Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Don't Touch a New Mac Pro with a Barge Pole ... WAIT

There was an email offer just now on $25 to $50 off on new Macs and the Rockhouse has nothing to say about the new ones except for the Mac Pro since it hasn't had a serious upgrade in years.  Your far and away best deal on a Mac Pro is to buy a late-model used box.

The Rockhouse has dealt with PowerMax for two iMacs, both of which delivered excellent and reliable performance.

Note:  there was an extremely unusual circumstance with a failing power supply in mine but that was no fault from PowerMax, it simply decided it was time for the Kool-Aid but in the strangest of ways.

That broke and was professionally replaced for minimal dollars.

PowerMax: Price Reduction on New Macs

Unless you're forced by a production schedule to buy a brand-new Mac Pro, I definitely would not do it and I've been using Macs, big ones and little ones, since the Eighties.

If you will really crank that new Mac Pro, you can easily blow ten g's on it so patience before committing to an older design is strongly advised.  Apple has finally promised upgrades to the Mac Pro so wait, li'l chipmunk; wait just a bit longer.

Ed:  what do you get out of pumping up PowerMax?

Nothin'.  They treated me right so I do the same in return.  If you will buy a late-model Mac Pro, review their prices, particularly with regard to upgrades to RAM, etc which may have already been made.

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