Sunday, July 23, 2017

"We Know the Ones" #Poetry #Venezuela

Venezuela is now Syria
CIA was thrown from the fight
but Venezuela has so many
they can take out of the light
It's been obsession for these years
with those sociopathic crooks
since nineteen sixty three
they never changed their cold playbooks

They killed Salvador Allende
and ran Chile right to ground
but there was never a cry for justice
and no-one heard a sound
as Kissinger called Barbara Walters
and said, "How about some strange?"
She said, "You're looking mighty sexy
so will you join me on my stage."

We don't know the ones they're paying
but it's an extremely common way
when they take such joy in murder
and only have to say
We came; we saw; he died
and isn't that a bitch
He thought we came for business
and I love the mephitic switch

I'm laughing 'til I'm crying
at these pagans we can kill
because nothing turns me on
more than blood we can spill
but it fills me with deep longing
for something which isn't true
that we really loathe the killing
and we do it just for you

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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