Saturday, July 29, 2017

California Pretending to Be Texas Pretending to Be California

© Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Whenever the plastic boob jobs stop getting any attention as obviously they will when you can overload a landfill with all the breast implants, the next move for attention is to make threats of secession.  (RT:  California independence 1 step closer as AG paves way for potential 2018 ‘referendum’)

Rather than reviewing whatever will come to California and / or Texas with secession, our preference is to review that which will not come.

All of that Federal military gravy will stop immediately and the California / Texas military bases will shut down.  Any attempt to create independent military forces would be regarded as a clear and present danger to the United States of America and would consequently be annihilated.

That's really as far as the list needs to go since it's largely military sugar which turned the USA into such a sticky mess in the first place.

The Centrists in both states would immediately lose their tickets to the Moon since they're only common Republicans without Uncle Sugar around.  Their enthusiasm for the military is a large part of why Centrists trashed one-payer medical in California and the irony is losing the expense of the US military can easily pay for a one-payer program for them.

Washington:  they need the protection of the US military!

From what?  Fucking sea lions from the Pacific?  Piss off.

People need protection from death and the most immediate way to get that is with a real medical care system rather than the fake ones in play now.  The military doesn't protect against death but rather brings more of it.

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