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The Incompetence of Men in Supermarkets from Abha Bhattarai #Science #Cough

Helpful tip for women: this is a basket of vegetables.

More men are heading to the supermarket these days.

That's according to a new survey by Men's Health, which found that 84 percent of men are now the primary grocery shoppers in their households, marking a 19 percent increase from a decade ago.

The results "challenge many gender stereotypes related to food shopping and cooking," said Chris Peel, publisher of Men's Health. "Men have an active role in each stage of the food purchasing process - before getting to the store, while there and when cooking the food they've bought."

Chicago Tribune:  Grocery stores are adapting to male shoppers — and treating them like knuckleheads

Holy Christ, we're challenging gender stereotypes.  Who knew a basket of vegetables could get so serious, mates.

Note:  the link is credited to the Chicago Tribune but those lazy asses just copied it from the Washington Post.

In any case, there is mounting evidence that more men are shopping for groceries than in previous generations. And when they do head to the store, men tend to buy many items at once, and shop alone, according to Men's Health.

- CT

There's some helpful insight already since some people must be going to the supermarket but buy only one thing.

"Men are not terribly strategic," Stewart said. "They walk in and buy what they remember is needed. They're buying for right now, or maybe tonight. Anything beyond that is too long-term."

Case in point: Women are most likely to buy 12-packs of beer, while men typically buy 6-packs, according to Underhill.

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Well, well, that should stir the majority of male Regulars, all of whom have been primary grocery shoppers for years.  Now you know the cosmic truth of it, mates: we were challenging gender stereotypes.  If I had known that I would have dressed better.

Zen Yogi:  no, you wouldn't

Yep, that's true; I wouldn't.  Some guy did say today my cheap yellow Fedora is cool, however.  Of course I told him, "Fashion is my life."

Wal-Mart uses a man design since every damn store they ever built is the same and mostly they put their stuff in the same locations within them.  I just need my Wal-Mart overlay and zip, zip, zip I can find all the required items and be gone.

Also, man logic is to get as much stuff as I can so I don't have to come back to do it again.  The ones getting a six-pack instead of a twelve-pack are probably just stupid shoppers in general rather than specifically man shoppers.

"Men tend to be hunters: They want to kill something quickly, drag it out and feel successful," he said. "Women, though, they're thinking ahead and planning accordingly."

- CT

Well, well, it was really hunting and it wasn't looking for tomatoes which aren't squishy.  These fuckin' people must have gone through every page of the Doctor Spock Coloring Book.

Men also tend to spring for pricier cuts of meat and are more easily influenced by a brand's name or reputation, Stewart said. There are more likely to buy what is easily visible and catches their eye. As a result, supermarkets have begun adding more special displays in their stores, and rethinking their organization.

- CT

Now they're going with random bullshit.  As evidence there's the placement of boxes of cereal in a supermarket which, for years, has been a cutthroat competition since the best placement gets mother's attention and, best of all, her kids' attention as well.  There's nothing new in that type of product placement and it's so old it's almost traditional.

"Part of what they're doing is trying to make the shopping process more fun," he said. "Men tend to get easily frustrated."

- CT

Fun?  What do you mean fun in a supermarket.  I came to get some fuckin' groceries.  If I wanted fun, I would have stayed home with my Japanese robo sex doll so she could show me what she knows about the robo Kama Sutra.

Ed:  but you know secretly she mocks you

It's my torture, mate.

"There are definite differences in perception: Men think they're great shoppers," Stewart said. "But women - wives, girlfriends, spouses - they tend to have, well, a less positive view."

- CT

If not for casual generalizations, this rubbish would never go anywhere.

We need the punchline since the author had to be a Millennial but what was the gender.

Ding ding ding

Washington Post gives us Abha Bhattarai who is definitely a woman.

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