Friday, July 28, 2017

The Fast Status plus a Banana Tree, a Texas-Size Banana Tree

ML, connecting via phone didn't work out so well and this is the latest.

I just got back from VA and it would bring tears to you, not so much because of the deep troubles of so many out there but rather the goodness of heart from everywhere.  The medical staff, many of whom are vets, and the vets in need of their care are deeply considerate of each other and it moves me every single time I walk in the door.  It's the only place where I've seen such humanity everywhere I look.  Coincidentally, there are no politicians and no-one talks about politics.

Because ... you and I, we've been through that and this became our fate so we don't have time to fuck around since the hour's getting late.

The chest CT was completed and that's the scan so a pend for the observations when it's read.  It's a relief just to complete the task since it's a substantive move toward determining WTF is happening.  I strongly believe knowledge always gives strength, at least to me.

That was followed by filling a prescription for glasses which I have carried for months but no opportunity has presented, mostly because I've been going to Dallas VA so much.

The trifecta was getting the new phone established as the contact number for VA since that should prevent many headaches.  Getting anything happening previously was so difficult and this should grease things nicely.

It's incredible that it took just thirty minutes for the old in out.

Ref:  the old in out is slang for sex in "A Clockwork Orange"

Although not exactly sex, we were still back out in that blazing Texas sun after half an hour and it never goes like that.

The best general win is Yevette does seem to be getting better since she's been going through the post-treatment steps and everything is coming up green.

I struck out on calling but success was improbable since there was no telling where either of us would be.

Speaking of green ...

That's a gen-yoo-wine Texas banana tree which almost certainly isn't native plus there's a bonus of the back half of Toby the Dog who definitely is native.

The banana tree wasn't much more than a foot off the ground at the start of the season since they need to be cut back each year.  It must be fifteen feet or better now and we're only in the middle of the season.

I'll often get a bit wet from the leaves if I bump into them in the morning and it seemed wasteful of the plant to collect water that way.  Surely it wants to draw water to the center to feed the roots.  Then it dawned the banana tree must not use a heavy tap root but rather sends out laterals across the surface.  The big leaves work as condensers to collect water from the air and then they drip on the roots for a substantial distance around the tree.  I haven't confirmed that but it seems logical.

Also, you may think it's kind of wispy when it grows so fast but those trunks are unbelievably heavy. Those need to come down with care or someone will get hurt.

There is no fertilizer used and the only water comes from rain.  These plants definitely grow by magic.  It's one zero four degrees out there right now.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty. Did A bird plant it? Must have.

Peas InOurThyme said...

It's one crazy plant and I think Yevette planted it since she's been living in this house for ages. The location might have been better since it's close to the back door to the house so any time in or out and you have a good chance of getting wet although not all that much.