Sunday, July 30, 2017

"Who Can Explain to Me" #Poetry

There's a growing ambivalence
to the swelling equivalence
of self-righteous grandiloquence
and indifference to life
So long as I've got mine
Bugger you and take your time
Your only life is crime
and we don't need you

I thought I'd go up to Wyoming
since there's so much Jesus there
but they're as hateful as anywhere else
when the homeless affront their stare
since you mustn't ever feed us
that only enables our sick lives
so let us rot in squalor
in our dark and bestial dives  (Fox News:  Wyoming police get big surprise after panhandler Facebook post)

Then I saw a bum with his cellphone
and who can explain to me this horror
except Jason Chaffetz on a tear
as he sold away his honor
but he didn't get that much
it never did have that much value
when we've seen his work before
ever vicious except to you

They want to ban the homeless
but none ever ask where we will go
The last path left will kill us
but they don't want to know
They won't disturb their meditation
on the mysteries of life
and they won't shed a tiny tear
for those who get the knife

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

Note:  a restaurant in downtown Fort Worth had flyers on the counter which looked like the small menus one can often find to take home for reference.  However, it was actually an advisory not to give anything to the homeless.  All that accomplished was Yevette will never go back there.  (I wasn't part of the scene)

Wyoming is doing essentially the same thing in trying to characterize homeless people as walking around with hundreds of dollars because, man, panhandling is easy peasy.  The more I see of the people who make such characterizations, the less I want to know anyone.

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