Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Doctor Obamacare with a Big Bottle of Pills and a Really Shitty Toupee

Doctor Obamacare missed his chance with the Bay City Rollers but now he's here for the Obamacare mantra:

Bad medical care is better than really shitty medical care

Ed:  who are Bay City Rollers?

Unknown as I heard of them in "Love Actually" and they seriously sucked but otherwise the movie is the best chick flick of all time.

Doctor Obamacare: we have a pill in this bottle for fucking everything, my microcephalic minions.

Ed:  what about baldness, Faddah?

Take the blue one for your blues and take the green one to get sexy but we can't make a rhyme because we don't know what goes with Big Pharma except demonic hell creatures with large teeth and flaming red eyes.

The Rockhouse wants to hear this Gomer doing speeches for health care rather than Tsar Paul Ryanov  because Tsar Ryanov has probably never been funny in his life but Doctor Obamacare is a laugh as soon as he hits the stage.

The ongoing interest is not so much for the mechanics of these worthless medical programs but rather to watch all of it as the American health care system is likely the walking/talking death of capitalism.  The middle and lower classes are being steadily undermined and the only thing to come to capitalism after it loses its consumers is it dies.

The answer remains MEDICARE for All and get the insidious insurance companies out of the way but capitalists don't typically show the vision to know when they ought to curtail their skimming.  If they really want to save any form of capitalism, they will need to start giving up some of the gravy and there's no sign of it yet.

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