Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson on CIA Ejection from Syria by Trump

Tucker Carlson comported himself surprisingly well since I don't typically expect lucidity from Fox News.  You may find yourself impressed.

Tulsi Gabbard consistently shows the sharpest perspective in Washington and the Rockhouse has no doubt the fact she refuses big money donations is a huge part of why her focus stays locked on truth while it never does with Centrists.

Barack Obama did not take a hard hit from her even while he's been pushing for regime change for years.  Gabbard had too much grace to give him the stabbing he deserved for that but she did observe she opposed him.

The video doesn't go far enough to say MSM misses the point on the CIA ejection due to the fact they're paid to miss the point.

On YouTube there are multiple Comments from Democrats who said they can vote for Tulsi Gabbard but would not even turn the key for Clinton.  I'm one of them as I did not vote for Clinton and would not ever for anyone who espouses her militarism no matter how many layers of plastic feminism are used to disguise it.

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