorable Dowager so that shows me a lotta, lotta revulsion ... but ... that revulsion isn't as much as you were diggin' it with Bishop Curry.

People must have found this one funny since it's definitely not real science.  I don't feel the Ithaka standard for the #Science tag was violated since it's also clearly labeled #Nonsense.

The Ithaka standard is that #Science must adhere to the content of the science and it mustn't be presented simply as a beard for political slams since that's just a sucker play.  It looks like people have seen that and the tag really does mean something.

Ed:  it's an anthropological jigsaw puzzle

Nah, it's people being people and we always like to watch each other but we don't always agree on which ones are worth watching.  Today shows me we clearly agree Bishop Curry is worth watching.

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