Sunday, July 30, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/30

It's still just "People" magazine on the news and, as Jeff Goldblum so gracefully advised us, "No article should take longer to read than needed to take a shit."

Ref:  "The Big Chill"

In the modern context, the news became ... blah de blah.

The situation is more like a Western movie only there are no good guys in white hats.  There's only "The Bad Guy Against the Really Bad Guys" and the personalities are irrelevant since the motivation is the concern.  Simple mention of the letters for CIA elicits the eye-rolling about conspiracy theorists and aluminum hats but there's no theory about it when Clapper was trashing the President on national TV.

The movie is really more like "The Flake Against the Establishment Goombahs" and The Flake doesn't have much of a chance when he sucks up to them at the same time with tax cuts, etc.  He's all over the place since no-one loves the CIA more than the banks because it is as consistently vicious and right wing as they have ever needed.

The Flake has been doing some incredibly stupid things but the CIA is the worst force in the world and giving them supremacy just kisses your ass goodbye.  Obama is still getting painted like some saint but he was kissing Clapper's ass like it was his long-lost Valentine.

Ed:  your loutish and abusive manner doesn't likely endear anyone

How about I go with the gentility of The Guardian's Jill Abramson since she had a long experience with New Yorker or New York Times, at least until she got fired, and manifests all the haughty loftiness you could possibly need ... but she was right there for Obama's ass licking with Clapper and, oh, the righteousness of it.

Pay them right and they'll say anything you want.

Granny:  it don't mean doodleysquat

Well, the people doing it don't.  Unknown what the Devil does with idle hands but usually mine go to play the guitar or write.  If that's the Devil then come around more.

The Devil can play all day with ambivalence and you can see the effect of it all over MSM.  If something is just too icky, they will blow right past it and I see that on Ithaka all the time.  There's not a whole lot of depth in the modern world.

Laughing Gecko said part of the reason for visiting Ithaka was some perspective on the news but I'm sorry ... I get so tired of looking at that stupid bullshit since it doesn't make me want to suicide out of despair but rather embarrassment at any association with people who have done absolutely nothing about the refugee kid who wound up face down on the beach.

Who the fuck are these people?

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