Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Maybe Raytheon Should Use Nintendo Controllers for their War Toys #News #Military

SM-3 Block IIA missile

A high profile and high stakes test of Raytheon's new SM-3 Block IIA interceptor and the Aegis Combat System against an intermediate range ballistic missile failed last June. The misfire occurred not because a high-tech sensor broke down or the missile's infrared hit-to-kill vehicle got confused, but because someone pushed the wrong button. 

WarZone:  Report Says Missile Defense Test Failed Because Sailor Pushed The Wrong Button

There's the genius of Raytheon as they turned war into a video game but used the wrong fucking controller.

Lockheed Martin solves oxygen problems with F-35 aircraft the right way, the rich people way.  (DuffelBag:  Air Force says F-35 pilots may be too reliant on oxygen while flying)

I know you're already there and, yep, they're blaming the pilots and get this from General Wouldn't DoItHimself:

“This is something we’re looking into and, if necessary, there will be disciplinary proceedings for pilots who cannot perform maneuvers at 30,000 feet without whining that they don’t have enough O2.”

- DB

How about those big balls from West Point Willy:  Brig. Gen. Brook Leonard, 56th Fighter Wing commander.

Zen Yogi:  microphones always make generals feel brave but combat not so much

What do you know of combat, Zen Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  I engage in combat the same way generals do it by not going

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