Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Return of John McCain

CNN had already started sleazing John McCain again by this morning and possibly earlier with several articles for that purpose.  There was nothing newsworthy in them since they only said he's a Republican and his ideas suck.  Making John McCain a scapegoat for a bad system is vile.

That followed the oh-so-heartfelt eulogies last week from all over for a man who isn't even dead.  About all they didn't do was ask to be one of his pallbearers.

Note:  I saw no merit in retaining any of the links.

Obviously the Rockhouse doesn't like McCain's politics but there's more to the situation than whatever Washington and remoras such as at CNN are getting out of the matter.

Note:  remoras cling to sharks and other predators so they can eat whatever scraps are left over and MSM hasn't evolved much from that.

John McCain may have decided he will forego chemo / radiation since he prefers to maintain as much quality of life for as long as he can and the way he feels he can do that is through continuing to do the thing to which he has dedicated his life.

Conversely, he may have a little time before the chemo / radiation starts and he returned to the Senate for that period of time.

In neither case does it particularly matter what I think of his politics.

The world for John McCain has gone way past MSM's attempts to shame him and the Rockhouse has no editorial on him or his vote.  You know he's a Dead Man Walking but he makes the best of it he can showing as much class as he can.  I may not like the result of his activity but I respect him for standing up with grace to do it.

Rockhouse hat tip to John McCain.  We have known here for some while that life is a bitch but he took a one-shot sucker punch and that's one hell of a hard deal for anyone to take.


Cadillac Man said...

Like you, I have great respect for John McCain. He has already struggled with another cancer that Silas is familiar, melanoma. I too don't agree with most of his political positions. However, I do respect his commitment to them.

Diversity of opinion and ability to debate and negotiate is central to a true democracy. Those who quote the constitution to support a position that they would deny debate upon, don't understand the premise upon which it was written. There was lots of diversity (13 independent colonies), much debate (ie: slavery vs. abolition), and ultimately negotiation (ie: slaves counted as fractions of a human). All necessary for the birth of a nation. Diversity, debate and negotiation were necessary then as they are today.

As the song states,"You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need". UH!

Peas InOurThyme said...

You've heard me raving about personalities rather than policies in the news and it was turning ugly with McCain which I thought was just not bloody good enough.