Friday, July 28, 2017

It Turns Out Scaramucci Does Do the Fandango

For Washington / MSM comedy, the Day of Scaramucci is priceless since he's slashing the most vile lowlifes of Trump's administration and it's funny if only for the sake of seeing Washington cutting itself for attention.

Washington:  I only do it to know I'm still alive

Yeah, right ... that explains the pictures you took, I guess.

Steve Bannon has a well-earned bottom-of-the-barrel reputation and Reince Priebus is one of the effeminate courtiers for the state who live to stir up shit for tips.  Scaramucci went Fandango all over their mangy asses and, what do you know, the Centrists got outraged.

Scaramucci used vulgar, tasteless, profanity-laden language, don'tcha know.  Of course a stiff-ass prig like Stephen Colbert will make a deal out of it because we're guessing he shares the same hobby as Scaramucci told us Steve Bannon enjoys.

Back here at the Rockhouse, we just watch and wonder, "What the fuck game are these yokels playing when they don't seem to have any clear idea of which team jacket they want to wear."

When we see the Centrists going outraged over slashing Breitbart's worst, the only solution which comes is to lock the doors on Facebook and then fill it with water.

How many kinds of disgusting can you find in this picture?

The offense at Scaramucci's language is the beauty part since it seems like the most determined effort yet by Boomers and Gen-X as well to relegate themselves to complete floundering irrelevancy.  The Neo-Puritanism presumably comes from those crumbling rotters since they're the ones who write and deliver it.

They seem to think it's important to say fudge instead of fuck but that may not have worked so well for them after an amusement park in Alabama instituted policy that people over 225 pounds can't ride the rides.  Here's a consolation prize, tho: have some fudge ... and fuck off.

Ed:  the offense at language came from the Bible

It sure as hell didn't come from the Ten Commandments but it's irrelevant since the problem is MSM made itself the religion and now it makes no difference what's in the Bible.

Ed:  do you take any of this seriously?

What's to take seriously, mate.  It's just "People" magazine in every direction and there still isn't a fucking word about the narcotics pouring out of Afghanistan since America invaded.

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