Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why Did the Hippie Wear Green Sneakers? #Photography

Q.  Why did the hippie wear green sneakers?
A.  To contrast with the environment

Welcome to the Environment

Ed:  cripes, WTF is that?

The Giant Asian Hornet whacked over forty Chinese in a single season and these feisty li'l tricksters are in Japan as well.  You may think you have bad bugs where you live but few are as relentless as these since they will chase you and they're not satisfied to sting you once when they're defending their nest so they will sting you as many times as they can.  Each sting also attracts more of them (i.e. you are screwed).

The pool environment is not working well for the dog since this is the moment it realized it really didn't want the ball that much.

Here we have the Designer Cthulhu in vibrant colors sure to enhance the hatred of any decor.  Of course Cthulhu hates you; Cthulhu hates everyone.

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So, how's that Subway deli sandwich working out for you?

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