Monday, July 31, 2017

"Shooting Sparks and Sowing Rainbows" #Poetry

There's no comedy in the status
I knew I wouldn't wait too much
since they will always call back quickly
when their results really suck
The situation grew rather larger
and it seems it has also spread
there's no good way to say it
since it looks like this one's dead

And soon I will relinquish
my claim to life extinguished
but it will be distinguished
as I roll back off the field
Nothing will ever stop me
unless it stands to beat me down
but I look all about me 
and I'm the only clown

I'm the wretch behind the tent
who no-one can behold
but that's alright, I want it not
although I'll let them see my soul
There's peace in great abundance
and I hope some can see the vibe
but that may be somewhat doubtful
when they're swaddled in their jive

Nothing's fast, it's not that way
Ithaka should still reach a million
and if you want to ride along
then climb up on the pillion
since we'll be sowing rainbows
making light amid the dark
there is no time to waste a day
until shooting that last spark

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones


Anonymous said...

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Peas InOurThyme said...

Whoops as that didn't quite work out but thanks for trying