Monday, July 31, 2017

"He Made a Few Mistakes" #Poetry

They said a prayer for Alan Kurdi
but their prayers don't mean a thing
They didn't change their behavior
and more killing is all they bring
They said it's not my problem
sometimes the system fails
and that kid is drowned but what the fuck
we'll send prayers then turn our tails

It's their lifelong absolution
in their self-righteous world of death
They have an excuse for everything
and they just make more shibboleths
which define them as lords and masters
and rulers of all the Earth
where nothing here shall ever live
without their permission for its birth

When war is raging all around
the parents must find shelter
They couldn't hide so they must run
in a world mad with helter skelter
His parents are in agony
and must do whatever it takes
but Alan ended face down on the beach
News said he made a few mistakes

Then they continued to the weather
from a chipper little blondie girl
who was pretty in her standard way
but was still just an android churl
who wants to make your life happier
to bring some brightness to your day
but as to Alan's passing
she has nothing much to say

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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