Monday, July 24, 2017

Witch Hunting with Jon Swaine and His Blues

Donald Trump speaks in the commissioning ceremony of the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford in Norfolk, Virginia.

Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The USS Gerald R Ford is thirteen billion dollars of fuck you to the American people.  We have no sympathy for that of any kind for anyone involved with perpetrating that hustle.  It's a separate topic.

The never-ending travails of the light-headed lickspittles at The Guardian continue with another lament.  (The Guardian:  Trump not convinced Russian meddling took place, communications chief says)

Despite the endless nagging, Trump is not convinced and I know why (stamps li'l foot) it's because women.


The article dances about a little like it's actually presenting news and then One Direction starts playing.

US intelligence concluded in January that Russian state hackers broke into email accounts at Democratic party headquarters and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, as part of an effort ordered by President Vladimir Putin to help elect Trump.

The FBI, a special counsel and two Republican-controlled congressional committees are investigating whether anyone on Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian officials.


- Guardian

We're back to Intel again and surely Jesus has spoken but, unlike Intel, Jesus had evidence.  Turning water into wine was impressive.

That bit continues with some generic case building which looks like it's been cut and pasted in most of the articles from CNN, The Guardian, MSNBC, etc, etc for a painfully long and expensive time now.

Jon Swaine closes in classic purple style:

Citing unnamed sources, Reuters reported that investigators were hoping to gain the cooperation of Trump’s former campaign chair, Paul Manafort, in their inquiry into links with Russia.

- Guardian

When you're quoting a source which uses unnamed sources, calling yourself a journalist is just bad comedy.

The sympathy for Donald Trump and the need to put up with this amateurish bullshit is sincere and authentic.  As mentioned yesterday, the lament may not be so much for Trump as for America and the Republic when it can be hamstrung by ill-advised, self-important, and overpaid stooges in the peanut gallery.

Ed:  journalism is one of America's respected institutions!

It was, mate.  Now it's just another commodity.

The absolute damning hell of it is this crap all started because Clinton was copping a plea for going out like flames on toast leaving nothing but smoke and a mephitic odor in her wake.  That transmogrified into a Seventeenth Century colonial witch hunt and we have been hearing about spies in the broom closets ever since.

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