Sunday, July 30, 2017

"Take the Money and Run" #Poetry

They did so much investigating
and then had so much to say
but for the only real outcome
no-one cares who killed JFK
We don't care who killed Diana
and just wish it were Charles instead
and that might have even happened
but he was in someone else's bed

Now they investigate the Russians
but there's no need for fretting
none of it means one damn thing
it's just funny watching Pompeo sweating
There's nothing about it now
Rachel Maddow had her fun
as she closed every show
to take the money and run

It was really kind of ghastly
all the vicious things she said
but today it is their nature
always wishing others dead
I grew up with Americans
and thought I knew them well
but the people they have become today
just commit our souls to hell

Take the money and run
it doesn't matter what's left behind
so long as there's cash in one's pocket
the right perspective is clear to mind
The casualties don't ever matter
don't mind the blood in the streets
Take the money and run
the world exists for the elites

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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