Friday, July 28, 2017

America Never Understood Tito Puente - Zen Yogi

See, you have your hip hop music which kind of gets it but mostly hip hop turns into screw music whereas mambo is about making lov-v-v-v-ve and taking your time about it.  Mambo has all the spins you need, Erika.

Zen Yogi:  that's what I'm talkin' about

Booboo:  he's not Tito Puente, Yogi

Zen Yogi:  Tito Puente gave Lou Bega the idea and he did just fine with it, Booboo (WIKI:  Oye como va, Tito Puente)

Booboo:  is there anything else I need to know, Zen Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  if you can't spot then you can't spin

Booboo:  I'm sure that's really heavy, Yogi, but I don't know what you mean

Zen Yogi:  if you can't spot then when you spin you will get dizzy and fall over

Booboo:  I can only spot pic-a-nic baskets, Yogi

Zen Yogi:  it's like that since you spot the same pic-a-nic basket every time you spin around and then you won't get dizzy

Booboo:  is this my first lesson in Zen Mambo?

Zen Yogi:  yes, Booboo.  Is there any fried chicken left in the pic-a-nic basket?

If only I could have made it to The Raven's wedding to demo the Zen Merengue.  It could have played on "America's Funniest Home Videos" for years.  He's going ... he's going ... splat ... he's down.

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