Sunday, July 30, 2017

What About the Lovey Lovey Once in a While #Poetry

There's a girl in a white dress with a white bonnet and she has garlands of tiny flowers about her as she walks through a meadow in the early Spring while birds are building nests all around her and making their songs all the while they do it.

I can see it and I love the image in ways which go beyond a picture on a wall.  Note:  it is a real picture on a real wall.

Maybe she will encounter The Thing Which Must Not Be Seen and that's a cheesy device from "The Outer Limits" since it's always easier to make a monster when no-one can see it.

In fact, The Thing Which Must Not Be Seen is the only thing which is ever seen from here and in a hundred channels of MSM ... but ... that can't be true in the poem or it's just an extension of the same thing in bringing their toxicity to it.

We know the horror of a country which makes medicine so expensive we can't afford it and they don't care who knows but that mustn't be permitted since the girl's world because must be pure and she within it.  The travesty of medicine expense is definitely a Thing Which Must Not Be Seen.

She's not a religious figure but she knows them.

The encounter isn't a confrontation since that just goes for the mindless melodrama of a cage fight.  They say only one comes out alive but we say go one better and don't let either out alive.  That depraved brutality is something straight out of the Roman Coliseum.

How about the epiphany that The Thing Which Must Not Be Seen tries to beguile her just like it did all the others.

Of course that won't work because she is truly pure and The Thing will likely get pissy and vindictive over that since, well, what else does it know.

Would you block the Sun
Would you stop the birds from singing
and if you can't do any of those
there's not much threat you're bringing
You can shout and you can rave
and the Sun shines just the same
while the birds don't understand you
and don't care for your silly game

Maybe this will gel since the image held up from before I fell asleep the last time.

Zen Yogi:  it has already happened but we didn't get to that time yet

Bear, you're definitely getting the best reefer, bro

Zen Yogi:  mine comes from pic-a-nic baskets because people like to hide their reefer in them

Thanks, Zen Yogi.  I am enlightened once again.

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