Sunday, July 23, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/24

When Will Smith says "Star Wars is better than sex," we conclude either "Star Wars" is really good or his sex life is really bad.  (CNN:  Will Smith says 'Star Wars' was better than sex)

There never will be a best time, will there, General Harrumph?  (RT:  ‘Not the best time’ for creating Russia-US cybersecurity body – NSA Chief)

Note:  check out that simple finger-pointin' bitch.

The problem is you don't have an answer, buddy boy.  (RT:  'We’re bad day away from Russians asking, ‘Why are you still in Syria?’ – top US commander)

America's biggest threat to itself is still the Pentagon / CIA.  (RT:   Russia is no longer America's 'single' biggest threat – top US general)

When you want to see a $13B aircraft carrier getting lust like for side boob photographs of the latest starlets.  (CNN:  Sneak peek at US Navy's new $13B aircraft carrier)

CNN:  we're journalists, damn it!  We're not sluts (pertly stamps her li'l foot).

Hitler was concerned about dwarves in Wales and it was noted in the NAZI invasion plan.  (Express:  Hitler’s secret invasion dossier on Britain warned Nazis of slovenly English women)

Twittering and twattering on Facebook is mildly amusing but this is what really brings the FCC to its knees. (RT:  Battle for free internet rages as FCC swamped with over 10mn net neutrality comments)

Note:  call them, post them, hassle the living hell out of those grasping corporate stooges in the FCC.

Kamala Harris is just another Centrist.  Get over it and, puh-leeze, don't try to baffle us with bullshit again.  (The Guardian:  Kamala Harris: young, black, female – and the Democrats’ best bet for 2020?)

Note:  surely they should have learned last time we don't care about the boobs and only care about the mission but, nope, it slipped right by them.  Stunning.

The Guardian worries malls and retail stores are collapsing and let's send them some flowers for catching up with the show, albeit dimly.  (The Guardian:  Big, bold … and broken: is the US shopping mall in a fatal decline?)

Note:  the retail jobs are disappearing too and won't be back.  Evolve.  You can but the steps are too involved to lay out for a nailhead.

The Trump resistance at The Guardian can be best be characterized as obtuse and short-sighted but there's more.  (The Guardian:  The Trump resistance can be best described in one adjective: female)

Note:  thanks for playing, ladies, but do try to complete the reading assignments if you look for better results next time.

Taking down the power grid isn't hard ... you can do it with those colorful Mylar party balloons.  (AZ Central: Mylar balloons in power lines trigger outages in Gilbert)

When Noah's Ark Encounter is busted for their tax dodge, there's one obvious move:  blame the media.  (Raw Story: Media ‘out of control’: Owner of Ark theme park trashes press for reporting he’s ducking taxes)

Note:  we only have one question about Ark Encounter and that's where do they hide the guns.

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