Monday, July 24, 2017

#Photography for the Beautiful 7/25

Budapest, Hungary

Elodie Marion Razafy of Madagascar competes during the heats of the women’s 100m backstroke at the World Aquatics Championships

Photograph: Clive Rose/Getty Images

That took a second look, didn't it.  The beauty for the Rockhouse is the almost perfect water flow over the swimmer.

Abs, Yemen

A woman builds a mud wall at her temporary home in a camp for internally displaced people who have fled fighting between the Saudi-led coalition and Iran-backed Houthi rebels

Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

The pity of it is this is necessary but the beauty is she has the ability to make bricks with her hands and all in blazing colors.

Inner Mongolia, China

A herdsman performs for visitors on the prairie at Xilinhot

Photograph: Ren Junchuan/Xinhua/Barcroft Images

There's nothing about extreme sports this man does not already know.  Whether this is beautiful or maniacally insane is your call.

Manila, Philippines

Activists’ burn an effigy of the president, Rodrigo Duterte, before his second state of the nation address in Quezon City

Photograph: Mark R. Cristino/EPA

Duterte may need to improve his public relations skills on Twitter since his current effort does not seem to be working.

Humans love to burn effigies since they make great points and no-one gets dead.  It looks like they had a grand time with this one although for Duterte not so much.

St. Paul, Minnesota

Photograph:  Addy Free

Here's a beauty of nonviolent protest and it's authentic.  (CNN:  Street signs warning of 'easily startled' police posted around Twin Cities)

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