Friday, July 28, 2017

Productivity is Low but Ever Compulsive and Fire Ants Stay Outside

Maybe we can gauge the bug impact by which ones are the home invaders since pols never come into your house unless it's to take something, change something, or watch you have sex although mostly it's the FBI watching people have sex.

Ref:  FBI bugged Martin Luther King's bedroom

There hasn't been a mouse rat spotted and whacked in quite some time which is mostly likely due to the fact the Rockhouse has the Peacemaker otherwise known as Death and Destruction to mouse rats. I am Yevette, Destroyer of Mouse Rats.

The mouse rats must be the Republico-Centrists since they fuck up everything they touch.

Fire ants never come inside the house so they must be the bug liberals and they're just fed the fuck up with all the other bugs so they stay out in the lawn by themselves doing whatever fire ants do.  There are fire anthills all over out there but I have never been bitten by any of the ants and I walk / stumble across the lawn every time I go out there.

Note:  fire ants are surprisingly teeny tiny but I'm told they pack a substantial whallop when they bite.

Pissants come around quite a bit and no-one needs more than a few milliseconds to identify a pissant politician but Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi come immediately to mind.  Eric Burden wrote about how we will wear sable someday but no-one thought he meant pissants.

Note:  pissants are smaller than fire ants but they will invade the house.

Moths are a damn nuisance since they always head for computer screens so we figure that makes them the Facebook Democrats and it's tough to keep them out of anything when there are two billion of them although, thankfully, hardly any of them reproduce.  Any light will attract them but our preference is it be someone else's light.

There is no evidence of cat killing anywhere in this locality so that tells us there are no CIA spiders anywhere in close proximity.  It doesn't make any sense for a spider to try to kill a cat since they won't be able to bite through the fur but the CIA has never brought any congratulations for a job well done in its entirety history.

We don't have much trouble with wasps since the reaction to wasps is likely the same in most people. If it can't be convinced to leave on its own accord then it will shortly become an ex-wasp.  Rachel Maddow seems the winner as Wasp Queen but she's more like a hornet insofar as she stings repeatedly but she gets so crazy about it she will sting anything in sight.  Hence, the typical reaction to people on seeing wasps.  Even if nothing else, they get the bug spray.

Insofar as this is all I've produced in eight hours, it seems a reasonable estimation that productivity is down but Zen Yogi is around here somewhere and maybe he will make an appearance.

Zen Yogi:  it was never about motorcycle maintenance and was always about pic-a-pic baskets

Your perspective is ever clear, Zen Yogi.

Note:  I like Zen Yogi since everyone else is so creepy serious about religion but he just wants pic-a-nic baskets for fulfillment ... and they work for that.

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