Monday, July 24, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/25

NASA is putting up hundreds of their archive videos to YouTube for free access by anyone.  (RT:  History of flight: NASA is uploading its research archives to YouTube (VIDEO))

Note:  sure it should be free because the People paid for it but there's vastly more in government here we never see at all.  However, this is like a space version of the Library of Congress which is also accessible for free online.

What say we go to Hawaii ... and have a lovely SPAM dinner.  (The Guardian:  ‘It's flavourful as hell’: welcome to Hawaii’s annual Spam festival)

Note:  how flavorful could hell possibly be?  The modjourns have shown conclusively one cannot learn the language by watching television.

Drunkies don't like this but the Rockhouse will probably like anything drunkies don't like.  Tip:  admiration for restaurant owner who shows a serious intention to reduce deaths caused by drunk drivers.  (Fox News:  New York restaurant has one-drink limit policy for customers with kids)

The Air Force has made one hell of a mess of the Yucca Mountain waste storage facility.  Tip:  not about a leak but incompetence by the Air Force.  (RT:  Air Force secretary critical of nuclear waste routes to Yucca Mountain)

Note:  the Yucca Mountain facility is an expensive government project and now the Air Force ha blocked all access to it.  Just fucking brilliant.  The Air Force is one of the biggest reasons it's needed.

The question isn't of entitlement but rather why the fuck do you want to know.  (Observer:  How Much Are We Entitled to Know About Celebrity Relationships?)

For the voyeuristic rehab artist, how about a used FBI surveillance van.  (CBS:  Bidding ends for vintage FBI surveillance van listed on eBay)

The NISSAN workers trying to unionize in Mississippi got support from Bernie Sanders.  (The Guardian:  Mississippi Nissan workers hope for historic win in 14-year fight to unionize)

One tiny question for Miss 2020, Kamala Harris: where the fuck were you?

When parents follow their kids to Summer Camp, it's time to trade them for competent parents or just hang tough until you're eighteen.  (NPR:  Are Helicopter Parents Ruining Summer Camp?)

Tip:  avoid any contact with Justin Bieber or you will never grow to eighteen.

The boss is paying over 20% of your salary to your smartphone and that should do no end of good to promotion potential.  (WTOP:  Your phone is costing your boss 8 hours a week)

For the latest in Trick Shots with an SUV, please do take a bow, Tennessee.  (WSMV:  SUV wrecks onto parked train)

Note:  applause for a really tough shot in landing on a train.  The score would be even higher if the train had been moving.

When buying the sculpture of Chuck Schumer made from LEGOs isn't wasteful enough for you, there's an answer.  (National Post:  Luxury toothpicks are due for a comeback and this Toronto company is making that happen)

Extra credit with Chuck Schumer or at least for as long he lasts in office.  (Observer:  Schumer Still Can’t Grasp What’s Wrong With Democrats)

Kamala Harris only had to say, "Show me the money."  (Observer:  They Named Her Kamala: Clinton Staff, Donors Anoint 2020 Candidate)

It's not that Bernie's back as he never left.  (RT:   Sanders 2020: Bernie in discussions over 2nd White House run)

A greedy bulldozer is trying to take down Snopes.  (  Fact-checking site Snopes pleads for help to stay alive)

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