Saturday, July 29, 2017

Washington Only Worships the Lord of the Flies

"The Lord of the Flies" is or at least was required reading for any American school kid and the kids will interpret it in their different ways but likely few of the administrators anticipated it would be taken as an instruction manual.

Yevette is NOT a case study but she is an example since she had seen the movie but had not read the book.  She's a little younger than I but not much so I wonder if that was enough time between her schooling and mine to drop the book from the curriculum so the administration could work on things they don't understand such as evolution.  That's not likely since the peanut gallery opinions on evolution didn't really go full bore until Reagan who did for science what the Black Death did for Sociology.

Even Time didn't completely get the point of it.  (Time:  Lord of the Flies)

There's not a word about anti-war in the summary and yet that's the greatest irony in the book.  The British naval officer comes to their rescue and laments the savagery into which the children have descended but then he considers his warship and realizes the kids didn't have that far to go to become animals.  That was William Golding's most succinct and telling observation and apparently it just blew past people.

Today you can do the same thing by going to Facebook to observe the savagery of the online hipsters as they blithely ignore the Obama/Clinton drone bombing while touting the virtues of feminism.  However, that only invites the question to me of whether I have done enough to protest the killing because I'm just another online stooge who is complicit to state-sponsored murder otherwise.

It's remarkable how little they got out of the required reading in school and lately they have made a hullabaloo about "1984" but they're over thirty years too late and trillions of dollars short.  Now they see cops running around in tanks with machine guns and think, gee, maybe it's time to think about 1984.

There's another monumental failure from the English department for high schools.

Ed:  you're just slashing the teachers!

In fact, I'm not since any Fascist state always controls the curricula of the teachers and they have almost nothing to say about that which they are permitted to present.

You're much too hip to lust after the power of the Lord of the Flies but you likely have little difficulty imagining Rachel Maddow starting the fire at the end for the final kill after she has fomented so much hostility toward Russians.

We're living right in the thick of it with some of the most savage people on the planet and I assume you will accept the judgment of savagery for those who would throw twenty-three million people off the rosters for medical insurance to die.

Sigmund:  Rachel Maddow has sublimated her hatred and contempt of men into a wish to foment a war to kill everyone

She doesn't think that far, mate.  She only wants a paycheck and isn't concerned about how she gets it.  She's a symbol of the savagery and not the basis for it.

Ed:  Maddow cares and that's why she supports Obamacare

Obamacare doesn't cover everyone either so it's only a question of degree for savagery.  The Rockhouse won't be impressed by anything less than MEDICARE for all.

I should get on my knees in gratitude to my 'rents who instilled indirectly a lifetime fascination with reading.  No-one forced us to read anything but they were reading constantly and there were books everywhere.  I'll return at another time to a previous article about the prevalence of learning by imitation in humans since that goes far beyond notation of that tendency in young children.

That reading brought great enlightenment but also horror in seeing how many did not do it.  One of the ironies of Facebook is going there to discover what anyone last read since they don't read anything except from journalistic Pop Tarts and you would likely be staggered by their lack of awareness of much of anything.

Sigmund:  when you have no idea what's happening, talk about "Wonder Woman" and what she did for feminism

Comic books and movies ... welcome to the New Age

Sigmund:  your New Age is boring and I just came for the coke

You're shopping in the wrong store, Snowman, and we don't care about your theories on sex but do what you can to sort Rachel Maddow if you please.

Sigmund:  being gay is ok

We don't care if she's gay; she's a fucking lunatic and practically all lunatics seem to be fuck-ups at sex.

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