Friday, July 28, 2017

Video Multiplexing Made Easy by Sling Studio but It's Not Cheap

That's  Khaled "Tito" Hamze and who will second-guess his technical expertise.

There's an iPad central to the system as a controller and multiple cameras can be slaved to it through the use of a device which plugs into the camera's HDMI port and this allows control via WiFi.  There's a video on the source link which goes through the setup and it looks generally painless to setup with good efficacy in the resulting system.

The thing which pops up more and more in the video is the cost since there's a base unit, sending units, etc which probably push the total device cost to around two grand.

Tech Crunch:  Sling Studio makes multi-camera video production so damn easy

This looks like a lot of money just to control the system from an iPad.  Buying a video camera which is WiFi-intelligent is not a difficult thing since the cameras aren't rare anymore.  The Rockhouse preference is to use the cameras as externals to the Desktop to obviate the need to buy anything but do take a look at the video and maybe you think this alternate approach has value.

Tito:  this system is portable

I see that but then I ask myself when I ever needed multiplexing for a multi-camera shoot while I was wandering and that came to zero.  Typically I used one roaming camera and others to shoot continuously such that edits could be performed in the post-process.

As above, maybe you see value in it and, if so, have a ball.

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