Sunday, July 30, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/31

There's still nothin' happening.  The Pentagon is lusting after bombing North Korea like they're a bunch of high school boys and there are some sages on Facebook saying, "Yes, let's end this thing."

Probably not much of a future in programming for those insightful Gomers.

There's also the simmering lust for bombing Iran because, really, who cares if it makes the refugee problem worse in Europe ... which it definitely would.

A bit of contented purring is coming from the CIA since they think they have killed Veneuzela and maybe they did.

Maybe you get a tingle out of Google spending big bucks on lobbying Washington.

There's also a Vagina Quiz on The Guardian.

There may be something in the news eventually other than stupid posturing hogwash but it doesn't seem likely since they want to argue about medical cover for as long as they've done it about abortion which has dragged out over fifty years now.  Medical cover has already dodged around for nine years and is showing no sign of any substantive resolution.  That's about the time to consider misdirection and look at what else they're doing.

The Russian hackers have magically disappeared and that was a great sleight of hand since apparently none of that matters anymore.  The trip is flat-out fucking ridiculous and yet people are paid millions to spew it.  We would do just as well to go to the psychic at the county fair to have her tell our future.

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