Saturday, July 22, 2017

Talking Mondo Mango for Major Marijuana Mellow #science #cannabis #nonsense

It’s not a proven scientific fact, but many pot smokers are consuming mangoes an hour before lighting up to boost their highs. According to, there’s a good chance that the myrcene molecules found in mango can possibly “increase, strengthen and even lengthen” the euphoric feeling from smoking marijuana.

Alternet:  Why Growing Numbers of Pot Smokers Eat Mango Before Lighting Up

The Rockhouse loves science like this since 'can possibly' means every time it's probably bullshit.  The same principle also works well in politics.

We don't want to waste your buzz on rubbish but here's one more delight from their science factory.

Marijuana already contains more than 100 terpene molecules that are responsible for affecting THC in the brain and giving highs their ebbs and flows. But marijuana contains the myrcene terpene more than any other kind. So, if you eat a mango rich in myrcenes, you can potentially improve the high for low-quality buds or give a high-quality bud a little extra. As for how myrcene and terpene work, the research is still in its infancy.

- Alternet

Ed:  they have no idea what it does!

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse, mate.

Ref:  Rod Stewart

Don't worry at all because, of course, the Rockhouse has an answer.  You can drink that mango smoothie as they suggest in the article but that only shows you're a hipster with a movie beard, a car on payments, and an apartment which requires you to take off your shoes before going inside.  No-one wants that so we suggest the Rockhouse Mondo Mango.  Don't just drink the mango, bathe in it.

Once you get your Mondo Mango Bath up to an agreeable temperature, that's when you climb into it to blow the ganja.  Climb into that bath of Vitamin C-enriched goodness and experience the Mondo Mellow for the first time in your life.

Ed:  is any of this true?

Not a bloody word of it, mate.

This much is true that I've been blowin' the ganja for fifty years in multiple states and multiple countries with many, many people.  There's one thing all of those people have in common:  not a fuckin' one of them ever said anything about mangos.

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