Monday, July 31, 2017

The CIA Takes the Win in Venezuela and American Military Has New Plaything

There's nothing which revitalizes the CIA quite so much as finding another country to destroy and, as predicted, they're going into Venezuela.  (Fox News:  State Department slams Venezuela 'sham' elections)

As to what future America will have after that with its integrity even further destroyed, there's no telling, but what difference does it make when it has no future now.  America doesn't do anything with its infrastructure except create more oil pits and evolution isn't kind to those who don't keep up.

The effect of a second Dust Bowl could be offset but the CIA is too busy killing things.  Have a ball with that.

There's some thinking the elite will abandon America after they have trashed it since if they want another country then they can just fuckin' buy one or many as it may please them.  There's only three million of them so their new country wouldn't even have to be that big.  Of course they will push all the residents into the ocean because they really fuckin' hate black people.

They can easily finance their Neo America by doing what they do best (i.e. making banks) and then use them for international tax shelters.  They know they don't need a military since they were the problem the entire time.

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